tagInterracial LoveI Had No Clue Sequel

I Had No Clue Sequel


We decided that we needed some breakfast and that we should make our relationship public so Carrie chose to tell her best friend Dr. Carol Maitland first. I dressed while Carrie called Carol to meet us at the pancake restaurant about a mile away, "Carol how about some breakfast in about an hour? I'm bringing Steven. Uh huh. Oh you just can't imagine. I never saw this coming. I'll figure something out -- Steven will clearly have to provide some ammunition when I talk with Momma and Daddy and you know my brother Charles and how he is. Okay Carol see you there."

She put her cell phone down and crossed the floor to me, still wearing my blue button dress shirt like a night shirt, her nipples were moving under the fabric of the shirt with the sway of her beautiful tits. I could see she was horny again -- this was going to be fiery relationship. I was sitting in a ladder back chair putting on my shoes and she straddled my lap, "One more time Steven...just one more time I need your dick in me before we meet Carol."

I kissed her and our tongues attacked - all I can say is that I've never been kissed like that. She was a woman possessed. I slid my hands under the shirt and began squeezing and massaging the beautifully soft orbs of her ass as she moaned and kissed even harder forcing her tongue deeper into my mouth. We broke our kiss, "Whewwww Steven I need your dick right now," her nostrils were flared and sweat was already forming on her forehead and upper lip. I put my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her like I was curling weights and she wrapped her legs around my waist -- her arms were around my neck and our noses were touching -- I laid her down on the bed and as quickly as I laid her down I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my trousers. My dick was already hard again. Carrie was peeling off the shirt and was completely naked before me -- all 5'8" of beautiful brown sexual buffet. I stepped out of my trousers and underwear, tossing them aside as I knelt on the floor at her pussy on the edge of the mattress.

I nosed in as she wriggled under my tongue within a few minutes she sat upright and grabbed the back of my head pulling me hard to her pussy, "STEVEN! OOHHHH!" She came hard as I licked her clit and alternating between her pussy lips, burying my tongue in her steamy hot pussy, wiggling it as best I could. My dick hurt from being so erect and she was moaning and writhing on the bed and when she could finally stand no more of my pussy-eating, "Now Steven!! Put it in me...damn please put it in me...oh my Gawd!"

I didn't need to lubricate the head of my dick it slid balls deep into her belly as she grabbed my ass and pulled me hard into her -- she just about lifted my feet off the floor, her legs wrapped around the back of my legs and it was game on for us as I pumped my hard dick faster and faster into her swelteringly hot pussy -- her juices were running past my dick like lubrication flowing on a piston rod.

"Oh gawd, oh gawd...Steven...oh baby I'm cumming again...faster baby keep driving baby I need to cummmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven, Steven, oh baby that was oh...oh...I need to rest a minute."

I kept pumping my dick into her and her pussy was squeezing and relaxing squeezing and relaxing...I could feel my cum getting ready to explode into her belly, "Carrie baby I'm cumming...oh gawd..." I couldn't say another word as my full load shot into her pulsating pussy...I kept pumping my dick in and out of her pussy as she laid there squeezing my dick...I kept my dick in her and raised her right leg as I rolled her up on her side and kept pumping my dick into her pussy.

"Oh gawd Steven what are doing to me?" her eyes were wide, perspiration had popped out all over her face and body, the veins on neck were pounding.

"Carrie baby I can't just stop -- you drive me crazy. You have the hottest and most exciting pussy I've ever felt and it tastes better than any breakfast food I've ever had," I exhaled hard and she wanly smiled to me. Finally I slowed down the pace until my dick relaxed and slid out of her.

She sat upright, "Carol! We're gonna be late meeting her for breakfast." She hopped up and my cum ran down her legs and she started laughing, "Look at what we did."

I laughed, "Nice work!"

She threw a towel at me, "Oh you!" laughing as she struggled with a silk blouse, no bra.

I rolled off the bed and grabbed my shorts pulling them on and then my socks, trousers and back to the shoes.

I looked up and she was tugging on the tightest jeans I've ever seen -- like paint. She got them buttoned and slid on her flat heeled ballerina-like shoes, "I'm ready!" I smiled at her and she started laughing, "You can look but don't touch."

I kissed her, "I'm touching, you're mine sweet baby." Her lips were luxurious. She whispered, "I owe you a cock sucking when we get back here."

I kissed her neck and felt her nipples with my free hand, "Headlights are on."

She grinned and slid her arm through mine, "I'm ready for whatever."

The drive to the restaurant was quick. Carol looked a bit put out but she started smiling hugely as we walked to her booth, "You were having sex weren't you?!"

Carrie grinned, "Of course."

Carol looked at me, "Steven I don't know what to say about you. You're fine-looking but damn that's fast work."

Both these women turned heads. We got some looks and comments from some of the black guys in the restaurant but we ignored them just like the hard stares from white folks who just couldn't believe their old white southern eyes.

"So Steven are you a working man?"

I nodded, "Yes."

She stared for a minute, "Okay my mistake what kind of work do you do?"

"I have a CPA practice that focuses on accounting information systems, such as installation, testing and implementation of new accounting systems for small to medium businesses."

She raised her eyebrows, "Ever do a doctor?" It was one of those Freudian slips.

I played, "Yes just recently thank you." All three of us laughed hysterically.

Carol got serious, "Okay you two where's this going. I've been knowing Carrie since high school and neither one of us dated a white guy and now this."

I could feel Carrie's eyes on me, "Steven is the sweetest man I've ever known...I'd like to spend the rest of my life getting to know him..."

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