It's a Dead Man's World Ch. 06

byEvil Alpaca©

[[ I was NOT that bad! ]] Eliza muttered. 'Was I?' she thought.

[[Now . . . please try and stay calm for this. I was the one who had to explain all this. I had to explain to the family friends, to your instructors, to our society . . . ]]

[[ You were guarding your own . . . ]]

[[ I asked you to let me finish! Good grief, are you really that blind?!? Look around at the world you came from, Eliza! Things work a certain way here, and they've been working that way for thousands of years! Vampires and other Terrans evolved into their current forms long before humans did, but things have moved slowly for us ever since. You can see it in our culture, our lives and our politics. But things work. We take our time, we have our ceremonies and things get done just like they have since the Age of Beginning. But you think that everything should change . . . just like that . . . just for your benefit! ]]

Eliza was also struggling to maintain a calm demeanor. [[ I was NEVER going to be like them, ]] she said, motioning towards the door. [[ I tried . . . You may not believe it, but I DID try! Every day, I pretended to be something I wasn't. When you asked Valar to court me . . . when you talked about the perfect wedding and the perfect grandchildren . . . I knew I would never be what you wanted, but I didn't want to embarrass you. I know what it would have meant if it had come out that I preferred the company of women. I knew what it would mean for you trying to become Security Director. And so I left. ]]

[[ You took off for Earth on a 'vacation,' and never came back. You started up a business where people would shoot at you with those 'guns' the humans like so much on a regular basis. You hide out in some compound like a crazed militant. Was this all supposed to make things better? ]]

[[ Yes! I got to be who I wanted to be, or at least be closer to that than I could ever be here. And if I'm over there with the 'barbarians,' no one is going to care if I get a little destructive. Don't tell me that anyone on this side even cared what I was doing anymore. ]]

[[ Of course someone cared! I cared! And your mother cared! Every day, I had to worry about whether or not you were going to get yourself killed! ]]

[[ Oh, and YOU'RE job is so safe?!? Father, I know how much you love what you do and how good you are at it. Well guess what? I found something that I was good at! I found friends! I found a place for myself that no one hand fed me or forced me into! Something that I enjoyed! ]] Eliza grew quiet for a moment. [[ And I found someone who made me feel . . . whole. And despite everything that has happened between you and me . . . I just wanted you to be happy for me. I wanted you to be proud of me. After I fought so hard to get back here, you wrote off everything I felt and everything I had accomplished as 'foolishness.' ]]

[[ You never gave me a chance! I heard the gate had reopened and so your mother and I hurried down there. I didn't like the idea that our last words might have been so spiteful! We get there, and everyone who comes across is talking about you and your female lover! They're talking about how you were engaged in not one . . . not two . . . but three large-scale military conflicts, and that was just the ones they KNEW about! You almost started a Blood War! You're openly flaunting . . . you are quite obviously not interested in males of our or ANY species! And you're not even a vampire anymore! And then Valar tells me how it happened and . . . and how my only child almost died due to some vile little wizard-reject and some powerful 'Living Jewel,' . . . ]]

Eliza realized that her father was furious, but for one of the few times she could remember, he wasn't mad at her.

Evlidone finally regained his composure. [[ How was I SUPPOSED to handle all of that? Remember what I said about things moving slowly and taking time on Terra? I had a week to adjust to my world being turned upside down! I know that it was harder for you, but you also had more time! And then you walked through the gate and confronted me, right in front of everyone. And as much as you hate it, I HAVE to play the game of politics! I wish I hadn't said some of the things I did, but as usual you HAD to have things happen YOUR way and on YOUR terms! ]]

[[ You think that I was ready? The only reason I was able to walk across the gate was because Veronica actually made me believe that things would turn out all right. ]]

Her father stared at her for a moment. [[ You really love her, don't you? ]] He sighed, then moved over to sit beside her.

Eliza was speechless. Was her father actually . . . being fatherly? [[ More than anything. I never understood what a 'link' really was until I shared one with her. We live in each other's minds half the time . . . we even share dreams. And I almost walked away from her once because I didn't want you to be embarrassed. ]] She hung her head. [[ I never wanted to hurt you or embarrass you. I'm sorry I made life so difficult for you, but whenever I was here . . .]] she started, taking a look around, [[ I wasn't even comfortable in my own skin. Out there, I got to feel . . . good. Then Veronica made me feel perfect. I just wish you could be happy for me. ]] She sniffed.

[[ Eliza . . . ]] Her father thought things over, then continued. [[ I know what you want me to say, but I'm not sure I can . . . at least not completely, ]] he added when he saw Eliza tensing up again. This was the first real father-daughter conversation the two of them had had in over half-a-century that hadn't degenerated into name-calling, and he didn't want to blow it. [[ I don't know if I'll ever approve of your new . . . sexuality. But that doesn't mean that you and your 'friend' don't have a place here. I may never approve of the way you live your life, but that doesn't mean . . . it doesn't mean I don't love you. ]]

Eliza's eyes were beginning to water and she was trembling to the bone. It hadn't been the overwhelming acceptance she had hoped for, but her father had just told her something that she hadn't heard from him in over sixty years.

Evlidone put his hand on his daughter's shoulder. He was a little unsure of how to proceed. He wasn't usually prone to this type of display or emotion, but he was damned if he was going to screw it up. His sometimes pig-headed devotion to the old ways of doing things had almost cost him his daughter, and that was something he would never allow again. [[ I do love you Eliza. You're my only child, and I'll never stop wanting to take care of you and keep you safe. But I see now that you can take care of yourself. And believe it or not, I AM proud of you. I'm proud of you for the work you've done, the business you've built, and I'm even more proud that you did it all on your own. I'm proud that the little girl in a pink dress that used to sit on my knee has become one of the most potent and famous warrior-sorceresses of our time. True, not all of your fame is . . . flattering, but that is your lot in life. ]]

Eliza started to cry. It was like she had just won some great prize but didn't know what to do with it. She wrapped her arms around her father's neck and just cried on his shoulder. He patted her back and felt a guilty flush of relief . . . this was something a father was supposed to be able to do . . . to be there for his little girl.

As he continued to comfort her. [[ Sometimes I envy you, ]] he said. [[ When our names are written in the Book of Blood and our deeds in the Great Book, your name will be underlined and your deeds will glow on the pages. But rarely does history remember the good politician. More often than not, they remember the warriors and the crusaders . . . and those who kept going up and challenging the rapids while others were content to glide down the river. But that doesn't bother me, for when I look down from the afterlife on all those Terrans and humans that are not yet born, I will be able to say with pride that it is MY daughter whose tales they still tell! ]]

And with that, there was nothing more either of them needed to say.

-------------- ---------------

A little while later . . .

-------------- ---------------

Eliza and her father found the rest of the gang hanging out in the main dining area. The house servants had returned en masse when they heard the master and mistress of the house were in residence, and the chefs had been waiting for Evlidone to return before starting lunch (which was served at midnight in Vampire households). Eliza's eyes immediately met Veronica's, and the two lovers smiled. In an instant, they shared all that had happened between Eliza and he father, and Veronica's heart swelled in her chest with the news of the reconciliation, even if it came with certain . . . reservations. Alyidana sought out her husband, and they also shared a silent communication. Etiquette be damned, she gave her husband a brief but warm kiss. Her daughter's stubbornness was matched only by her husband's, and she was overjoyed that they had finally reached some common ground. If things had gone on much longer, she would've had to start hurting people.

Eliza noticed that Wyrm was being unusually quiet, but he also appeared strangely at peace. Kelik's granddaughter sat next to him at the table, and occasionally appeared to exchange personal telepathic messages with him. Kalinicia noticed that Eliza was watching, then turned her head to the table and seemed to blush. Eliza was wondering if the girl was angry with her, but Wyrm caught her eye and shook his head. He mouthed the word "later," then went back to his meal. So Eliza let the subject go.

Veronica also seemed more comfortable. She explained that Alyidana had helped stabilize her mind and Valar had been provided her with instructions on how to shield and how to vent. It would be a long time before she was ready to try and wield real magic, but they were certain she was in control enough to avoid accidentally destroying anything.

Over dinner, the conversation took a business-like turn. Eliza explained what had happened during the attack, and her father took mental notes. He acknowledged that sending a straw-man attack was something the Swords of Cleansing had done before. He filled the team in on some of what he knew, but reluctantly couldn't tell them everything due to security issues. Eliza chose not to make a stink about that, since it was part of the games she finally had accepted that her father needed to play. Then he informed his daughter that Valar had been chosen to be Evlidone's successor when he chose to retire. Eliza had to acknowledge that it was a good fit. It was strange . . . she was actually glad it was Valar. That particular vampire had shown that he could rise above petty disputes when needed and get the job done.

{{ So, }} Evlidone started over the group link, {{ I'm afraid I will ask you to refrain from taking any overt actions at this time. This is not an insult to your intentions or abilities. Just keep in mind that we DO have some things going on that are delicate in nature. You are all welcome to stay, and we may very well call upon you for information or, sometime down the road, for your assistance. Just let us play our next hand first. }}

Eliza nodded her agreement. They were on her father's court, so they would play by his rules . . . for the most part . . . for now.

-------------- -----------------

A little while later . . .

-------------- -----------------

When the official dinner had ended, most of the crew headed off to bed. Evlidone, Alyidana and Valar had all started questioning Veronica about her "Hybrid abilities," so Eliza took a breather. She found Thug and Tiny both staring at a single sapling in the courtyard, apparently trying to figure out how many leaves it had. Eliza didn't bother to ask why, because they probably didn't know. They were trolls . . . they didn't always understand things . . . they just did them. She walked down a hall and wound up in the control room, and found Wyrm rearranging things.

"What the fuck happened in here?" he asked when he saw his boss standing in the doorway. "Nothing's where I left it and it looks like someone's been chewing on my chair!"

"You know as well as I that you can't predict what's going on around here." Eliza tested the air and smiled. The scent of sex was strong in the room, and she knew exactly who had been in there. "So," she added, changing gears, "what's going on with Kalinicia? Does she blame me for . . ."

"Sorry boss, but I'm gonna let her cover that herself." Wyrm sat down in his partially chewed chair.

"You okay?" Eliza asked. Her friend was normally a bit more chipper.

"No, not really. Kalinicia apparently was already being groomed to take Kelik's place as Terran Ambassador to Earth, so she was in the Palace talking with your father when they got the news that we had come through. She . . . Kalinicia wanted to know how it all went down . . . how her grandfather died. It brought up some memories I'd just as soon leave behind." Wyrm put his face in his good hand. "How do you handle it?" he asked. "How do you handle the . . . the responsibility?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean . . . I know you still blame yourself for what happened to me and to Kelik, even though you shouldn't. But talking with her . . . I felt responsible, like there was something I should've done to save her grandfather. I still can't think of what I COULD have done, but it doesn't make this sinking feeling in my stomach go away."

Eliza sat down on the floor in front of Wyrm and rested her head on one of his knees. "I wish I could make things easier on you, bud. I don't know how I do it. I FEEL sick to my stomach and I NEVER completely forget what happened. I know that I helped save Veronica, but I'll always have that sick thought in the back of my head about what my life would have been like if we had been even a little bit slower. Sometimes that's what keeps me going . . . the desire to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Sometimes I just think of the people who still depend on me, and the ones I still depend on. Sometimes . . . sometimes I just keep moving. And a lot of the time, I rely on a wisecracking geek I know to cheer me up," she added. She started to stand and gave Wyrm a kiss on the forehead. "And usually, that's enough."

---------------- ------------------

Back in her own room . . .

---------------- ------------------

"So, you wanna . . . wander around the house again?" Veronica asked as she and Eliza sat on the bed. The sun was now up in the Terran sky, so all the natives were going to bed. They had been "politely" informed that they shouldn't leave the house by a Captain of the Palace Guard, so they couldn't even wander the city. The newcomers of Snake, Bear and Boomer were playing chess in the dining room, as their human sleep cycles hadn't adjusted very well to life on Terra. And Eliza and Veronica . . . well, they just didn't sleep that much.

"I thought you saw everything already," Eliza said.

"Nah, we only got around the front of the house, the north wing and part of the south wing. Then we had that pesky Swords of Cleansing invasion thing."

"We could go bug the trolls and make them lose count of how many leaves that thing has." Eliza sighed. "The last time I was THIS bored at my parent's house, I reenacted the Great Battle of the Alynis Plains with . . ." Eliza stopped and waved her hand at the toys in the room.

Veronica just sat there, staring at the wall of plush toys. Then she started to snicker. Finally, she began to guffaw.

Eliza rolled her eyes and smiled. "I am NEVER sharing anything from my childhood with you EVER again." Then she joined in with Veronica's laughter. After a few minutes, she felt her lover's lips on her ear.

"Maybe we could take a bath?"

Eliza grinned. Veronica had fallen in love with the bathtubs in her parent's house. They were easily the size of spas back on Earth, with plenty of room for . . . activities. Eliza jumped up from the bed and raced to get to the bathroom first. One advantage of coming from wealth was that even as a kid, Eliza had enjoyed having her own bathroom. Veronica began to undress as Eliza started a water-drawing spell as well as a heating spell. Then the white-haired Hybrid felt Veronica's hands sliding her clothes off, then those hands reached around and cupped Eliza's breasts, pinching her nipples between those talented fingers.

"Why my lady, I think you're planning on seducing me," Eliza said, moaning slightly as they both slid into the water.

"Actually, you're pretty much a sure thing," Veronica said. "Remember, I can read your mind."

Eliza stuck her tongue out in a childish display, then thought of a much more mature thought came to her mind. "Time me," she said, then dove her head under the surface of the water.

Veronica watched as her girlfriend's head found its way between Veronica's thighs under the smooth surface of the water. Both Hybrids could hold their breath for several minutes, and she wanted to see what kind of "damage" Eliza could do in that time frame. She felt the warm water part as Eliza's tongue slipped into her pussy and started to wiggle.

" . . . four . . . five . . . six," Veronica muttered. One of Eliza's fingers had already found its way into Veronica's asshole and was exploring her backdoor as Eliza's tongue continued to rake across the sensitive skin of her outer labia. " . . . seven . . . eight . . . nine . . ."

'Eating pussy underwater is hard!' Eliza thought. The warm water was helping Veronica relax her sphincter, so Eliza's finger had free reign, but trying to eat that perfect cunt without accidentally swallowing bath water was a bit tricky. She used her free hand to pinch the fleshy area around the clit, stimulating that sensitive nub with Veronica's own flesh. She licked her way along the surface of her girlfriend's opening.

" . . . ninety-seven . . . ninety-eight . . . " The number of digits in Veronica's ass had just increased to three, and Eliza was using them like a jackhammer. Her normally-snug sphincter was being stretched every which way but loose, and Eliza's skill at the oral arts was undeniable. As her count reached one hundred and fifty (longer than Eliza's previous record), both women began to experience a sense of urgency. Veronica realized (a little late), that she was firmly holding Eliza's head in place, but her lover had gotten the job done. Veronica's released Eliza's head as her climax hit her like a truck and she came into the water while gripping the side of the tub like a lifejacket.

Eliza erupted from the water with a sputter and a cough, but she started to smile shortly thereafter. She was feeling a little light-headed from running short on oxygen, but it had been worth the effort, especially after Veronica pulled her in and kissed her.

"You are an AMAZING lover," the blonde woman said, gripping Eliza's slippery ass cheeks under the water. "I don't suppose you have any toys in here, do you?"

"Sorry," Eliza responded, "but you're going to HAVE to use your imagination."

Veronica bit her bottom lip. "Well, I may just have to do something we tried the LAST time we fucked in the tub." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Only if I get to do you too," Eliza responded, raising the bar a little higher.

Veronica found the idea quite acceptable. She sat on the floor of the tub right next to Eliza, but facing in the opposite direction. Both women spread their legs and braced themselves on the floor of the tub with their right hand while sending their left hand between the other woman's thighs.

"Last one inside is a rotten . . ." Veronica started, but was cut off as Eliza inserted three fingers, pressed tightly together, into Veronica's love-nest. "You cheater," she snarled happily, moving to fit four of her finger's into her lover's opening.

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