tagRomanceHours of Sex at House Party

Hours of Sex at House Party


We had been smoking green quite a bit throughout the night, it came to around 12 when I had ended up in the garage alone with him, to me he was beautiful, 6ft with medium length brown hair.

We sat there together and discussed the night whilst passing the joint, when we fell quiet and he asked me

"Would it be okay if I kissed you?"

I accepted gladly, I had been attracted to him all night and had wanted nothing more than his attention, after the joint went out we rejoined the party together sharing kisses throughout the night along with many more joints and for him a few other drugs, (not my thing I only smoke green) the party was in full swing with dancing music and spiritual chats that enchanted me, I was so happy to be there among such amazing people but most of all, him.

As the party began to slow down he told me the host of the party had allocated him a Bedroom for the night, and he suggested I join him when people were deciding to go to sleep, I said I would.

knowing I was to share a bed with him, and with the side affects of the green I was getting really horny! And finally people started to mention going to bed, so I followed him up to the bedroom, after having a joint with everyone and saying goodnight, we changed to pyjamas and got into bed.

We kissed for a long time and he undressed me over a long time, I sat on top of him, both of us in our underwear and I could feel his hard dick under my pulsing wet pussy, he flipped me over and kissed my forehead, then down my body to my ankles and back up, pausing at or pussy, I hoped he was going to give me the attention I craved but he didn't, he kissed back up to my mouth and we made out for a while longer, i got so horny, I reached for his cock(which turned out to be around 7" and really wide which made me even wetter) and began to pleasure him, he allowed this for a short while before pulling me off and saying in a low tone,

"Not yet"

And pushing me down onto the bed, restraining me, and kissing me passionately. Finally after about an hour of him kissing and caressing my body he finally kissed down to my ankles again and back up, this time removing my underwear and licking my pussy from top to bottom no back up, the then started licking around my clitoris and made me begin moaning, I started feeling close when he ran his finger up my slit and entered me with it, making my moans even louder and I almost came, but before I could he stopped and came up to kiss my forehead.

I then pushed him down and quickly kissed down his body before licking up the shaft of his magnificent cock and taking it all into my mouth, which was slightly difficult due to the effect of the green making my mouth dry, but I managed to quickly have a drink and go back to taking as much of his cock as I could, but soon enough he again stopped me, pushed me over and began kissing me again, then going back to licking my slit and getting me close again.

At this point we decided to go and smoke another J together in the garage where we ran into two friends also in there, this was around 4am.

After our smoke we grabbed another drink and headed back upstairs giggling.

This time he completely undressed himself and me, and told me to sit on top of him, I did so quickly and begin to grind slowly on top of his cock as he was careful to not allow himself to enter me yet, but I began getting even web Hornier and wetter and began begging him to fuck me through my moans. He chuckled at me and flipped me over onto my back, I begged him again and he told me f have patience but I was lost in my desire.

After what seemed like forever he stopped kissing me and began to line his cock up with me pussy, and eased himself into me slowly, it was painful at first as he was quite big but I trusted him and he was careful to be slow to begin with, but once he was all the way I began pushing myself onto him, moaning and begging for him to fuck me harder, which he did, he began putting my legs on his shoulders which made me moan much louder and feel much closer to coming, he responded by placing his thumb on my clitorus and rubbing me softly, I began continuously moaning and mumbling his name in my ecstasy, I started to feel on the brink of cumming and pushed harder onto his cock and grabbed his legs to pull him into me which felt amazing, as I came he sucked my nipples and said my name over and over, then he started pushing harder into me and I knew he was close, so I took my revenge, pushing him off me before he could cum, teasing him, once he had calmed down a bit I sucked him slowly from the tip to the base, getting faster as I went.

By this point I was already getting horny again so I stopped sucking his cock and say on top of him, moving my pussy forwards and backwards on top of his dick. Then I slowly moved and allowed him to enter me and began moving forward and back on him whilst playing with his balls using my hand behind me. He started thrusting up and moaning as I began feeling close again, we were both and and sweaty moaning each other's names as we came together at 9am and kissed in an embrace until 11 when we left the party and I waved goodbye to him at the bus station, just hoping I would see him again soon.

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