tagHumor & SatireInsane Family Ch. 1

Insane Family Ch. 1


This is a story about Tina, and her family. Tina is a little bit different from the rest of her family. Her qualities are unique from theirs. One of her unique qualities that she is most proud about is sanity. Not only is she proud to be sane, but also she's proud that it's unique. She loves having a crazy family, and now Tina is going to tell you why.

Hi, I'm Tina. I'm medium height and moderately thin. I have brown hair, green eyes, and sharp lips. I have long eyelashes and neatly trimmed eyebrows. I make sure I wear just the right amount of make-up so I look as desirable as possible. I also wear skanky clothes that reveal the size and shape of my medium C breasts and ass.

I was just getting off the school bus and thinking about what would be for dinner. I was unsatisfied from last night's dog-burritos, and last week's chocolate macaroni with mustard sauce was an utter disappointment.

See... my family is insane. My grandpa on my dad's side is delusional. The only reason he had any children is because he thought my grandma was a dog. The problem was, my grandma also thought she was a dog. On my other side, my grandma has lapses of memory, and she was trying to sit down, but every time she got near the bottom she forgot what she was doing. Then she'd remember and try again. My grandpa on that side who thinks he's a baby was sitting on that chair with an erect cock at the time, and that is how my mom was born.

My mom doesn't remember that we're her children, and she thinks grandpa is her baby. My dad is also delusional and thinks he's a cat. He gets in fights with my grandma a lot. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I'll explain their symptoms as I go along.

Just for now, I'll tell you what's wrong with my brother Apple. His name is Apple because my dad thought he was a giant slice of pie when he was born. He is crazy in many ways, but mainly it's his physical problem that makes him unique. He can somehow consume multitudes of liquid easily and it all goes to his sperm supply instead of urine. Because of this problem, he's almost constantly masturbating. Also, he hasn't put a piece of clothing on in his life, and he's almost 23!!

But through his years of doing nothing but showering, eating, drinking, and nursing his constant erection, he had become an amazingly hot guy! Whenever I had friends over I would often catch them looking at him and then they would run to the bathroom to masturbate.

I was very horny from my playfulness with a few of the guys at school and I was going to go straight to masturbating when I got home. There was no need to go to my room or anything while masturbating, because my mom would soon forget and my dad would think I was trying to get honey out of a beehive or something.

When I got home I saw the beautiful sight of my brother squirting his hot spunk into his dog-bone salad and then taking a bite, like it was some kind of warm milky dressing! He didn't know better, he was technically insane. I then decided to go over there and take a bite of his salad, too. The taste that flooded my mouth was delicious and creamy, especially since I avoided all the dog bones.

My brother spanked the lower part of my ass, which was naked since my skirt was riding up. He said in that ugly tone of insanity, "Get own salad, this Apple!" That stinging feeling on my ass was enough to make my pussy drool. My grandma walked over to the place I was leaking on all fours and began to lick my pussy-juice straight out of it's source. She began nibbling on my clit with her gums. I was amazed and in a state of ecstasy at the feeling of a woman with no teeth nibbling my clit.

I was feeling as if to cum, with gums squeezing my clit and my brother shooting out more jism in front of my eyes, but I had to push grandma away. I couldn't stand it, I needed something, but a granny-dog tongue was not the answer. I looked lustily at my brother's erected cock. I couldn't help myself. I pried his fingers from his prick and replaced them with my own.

I began stroking his cock gently, and then rougher. I went from slow, to quick, to rapid, as I jacked him off. I felt his balls tighten as I pumped away at his towering 9 and a half-inch rod. He shot his hot sperm all over my chin and face, and some near my neck. Some of it oozed between my cleavage and made me all the more hot. I kept jacking him off with one hand as my other drifted down to my pussy, fingering it like there were no speed limits.

"When you're done milking that cow and getting that honey, can I have some, Tina?"

To be continued in Ch. 2

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