tagErotic HorrorIn Dreams He Will Come

In Dreams He Will Come


"What the hell was that?!" Julia exclaimed, waking up in the middle of the night from yet another dream. Julia sat up in her bed and looked around. Her sheets had been tangled around her ankles, the comforter kicked to her cold, hardwood floor. She reached over her bed table to grab the glass of water she had put out hours earlier. Taking a sip, she realized just how dry her throat was. "That was intense," she thought to herself after getting situated back into her bed.

When Julia put her head back down to her pillow, it felt wet; warm, but wet. Turning her light on, she saw her pillow had blood on it. This wasn't old blood either, this was fresh. Confused, and very tired, Julia pulled the pillow case from her pillow and tossed it on the floor. Rolling to her side, Julia decided she would go back to sleep.

A few hours later, a decent morning hour, Julia awoke and walked into the kitchen. Her roommate, Lindy was already awake and madly cooking breakfast.

"Jules was someone in the apartment last night with you by any chance?" Lindy asked, knowing what Jules answer would be. "No," Julia replied, "Why do you ask?"

"It seems as though there was an awful lot of noise coming from your room." Lindy responded. Julia just shrugged her shoulders, grabbed a piece of toast and stumbled back into her room, still confused as to exactly what happened to her in the night. Her eyes widened when she noticed the blood stained pillow case on the floor. She quickly hid it under a pile of clothes in her room and finished her toast.

The next night, Julia walked into the bathroom to begin her nightly routine wearing only her thigh length, silk nightie. Brushing her teeth, washing her face, combing out her hair, inspecting her skin; the usual of any 20 year old. While performing the last bit of her routine, Julia came across two unfamiliar spots on the side of her neck. Not only were they sore to the touch, but they looked like two small poke holes. She smoothed the tips of her fingers over each hole, confused but yet somehow mesmerized by the find.

While trying to remember the dream from the night before, Julia got a sudden rush through her body. Starting from her toes, up her calves, to her thighs, right in between her legs. Her eyes snapped closed, her body trembling. In the distance of her mind she could see a figure. A tall man, slender but strong looking. With raven coloured hair and pale skin, this man seemed familiar to her. He motioned for Julia to come towards him, unaware of her state of mind she took a slow step towards him. Unable to see his face Julia kept walking towards him. As soon as she reached him, the mysterious man lifted his face to reveal piercing yellow eyes.

Julia gasped and collapsed forward, her hands slamming down on the bathroom counter. Looking around somewhat confused, she turned the light off in the bathroom and made her way into her bedroom. She climbed into bed, wiped the bead of sweat from her brow, turned out the light and rolled over to sleep.

Being exhausted from the previous night, Julia instantly fell asleep.

The man approached Julia, in her dream state she was still wearing her silk nightie. Entranced by mystery, she walked towards him, approaching the man right to his face. "Your skin, so soft," the man started, "your soul, so pure...your blood, so sweet."

"Who are you?" Julia asked, terrified to hear his response.

In a deep brooding voice, the man responded, "They call me Lestat, don't say another word, don't make a sound. Tonight, you are mine."

With that, he reached his hand towards Julia's shoulder. Pulling the strap from her nightie over the tip of her shoulder and down her arm, he did the same to the other side. Letting her nightie fall to the cold, damp ground, Julia looked up at him, feeling unable to move. Her nipples were hard, from the cold air hitting them. Lestat found himself getting harder underneath his pants, he needed to break from the barrier. He grazed his cold fingers over her nipples, tracing circles around the tips. Cupping her breasts, he massaged them in his palms, rubbing them hard. Julia could only make soft moans. Lestat lowered his hands, trailing his fingertips down Julia's abdomen, over her pelvis until he reached her mound. Julia shuddered, his touch was so cold, but felt so good. He stroked his first finger down her slit, teasing her slowly before parting her lips and slipping a finger inside of her. Lestat could feel Julia's tension and figured something else needed to be done. He lowered his head to Julia's shoulder, opening his mouth to reveal his pointed teeth and sunk his teeth right above her collarbone.

The pain was bewildering, her mouth opened to scream but nothing came out. Pure silence. Julia felt her knees weakening, she was slowly collapsing to the ground with Lestat still sucking the life through her neck. Pulling himself off, careful not to completely drain the life out of her, Lestat his cloak from his shoulders and tossed it on the ground, laying Julia on top of it. He kneeled down beside her, pushed her knees apart and lowered his head down to lick the wounds shut he had made on Julia's neck. Julia's eyes felt heavy, her mouth felt dry. "I don't....I don't...understand," Julia tried to push a sentence from her lips, but she was so overcome with arousal, pain, and fear she could barely speak.

"Quiet my girl," Lestat hushed to her. With that, Lestat worked his fingers back down between her thighs, this time lightly tickling Julia's clit. His lifeless finger worked her clit, rubbing the base of it slowly and dragging his finger over top. Julia's legs began to tremble, feeling the blood surge through her thighs. Before she knew it, Lestat had his finger pushed inside her, this time not feeling a barrier of tension. He twisted his finger around and crooked it upwards, stroking the inside of her walls. Lestat could almost taste the pleasure, it ran through his cold veins. He stood up before her and pulled his zipper down, reaching inside and pulling out his hard, throbbing cock.

Julia lifted her chin, forcing herself to look up at Lestat. Julia gulped when she saw how large Lestat was.

"I can't handle that, I can't do it, please no." Julia tried to plea for him not to invade her body with such a large cock. Lestat disregarded Julia's rambling, and with that he positioned himself on top of her. His head pushed against the lips of her pussy, pushing between her lips. Lestat could feel just how wet Julia had become, and with that he forced himself all the way inside her. Julia tried clenching her legs shut, her whole body felt as though it was being torn apart. Lestat drew his hips back before thrusting himself forward, his cock piercing inside of Julia. Placing his hands on Julia's shoulders, he pinned her down, forcing his cock in and out of Julia's tight pussy. Julia's body finally started to relax and her legs fell apart, she actually began to enjoy the feeling of this lifeless vampire invading her body, fucking the life out of her. She grasped his sides and pulled him into her. He looked up at her, watching her face, watching her eyes, feeling the breath from her moans on his cold skin. Julia's hips began thrashing into Lestats, his cock slamming in and out of her. Lestat drew his cock almost all the way out of her, before slamming back inside of her. Letting out a grunt, Julia's moans turned into pants, trying to catch her breath but couldn't. Lestat was ready to burst. Dropping his head he sunk his teeth into her neck, pushing himself deep inside of her once more before letting himself explode inside. Julia's body shuddered and twitched, feeling him fill her inside. She couldn't hold back herself and came herself. Her thighs trembling, shaking from the pleasure that rushed through her veins.

Lestat withdrew from Julia's soaking wet pussy, stood up and dusted himself off.

"You'll be seeing me." Lestat told Julia. And with that, Lestat walked off and disappeared into the night.

Julia thrashed in her bed and awoke, sweaty and dry mouthed. She flicked on her light to see blood on her pillow yet again. This time she was naked. Julia looked down to notice writing on her thigh. It read..."I'll be seeing you."

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