HS Senior and Black Principal Ch. 07


He pulled me up to him and we kissed heatedly for almost two minutes. As we kissed I pumped his huge, rubbery cock in my hands, feeling it pulsate, as I enjoyed the sheer mass of it. Before he walked to his body guards he gave me 200 one hundred dollar bills, and said that he wanted me, and that he had to have me again. He said he wanted me that night but I told him that I was on a very special date. I agreed to go to Dubai with him and told him I loved fucking his huge cock and couldn't wait to have it in my pussy again.

I then told him that I had to get back to my date then kissed him one last time. I then bent at the waist and lifted his huge, rubbery cock and kissed its enormous head as a way to let him know much I worshiped his huge cock. He then walked out and I followed behind the six guards.

When I got to the table I apologized to my father for being gone so long, saying the sheiks body guards had blocked the bathrooms until he came back out.

I then leaned in and began kissing my father, telling him I couldn't wait to get back home and fuck him all night. As we kissed I kept thinking about the Sultan and his huge cock, and that I was definitely going to take him up on his offer.

"A multi- billionaire with a 13 inch cock." Not a bad deal I thought to myself cunningly, as I began to think about what I was going to buy with the money he gave me and the 250 thousand dollars he was going to pay me for our weekend fuck.

During dinner my father and I got back to each other and kissed as we ate our fantastic dinner. Our kiss was soft, and sexy, and instantly had my pussy going again.

"God baby, you really turn me on, "I moaned as I felt my fathers skilled hands all over my stocking covered legs. Out of the corner of my eye I made eye contact with the Sultan and even shot him a sly grin before I kissed my father. On the way home I snuggled up to him and rubbed his super-hard cock. At one point he ran his hands up my stocking covered leg and touched my pussy threw my wet thong.

"Oh god, lets get home fast. Lets get back into our fuck baby," I moaned as he rubbed my extended clit with his masterful touch right though my tiny thong. Feeling my fathers expert hands rubbing my rock-hard clit, then sliding inside my pussy caused my pussy exploded just from the way he was playing with me. He had a way of driving me crazy that no man ever did. Even having just fucked the Middle Eastern Sultans huge 13 inch cock and cumming hard all over his huge shaft, was nothing like the feeling I got when my fathers hands were on my body, or when I was fucking his huge cock.

My father and I kissed passionately at every light, and as soon as we got home, instantly got back into incredible fuck. Parking the car in the driveway, we walked to the door with his arm around me. My high heels were clicking against the pavement, giving off a sexy sound, announcing in a real lusty an obvious way that my father and I were going to fuck.

At the door we kissed for a few minutes as his hands cupped my ass and I rubbed the length of his huge cock. When I looked up, I noticed a neighbor watching us. I recognized that it was Mrs. Vivian Wentworth, a wealthy and very sexy high-powered businesswoman who owns the most elite real estate office in Beverly Hills that caters to the wealthiest clientele and celebrities in the world.

Vivian Wentworth starred out the widow of her up-scale Beverley Hills home and watched the incredibly sexy 18 year old daughter kissing her very own father in an openly act of passion. She was riveted to the wild act of her neighbors and was instantly turned on herself, instinctively rubbing her tits and her pussy.

At 64 years of age Vivian Wentworth was a knockout by all men's and women's standards, looking more like 35 than her 64 years of age, and in better shape than most 20 year olds. Standing 5'8" tall and weighing 115 pounds, her body oozed sex. With constant workouts maintaining her perfect, head-turning, 34D-22-31 measurements with three personal trainers (all of which she fucks during each session; two being 22 year old male studs and one very sexy 20 year old Asian with an incredibly tight body), Vivian Wentworth was a virtual walking fuck- fantasy.

Her husband is a pilot and her son is a football star at college. Knowing she has the perfect body, Vivian used it many times when making a big sale. With an incredible attraction to her son, and him to his mothers hot body, they crossed the line and have been fucking on a regular basis. Read about Vivian and her well-hung son: (Sinful High Class Mom series).

As Vivian watched the sexy, father/daughter kiss, it reminded her of her and her son Kyle, of how they fucked and how huge his cock was. Seeing the sexy 18 year old daughter and how hot she looked turned her on like crazy and made her put a plan into action to give the sexy 18 year old teen a call to come over for a swim this week.

As I looked up at Mrs. Wentworth I saw her playing with her beautiful tits and rubbing her pussy through her sheer nightgown while she looked right at me. I looked at her slyly and began to think about how hot it would be to eat her pussy and to fuck her. Her husband and her jock son were always after me, but I'd really love to fuck her sexy pussy. Her bodies been on my mind for a long time, and the way she was looking right at me while she played with her tits and pussy through her nightgown told me that my bodies been on her mind too.

After 10 minutes of hot kissing, giving Mrs. Wentworth the sexy view I wanted, my father said, "Let's get inside baby. I have to fuck you, you're so sexy." Half way up the staircase I was bent over the handrail with my huge tits out of my slingshot dress and with the bottom pulled up over my ass.

After my father ate me from behind for almost an hour, playing with my ass, running his hands over my stockings, and pinching my bud-like nipples, he got behind me and fucked me for two more hours straight. As he slow-fucked his huge, 12 inch cock into me I was cumming like a faucet, loving the way my father was fucking me, hitting my pussy in the most sensitive places.

As he fucked into me slowly, I thought back to the restaurant and the Sultan, forcefully fucking me like a wild man with his enormous 13 inch cock. I thought about Mrs. Wentworth and fucking her too, eating her sexy pussy while she ate mine as we wrapped in an amazing 69 position, both dresses sexy in thigh high stockings, a garter belt and high heels. As my soaked pussy spasmed over my fathers giant cock, I turned my head and met his tongue in a sexy, sinful kiss, as I had flash-backs to the Sultan and his massive cock, and how we fucked so hard outside the bathroom.

It was the slowest most passionate fuck, right on the stairs. As we fucked he would cup my big, hanging 36DD tits and play with my nipples. As his huge 12 inch cock fucked into me he would play with one nipple and have me suck his other finger. I was delirious with lust and passion as he slow fucked into me. With every long, deep stroke I came in a wave of passion, coating his huge cock in my frothy love juice.

The way he fucked in this position, he would take over two minutes to go from his huge cockhead, all the way to the base. In that time a man like Mr. Hall or Mr. Jeffers or especially my sexy Grandfather would have thrusted their huge cocks into my pussy a hundred times! But, this was a fuck unlike any other, an intimate lovers fuck, as my pussy exploded over and over my fathers massive shaft, as he masterfully fucked me.

With each long, deep fuck he would kiss my neck or my back and tell me I was the sexiest thing on this planet and that he dreamed of fucking me for years. Or kisses reminded us of how turned on we were to each other and that we never wanted this fuck to end. As my father fucked his huge, 12 inch cock into me he would use his index finger to softly massage my aching clit as he rotated his hips, as his massive cock found places in my pussy I never knew existed. My pussy came like a flood from the incredible sensation. "Oh god, you really know how to fuck, "I cried in a lust-filled voice.

I'd turn my head every few minutes to get that needed kiss from my father. Every few minutes we'd meet in a passionate father/daughter kiss that was so hot it caused me to cum. After I came I was so horny that I needed to suck my fathers huge cock in the most desperate way. I just wanted to please him, and drive him crazy to fuck me again.

"Let me take the edge off this great, big fucking cock baby. I wanna suck you off so bad," I said hotly as I instantly squatted on my pumps and proceeded to lick every inch of his tremendous cock, as he leaned against the railing. His cock was so huge and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like my boyfriend or all the other guys I fucked. I put my palm at the base and hefted it to my mouth. It was so sexy to have control over my fathers massive cock.

I started by just kissing the huge head and licking it wildly, flicking my tongue across the giant crown as I looked at him slyly. I then ran my tongue across one side, feeling sparks in my pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web and ran along the length of his shaft, than to the tip and back down the other side.

At times I would stab his huge cock with my tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side. My fathers huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing my tongue to it, and sending sparks into my pussy every time I flicked at it. He groaned which sent a signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

"Oh Allison that's perfect baby," he moaned looking at me while I basked in the sexy play with his huge cock.

When I brought it to my mouth I realized that I would never get more than the huge, baseball shaped cockhead inside, so I knew my hands and tongue were what was going to please it. My fathers cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like my boyfriends or other guys I fucked. What my fathers huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and I was more than eager to do both.

"Spit on it baby," he commanded as I looked up and grinned slyly.

"Umm, you know just what you like," I said, looking up at him slyly. "With this huge cock, anything you want baby," I said in a voice I didn't recognize, astonished by his staggering cock. I was so turned on by my fathers new confidence, I instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his shaft, and began pumping it through my palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls. His huge, hanging balls, the size of grapefruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside me told me he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

"That's perfect Allison," he said which made me real happy and real hot. There was something about the way he said my name that turned me on and almost made me cum. It made me feel so sexy, and made me forget that I was his daughter. Calling me by my name made me feel more like one of his many 18 year old fucks, who I knew were my friends, and that drove me wild.

"I can't believe that my girlfriends had this huge cock while I was being such a bitch to you," I moaned out loud then licked up from his huge hanging balls to his fat cockhead.

"Oh baby, you were an absolute bitch. Your body drove me crazy every time I saw your wearing something naughty. All those mini dresses and high heels and the skimpiest bikini's with those sexy high heels drove me crazy baby, and I knew that you were purposely doing it to me baby," he groaned as I began slowly pumping his huge shaft with both hands. "Oh fuck," he said in a deep groan as I looked up at him slyly.

"Oh baby if I only knew you were this huge, and how good you fuck," I said kissing his huge cockhead as my hands pumped his massive shaft lovingly.

"I wanted to fuck you so bad, but you were such a bitch to me," he groaned as I licked all over his 12 inch shaft, while pumping it in my outstretched palm.

"I know baby. It's what I wanted you to feel. I was an absolute bitch to you, but now I'm so jealous of all my friends you fucked with this huge fucking cock," I groaned.

"Baby, it was you I wanted to fuck so bad," he said as he enjoyed his daughters amazing hands on his giant cock.

"My pussy's the only one you'll need now baby," I groaned. "I'll be the only fuck you'll ever need," I said, with a deep lust in my voice. ""Oh god, you're right how I used to dress up real sexy to tease you, but no more baby. Now I'll dress sexy to fuck you and this great, big cock of yours," I snarled through clinched teeth as I stroked his giant shaft.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, I lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 10 inches above his navel, and ballooned out over 8 inches away from his skin. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made me so excited and so desperate to please him. I began licking all over his huge balls. They were each the size of a baseball and his sack hung down almost 10 inches.

While I was lost in the stroking and licking of my fathers huge cock, he was watching my every move. His deep groans combined with telling me how sexy I looked had me so turned on. I ran the tip of my tongue so slow and so deliberately up the side of his shaft, tracing over every vein that protruded from his fat shaft. When I reached the crown of his massive shaft I flicked my tongue across it wildly as I looked into his eyes slyly.

"Oh fuck Allison, you are so fucking sexy," he groaned as I looked at him with a sly grin.

"And you're so fucking huge," I said hotly as I spread my jaw as wide as I could and began sucking on the grapefruit sized cockhead.

"Oh fuck baby that's so good," he moaned.

We then met in a brief kiss, reminding each other that we were sexy lovers who could fuck for days, before I went back to running the tip of my tongue down his 12 inch shaft. My pussy seemed to feel every vein of my fathers huge cock as I ran my tongue up and down the sides of his massive shaft which sent sparks into my smoking pussy.

As he watched his incredible daughter play with his huge cock he couldn't stop thinking about his amazing fortune. "Fuck, look how sexy she is," he thought to himself. "I've wanted to fuck her for years and now here she is playing with my cock just like I imagined a million times. He thought about all her friends he was fucking and how they didn't come close to fucking him the way his sexy daughter did.

I was so turned on to pumping and licking my fathers huge cock, that I could have stayed on the stairs all night just worshiping him and his huge cock,pleasing every inch. It wa so thrilling to be pumping him as I looked at his amazingly sexy body and then looking into his eyes. That alone made me cum, as I groaned and threw my head back. Fucking my father and stroking his huge cock sent my body into spasms.

His huge ball sack added to making his cock look terrifying. I went wild with my tongue licking his hanging sack and lifting each of his huge balls with my tongue. When I looked up I was happy to see my father looking at me with lust in his eyes. I grinned at him slyly.

"That's real nice Allison. Suck my balls just like that baby," he said as I took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. "Oh fuck....so naughty Allison," he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as I grinned at him slyly.

" Ummm,the biggest pair of balls, loaded with hot cum for me I hope," I said in my throaty voice, as I went back to licking all over his towering shaft as I held it in my palm.

"Lot's of cum for you Allison. Lots of cum," he snarled as I let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it. "Oh baby, you're so sexy," he moaned repeatedly.

As he watched his incredibly sexy daughter kiss and pump his huge cock, he couldn't get over how sexy she was, and how fortunate he was that she changed her attitude towards him. For years she was a total bitch to him, and now she was his love, desperate to please every inch of him.

Sensing he was looking at me, I leaned it and we met in a sexy kiss as I continued to pump him excitedly. He broke off and then began kissing and biting my bud-like nipples.

"Oh fuuuck," I groaned as I rolled my eyes back into my head and threw my head back. I felt so sexy, so hot. My father had me so turned on. Pumping his huge 12 inch cock while he bit my aching nipples was driving me insane.

Leaning back against the railing he watched his sexy daughter working his massive cock again. He knew having a 12 inch cock had a lot to do with it. All her girlfriends knew it too. In the last two months he had fucked 10 of her sexy girlfriends. They all had incredible pussy's and loved fucking his 12 inch cock.

It started with her closest friend Krissy who was a co-captain with his daughter on the cheerleading team. They had been best friends since elementary school. Like Allison, Krissy was very popular at school too, but it was more because of her personality as opposed to her looks. Where Allison was a drop-dead stunner, with a drooling perfect fuck-body, Krissy had an altogether different type of body. At 18 she looked more like she was 12, with pale skin and freckles, and braces, and a very skinny body.

Her measurements were boy-like, with absolutely no tits and the most tiny, eraser-like pink nipples. Her legs were long and skinny too, which made her even more girlish. It was those features that made look like a very, plane adolescent girl when she dressed casually in jeans and sneakers, but real naughty when she was dressed sexy in a tight see-through mini dress with high heels on, or the skimpiest bikini with high heels when she was at a pool party. Krissy was mature beyond her years, and knew she had a sexy quality when she was dressed up that attracted older men to her. Older men like her black Principal Mr. Jeffers or older men like her own father. Although she had a steady boyfriend who played on the football team, she was drawn to older men, because of their power and confidence.

One day she came to the house to pick up Allison for a party. The side door was open, and she walked in right as her best friend was talking to her father. She came in just as her best friend was in the middle of saying something to her father as he was reading the paper. What she heard and what she saw was more like teasing, so she just stayed near the door quietly and watched and listened. She heard her best friend giggle then saw her walk right in front of him as if she was teasing him, which she was.

She saw her best friend dressed for the party in a sinful skin-tight black micro mini dress and high heels. The dress barely covered her ass, and had a plunging front that showed most of her tits, and because she wasn't wearing a bra her bud-like nipples pierced though the sheer white fabric as if she was nude. She was also dressed for the party in a very hot white mini dress that was cut deep in the front and hung loosely, which showed her ribs running across her chest and reveled her ultra-flat chest and that she had absolutely no tits. Her dress was very short too, coming to the bottom of her tiny ass, showing off every inch of her long thin legs. She wore a pair of nude thigh high stockings to accent the sexy quality of her legs, and a pair of black, classic pumps to give off a sinful sexiness. Her fair skin with all the freckles and the shimmering, silver braces and the way she was dressed, made her look like the most sinful teen fuck.

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