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I'm Seduced By Demi Lovato


My name is Pam Shamanski and I have been happily married for nearly twenty years to John. We met in college where I fell madly in love with him. We were married soon after graduation and we moved to a suburb of Dallas.

John is tall, over six feet tall, dark haired and very handsome. He has a nice mustache which tickles when he goes down on me, which I love.

As for me, I'm slim, about 115 pounds, small breasted with very, very sensitive nipples which I just love having sucked. When played with I get extremely wet and turn into a squirming slut who cannot get enough cock.

I also love having my feet played with, caressed and kissed. Once again this has a direct path to my pussy and I get turned on rather easily when my feet are played with.

I love lingerie, I love the way it feels on my skin and how it turns John on when he sees me in it. High heels and silk stockings, garter belts, crotchless panties and demi-bras make me wet.

Our sex life is great and after our lovemaking we snuggle and talk about our fantasies. I've always had, what I thought was a bi-streak, but never had the nerve to act upon it.

I'm a first grade teacher in suburban Dallas and John is the local fire chief.

During our first few years of marriage I had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys football games. One day after a big win we went to celebrate at a local pub and that is where I met Dianna Hart de la Garza. She was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and I was mesmerized by her beauty and confidence. She sang at the pub and between sets I persuaded her to sit and talk with John and myself. We hit it off and became best friends. Over the years we spend weekends together and even vacationed together. When Dianna got married we sort of drifted apart and only talked around holidays or on birthdays.

A couple of months ago I received a call from Dianna and she was crying. I knew it had to be serious because Dianna was a very, very strong person. She told me her daughter Demi was in trouble had checked her into a clinic for self-injury and sexual addiction.

I knew her daughter was a beautiful singer and her career had gone ballistic, but was unaware of her problems. I asked Dianna if there was anything I could do and what she asked me to do changed John and my life forever.

"Pam, I was wondering when Demi got out of the clinic, if she could spend some time out of the public eye by living with you and John for some time?"

"Dianna, I'm going to have to speak with John before I can say yes, but I'm pretty sure he'll give his approval. May I ask you one thing Dianna, why us? Don't you think our mundane lifestyle will be too vanilla for her?"

"Let me tell you Pam that is exactly what she needs. I have power of attorney over her and I already spoke with her and she thinks it is exactly what she needs to get her life and hopefully her singing career back on track. I think a month should be enough for her to sort things out and decide what direction to take the rest of her life."

"Well Dianna, I'll speak to John tonight and call you tomorrow if that's okay with you."

"Thank you Pam, you'll never know how much this means to Demi and me."

I hung up the phone and started dinner knowing John would be home soon. Over dinner I spoke to him about my conversation with Dianna and he was in agreement that we should help Dianna and Demi out.

That same night I called Dianna and told her we would help her out and she told me she would contact me the next week to give us an exact date to expect Demi.

I had just gotten home from work when the phone rang; "Hello, hi Dianna how are things going with Demi?"

"Hi Pam, that's why I'm calling. I just got home from the clinic and they agreed to discharge her tomorrow and I was wondering if I could bring Demi over tomorrow evening."

"Tomorrow would be fine Dianna, John and I are very excited to have her stay with us. I was wondering if she would be interested in assisting me at school. Sort of a teacher's aide, I believe it would keep her busy and working with the young children would keep her mind off of her problems."

I think that is an excellent idea Pam. I'm sure Demi would love working alongside you and helping with the children. Well see you tomorrow Pam and thanks again."

I told John of our conversation and we prepared the spare room that evening in preparation of Demi's arrival the next day.

The following is what occurred from when Dianna arrived the next day, a Saturday with Demi, till yesterday evening when she returned to Dallas with her mother.

I was on pins and needles waiting Dianna and Demi to arrive. When I saw their car pull up I jumped up; "John, John they're here, come on lets go meet them outside!"

John was close behind me as I reached the car. As Dianna stepped out I was awestruck at her beauty. She had changed dramatically since seeing her last. I could describe her easily; she was a double for Penelope Cruz, long black hair, slim waist long shapely legs and large breasts that arrived long before the rest of her. Her smile was infectious and those gorgeous dark eyes were smoldering hot.

John stepped in front of me and greeted Dianna with a huge hug, his hands holding onto her hips as he crushed his body against hers in a hug that made me uncomfortable, but I could tell that Dianna and John enjoyed it.

They broke the hug and I did the same, just not so sexual; "My god Dianna, you look fabulous! What the hell came over you?"

She laughed; "Not what come over me, but what came off of me, I'd say about forty pounds and a lot of exercise and a great hair salon. Enough about me, we're here for Demi. Demi come on out and meet your surrogate family for the next month or so."

When she stepped out of the car I immediately could feel a rush of excitement course through my body, directly to my pussy and I felt flushed and embarrassed at the same time. Luckily I hid it rather well and John stepped over to her, taking her by her slim hand, held it gently and in a calming voice said; "Hello Demi, I'm not sure if you remember us, but we were good friends with your mother when you were just a very small child. I'm sure we'll get along very well and are happy to invite you into our home."

She smiled weakly and just nodded. I came over to her and took her in my arms; "Oh Demi, you have grown into such a lovely young adult and we will treat you that way, welcome!"

She turned her head and I shivered when I felt her warm breath on my neck; "I'm so glad to be here and I promise not to be any trouble. I just want to get my head on straight and get out of the limelight. I was wondering what I call the both of you."

John broke in and that gave me the opportunity to break our embrace. I felt that tingling again and I tried desperately to hide it, especially when this gorgeous young woman was trying to straighten her life out. That last thing she needed was a sexual encounter with an older person, especially a woman."

"Demi, just call us Pam and John, okay?"

She seemed to be at ease suddenly and smiled broadly, she seemed relieved.

Dianna was around behind the car opening the truck and pulling Demi's bags out. John rushed around to assist her and when his hand touched hers I noticed the spark of excitement between the two of them.

John took the bags into the house and placed them in Demi's room. When he came out Demi, Dianna and I were seated in the livingroom. The first thing I noticed was the way John's eyes locked on Dianna's sexy legs.

Her tight dress had ridden up her thighs and they were nearly bare. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs she flashed John her black panties and he was nearly drooling.

I woke him from his staring; "John could you please get us all a drink?"

He jumped up; "Sure, what would everyone like?"

Dianna uncrossed her legs again and began to stand; "Nothing for me, thank you. I have to get going. I have a long drive back, maybe next time when I come to visit my precious daughter."

The three of us walked her out to her car and Demi gave her mother a goodbye hug and kiss.

John tried to do the same, but I blocked his path to her and giving her a hug opened the door to her car.

Demi noticed this and gave John and me a knowing smile.

Dianna lowered her window and waved goodbye as she drove off.

The three of us went back inside and we all sat down.

"I'm sorry Pam, I know mom has that effect on a lot of men now and she enjoys the attention, especially after losing all that weight and toning her body."

I looked at her; "I don't know what you are talking about Demi?"

She giggled, "Sorry Pam, I may look young, but I can see when a man is attracted to a woman. Just looking at his pants earlier I could tell he was excited by mom's hot body, who wouldn't be!"

John jumped in; "Alright Demi, let's drop it okay, you were correct, I was attracted to your mother. Like you said she is attractive, but looking and acting upon something is the difference between a boy and a grown man."

I spoke up; "Thank you for clearing that up. Demi are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?"

"No thanks Pam, I'm a little tired from the trip here. Could you please show me to my room? I'd like to unpack, get settled and take a little nap."

"Sure Demi, follow me. John why don't you get us a bite to eat while I get Demi settled in?"

She followed me down the hall to her room. I opened it; "Our room is directly across from yours Demi. Please knock before entering and we will do the same for you. We'll respect your privacy as long as you respect ours, okay?"

"That sounds reasonable Pam." As she squeezed by me, I was standing in the doorway, her shoulder brushed against my small breasts sending a tingle down my spine and it shot directly to my pussy. I think Demi saw how I reacted and before she could say anything I grabbed the doorknob; "Well Demi I'll leave you to unpack and get situated, I'll call you when dinner is ready later. Maybe we can discuss school and what roll you will be playing there."

She then caught my off guard as she came up to me and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear; "Thank you Pam for inviting me into your house, I hope I won't be a bother and get in the way."

I pulled away and closed the door behind me, my knees were slightly weak and I hurried down the hall to speak to John about what was happening.

John was at the kitchen table munching on a sandwich. Across the table was a plate with a sandwich and chips that he made for me. When I saw him I got extremely horny and knew then and there I needed to make love, no not make love, I needed to be fucked and fucked good and hard.

I took John by the hand and pulled him to his feet; "Come with me big boy, my good I'm so fucking horny and I need you to fuck the shit out of me and cum in my pussy!"

We both hurried down the hall and I closed the door quietly behind me. When I turned around John already had his shirt off and was just dropping his shorts. He slid onto the bed naked and motioned for me to join him.

I shook my head no and swayed from side to side as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I licked my lips as I watched John stroke his big fat cock.

"Oh yes Pam show me that pretty little body of yours! My god Dianna got me so fucking hot seeing that luscious body of hers1"

"Oh so you liked her body better than mine right?"

"Hell no Pam, it was just different. Hers was lush and everything about her was just larger. Your body is perfect, I love your small titties and I just love sucking on those large stiff nipples of yours. The way it turns you on drives me crazy."

"Go on John, you're slowly getting out of the hole you crawled in, what else, tell me!"

I dropped my blouse and slipped my bra off. I cupped my large A sized breasts and twisting my large dark nipples. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I bit my lower lip as I continued to watch John stroke his big cock.

"Come on Pam, bring those titties over here and let me suck on them."

"Oh I thought you'd rather suck on Dianna's huge jugs, hell I bet they aren't even real."

John chuckled; "Oh they're real alright, maybe a little enhanced, but they are definitely real."

It was my turn to laugh; "There you go John right back into the hole!" I kicked off my sandals, dropped my shorts and turning my ass towards John, slowly lowered my panties, giving him a clear view of my wet pussy from behind.

He let out a groan and reached out for me and catching my wrist pulled me to the bed.

I fell against his thighs and climbing up grabbed hold of his stiff cock and began stroking it up and down. My tiny fingers had a tough time wrapping around his girth. Lowering my head, my soft brown hair flowed about his cock, balls and upper thighs.

I looked up at him with my brown eyes and slipping my tongue out flicked at the sensitive head.

John dropped his head down to the pillow and rolled his head from side to side, he just loves it when I tease his cock. I opened my mouth and wrapped my full red lips around his spongy cockhead and began sucking loudly around his massive shaft.

I reached down and played with my pussy while I continued sucking his cock. I pulled off of him and smiled; "Don't you just wish Demi was in bed with us? She could be sucking your balls while I go down on her. My god could you just imagine that, she's right across the hall right now. All of our fantasies could easily be fulfilled if she opened that door right now and joined us!"

John let out a loud groan and I could feel his cock jump in my mouth. I pulled off his shaft; "Oh no you don't John, you're not going to cum in my mouth, well at least not just yet. Watching her and thinking about her sucking on me has gotten me so fucking hot, I need to be fucked before you cum!"

John caught me off guard and before I knew it he rolled me over and he now was above me. He kissed me hard and our tongues dueled with one another. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. He pinched my stiff sensitive nipples and I could feel a gush of cream coating my cuntlips. His other hand slid down my soft firm legs and parting them slowly stroked my pussy. Uncovering my stiff clit he tickled it, making me moan.

"Pam, just imagine Demi down there softly playing with your clit, bringing you closer and closer to an explosive orgasm."

"Oh yes Demi, play with my clit, stick your fingers in my pussy!" I let out a loud moan and started cumming.

John didn't give me a chance to recover as his mouth covered one stiff nipple and flicking at it, drawing it into his mouth. His mustache tickled my sensitive flesh and turned me on even more. I went right into another orgasm when he shoved his big prick into my foaming cunt and began pounding away.

The room was filled with the sound of skin slapping against skin and I was moaning louder and louder. I bit into his shoulder and when I opened my eyes, looking over his shoulder I saw our door open and could see Demi peeking in. I let out a loud groan knowing she was watching John fuck me that I started cumming again and this sent John over the top and began emptying his balls deep in my juicy pussy.

When I opened my eyes again, the door was closed and Demi had disappeared. I whispered in John's ear; "We had an audience, Demi was looking in. Who knows maybe our fantasy will become a reality before she leaves for Dallas."

The two of us after about fifteen minutes decided to get up and get back into the livingroom.

Demi was out there and she looked amazing, she had changed into a tight pair of white shorts and a pink silky halter top. I was sure she wasn't wearing a bra or panties. Her dark stiff nipples were showing through the soft silky material and when I looked up to her face she had a sly smile on her face, she had caught me checking her out.

"Well Pam, it's nice to hear a couple like you and John having fun in there. I rarely even hear mom and her boyfriends. He must be one hellava lover, you were pretty vocal!"

I knew I was blushing; "I'm sorry you heard that, we'll make sure to tone it down or wait till you are asleep next time."

"No, no don't change a thing one bit for me, please, I sort of liked it. It made me fantasize about my ex-boyfriend and made me happy to think about better times."

"I'm sure things will get better for you Demi. Just let us know what we can do to help you in any way."

She looked at me and bit her lower lip seductively; "Oh I will Pam, I will!"

Jumping up she gave me a quick hug and I could feel a stiff nipple scrap by bare arm; "Do you need any help preparing dinner, I'm getting hungry, I always get that way after, well you know, sex, even though I wasn't the one having it this time."

I turned and headed into the kitchen and she followed me. I was glad we got off the subject of sex, which was difficult when all I could think about was ravishing that sexy Latino body.

When dinner was ready, Demi helped set the table and when John joined us we talked about our day tomorrow, Sunday was a lazy day and asked her what she wanted to do.

She asked if we had a mall anywhere nearby, she wanted to pick-up some appropriate clothes for school.

We spoke in length about her role in my classroom and she seemed excited about the opportunity to assist me and spend time with the children.

After clearing the table, washing the dishes, we settled in for an hour or so of television.

Demi stood up; "Well it's been an exciting day, with all the travel and getting to know you two. I'm so glad to be here and hope to get to know you both a whole lot better, but for now I'm exhausted and I think I'll hit the sack."

She stood over the two of us and seeing we didn't make a move, she leaned in and gave John a hug and then gave me the same hug.

I noticed her blouse ballooning and her ample tits were staring me in the face. I quickly hugged her and breaking the hug she scooted off down the hall to her bedroom. My eyes followed that tight sexy ass in those white shorts.

I turned to John; "Oh fuck John, I'm in trouble. There is no fucking way I can take two months in this house with her. Either I'm going to go insane or I'm going to fuck your brains out every night!"

He chuckled; "I could manage that!"

I slapped him playfully; "Oh yeah, well come on and show me!" I was off the couch and down the hall to our room in a flash. I tore off my clothes and was on the bed naked even before he had the door closed.

John lost his clothes; "Well here I am, ready to get my brains fucked out of my head!"

John slipped onto the bed and was at the foot of the bed. He picked up one foot and began to caress and rub my foot. I love having my feet played with and let me tell you, they have a direct line to my pussy.

As he rubbed my foot his thumbs rubbed hard into the instep and his fingers caressed the tops of my foot. He did the same with my other foot. Lifting it he began licking my toes and sucking on each toe, one at a time.

I went through the ceiling falling back to the mattress and just laid there. The tingling shot directly to my pussy and I could feel myself getting extremely wet.

When John sucked hard on my toes and continued to caress my foot and ankle I thought I was going to cum. He placed my foot down and picking up the other foot treated it in the same way.

I dug my fists into the sheets and holding my breath, closed my eyes, and shook slightly through a tiny orgasm. When my tiny orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and looking past John, once again the door was open slightly and I could see Demi there watching us again. She had on a short nightshirt and boy shorts as she looked on, her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily through her mouth.

My view of her was blocked when John dropped my foot and began licking his way up my legs and settled in just above my pussy. He licked up and down my dripping slit and flicked from side to side across my stiff clit.

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