tagInterracial LoveIvory Recruits a Black Bull

Ivory Recruits a Black Bull


"We can't tolerate another season like that!"


"It's an embarrassment!"

"We've got nothing on the inside!"

"Something just has got to get done!"

The ten old white men continued to yell at each other across the large oak table. The boosters of the Brockton Baccalaureate College football program were always passionate when discussing their team. All captains of business and leaders in their communities, they each felt obligated to share their solutions for the debacle of the previous season. A 10-2 season would not stand at good ol' BBC. The boosters had become accustomed over the last few years to dominating athletics, even though the school had been poor athletically when they were students, and they did not want to revert back to their old ways. Surrounded by BBC banners and paraphernalia, they continued bickering until the tall, silver haired man at the head of the table stood up.

"Gentlemen, calm down. I know we've become accustomed to winning these last few years, and we will be on top soon enough." The silver haired man spoke confidently, and the other men at the table cheered.

"Last year wasn't really that bad, particularly considering our best players were all sophomores." Another man, short and bald, spoke up. He was jeered by his fellow boosters. The silver haired man put up his hand and they quieted down once again.

"While that is true, it is still not acceptable. We want more at Brockton Baccalaureate College! We want the best. Fortunately gentlemen, I have a plan. In two days we will have the best high school player in the country signed up to play for the Black Bulls." The final statement was met with equal parts celebration and confusion.

"How? We haven't put any more money into the program and especially in..." A thick, mustached man spoke up quickly before being interrupted by another booster.

"You can't just make guarantees like that!" The oldest booster, nearly 90 years old, spoke up. The silver haired man did not seem rattled.

"Indeed I can, gentlemen. We will have our prospect in two days, or you may have my resignation." He spoke assuredly, even as the men clearly doubted him.

"What are we going to do? Buy off another nigger with a new car or something?" An obese man hollered, his face now red and bulging.

"We'll just get a suspension for that... they're watching him like a damn hawk, looking for any kind of violation." Another man, roughly 60 years old and looking like a long time military man, spoke up.

The silver haired man spoke again before they could protest and argue further.

"I'm sending the head of recruitment." The silver haired man was satisfied that his case was made, and sat down.

The room grew quiet as smiles spread across each puffy, wrinkled face at the table. The recruitment department at BBC had been highly successful over the previous two years, frequently securing the kind of players who would never before have given the school any thought. The head of recruitment was the person most responsible for their recent successes, and they were all aware of this fact. Only the silver haired man knew the identity of the head of recruitment, but the boosters all had complete confidence in the abilities of the mystery person. Finally content, they began excitedly planning their celebrations for the next season.


"Yes sir, I'll leave right away! It's absolutely my pleasure." Ivory Love-Blackwell responded sweetly. She smiled brilliantly as she ended her telephone call. Ivory had been the head of recruitment at BBC for the past two years, and she loved everything about her job. She had been told that she was to recruit the number one high school football prospect as soon as possible, and she took her assignment very seriously. Checking her phone, Ivory saw that her first class plane ticket was already purchased. As the plane was leaving that night, Ivory knew that she had to pack and prepare quickly. Even with all the pressure and tight deadlines, I still love doing whatever I can for BBC, Ivory thought happily as she packed for her trip.

Ivory sifted through her bedroom looking for just the right outfits. Ivory's room was decorated predominantly in black and white, the official colours of BBC. She made sure to include her favourite colour, pink, in order to add some variety as well. Adorning the walls were pictures of Ivory and her recruits, typically smiling and posing together at one of the many press conferences the school put on. Ivory's closet was very well organized, with a long row of blouses hanging over corresponding black skirts. Ivory decided that a white blouse and skirt would be most appropriate for meeting with the prospect, and packed them into her small suitcase. After picking out an outfit for the plane, Ivory moved to the mirror. Dropping her robe to the floor, Ivory assessed her appearance as she dressed. Ivory felt the smoothness of her slender legs as she pulled her black thong along her body. Always organized, Ivory kept her lower body hairless through bi-weekly waxing. Thongs were a staple of Ivory's wardrobe, which would have shocked most of those who knew the quiet, sweet girl well. The thongs were necessitated by the size of Ivory's ass. Big, round and firm, it hung out proudly behind her, causing regular underwear to create blatant panty lines. Ivory then slipped on one of her black pencil skirts, which ended just two inches above her knees. Ivory turned around to see how the skirt looked from behind. Just like all the others, it clung to her posterior and bulged out from the rest of her thin body. Ivory picked up one of her white, frilly brassieres. Being a slim girl with natural E cup breasts, Ivory often struggled to find materials which could support her adequately. Hooking the brassiere in back, she noticed that the silky fabric almost blended in perfectly with her soft white skin. At 24 years old, Ivory still had perfectly unblemished skin and her large breasts had not yet begun to sag. A pink blouse completed the look. Hugging Ivory's slim waist and clinging even more tightly to her abundant breasts, she looked completely professional while still showing her ample curves. She stepped into her shiny black heels, pushing her height from 5'6 to 5'9.

Content with her outfit, Ivory decided to put her long blonde hair into her trademark bun. The tight blonde bun sat perfectly on top of Ivory's head, not a strand of hair out of place. Makeup was not necessary for Ivory, as her flawless skin, soft pink lips and long eyelashes were the envy of all women she crossed paths with. Ivory then picked up her glasses, rectangular lenses with rounded edges and pitch black frames, and placed them on the end of her thin, pointed nose. Although she had decent vision, Ivory insisted on wearing them. They had the effect of slightly magnifying her already large blue eyes, and she appreciated the studious effect they had on her appearance. Ivory smiled approvingly at herself before walking away from the mirror. Her packing and prepping finalized, Ivory exited her bedroom and headed for the airport.

Ivory felt her excitement grow as she approached the airport. She loved recruitment season more than any other portion of her work year. Even after all these recruitment trips I still get butterflies in my stomach, Ivory marveled to herself. The pressure to get the best recruits in the country was immense, but Ivory was always confident in her abilities. Her past successes only further bolstered her confidence.

Ivory was happy to board the plane and really begin her recruitment trip. As she stretched to place her carryon above her, Ivory noticed a man checking her out. This was not an uncommon occurrence, as many men found their eyes wandering to Ivory's round ass when she did any sort of bending. Unfazed by the attention, Ivory took her seat after having secured her bag above her. Now settled, she took out her laptop and began researching the new recruit.

Name: Demetrius Moorecock

Age: 18

Hometown: New Shafton

Position: Middle Linebacker

Recruit Rating: *****

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230

Games Played: 12

Tackles: 125

Sacks: 15

Interceptions: 5

Suitably impressed with the stats, Ivory began watching video highlights of Demetrius. Highlight after highlight showed him crushing all players who dared attempt to cross him on the field. He's big, strong and fast, Ivory thought to herself. A perfect BBC recruit! As she watched more videos, Ivory noticed the man who had checked her out move to a seat next to her own. After several seconds of staring, he finally spoke up to draw her attention.

"So, looks like it's just the two of us up here in first class." The man said with a smirk.

"It does." Ivory responded quickly, not wanting to be distracted from her work.

"Not a lot of people heading south in the middle of the night I guess." He continued, hopeful for a longer response.

"Mmmhmmm." Ivory responded, her widened eyes still fixed on the screen.

"Charlton Vanderbilt, by the way. Heading down south for a little R&R." The man confidently extended his hand.

Jeeze he can't take a hint, Ivory though t herself. She begrudgingly tore her eyes away from the screen as Demetrius annihilated yet another white quarterback. Charlton Vanderbilt was likely in his mid 30s, and to most women would have appeared quite handsome. He had a full tan, uncommon for most people from the north like Ivory, and carefully manicured hair. He wore a well tailored suit, and Ivory could see an extremely expensive watch poking out from under one sleeve. As far as Ivory was concerned, he did not compare favourably to what had been on her computer screen moments before.

"Ivory Love-Blackwell. I'm heading south for business purposes, thank you very much." Ivory smiled widely as she extended her hand. Her toothy smile had melted countless men over the years, and Charlton Vanderbilt would prove to be no exception. He feebly grabbed her hand and gave it a light shake.

"Well it's nice to meet you Ms. Love-Blackwell. It is Ms. Love Blackwell?" Charlton was somewhat daunted by Ivory's beauty, but years as a rich playboy had left him brimming with confidence.

"Yes it is. I'm not married Mr. Vanderbilt. My main passion is my job. You could say that I'm married to my work in fact." Ivory continued as her eyes wandered back to the screen.

"It's so refreshing to see such a beautiful woman who is also driven. What exactly do you do, Ivory?" He asked.

"I am head of recruitment for Brockton Baccalaureate College. I am actually on a recruitment trip at the moment, and attempting to do some last minute research." Ivory was hopeful that she would be left alone, but past experiences indicated that Charlton would persist further.

"That's great. Brockton Baccalaureate College? Those guys have really become something over the last few years. You must be really good at your job." Charlton hoped to impress the gorgeous woman next to him by complimenting her on something other than her beauty.

"Mmmhmmm." Ivory responded, paying far more attention to the screen than the man next to her.

"I never went to university myself. I just threw myself into the real world right away. Now I'm junior vice-president at Vanderbilt Industries. You may have heard of us." Charlton shot his biggest smile as he spoke, but Ivory did not look up.

"I'm glad you are having success in your daddy's company." She responded. The shot surprised Charlton, but he knew that he had to continue.

"Ahh... thanks. I'm heading south now to check on my new yacht. Shame we have to stop for the connecting flight in near that hick town though. I really can't wait to see the my new yacht. I'm told it's one of the biggest in the world. I think I'll call it Leviathan." Charlton paused for a moment to let his news sink in. He saw a smile spread across Ivory's face before she broke out into a giggle.

"Impressed? Maybe we can exchange information, and I'll have my people get in touch with you. You can come down see the boat, maybe I can send a little money to Brockton Baccalaureate College or something." Charlton winked as he finished speaking.

Ivory finally looked up again from her computer screen. After closing the laptop, she grabbed Charlton's hand with her own and began softly rubbing it. Her tremendous beauty and soft hands had the desired effect, as moments later she could see the front of his pants rise just slightly from the erection she had given him. She fixed Charlton with a strong gaze from her gorgeous blue eyes before finally addressing him.

"Listen, Mr. Vanderbilt. I am not interested. You are not my type. I like men who can impress women on their own. A real man doesn't need to buy big things to impress a woman, he has big things of his own. Clearly, Mr. Vanderbilt, you are not much of a man." Ivory motioned to the small bulge in Charlton's pants before smiling sweetly at him once again and going back to her work.

Feeling completely shocked and humiliated, Charlton Vanderbilt stumbled back to his original seat. When will they learn, Ivory Love-Blackwell wondered to herself as she resumed watching video highlights of Demetrius Moorecock. Women are interested in men, not rich little boys.

Ivory spent the remainder of her flight researching Demetrius. He had scholarship offers from all of the main university football powerhouses, and had visited several campuses. Demetrius' uncle, who was heavily involved in his recruitment, had already announced that his nephew would be making his decision in the next 24 hours. There would meetings with university representatives at the Extravaganza Hotel, though due to amateur athletic regulations, no agent or relatives could be present for the meetings. Ivory was pleased with how things were looking. I just need to get an invitation to meet with that young man, she thought to herself. I love a challenge though... and I can't wait to show what our school has to offer. Ivory smiled for the remainder of the flight.

The plane landed in the early morning hours, and Ivory was eager to begin the actual recruitment process. First off the plane, she was followed by the slinking Charlton Vanderbilt. Ivory turned even the most travel weary heads as she walked through the airport, but she paid her admirers no attention. There was business to attend to.

The university had ordered a car to wait at the airport for their head recruiter. Ivory entered the car and was informed by the driver, an old man named Norman, that he already knew her destination. Ivory settled in to the back seat and began thinking of her pitch. Demetrius' uncle, Clarence Moorecock, had taken care of his nephew for the past ten years. They lived together during that time and Clarence had trained his nephew exclusively for football excellence. Clarence was deeply involved in Demetrius' recruitment, to the point that all recruitment officials had to go through him. This had delayed the recruitment process substantially, meaning that unlike most recruits Demetrius was waiting almost until the end of the academic year before declaring his intentions. The schools that met with Demetrius personally that day all had to go through Clarence. Not a problem, Ivory pleasantly thought to herself. I'll show him how well we take care of our athletes.

After 40 minutes of driving, Ivory felt her excitement building. They had just entered a low rent residential area, and she knew that she was near the Moorecock home. The houses in the area were all quite modest, all one story and squeezed onto tiny lots. Several were boarded up, and many more looked as though they should be. The grass in the front yards tended to be quite long, which matched the long grass springing out from the various cracks in the roads and driveways. Sketchy looking black youths stood on the corners, menacing those who walked by. Such wasted potential, Ivory thought wistfully as she stared out the window. She smiled as she saw little black children playing in the yards and on the street. Possibly some future BBC students, Ivory thought to herself optimistically. Just as she watched one of the black youths slap the ass of a pregnant white teen who walked by, she felt the car make a sharp turn into a driveway. Finally, she thought. Time to begin the process.

The Moorecock home was similar to all of the other houses in the area. It was painted white, although a layer of dirt had built up on various parts of the exterior and in several places the paint had peeled. A broken washing machine and bicycle sat on the browned grass in front of the home. The name Moorecock was spelled out in black tiles above the mailbox, although the second 'o' had fallen off, and below that a mis-matched 6 and 9, one black and the other white, indicated the house numbed. Ivory stepped out of the car and took a deep breath, the smell of the ghetto filling her with anticipation. The Moorecock home was a long way from where Ivory had grown up, in a gated community in the north, but she had become very comfortable in ghettos over the past two years.

Ivory turned her head and looked to the young black men standing on the corner. They were all looking at Ivory quietly, attempting to figure out what a woman like her would be doing in their neighbourhood. She looked at them and smiled as her purse fell from her hands. The contents of the purse scattered in a small perimeter around it. Barely bending her knees, Ivory slowly bent over to pick up her fallen items and place them back in her purse. The hooting and hollering began as Ivory carefully began placing items back in her purse.

"FUCK LOOK AT DAT WHOOTY!!" A voice yelled in Ivory's direction, followed by various yells and whistles. Ivory smiled to herself as her cheeks blushed. She was certain that the young men had never seen something quite like her sexy, round ass crammed into a tight skirt and stuck out as she bent over. Especially not on a white woman. After collecting all of her items, Ivory took at extra moment to make sure that she had picked everything up. Finally satisfied, she stood up and began walking toward the door to the house, her hips swaying as with each step. Ivory looked at the driver, who at the time sported a mildly scared look on his face due to the hollering blacks on the corner. She paused to give him further instructions.

"Thank you for the drive. Please wait here while I conduct business with Mr. Moorecock. I don't believe it will take very long." Ivory spoke warmly to the old white man.

Ivory approached the door and knocked. I just love the interaction aspect of my job, Ivory said to herself. I just hope Mr. Moorecock is open to allowing me to meet with his nephew. A smile spread across Ivory's beautiful face. If he isn't open to that idea... I do love a good challenge.

Clarence Moorecock wore a surprised look on his rough face as he opened the door. Wearing his boxers, slippers and a stained white undershirt, there was no doubt that Clarence was not expecting visitors. Still, he could make time for the gorgeous woman gracing his doorway. Clarence took a moment to look up and down the visitor, who somehow managed to look completely prim and proper while still almost bursting her seams with soft curves. Probably some bimbo reporter looking to interview Demetrius, he thought to himself amusedly. I'll give her the big scoop if she really wants it.

"Hello Mr. Moorecock, I am Ivory Love-Blackwell. I'm here as the official head of recruitment for Brockton Baccalaureate College. We're very interested in Demetrius, and if it's ok I would just love to come in and have a little chat." Ivory smiled brilliantly at the 55 year old black man and extended her hand. Ivory noted that Clarence looked older than his age, as what little hair remained on his head had already gone completely grey, as had the whiskers covering his face and neck. Ivory saw the dark black hand completely engulf her own as they shook hands. Clarence was a big man, towering over Ivory at 6'4. It was clear that he had once been quite powerfully built, but now lacked any kind of muscle definition and sported a large beer gut. I see where his nephew gets his size, Ivory thought to herself. I will need to see more though.

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