tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIoan Gruffudd Ch. 08

Ioan Gruffudd Ch. 08


I napped and called Ioan, let him know it was my turn again. He argued at first but I told him if he wanted my body, he had it on my terms. The plan was set for my hotel room and Danny arrived just as planned.

I poured wine and we talked, you never would have guessed what was about to happen. All that I thought we'd need was ready and he looked it over for me. Once more I had him dress me and this time I knew he wanted me, the tension was thick. He didn't hold back, brushing my nipples, my hips as he went, and I enjoyed it.

But he knew the power games in store, knew I was the mistress, and when I asked him to stop he did. I made him strip and returned the favor, though my caresses were much more intense. When he was impressively hard I stopped and dressed him as I wanted. He had a nice body and I knew his well developed and meticulously maintained definition would mesh perfectly with Ioan's smoother muscles.

Still no man tempted me like Ioan and that was why I knew I had to be the boss. I had to protect myself. I still didn't know what his game was, why he was torturing me, but I still loved him. This way I could pleasure him as much as I wanted but I would still be in control.

The hour grew late and I had Daniel wait in the bathroom off the bedroom as agreed. In the front I laid out the blindfold and waited. He entered a minute sooner than expected, eagerly I assumed.


"Put the blindfold on. It's on the chest next to you."

I waited until the rustling stopped. I approached him then and knew by his smile he'd tied it loose. I stepped around him and tugged it fully over his eyes, yanking it tight. I leaned in close, the bare tops of my breast burst over the corset to brush against his suit jacket.

"Better?" I breathed into his ear. His muscles were rigid against me but from nerves or arousal I didn't know.

"You think you'll do better in charge this time?" He taunted.

Viciously I kicked his knees and he stumbled. I went down with him, crouched over him on his knees. He cursed and I wrestled his arms back.

"Do as I say. The safety word is yellow."


"Do you really want to stop before the fun's even begun?"

I could feel his anger and prayed it would be easily turned to arousal of another kind. At the jerk of his head I rose and brought him with me. I led him into the living room and peeled his jacket from him. Next came the crisp white shirt, baring his chest, and I paused.

I had never spent that much time on him and here was my chance. Bending my head I captured one small nipple and licked. It pebbled hard and I sucked until he groaned. I nipped the span of chest hair between and took the other one.

When I felt him tremble I let go with my tongue and brushed my fingertips gently over his collar bone and pecs.

"Sit down." I backed him to a chair and when his knees hit he went down.

Kneeling before him I quickly undid his laces and pulled off his shoes and socks. "Stand."

Together we tugged off his pants and underwear until he was naked. He was half swollen and his chest was flushed. Well, well, well, I thought. He likes it; the anticipation, the powerlessness. I understood perfectly what he wanted.

I grazed teeth on his calves, laved the backs of his knees. I trailed kisses up his inner thighs, always careful not to touch his penis. Over his body I moved with unexpected caresses, readying him, focusing just on anticipation. Had he been watching me with those hard eyes I never could have done it.

When he was at three quarters I marched him into the bedroom. Down onto the bed he went as bidden and I straddled him. At first he moaned and his hips shifted to give his rising erection shelter between my thighs but the leather thong was in his way.

I captured one arm and dragged it over his head, bending until my breasts touched his chest.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like?" He snapped into the comfy-cuff nice and easy. I moved to the other arm, my breasts brushing his chin. I felt his heartbeat speed up and knew part of him hated this as much as the other was fascinated.

I secured his feet and he sucked in a breath, bit his lip. I knew he'd been on the verge of protesting but his chin was high. I moved off the bed and grabbed the oil from the bedside.

The first was warm and scented with lotus blossom. I smoothed it over his calf and kneaded. This was to relax him. I moved slowly up one leg, teasing my movements more and more the higher I rose. He moaned when I bypassed his erection for the other leg, skimming down to the ankle and repeating the process.

His stomach muscles jumped beneath my fingers, his shoulders heaved with breath. His arms strained and he reached for my breasts as they drew near. I took pity and lifted one from its confines, offering it to his lips.

"Suck," I ordered.

He did weakly. I slapped the side of his butt and he stiffened. "I said suck!"

He did as I asked and I grew wet under his attentions. Only when I felt in danger of losing control did I pull away. I smoothed his cheek with one hand while the other covered my breast again.

I leaned close to his ear and let my breath tickle him for a moment, delighting in my power to make him shiver.

"Do you prefer Ioan or slave?"

He jerked. "What?"

I spanked him again. "Ioan or slave?"

He swallowed. "What does my mistress prefer?"

I smiled at that, the control in his voice barely concealing a tremor. "Slave it is then, slave."

I smoothed my hands down his body and noticed his erection was flagging, but only somewhat.

I grabbed the next oil and saturated my hands. I rubbed it slightly to warm it and then smoothed both hands down his cock. He jumped at the touch after long minutes of nothing on that piece of flesh.

The more I rubbed the hotter it grew and he moaned. A much clearer droplet formed on the tip and I licked it off, tasting the strawberry of the lotion along with his precum. He moaned and his hands balled into fists as he writhed.

I brought him to the edge and then released his cock.

I wiped my hands on a towel and took the next oil, much thicker, more like a grease. I lubricated one finger thickly and returned to his cock. Taking the tip in my mouth I sucked and when he jerked I put the lubed finger on his anus. Rubbing it around I swirled my tongue in a like manner and slipped inside.

He gasped and I brought my lips off. "Push out now. Trust me," I unwisely added.

He did so after a long moment and my finger was sucked in. I moved it around while I sucked the tip of his cock until I found the walnut like swelling. Pressing on it he groaned louder than I'd ever heard.

I felt his cock swell to epic proportions and I pulled out. The oil went directly onto his anus this time and the phallus. I put his cock back into my mouth, the finger around the anus, this time a small dildo pushed inside.

I made sure the pleasure was swift, killing any protest. I moved it in and out, rubbing the prostate as I went, sucking in rhythm. He grew harder and harder, I felt him about to come, and so I pulled out.

He cried out and that earned him a spank. "Silence, slave! And you do not come until I say you do."

The next dildo was larger and again he bit off a protest. I screwed it in and moved it, feeling him taut and on the edge of orgasm. The plan was to bring him to a screaming climax, in a haze of pleasure where he didn't realize just how debauched he'd been until it was too late.

Whimpering in pleasure every muscle was drawn taut and I felt a keen sense of pride. I leaned back down to whisper to him, "you're mine," to pleasure.

I left the dildo in and stepped from the bed, silently padding to the bathroom and opening the door. I came back with Danny behind me. He'd used his hand to work himself hard and he stopped now, in awe of the sight before him. Ioan Gruffudd spread eagle, tied down with a bright blue dildo sticking out from his ass, his dick smeared with pink lubricant.

I put my finger to my lips and knelt on the bed. Gently prodding I got two pillows under Ioan's lower back so his ass hung there. I sucked his balls slowly, moving the dildo in and out until he was writing.

I pulled it out and he bit his lip.

Stepping off the bed Danny took my place gently, kneeling between his legs. He guided his hard cock into Ioan's ass, just the tip, and I watched, aroused. Before Ioan could process I climbed on and sank my body onto his cock. Danny slid home.

Before he could speak I thrust my nipple into his mouth. "Suck."

I knew he would want the pleasure but not the act and this covered his shame. He sucked and Danny surged, making me feel the swell of his cock. I began to pump then and this time I would deny his pleasure only so long. The point was to let him know even his body's most natural response belonged to me.

We rose and rose until he was begging me to come. Danny froze and I stopped, squeezing him tight until his breathing was calm. Then we went again. I let the arousal build until we were wild. Twisting around I grabbed Danny's hair in my fingers and watched his eyes. He was beautiful as he got closer, almost as beautiful as Ioan.

But I wanted Ioan's shame, and then his pride.

I felt him tighten and Danny gasped. "Not you," I whispered to Danny.

Ioan came with a hoarse shout and Danny grimaced, his whole body holding back. I waited for him to come down and feel Danny hard still, realize he and he alone had come.

We pulled out and I spanked Ioan seven times. "You came without permission. Clean him up," I ordered.

Danny licked the cum from Ioan's body as well as my juices. His eyes slid to mine as he licked the cream I had left. I shuddered and snapped, "Eyes down!"

"Yes, mistress," Danny purred.

I mopped up with a towel and spread the strawberry warming oil over my pussy. Straddling Ioan's chest I brought my pussy to his blushing face. "My slave needs this now, doesn't he?"

His response was barely a whisper.

"Speak up slave, and maybe you'll be rewarded."

"Yes, mistress." Ioan's tone was fighting mad but I knew he was humiliated. Just as I wanted him.

I turned and bet down as if to sixty nine and sank my pussy onto his face. "Lick me, slave."

Danny watched us with interest. "You, clean up with the washcloth, rinse well."

He cleaned up until his was sterilized and still mostly hard.

"Stand before me," I ordered. Danny did and I brought his cock into my mouth. With just a few flicks and swirls of my tongue he was hard again, an impressive length.

I was getting too close, Ioan was too good. To retain control I pulled off them both and forced Danny to kneel, making him change places with me.

"Suck him, slave."

Ioan licked his lips, excited I could see from his erection, but unsure.

"You can use the safety word but why stop when there is so much more pleasure for you?"

He opened his mouth.

Danny slid his length in and Ioan chocked, Danny backed out and Ioan froze.

"Run your tongue around the head, taste him. Do to him what you wish I would do to you."

I watched them like that, watched Danny's buttocks bunch and clench as he drew closer. "Mistress!" He called between clenched teeth.

"Finish yourself, slave."

He pulled back and with a few hard strokes brought himself to an explosive climax. His cum shot to the wall, pleasing me greatly. Ioan was already hard.

I leaned down to him. "Your choice. I release you from your bonds to do as I please to my other slave or you remain in bondage to watch as I take him over and over again."

He growled and the choice was made.

"Release him from his bonds but do not let him remove the blindfold."

Danny scurried to do my bidding and Ioan sprang free. He reached for the blindfold and Danny grabbed his arm. Surprised Ioan raised his other hand and felt that Danny was stronger. He was still helpless.

"Suck him," I ordered. Danny bent down and took Ioan's massive cock into his mouth. I had to admit it was poetry, watching a man who knew the equipment inside and out pleasure it. Ioan moaned and slowly his hands buried themselves in Danny's hair.

Jesus I got wet. My clit throbbed and I decided to take care of it. I sat on Ioan's face again and without prodding he accepted me. I gave up some measure of control as I let him do his usual tricks but it was worth it. I came like a freight train but only moaned low and long. Ioan kissed my pussy when I was done the way a man kisses a woman's mouth and I knew.

I knew he loved me too.

I was desperate for space and scrambled off to watch them work. Ioan had that evil smile and so I fetched the dildo. I oiled it up and spread his legs. Moving Danny into a comfortable position and I pressed the dildo in. Screwing it around I got it inside him and he moaned. Wiped that smirk off your face, I thought.

I pulled Danny off. "On your knees." Danny trembled with excitement and I yanked Ioan. He clumsily followed my hands, the dildo still in his ass. I positioned him so his cock pressed at Danny's puckering anus. He gasped.

"Fuck him, slave."

For one breathless moment I thought he wouldn't, knew he had the power, and again he smiled. He knew I knew, the bastard! And then he was pressing in, pressing deep, and Danny moaned.

I let them adjust and as soon as Ioan found his rhythm I grasped the dildo, kept it still so he slid it inside and out. Ioan moaned, Danny moaned, and their pace grew.


"May I cum?"

I smiled, knew I had them. "Not yet. Keep moving."

They moaned and jerked, worked together. Danny pinched the tip of his cock, Ioan bit his lip. "Faster, slaves!"

They moved faster and their groans grew pained. "Eyes down!" I hissed at Danny.

I rubbed my clit now, watching them struggle. Sweat gleamed from every pore and they whimpered. I built higher and higher until I was right there. "Come!" I'm sure they heard the orgasm in my voice and they grunted in unison.

They collapsed, bodies spent, sweaty masses.

Ioan didn't fight as I unfurled him and chained his wrists again. Danny rolled off to limp to the bathroom. I took the towel from the bedside and cleaned Ioan up, slowly, stalling. When Danny emerged he was dressed but for an open zipper and wrapped his arms around me.

Without prompting he drew me down to the floor and spread my legs. I gasped but he just held a finger to his mouth and then he was between my legs. His tongue was fast and hard, longer than Ioan's but not as skilled and only drew me close. When I was clawing at his hair and moaning he moved up and slammed his hard cock in me.

I came screaming into his mouth and he pistoned fast. I came down and he still moved hard. I clawed at his clothed back and he moved harder. We came together and it barely lasted before he was out of me, handing me a towel.

I cleaned up and he helped me to my feet. We shared a kiss of regret, regret on my part because I knew I wouldn't fuck him again. There was no one but Ioan, damn him.

Danny pinched a nipple, mouthed "goodbye" and then walked away.

I turned back to Ioan, waiting until I heard the door close. I slipped Ioan's blindfold off and he leveled his gaze on me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Very brave of you, today."

"Untie me."

"Who said we were done?"

He smiled.

"Eyes down, slave."

I massaged and cajoled until he was hard yet again. It took twenty minutes but it worked. I'd left the blindfold off so he could see my sexy outfit. And when he was hard again I settled onto his cock.

"I did promise to fuck you."

He smiled but kept his eyes down as he slipped inside my warm, wet pussy. I rocked back and forth and slid him ever so slightly out and in. This was for me, my pleasure, his was incidental. I rocked until I built up, scraped my swollen clit on his pubis until I was there, right on the edge.


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