tagTransgender & CrossdressersInto The Chains Ch. 00 - Prelude

Into The Chains Ch. 00 - Prelude


A.N. Prepare yourselves! This ain't your traditional love story.

This is just the intro to a MUCH larger story which will be released in however long it takes to go through pending lol. I will go into more details about it there but this in the meantime is just to prep you for what's to come O.o

The Following Contains: Some rapey/kidnappy vibes along with mentions of girlcock raping boybutt, but trust me, the worst is yet to come! Mostly non-con but let's be real, the boys like it ;DDD THIS IS NOT A SNUFF STORY, and it is not entirely rape, it begins as non-con but after some coercion, becomes consent.


Some believe that a red moon is just the reflection of the sun causing the rusty, eerie red hue. While others believe in a more spiritual meaning behind the color of the lunar rock lighting up our night sky.

Tonight, if there was ever a time to believe in omens and dark times predicted by a red moon, it was now.

Dark clouds surrounded it, and a crack of distant thunder could be heard as a storm brew in the air, rippling through them and shaking up the earth. A fresh smell of rain could be picked up by every one of the boys who went out on this night.

The biggest mistake they ever could've ever made, agreeing to come to this Annual Halloween party.

One at a time, boy after boy arrived at the doors to the long-abandoned school building. Some young adults, some in their late teens, some possibly even younger. All the same build, shorter, ranging from 4'11 to at most 5'4. Skinny, longer feminine hair and soft features, weak, easy pickings.

They were all brought here with the promise of fun, talking over video chat to these beautiful young women that they'd meet online. Flirty girls that easily hypnotized the young men with their looks, convincing them to come to the party. Promising that the time of their lives awaited them there. It truly wasn't a difficult task, a bat of the eyelashes, a pearly white smile, and the boys were putty in their hands.

All of the victims were given different times for when to show up, but all were set for the wee hours of the night. And when they ascended the small set of stone steps before the large dark building, the double doors automatically opened. Showcasing a long dark hallway with a dim red glowing light in the distance.

This was their last chance to turn back, all of them. When they stood before the doors, if they crossed the threshold their lives were forfeit, and they belonged to the Mothers.

But like a batch of curious kittens, none of the boys could turn away from the promise of sweet lovin' from a pretty girl. And so each and every one of them went inside, unaware of the impending doom awaiting them.

They walked through the darkness, heading to the only source of light. But what awaited them there was not the pretty young girls they came here to see. Instead, as they entered what appeared to be a kitchen, that is where they grabbed them.

Her name use to be the small mother, but as the centuries rolled on, and times adjusted, her sisters abbreviated it to Lil Mama. And she was among the first of the women to grab their arriving guests.

Any boy who entered the kitchen would have a flurry of grabbing hands grasping at him and lifting him off the floor. Too many pairs of hands and happening too fast to count how many there were, but what could be seen in the eerie red glow from the light bulb above. Were the faces, obscured by what appeared to be spiked skull masks. Some of them had piercings, body jewelry and such, and all wore tight, black leather maid outfits in a BDSM fashion. Some chains rattling over their plump, busty, hourglass figures.

They would panic at first, of course. Anyone in their right mind would if they were ambushed by a group of tall women, towering over a foot higher than any of the males they captured. The shortest of the girls stood at 6'5, with the tallest being 6'11, even taller in their heels, dwarfing every single boy they captured. When they smiled at them the boys could see sharp fangs among their teeth, whether they were real or not was something they would discover soon.

Cackling and womanly laughter would ring out from them as they carried their victims over to the large sink on the counter. More than big enough to hold a fully-grown person, this is where they readied the guest for the daughters.

With sharp, claws protruding where their nails should be, easily the boys clothing was torn through. Shredding every ounce of dignity and stitch of coverings they possessed until they were nothing but beautiful naked souls before them. Ripe for corruption.

Their hands would be bound with shackles, typically they would still struggle even at this point. But eventually stopping when the women got to work, leaning down, kissing and licking all over their supple, bare bodies. Tasting the innocent flesh by dragging their elongated tongues over every inch of it. Some even capturing the boy's lips in their own, forcing them into a taboo kiss that both unsettled them, and melted their reservations away.

Lil Mama always made sure to target their lower bodies, lifting the boys bottom up to suck on their thighs, and give their virgin assholes their first oral experience. Shoving her easily foot long tongue into their unspoiled depths. Many of them yelped in surprise, but were silenced when another sister grabbed their chin and hushed them with another kiss. Biting their sensitive necks and sucking on the rapid pulse there.

Virgins were so easy to corrupt at this point, just a little anal stimulation and like clockwork they buckled. Only that wasn't what the sisters wanted, they wanted things to be a bit more...exciting.

More metal shackles are produced, this time smaller ones. And they are used not to bind his hands, but to bind his little cock and balls.

Another crucial factor, they wanted victims whose dicks were so tiny that they could never satisfy a woman. Who would miss someone like that?

They flinched when the cold metal closed around their genitals, some trying to audibly protest, but were overwhelmed by the amount of lips, teeth, and tongues calming them. Their minds turning to mush as they thought they had been roped into some type of sadomasochistic sex escapade.

But that changed quickly as well, when they were lifted out of the sink, and brought to the table.

A long stretcher like table with a white sheet, where they carried their guests to it, unveiling also a cart with more instruments of sexual torture on standby. And one long syringe filled with a strange clear liquid.

Now they would panic again, attempting to wriggle free from the many women holding them to no avail.

Lil Mama would strap them down to the table with assistance of her sisters, then would outfit them for their new life of slavery. Grabbing their useless cock and testicles and picking up the small iron cage that would contain them forever. A tight ring at the base and below to prevent his orgasms, and an air tight tube that would prevent him from ever even having his pathetic little prick from being touched again.

With sadistic delight, she unwrapped the chain from before, and making sure to show her victim the chastity device, she would close it around their privates. With that final click sealing it forever as there was no key. They would all be informed of this after they were sorted out to the daughters of course. The panic in the boy's eyes would make the women around him laugh, a delighted chorus of pleasure at his expense.

Next up, was the gag to silence his protests. A retractor is inserted into the boy's mouth and cranked over and over to open their jaw as wide as possible without popping it. That is left in there to give the muscles a good stretch. After all, their new purpose in life was to service the giant cocks every single one of the sisters, and daughters sported between their thighs.

Then the scariest part for the boys, the syringe comes out. Lil Mama flicking the side of the tube a few times to ensure there was no air inside. And with another smile she would always say, "Now just relax sweetie, you'll just feel a liiiiiiittle pinch..." Her sisters held the thrashing boy down as she stuck the needle in his neck, piercing directly into his bloodstream. The serum nearly instantly knocking him unconscious.

Easily enough after the prep is done, the boys are brought to the back room and hung by their bound hands on chains where they would be selected and distributed to the beautiful daughters they had come here for.

And with twenty-four boys rounded up in the back, the girls toasted to another successful years with some dark red glasses of wine. "Well done girls! Excellent turnout this year." They laughed and cheered over their success.

"I can't believe we fooled so many dumbass boys this time. I swear they get stupider every fucking year." They sipped their glasses.

"Yeah but I actually think we're still one boy short?" One of them chimed in.

Lil Mama however giggled, "No we're not, we just have excellent timing. Taylor should be here in juuust about five minutes..." She took another drink from her glass and licked her lips baring her sharp canine fangs.


A.N. Again, this is just the intro, stay tuned for the main event. Coming up next O.o

Next Chapter: Welcome To The Chains

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The beginning is different from most to stories. Short but long enough to wet the appetite. I feel that it could turn out to be really good or total crap but I don’t think it will be ordinary. I willmore...

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