tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Meet a very Pretty Girl

I Meet a very Pretty Girl


I'm sitting at the park, staring at the boats that pass through the water. A girl in her early twenties with a stunning face and a figure that looks effortlessly feminine and petite walks up to me. She makes the approach. There are fall leaves and pumpkin patches.

"Excuse me," she says. "But I saw you and I.."

I can tell she's nervous so I smile.

She smiles back and takes the liberty of sitting on my lap.

She turns sideways in her new seat and leans into my face. "Follow me."

She then gets up and starts to walk away.

I am totally dumbfounded when I realize that this must be some kind of prank. I look around for cameras but there are none. She is still walking when I get up and follow her. I catch up, "what was that about?"

She reaches a hand down to my private area and grabs ahold of my balls, pulling up and using her inside voice she turns to me.

"Listen up, I'm ready to fuck you and have a kid."

This is really taking me by surprise and I say, "so you expect me to just follow you to your place and fuck you... just like that, without any emotions or a discussion?"

"What's there to discuss?" she says. "I'm having your baby so just deal with it. Sack up!" She pulls higher up on my balls and squeezes.

"Ok," I say, before I start to feel a bit too much pressure and she lets them go. She leans up and plants a big kiss on my lips. Pulling back, she says, "open up!"

I part my lips and her tongue searches my mouth.

She kisses me very aggressively and grabs the back of my head as she proceeds to make licking motions on the inside of my mouth. Drool goes down my lip as she thoroughly takes control of this kiss. Good thing she is beautiful or I would certainly have pressed charges. A kiss like this has to be illegal.

She pulls her head away and we are no sooner on our way to her apartment. Once inside, she kicks her shoes off her delicate white feet. She jumps on the couch, and tells me to join her. I sit beside her and she uses her foot to kick me in the stomach and tells me to sit closer. I sit closer but she uses that foot to hammer kick my thigh dangerously close to my crotch and says, "I told you to come closer and you're all the way over there. What kind of fiancé are you!"

"I didn't know I was your fiancé."

"Well I'm telling you that you are."

"Well it takes two to tango," say I.

Then she gets up, turns around to face me, bows down on one knee and produces a ring. It looks like a woman's ring. She grabs my hand before I can pull away and she slides the ring on my pinky finger, the only one it'll fit on since its clearly a girl's ring. "Will you marry me?" She asks.

Her face breaks out in a huge smile as I look at her with a dumbfounded expression like, are you kidding me?

"I know you're going to say yes," she says. "so just fucking say it already."

"I could say no," I say.

She scoffs.

"Fine," I say. "No."

She stands up and starts crying and stamping her feet and screaming at the top of her lungs and really has the most incredible adult tantrum I've ever witnessed all because I said no to her over one thing, marriage.

"Fine," I say. "Just calm down."

Her mood abruptly changes and she wipes the real tears from her face and says, "Really! You mean it! Oh you've made me the happiest girl in world." She starts planting kisses all over my face and aggressively fucks my mouth with her tongue. She has me straddled and her bare feet hop down and she goes to change with me sitting there, head spinning like what the fuck just happened? When she comes back, she is wearing nearly nothing. Only a pair of pink panties. She jumps back into my lap and puts her feet on my thighs and kisses my mouth, grabbing the back of my head. She gets onto the couch next and lewdly spreads her legs, pulling panties to the side and says, "Fuck me, now!"

I sink on top of her and begin to fumble with my belt. She slaps my hands away and says, "I'll do it, it's my cock anyway."

"You're cock," I say, looking at her for some sign that she understands what she just said.

"My only cock," she says. "For the rest of my life."

She believes in her whole heart that I am going to be her husband and we are going to be married and have kids.

She takes out my cock and engulfs it in her mouth. She sucks me like an industrial grade vacuum cleaner with wet suction. She takes me to the edge then pulls away. "Now," she says, spreading her legs and grabbing my balls, she pulls my cock into her fertile valley. "I didn't use any birth control so I want you to fuck me and come right away."

She kisses my lips. "You're my master and husband and going to father my kids and beat me when I do anything wrong and kill me if you fall in love with a younger or prettier version of me. I want the best for you," she says. She is the type of woman, I suddenly realize, who wishes only for greatness from me. She's going to make me better by poking and prodding me in all the right places.

She sticks a finger in my asshole and uses her other hand to pull my balls near, she pulls my cock into her vagina and fucks the length of my engorged member for a good long while before she gets tuckered out and says "I need you to cum inside me and give me your baby juice."

"Why do you want my kids so bad?" I ask.

"Because I love you," and she kisses my lips with force and gusto and sticks her tongue up my mouth and swirls it around and says, "I'll do that to your asshole if you put a kid in me."

I don't need any more incentive than that and proceed to unload my sperm into her unprotected vaginal cavity. She assumes the pregnancy position and curls her feet up in order to let the sperm swim up stream with ease. Her feet face me.

I begin to gather my clothes when she says, "where do you think you're going?"

Before I can answer she says, "If you leave, I'll call the police and say you raped me. You're going to stay here and keep fucking me until one of us passes out from exhaustion, is that understood?"

Its going to be a long night.

Chapter 2.

I lift a lid open. She woke me up by French kissing me. I began to yawn and she took advantage by pressing her tongue deep into the love tunnel of my mouth and searching my mouth for moisture with her very loving tongue. I had pumped several loads into her pee hole last night.

"I got up and used the bathroom and so much of your old cum came out of my pussy," adding excitedly, "We better get some more in there because so much escaped when I went to piss."

She proceeds to grab my ballsack and without asking me she grabs my dick and starts to make it hard.

"Why don't you ask me, if you can have sex?" I say.

"Because," she says. "You're cock is my one and only cock. I love you and I am going to marry you, or have you forgotten the ring I gave you last night."

I check my pinky, its still there.

Try as I might to pull it off, it wont budge, she slaps my hand. "Don't try to take off my engagement ring. That's to show other women that you belong to me and I'm gonna make sure you put all your loads inside me so you wont have any left for them anyway."

She then rolls the blanket back, revealing my cock. She takes the balls in hand and yanks me upright and walks me into the kitchen, by the balls.

"Is this really necessary?" I file behind her.

She squeezes me slightly and says, "Only if you want me to make you breakfast so that you'll have plenty of strength to put a baby inside of me with."

I relent and she places my balls in a chair. She proceeds to make my breakfast naked and she squeals when a bit of grease jumps at her. "Hope you like it because its really tough cooking naked."

She gets under the table while I eat and licks on my balls and my gouch, the space between a man's privates. She starts to eat my ass and I let out a fart. Far from slowing her down, I see her face poke up at me and she says, thanks for showing me that you love me by disrespecting my mouth." And she gets right back to work, licking my ballsack like a cat, and tonguing my asshole while I fart.

I finish eating and as I begin to get up from the table to put my plate in the sink, she tugs my balls and says, "I'm actually not done with my breakfast yet and I sit back down where she places my balls for me to sit and I feel her lift my foot up, while she proceeds to shove my feet in her mouth.

She spends the morning worshiping my body, having me lie face down while she sticks her face down my asshole, telling me to please fart in her mouth again.

I am then grabbed by the balls and told to say "I love you,"

When I refuse she puts on the water works and starts crying and screaming, really unbecoming for a beautiful blonde girl so I relent and say, "okay, I have feelings for you."

She says, "having feelings for me doesn't mean you love me and I'm not going to stop raping you until you say you love me."

"That makes no sense," I say.

"Yes," she says, "because when you say you love me it wont be me raping you anymore," as she squeezes my balls and I start to wince and she makes me kiss her full on the lips as her tongue penetrates my mouth.

"I love you," she says. "And I'm going to go after you aggressively because I have to get what I want, and what I want is your baby and most of all your cock for the rest of my life."

"Nobody's but mine?" I ask.

"Don't be stupid," she says. "I hate all men but you and wish you could kill all of them."

Chapter 3

"Those are my testicles," I say, as she squeezes and lifts them up.

Goddamn right they are," she says and tugs up, harder.

"What do you want," is all I can manage.

She picks her blonde head up and grabs the back of my head into a kiss, prying my lips apart and forcing her tongue into my mouth. "Your sperm," she says. "All of it."

We go to a coffee shop and she insists on paying for me. The woman at the register's eye brows raise when she talks to me like I'm her little boy and refuses to let me buy my own drink.

"Don't you dare," she says forcefully when I reach into my pocket. "I pay for you. You don't pay for me." She says.

We sit down and she pulls the chair out for me.

"Isn't the guy supposed to do that," I ask.

"Don't be sexist," is all she says and stares lovingly at me while I try to choke down my latte. She reaches across the table and opens my cup, dipping the tip of her index finger over the skim and placing it to my lips. "Open please." She says.

As she said please, I'm in no position to refuse and she puts her finger in my mouth. I feel the eyes of other patrons burning into me as she searches my mouth cavity with her finger. She removes it and puts the finger straight from my mouth into hers and says, "I'm gonna tell you the schedule I have in mind,"

"This ought to be good," I think.

"We'll have missionary sex tonight, and every night from here on out until you put a baby in me."

I nearly spit out my drink.

At this point, her foot has lost its shoe and now presses against my balls," a bit too hard, I might add.

"And then you can marry me," she says.

"And when do we divorce?" I ask.

She reaches across the table and then gets up and I think she is going to slap me when she instead towers over my seated form and grabs my ballsack through my sweatpants.

I wince. She squeezes. "NEVER THINK ABOUT DIVORCE."

She says. She sits back down and makes small talk, thoroughly controlling the conversation and making a lot of inappropriate sexual comments about taking me roughly and making love to my body. She at one point mentions that she wants to worship my body and lavish me, treating me like her princess.

"I'm a guy though," say I.

She stands up again and this time I already know what's coming.

A quick grab of my ballsack as I straighten my back and she towers over me, her blond hair and eyes sparkling she whispers in my face, hissing really, and spitting on me, "You're going to be my husband, and you have no choice in the matter because I picked you and I am going to take care of you like a mommy."

"But you're younger than me," I say.

She squeezes and I don't know how much more of this I can take.

She kisses me on the lips and forces her tongue into my mouth. I feel like she is raping me.

Because she is a girl nobody tells her to stop. She grabs my butt and pulls me up by the balls. I follow her out the door and nobody tries to help because she is in control of me and she's beautiful so why would anyone try to intervene. They all think I am the luckiest guy in the world right now and I probably am but still, a man should always have a choice in these things, not be raped, even if its by a very pretty petite blond girl whose feet tip toe back to the bed from the bathroom as we have a moment of calm before she takes over again.

We went to her apartment and she forcefully ripped off my clothes and made love to me, telling me what to do and kissing me and grabbing my neck with her hands. She is still naked and I suddenly feel myself being picked up by the ballsack. She handles me over to the mirror and tells me to turn around. I do a complete turn naked in front of this naked girl and she says the words, "that asshole of yours is going to be raped by my tongue for the rest of your life, just so you know and she grabs my balls and forces me on the bed, bending me over and proceeds to make good on her promise.

Chapter 4

There is something about me that makes women want to take care of me.

"Sally," she says.

"That's a nice name." Say I.

She bites her lip and stares at me, her face encased by lovely blonde hair.

We have only been on one date. We have only done for coffee but we have already fucked each other's brains out and she has been the aggressor and essentially raped me and threatened to kill herself if I don't put a baby into her beautiful white belly.

"Sally," I say. "Idon't know if I'm ready to meet your parents. That's a big step."

She scoffs and then grabs my balls really tight and without a word leads me up the steps to her family home.

I say hello to her parents as she introduces me to them glowingly. She smiles at me and I realize that she is a ditsy blonde and not the controlling dominant girl she makes herself out to be. I feel much closer to her. She makes lots of sexual innuendos while introducing me to her father. He says, "Look my son,"

I am taken aback by him already calling me his son.

"I fully expect you to marry my daughter and I know that kids don't wait for marriage anymore like they used to."

Sally glows sitting beside me with her hand on my knee.

I look to her with some panic in my eyes.

She grabs my face and pulls me in for a wet French kiss while her father waits for us to finish and then continues.

"I want you two to have lots of fun. After all I have been spending a lot of money on her yoga classes and it would be a shame if they went to waste."

I couldn't believe my ears. Here I was, lip locked (against my will) with a beautiful dirty blonde and her father is giving me her pussy.

"You can have sex with my daughter-"

She interrupts, "No daddy," she says. "He will have sex with me."

"Right," he says. "Take him to your childhood bedroom and your mother and I wont disturb you. As long as you promise that if you get her pregnant," he says, "you'll marry her. Don't worry about money," he cuts me off as I was about to interrupt. "I'll take care of your finances. I make a lot of money and I see no problem offering you a dowry ahead of time."

With that, he magically produces a wad of hundreds.

I flit the bills in my hand. Her eyes glow as she looks up at me with her hand on my balls. She grabs and squeezes. "If you accept that money," she says. "Then you have to fuck me tonight." Adding, "And don't even fucking think about using birth control and..." she pulls me up by the balls and bends me over in front of her father and grabs my ass, "daddy give him more money so that he'll let me suck his asshole clean."

Her father set to work on wedding arrangements while she took me by the balls, upstairs to her childhood bedroom.

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