tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIt All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 02

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 02


I closed my eyes but the coach told me to open them back up. He straddled the bench behind me and pulled the jacket out from under me, he looked down and watched as his star quarter back came on my tits. Mack grunted and groaned. He jerked his hand up and down on his cock, letting his cum hit my chin.

The coach took my face in his hands and held it up. "Put it in her mouth, make her clean off your cock..." he moaned and watched as Mack slide his cock between my lips. His cum was all over my lips in no time and the taste was awful. I almost gagged as the salty liquid seeped out of his softening dick, but the coach kept my face still.

"Suck me, Claire," Mack whispered. He was shaking as he finished cumming in my mouth, and I sucked his cock lightly. I knew from magazines and books that guys didn't like their cock to be sucked really hard after cumming because it sometimes hurt.

So I worked my tongue around his head, getting a nice size glob of his cum on my tongue. I was forced to swallow his massive cum loads, the coach pinching my nose while Mack held my mouth around his cock. I swallowed, and instantly gagged. I jolted upwards, almost knocking Mack onto the floor.

The coach was swift and he slid under me. When I leaned back, I was sitting up against his chest. He reached around and pulled my skirt up. "I hear you have a cherry still...is this true?" he asked, breathing into my ear. Mack stood up and looked down at my cum covered chest.

"I'll get you a towel, girl, clean you up." He walked away.

I was left there, with the 30-something coach as he slide my panties to the side and rubbed his finger down my slit. "Are you really still a virgin, 'cause you don't seem like you are one..." he whispered into my ear and began to nibble on my ear lobe. His tongue was hard and swift, but his fingers, they were so soft and sensitive to my fresh pussy. I almost moaned, my pussy was suddenly twitching and throbbing. It was dry, almost acting as a barrier against his intruding fingers.

Mack came back with a wet towel and began to clean off my chest and my chin. He cleaned off my face, the towel was rough against my skin but I didn't care. Coach Walters fingers were so skilled as they slid into my folds. He moaned into my ear. "You need to be wetter, baby....don't you?"

I moaned back, his finger slid out and traced around my clit. "Mmmm," I moaned aloud, "yes....I think that would help to keep your fingers from hurting me."

"Good girl," he whispered. He bite down on my neck and then looked at Mack. "Lick her pussy, boy. Get her nice and wet for me." Mack smiled at me. He held my knees together and pulled my panties off of my crotch, pulling them down my legs and letting them fall to the floor. Coach Walters held onto my legs, holding them up from under my knees and lifted my ass slightly off the bench.

"Ohh god," Mack moaned and dove down. His tongue was fast against my pussy lips and I quickly moaned out loud.

"Ohh my....Ohhhh....fuck......" I grunted. I felt my pussy becoming rapidly wet. I wanted his tongue inside my pussy, and he read my mind. His tongue slithered into my tight hole. I yelled out, "Ohh fuck!" and my body jolted.

He laughed into my pussy and knew I was turned on. Coach slowly released my legs and let them lay on Mack's back and coach's hands slowly slid down my legs, he trailed his fingers on my ass skin. He worked his way under my ass and held me up again. Mack's tongue flicked in and out of my pussy and I moaned louder and louder, giving him my approval.

Coach Walters gripped my ass tighter, but suddenly shocked me. He spread my ass cheeks wide apart. "Lick her ass hole, son." His voice was commanding, and Mack quickly slide his tongue out of my pussy and flickered back and forth over my ass opening. This sent me over the edge, and I felt my body shake. Mack's fingers spread open my pussy with his thumb and ring finger, his middle finger sliding into my pussy. I felt my juices slide down onto his hand and I was so wet, I wasn't for sure if I had peed myself.

"Ohh god," I moaned to them.

Coach spread my ass wider and I felt Mack's strong tongue slide into my ass. I grunted and moaned at the new feeling to my most sacred body parts. I felt his tongue slide in and out of my ass hole. His fingers opened my pussy wider and his ring finger slide in and out faster and faster. I moaned, and he slide in his index finger with his ring finger. My pussy closed around his massive digits and I felt the pressure against my hymen.

He felt it too. I knew because he slide his fingers back out and turned them inside my body. He now began to stroke against the top of my pussy walls, towards my clit. He pulled his tongue away from my ass and began to suck on my clit while he stroked against my g-spot as I would later know it's name. I moaned and bucked my hips. Coach let go of my ass and let me sit back on the bench, his hands now on my tits. He pinched my nipples and pressed my tits hard with his hands.

Mack sucked harder onto my clit and slide his fingers in and out of my pussy faster. I felt the pressure inside me build and I moaned out.

"Ohh god....you need to stop...please....." I moaned out.

Mack pulled his face away and stopped fingering my pussy. "Am I hurting you?" he asked, with concern.

"No...." I said, panting. "It's just so much.....I'm afraid....I've never cum before...and I'm afraid of what my body might do....."

"Grab her legs, son," Coach said and he slipped his hands under my arms while Mack held my legs closed around his hips. They both picked me up and carried me into the group shower not far from where we were.

Coach got onto his knees, still holding onto me. He sat back on his feet and had me lean my back against his chest again and rest my ass on his knees, my legs bent and still held by Mack. Coach leaned me forward slightly, and he began taking off his shirt. He threw it over Mack's head and told Mack to get back inside my pussy. Mack slide his fingers back into my pussy as he had them before, and Coach reached his right hand to my pussy.

He slid a finger across my clit and began to swiftly stroke his finger back and forth across my little button. His left hand reached up and turned on the shower above us. It had duel shower heads, and he turned on the one that was pointed directly at our head.

Luckily, Mack had gotten naked when he had retrieved my towel earlier, and his body was sprayed with lukewarm water. He reach up and turned the nozzle down towards my stomach. The water ran down my front and flooded over my pussy. Coach stroked my clit faster and Mack slid his fingers in and out of my pussy faster. He leaned forward and bit down on my nipples, one then the other.

I moaned and arched my back. Coach slide his hand down and moved Mack's hand away, and Mack grabbed onto my legs, pulling them up and letting them rest against his chest. If I wasn't a cheerleader, I don't know how I would have been able to bend in that way. Coach slide his fingers into my pussy, his ring finger, middle finger, and index finger darting inside my pussy. He opened my walls with his ring finger and index finger, and with his middle finger, he moved it in circles inside my pussy.

I screamed out and told them that it hurt a little. "Suck her clit!" Coach grunted out. Mack slide down my body and began to lick my clit. When I felt my body shake, he began to suck hard on it. I grunted, and moaned.

"Ohh god!" I screamed out. I didn't know what was happening, but my insides began to boil. I moaned again. My hips jumped, my body quivered, and even though was getting showered down with now very warm watter, my body got covered in goose-pimples. I moaned and grunted as Coach's fingers opened my virgin hole and Mack sucked on my clit.

"You are cumming, my virgin slut," Coach said in my ear. "Let it go....cum for us. Don't hold back." His demands where almost harsh. I didn't want to cum. I didn't even know how to. Then Mack bit down hard on my clit and sucked my now engorged button into his mouth and sucked it hard against his tongue. Coach's fingers slammed into me.

I arched my back and felt my pussy tighten it's already very hard grip onto Coach Walters fingers. He moaned. "That's it, Claire....release."

Mack pulled away from my pussy and smacked my clit with his finger. My body jolted and Coach rubbed his fingers against my secret spot (g-spot) and held me up almost acting like a hook hoisting me up. Mack got on his knees and began to jerk off. He couldn't hold back anymore. He stroked up and down on his cock, watching me get my pussy opened up with his coach's massive hand and watch my private parts grow red with the harsh abuse.

He moaned that he wanted to cum. "Cum on her clit, it will help her cum too," Coach said in a raspy voice. He held onto my ass and pulled me up. His cock slide against my ass. It was the first I noticed his cock. I couldn't see it, but I knew it was large. Maybe larger than Mack's big dick.

Mack jerked harder on my clit. And then I felt his cum spray onto my clit. The instant warmth that splashed onto my clit made my inside boil over. I felt my thighs get slick. Not like with the water, with something more like gel. I knew that I was cumming. I had heard my girlfriends describe their discharge when they came with their boyfriends.

I tilted my head back, the water continued to spray down my front. Mack finished cumming on my clit, and I felt my cunt tighten one last time. Coach held open my thighs and he looked down my front. My pussy tightened more and I felt my inside erupt.

Mack smiled at me and expressed a "whoa!" and looked at his coach. "What did she just do?"

"That my son," he said grabbing onto my ass cheeks, "is female ejaculation. It almost always happens with virgins. Cool, huh?"

Mack nodded his head up and down. "Man, she must really be wet now."

Coach looked at him. "Only one way to find out...isn't there?" I knew he was smiling at Mack. I knew what he was about to do. "Hold her legs for me."

Mack held my legs up and I felt Coach's hand come around my face. He pressed his palm against my mouth. "You're cock is smaller than mine..." he started. My eyes bulged open. His cock was smaller....oh my god, I thought. "You better pop her cherry. You won't hurt her as much."

"You sure coach?" Mack asked.

"You deserve to get her cherry after what she did." Coach said. He helped to hold me up by holding my ass cheeks with his hand. His cock was pressed against my ass hole but wasn't trying to enter. "She fucked you over. Besides, she'll enjoy it I bet."

His grip against my mouth got tighter, and Mack moved towards me. He held his cock in his hand and pressed it against my clit. I moaned against the coach's hand, and almost screamed as I felt Mack's cock press into my pussy. His head pushed in, and he moved his hands down to my pussy. He pulled his cock back out. "She's almost too tight, Coach." He let my legs rest against his chest and I was held up with my own my strength. I did my best to keep his cock from going in farther, I clenched my leg muscles and pulled my self up. Mack held onto my ass cheeks and the coach let go of my face.

The coach whispered in my ear. "Don't get loud now, if you scream, it'll be so loud it'll make our ears hurt....now keep quiet." He reached in front of me and found my pussy with his hands. He pressed his thumbs at the top of my pussy lips, they bumped against my clit but he wasn't trying to rub it. He flattened his hands against my pussy and with his fingers, he pressed my pussy apart. He exposed my pussy to Mack.

Mack thrusted his hips forward, and felt his cock enter my pussy. I moaned out loud and quickly got quiet. I felt coach's hands grip into my flesh, reminding me to stay quiet. I did my best not to shout as Mack pulled back his cock and then thrust it forward. He felt my barrier, and pulled back. He looked into my eyes, "Ready Claire....it will hurt." His eyes were soft, but still had the lust that had been building the whole afternoon of four play.

"Yeah...." I moaned. I felt his cock press harder into my tiny, very tight hole. I felt his head move against my flesh, and then in one quick pop, I felt him press through. He grunted. "Ohhh my god...." he moaned. "She is so fucking tight, sir!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah?" the coach said. "How does it feel to take the bitch's cherry away?"

"So fucking good...." Mack sighed. He stayed still. He was nice enough to let my body get used to the loss of my virginity. 18 years I had kept my inner body pure....now, it was opened by this football player who was taking his pay back for everything I had accidentally caused.

"Fuck her more...get her loose enough for me..." Coach lowered my ass to his legs again and let me slide down to the floor, Mack still inside me with his cock the whole time. "I'm gonna have her suck my cock and get me ready for her. Don't get too rough, I want to feel that tight cunt on my dick soon."

Mack let my body lay on the wet, cold tile of the shower floor, and he pounded lightly away into my pussy. He didn't go in farther than he had to break away my hymen. He took shallow thrusts and let my ass get lightly spanked with his nut sack ever few thrusts that he pushed a bit deeper into me. I let out moans and sighs, and my tits bounced around atop my chest. They shook with each sweep that Mack threw into me, and he watched like a baby as my tits shook up and down.

Coach got on his knees by my head and told me to suck on his cock. I caught my first real look at his dick. He was bigger than Mack! He was not only a little longer, but he was so much wider.

"Oh my!" I exclaimed inside my head as I took his meat into my mouth. He was gentle with his thrusts into my sore mouth, and lightly slapped my tits as he let my tongue slide all around his dick. My suppressed moans were gagged by his thickness, and I almost came again as he lightly grabbed onto my tits, his fingers pressing my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Mack continued to pound away inside my pussy. His thrusts now were becoming deeper, and he reached his hand down, pulling out his cock. He jerked off, and soon was spraying his seed onto my stretched open pussy.

The warm spunk slid off my wet skin and landed onto the tile, getting washed away with the water. He stood up and moved around me, coming around to my front. "Oh damn, that was so great, Claire." He got back on his knees and leaned over and kissed my mouth. "Thank you so much Claire, that was so awesome!" His smile was huge, he was happy with taking my cherry. "I don't care if I don't get into college...." he told me, "that was worth it....."

Coach got between my legs and looked down at my raw flesh. "Hmmmm....you better get on your knees, Claire," he spoke. "And bend over."

Mack helped me up and he laid down on the tile. His legs were still shaking slightly, his orgasm had taken almost all his strength. I crawled above him and my tits were pressed against his chest, Coach Walters getting behind me. He had my knees as far out from Mack's legs and he pressed my lower back. This made me tilt my stomach down, arching my back, thus pushing my ass towards his crotch.

He grabbed onto my hips and slide his giant cock against my slit. It didn't take him long to find my gaping hole, and when he entered it, he moaned. "Ohh god......she is tight.....man......" Coach gripped my hips, and with a big thrust, pushed almost all his rod into my pussy. I grunted, and pressed down onto Mack's chest. He wrapped his arms around my body and found my ass cheeks, gripping them and opening them up. Coach pulled out all the way, pulling his rod out and making my pussy almost make a pop sound when left empty, and now, with my cheeks spread open, he pushed back into me.

I cried out, and bit down onto Mack's collar bone. He grunted and gripped my ass harder. "Oh yes, Claire...take it!" he cheered me.

"Yes," coach said, "take it my little cheer whore!" He pushed back in his cock, and then pulled back out. My pussy ached but was growing almost numb from the fucking. I moaned again, deeper as he pushed back in. All his inches pressed deep inside me, and I grunted when he held still, flexing his muscles, making his cock move around inside my no longer virgin cunt.

I felt my juices slide out onto his member, and when he pulled out, I knew they were sliding down my clit and onto Mack below. He kissed me and let me bite down onto his neck as the pain was almost to unbearable as his coach further de-virginized me. He let go of my ass cheeks and placed his hands on my chest, pushing me up a little.

"This will help, trust me," he whispered. At the different angle, the thrusts no longer hurt.

The coach moaned in my ear. "Ohh yes, that feels so fucking good, now!" He thrusted harder into my pussy, his balls slapped around as he pulled in and out of my pussy, his speed growing intense. He moaned in my ear. "Oh yes, Claire," he began to fuck me harder. "Take my cock....take it all." He pounded away inside my pussy. "Can I cum inside you, Claire?"

I nodded my head fast no. "Please don't!" I said. I wished. I hoped he wouldn't cum inside me.

"Only this time." He quickly pulled out. "You better be on the pill next time, got it?"

"Yes, I understand!" I fell forward, laying atop Mack. I felt the coach jerk off his cock, aiming at my ass. His spray flew out, in giant spurts. The first, hitting my ass hole. The next, hitting my left but cheek, then the ones that followed hit my pussy lips then my clit. He then had me stand up, my legs shaking, and had me bend over. He tilted the nozzle at my pussy and sprayed the water over my genitals, making sure no semen would find it's way inside.

"Better get on the pill," he said. "Or next time, we'll just have to make due."

(to be continued......)


Hope you enjoyed. I will be bringing more of this story to life soon.

Make sure you vote on my stories, as they help give me an idea of what the public wants.

Thanks! : )

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