tagHumor & SatireHumiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 03

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 03


I first met Stella's personal trainer Jonathon when collecting her from the gym. Average height, slim build, cropped blonde hair with a good tan. He's a very energetic guy. Always looks smartly dressed in designer sportswear. Stella invited him round for drinks one evening.

Although my wife spent ages getting ready she came down wearing a simple open neck white shirt. Obviously no bra and probably no panties under her new sunflower motif thin cotton skirt. She greeted Jonathon at the door saying to make himself at home.

I had to correct him when he called me Gerry.

"Sorry." he said. "Sure, I remember now, you're not a Gerry. You're a Jessie, not to be confused with being a sissy."

I wondered why the two of them thought that seemed so amusing as I left the room to fetch the wine. A lightly chilled Australian Chardonnay served with a dish of mixed nuts. I took the greatest care handing out the drinks to avoid any accidents, which have plagued me in recent times.

Jonathon is a fluent talker and he entertained us with episodes of his life story. Now in a relationship with Margaret, an Army Nurse posted overseas for six months. He has missed her very much. Stella pointed out that lots of attractive girls at the gym would love to go out with a handsome man like Jonathon. Shaking his head, he replied,

"There is no way that is going to happen Stella. I promised Margaret that I would not have sex with another woman all the time she is away. I have not let her down and there's only a few weeks left now so I mean to keep my word."

The conversation switched to holidays. Told us he met Margaret on a nudist beach in the south of France.

This reminded me of a lady nudist who wrote to me after my lotto winner's picture appeared in the newspaper to say that she'd find it easy to fall in love with me. An international theatre star specialising in nude pole dancing but willing to give up her glamorous highly paid career to marry me. Of no interest to me, I had just met and fallen in love for real with Stella, the most wonderful woman in the world who became my dear wife the very next week. Of course, Stella is not interested in my huge lottery win. I overheard her telling a bridesmaid that she would have still married me if I'd won only the second prize of one and a half million.

It seems Jonathon is a committed naturist. When home from work, off come all his clothes. Adores being naked around his cottage and garden as he explained,

"That's why I always look so fit and brown. I have no tan lines on my body. Would you like to see?"

I began to tactfully decline the offer but Stella smiled in pleasure and said warmly,

"Yes that would be so educational for me. I've always wanted to try a nudist lifestyle but never had the opportunity."

His clothes quickly formed a neat pile on the carpet. Totally unembarrassed in his nudity, Jonathon stepped across close to the sofa where the two of us sat. I had to agree; superb skin tone with no white patches noticeable. He swivelled right round so we could view his rear. Again, the tan unbroken right down to his neat round buttocks.

"Let's have a look at the front again," asked Stella enthusiastically, placing her hand on his hip to help turn him round.

I followed her gaze aimed at his prick; about six inches long, with a perfect knob. I realised that it looked unusually smooth due to the entire absence of hair on the shaft or around the balls.

Stella's fingers hovered over his prick for a moment before moving lower to rub the palm of her hand down the inside of his thigh.

My always-observant wife said,

"Your skin seems beautifully smooth. Is that wax treatment?"

Jonathon launched into a detailed explanation of different systems that he had tried in the past: shaving, depilation creams, home waxing, salon Brazilian. Finally, he'd spent a small fortune on a series of laser treatments.

"So now" he said proudly, "I am smooth everywhere."

Stella appeared most impressed by his claim and Jonathon invited her to touch. He took her hand and exploring various intimate areas, asked her to agree complete smoothness everywhere. First, under his balls then rubbing her fingers around his groin and inside his thighs.

"I used to be exceptionally hairy around my balls and the base of my dick. Try stroking, you'll find I am smooth as silk."

Instantly, her hands encircled his prick, fingers exploring around the fleshy base and then almost weighing his balls in the palm of her hand. Stella took a long time checking and re-checking before she could agree on his perfect smoothness.

"Now the final proof is when I bend over," said Jonathon sinking down on all fours exposing his bare ass.

"Go on, check that out."

Stella knelt nimbly down close to him, hands splayed out clutching the flesh of his ass cheeks. Then running her red manicured fingers down his crease, tracing the ring of his anus. My wife is always so eager and friendly. So no surprise that she repeated this very personal and sexual examination of his body three times until fully satisfied that no hair remained. The expensive laser treatment had really worked.

I think all three of us observed that Jonathon's prick must have enjoyed the intimate touching of my lovely wife's soft hands evident from its semi-erect condition.

Stella's face looked quite flushed. She paused for a moment before speaking,

"You are such a decent man to honour your promise to Margaret even when your organ signals a natural sexual desire."

She flicked a finger at his prick, which bobbed up and down.

"Yes," Jonathon sighed. "Wish I could get round the problem but it's impossible."

"It's not impossible at all," replied my wife. "There is a solution here in this room."

Jonathon started to say that he could not permit even someone as understanding as Stella to help but she quickly interrupted him.

"No, not me, it's my husband who has the solution. My Jessie has a special talent."

I had a terrible premonition about Stella's proposed solution. It would mean certain humiliation for me if she disclosed what I did in an emergency for that PC Doc guy. My worry instantly confirmed as she continued,

"In confidence Jonathon, I can tell you that my sweet Jessie is a very talented cocksucker. You deserve to enjoy an orgasm tonight without breaking your promise to go with another girl.

"There's no doubt Jessie is male; it says so on his birth certificate. You've been so loyal to Margaret. Look on this opportunity as a deserved healthy break from your regime of constant sexual abstinence."

I attempted to change the subject by asking if anyone would like another drink. No one answered.

My wife is a very persuasive lady. Soon she had him nodding in agreement that a blowjob from another guy would not betray his absent sweetheart.

I tried to look calm but inside I franticly weighed up whether to refuse. It had taken ages for Stella to get over that last upset with me. I feared an eternity of unhappy sulks if I did not do her bidding tonight. I love her so much and I get miserable if I ever see Stella looking unhappy for a minute. I concluded that in reality there is no alternative: I would have to cooperate.

Very quickly, Stella choreographed our starting positions. Naked Jonathan flat on his back with legs drawn up for me to crawl up between his wide-open legs. She instructed me to first play with his penis to make sure he is properly aroused,

"Try doing it this way."

Stella grasped his prick, stroking it slowly from top to bottom and then gracefully twisting her hand under the head each time. She continued these movements and when Jonathon queried her involvement, re-assured him by saying her touch was for demonstration purposes only. I think this went on for two or three minutes before I offered to try doing it. My wife, as always very helpful, insisted on demonstrating another couple of times to make sure I knew what to do.

Below I could see the hairless twin spheres and the delicate skin of his organ felt warm to my fingertips. I stroked the full length. It seemed almost attractive to me from its hygienic care, the smoothness of the perfectly clean-cut head with its thick vein on the underside. I grasped his prick more firmly. Slowly pumped him with long strokes, twisting the bulb and with his balls cupped in my other hand. Thanks to my wife's tuition, I now controlled a rock hard cock.

It seemed my second experience of intimacy with a man could be slightly less repulsive. I focussed on the ordeal as giving a personal favour to a man deprived of his lover by her military service for Queen and country.

A whispered encouragement from my caring wife,

"What are you waiting for? Get on with the oral now Jessie. Here you are."

Stella grabbed his stiff prick, gave it a few quick strokes and then manoeuvred it close to my face. I opened my lips and she stuffed it inside. I swirled my tongue over the tip, circling the bulb head. Jonathon quietly moaned when I tongued that delicate spot under the knob where it joins with the stem.

I licked and gently grazed his prick between my teeth for a few seconds. Sucked hard to get more of his shaft deeper in my mouth. Sucking away at a faster tempo affected Jonathon. I felt his body tremble.

Salty, meaty taste on my tongue, my lips widen to take in his swollen six inches. It touched the back of my throat. I began to gag. To make sure I didn't choke; I started to breathe in through my nose. Maybe I had acquired good cock sucking techniques and hoped my progress pleased Stella.

I slowed the action down. My hands drew his cock almost out so I could tongue the tip. Then, thrust it right back in deeply. I carried on like this smoothly for a couple of minutes before upping to very rapid non-stop sucking action. He jerked against me in tune with my busy head up and down movements. I continued to work his throbbing shaft inside, almost reaching my throat.

I heard Stella asking Jonathon if Margaret did anything extra. She reached across him, the curves of her chest squashing against his face and saying,

"How about this."

Sharp red fingernails dug into his nipples, which she rapidly tweaked and twisted again and again.

In moments, Jonathon reached orgasm with his body wildly shaking. He almost yelled in ecstasy. Used his hips to ram his prick at me. I pumped away at his pulsing rod, a jet of cream hitting the back of my mouth. I persisted milking him until every drop sucked out. Carefully licked clean his softening prick down to his balls.

Stella patted me on the back of my head signalling her approval. She is so kind to me. I felt proud that I had supported my darling wife with her promise to relieve this sexually deprived man.

My wife said she needed to check. Very slowly, she ran her hands under Jonathon's balls, up and down the stem, then over the head of his prick collecting a bead of moisture on her fingertips, which she instantly sucked dry.

I could see Stella's erect nipples poking through her shirt. What a shame my wife is feeling chilly and it's my fault, turning down the heating thermostat too low.

Jonathon thanked Stella for a wonderful experience. How generous to allow her cocksucker husband give him a blowjob.

"Never would have believed another guy could get my rocks off like that. You're so right, Jessie is a proper cocksucker and you are a wonderful warm-hearted lady to have helped with a stimulating skilful demonstration. Your dedication to teach Jessie proper masturbation methods is most impressive."

"How nice of you to say that to me Jonathon. You did so well to concentrate on keeping your lovely penis stiff all that time he sucked you. I hope the session helps keep your enormous sexual appetite under control while Margaret is still away. She is a lucky woman to have someone as gentlemanly as you as her lover."

Stella traced her fingers all the way along the soft penis and gently fondled his balls.

"How do you feel now?"

"Oh I feel beautifully relaxed. All my frustrations have been lifted, thanks to you Stella."

"You are very welcome Jonathon."

She kissed him lightly on the corner of his mouth and almost as an afterthought, withdrew her hand from under his balls.

"I'm looking forward to telling Margaret how sweet you are Stella and all about this cock sucking hospitality at your lovely home. I'm sure she will be thrilled for me and will appreciate that my dick has been exercised. She'll know that's healthy for me and want to hear every detail."

Jonathon looked at me and paused. I waited, thinking of a modest response I could voice when he complimented me on my performance. I felt certain he would express his feelings to me at any moment. My perception proved wrong. When he did speak, asked only if he could take a quick shower before getting dressed.

Stella's head turned closely watching the naked form of Jonathon as he strode athletically out of the room. She slipped one hand inside her shirt squeezing a bare breast. The other stretched down, fingers rubbing deep in the folds of her dress. She moaned loudly and I diagnosed this as a touch of indigestion. I wanted to comfort her but her eyes were closed. I remained silent so as not to disturb her and hoped she'd feel better soon.

I could see Stella had recovered when later she asked Jonathon how much she owed for this month's gym time. It came to 120 pounds plus tax but she told me to round up the cheque to 200 pounds. Everyone adores Stella for her generosity.

I saw Jonathon out to his car. He wound down the window and said,

"You're the first real cocksucker I've ever met. Be happy to recommend you anytime. I'm sure some of the guys at the gym would like to know where they can find a willing cocksucker."

Before I could implore him not to do any such thing, he drove away into the night. Jonathon's final words had instantly transformed my sense of patriotic achievement into one of abject shame and humiliation.

Stella had gone upstairs to the bathroom. As I passed by the closed door, I picked up from the carpet an empty Duracell battery carton. I could hear a fast buzzing noise from the bathroom. It sounded slightly like a small hairdryer but more muted. I had no idea what she could be doing to herself in private but instinctively felt it would not be for her own entertainment.

Maybe it's some kind of new beauty treatment to make her look even more ravishing to further arouse her sexy beast. That's me. It's what Stella called me when I kissed her for the first time on only our third date.

End of Chapter Three. Humiliating life of lotto winner.

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