tagLesbian SexJamie Teases Sean Ch. 01

Jamie Teases Sean Ch. 01


Jamie is a very good friend of mine who loves to tease me about my lack of experience with members of the opposite sex. She is 18 years old and bisexual, not to mention that she turns the heads of both men and women with her astonishing good looks. I, on the other hand, while not drop dead gorgeous, am a handsome guy who just doesn't seem to have any luck with the ladies.

Jamie, however, has no such problems when it comes to getting a date or getting what she wants. All she has to do is to flash her big brown eyes at me, toss that golden hair and show a little bit of cleavage and well, what can I say. I am putty in her hands.

Even though she taunts me about her sexual extravaganzas, we do have a very good friendship. I had saved her from a passing car once - I nearly threw myself in front of the car, but luckily the nitwit behind the wheel slammed his brakes when he saw her. Again, just my luck that her sexuality won the day. I know she doesn't do it on purpose, but sometimes it gets to me; yet when she is talking about her sexual exploits, I get extremely turned on knowing that my friend is having sex with beautiful women - while I'm sitting at home twiddling my thumbs waiting for Ms. Right to walk through the door.

The other day, we were both online and she sent me an Instant Message asking me, "So… meet any sexy ladies lately?" Again with the teasing and taunting.

"Nope," I typed back, knowing she was probably going to knock me out of my seat with some startling revelation about her sex life. And of course, I was correct.

"Too bad," she said, before typing in an Internet sigh. "I have."

That figures, I said to myself. I typed back to her, "Oh yeah? Get with any of them?"

"Yeah," she replied. "Two of them."

My jaw nearly hit the computer table as she revealed this juicy bit of information, and my cock hardened at the thought of Jamie wrapped in a sultry embrace in the arms of another woman. Her teasing was sweet torture to my eyes.

"You little slut," I typed jokingly, and she typed out a little giggle followed by an angelic emoticon. If angels had horns, I thought to myself, I'm going to enjoy heaven.

"You know it!" she said, knowing that when I call her naughty names like this, her horniness increases. I knew she wouldn't have started this line of dialogue unless she had sex on her mind.

"So I take it you're horny and need your good ole buddy Sean to assist you in relieving the tension?" I typed sarcastically. "What's in it for me?"

"Only my never-ending love and affection," she typed with a "hehe" at the end, knowing that her giggles are a way to get my hormones raging. "I'm sitting here in just my bra and panties and I'm really horny. Why don't you sign off and call me and we can 'play'.


Damn her, I thought. She giggles just like a little schoolgirl and I love it. My cock was straining against my boxers, needing to feel the cool air of my study around it.

"Ok, give me a minute."

I signed off my computer and grabbed my cell phone. I quickly dialed Jamie's number and she answered on the first ring, not even letting the caller ID make sure that it was my number calling.

"Hey stud, how's your cock?" she said in her teasing voice.

"You know exactly how it is, babe. It's hard and throbbing."

"Mmmmmmmm, how did it get that way Sean? Did someone say something about two girls getting it on and you got turned on?" she cooed into the phone.

"Yeah, you know you turn me on with anything you say. Tell me, what are you wearing now?" I replied, my voice slightly husky as I attempted to determine her attire.

"Just my panties now. I took off my bra and my tits are just hanging here, all nice and firm. My nipples are hard and I'm rubbing them," Jamie said, her breathing starting to get heavier over the phone. I could imagine her laying there, just in a sexy pair of panties, her 36c breasts being touched by her nimble fingers. I absent-mindedly began to rub my jean-covered crotch.

"What kind of panties sexy?" I inquired, thinking that if I knew Jamie, she was in a pink thong. But I was wrong.

"I'm wearing a cute red g-string right now, and it's wet," she said teasingly, knowing full well of my panty fetish and how just the thought of a woman in panties turns me on. "They are so wet right now, my pussy is sticking to it."

"Feel your pussy for me," I ordered, and with a heavy gasp I knew she was following my commands. "Now tell me about one of these new girls."

She giggled softly into the phone as she began to recount her recent adventure. In my chair, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants before reaching for my hard cock. It finally could breathe again as I pulled it from its cotton prison.

"Her name is Stephanie. She has the most perfect tits, she's a 36c. Nice and rounded with little nipples. And she has an ass that tastes like french vanilla," she giggled and cooed into the phone, telling me about this vixen. I pictured Jamie on her knees behind this woman without a face, lightly tonguing her ass, slowly rimming it.

'That is such a turn on Jamie. You licked her ass?" I queried as I was stroking my 7 inches of meat.

"Yeah, and I bit it too," she giggled, her little girl voice coming through perfectly. "See, she spent the night on Monday and we had sex that night."

"Ohhhh, tell me more about this," I groaned.

"I will, but I'm going to skip to Tuesday morning. I was in the shower and she totally surprised me by getting naked and getting in with me," she said. I closed my eyes and stroked my cock to the thought of Jamie and Stephanie, naked and in the shower. The warm water cascading onto their bodies. Soapy suds being scrubbed into the other's skin. My breathing began to accelerate as I thought of the two nymphs.

"I was under the steamy water and the curtain just opened, and there was Stephanie."

"Does she shave her pussy?" I asked, loving a bare pussy more than anything.

"Yeah, now be quiet and let me tell you about the shower first. You just stroke that nice cock for me," she ordered before continuing. "So she gets in and wraps her arms around my waist. Her tits were digging into my back and I could feel how hard her nipples were. She was grinding her pussy into my ass, and oh my God Sean it felt sooooo good.

"So I turned around and then her and I kissed. Then I slid down her body and began to lick and suck on her clit. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and I immediately saw it, sticking out, looking at me. I licked my lips and I dove in for it, slowly circling it with my tongue, teasing it. It felt so hard and I could feel it throbbing if I laid my tongue on it for a while. Her juices were running out like a fountain and I wanted to taste her," she said. Her breathing was also becoming erratic as she talked and I could hear the faint rustling of her sheets.

"Baby are you playing with your pussy?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, then giggling. "It feels so good Sean, I wish you were here licking it instead of my fingers plunging in and out of it. It is so warm and wet, and your mouth would feel sooooo good right now."

I started to increase the pressure around my cock as I jerked off. I could feel the cum boil inside my balls and a sheathe of pre-cum was pooling at the opening of my cock. I smeared it around the head, making it shiny.

"We made each other cum with our fingers and tongues. God she tastes so good. Now believe it or not, I had just met her on Saturday. Stephanie is a mutual friend of one of my friends. So we got together and went to the local amusement park. She had on a white tank top without a bra on and these really short shorts and she and I walked through the water park. Her nipples were so hard, you could see them poking through the tank top. They were so perfect and everything. I had on a black halter-top that ties around the neck and a pink miniskirt. I also had on a black thong underneath.

"When we met, I could tell she was bi because she was extra friendly with me. She would always slap my ass lightly and stuff like that," she teased. I began to think of Jamie's ass, which I am of the belief that God sculpted out of the finest porcelain. Many a time I have slapped that ass and now, I hear of another woman slapping it. I started to rub my balls.

"So what else happened at the water park?" I asked, wanting to hear every horny detail that I could before I came.

"Well we were just walking through the water park, and on one of the other rides we went upside-down and one of her boobs pooped out!" she squealed, laughing to herself as she remembered that oh-so-important detail.

"I was so horny by then because she is soo hot and my pussy was so damp," she panted and I started beating my cock a little harder. "She noticed that I saw her tit popped out, so she winked at me as she put it back in her tank top."

"Oh God, that is so fucking hot Jamie."

"After that we went home. We were with a few other people, so her and I were in the backseat of our friends' car. She was sitting really close because there were three of us in the backseat. Her leg was over mine so we'd fit and she was rubbing the inside of my other thigh with her knee." Jamie was getting deep into the story now and I wanted to slow down my jerking off so I could last throughout the story.

"We got to my house and I told her no one was home. She said good, and she had a very seductive look on her face. She put her bag down and walked over to me and kissed me. She told me she wanted to kiss me since the moment her and I met. I told her the same," she said.

"So then what happened?" I asked.

"I went over to the fridge and took out some whipped cream and some chocolate syrup. I took off her tank top and then her shorts, leaving her standing in her little panties, a lilac thong with white flowers on it. Then when she was sitting in a chair I took off my halter-top and then she pulled my skirt down. She told me how wet I was. She put her hand on my panties and started to rub it. I was whimpering until I pulled her hand away. I put some of the chocolate syrup on my nipples. She started to lick it off; her tongue felt so good on my nipples that they were very hard by this point."

"How many fingers are you using right now Jamie?" I asked, needing to know who many digits were stuffed inside her pussy right now.

"Three," she said and I groaned. "God Sean I need to cum."

"Cum for me while you're talking, let me know when you cum."

"Oh, you'll know baby. Her tongue felt like heaven. It felt like velvet. I was straddling her in the chair and she was licking my nipples. I was moaning from the pleasure. I could feel her own nipples against my stomach and it felt very sexy. But I stopped her," she said, her breathing labored.


"Because I told her it was my turn to lick her. So I stood up, walked her over to the couch, starting kissing her on the neck and I hooked my thumbs into her panties before sliding them down her long and oh so gorgeous legs. I was almost shaking because I was so damn horny. I stood up after taking her thong off and pushed her on the couch. She was looking up at me with a look of lust.

"I grabbed the can of whipped cream and I started to shake it up. She smiled at me while I was doing this. By the way, how hard are you right now Sean?" she queried.

"Why don't you put your hand down my shorts and find out," I responded, although she didn't know that I was beating off.

"Ohhh, I'd like to. I'd even lend you my mouth if I was there," she said hornily. I tried to stifle a moan but couldn't. It was a low, glutteral moan

"Knew that would get you. It's so encouraging that my sexual experiences with other women turn you on so much," she giggled again. "So I sprayed the whipped cream between her breasts, down to her pussy lips. Her legs were really wide, so I started to lick the whipped cream up, sometimes lightly sucking it off. When I got to her pussy, I ran my tongue from the bottom up. She was moaning and she was gripping the sides of the couch as I licked her. I took my thumbs and spread her lips apart so my tongue could slide in easier. I was then sliding my tongue in and out of her at a very quick pace, and then she reached down and pushed my head into her pussy so my tongue could go as far as it could. I took my thumb and started rubbing her clit. She was so soaked by now, and she started cumming right into my mouth. I started to lap it up like a dog, and oh God, I'm going to cum!"

Jamie was cumming over the phone, recounting her story. Her moans and groans were getting louder as I could picture her fingers drilling her pussy. She was practically on fire as her orgasm overtook her.


Her breathing started to slow down as the orgasm passed.

"Oh thank you Sean, you are so awesome," she panted.

"What did I do? I did nothing. You were the one talking sexy, you did it to yourself," I said, laughing at her slowly.

"You listened. That was great of you. I like having an audience," Jamie said. "Now I want to make you cum. I want to hear you cum."

I didn't know what to say, so I just said okay to her. Not like I was going to argue with her.

"So, she knew that I was still horny so she said it was my turn. She stripped off my thong, so we were both naked now," she said. I continued stroking. "Then she told me to get on the floor on my hands and knees. I obeyed her. She started licking my pussy and then she surprised me: she started licking my asshole! No one had ever done that to me before. I loved it! She was licking around the hole and briefly stuck her tongue inside it. I screamed because it felt so good."

"Mmmmm," I said, my hand going a bit faster.

"Then she slid her hand up to my pussy and began to rub my clit."

I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to cum. I increased my speed before I asked her, "Did she make you cum?"

"Yeah. I came when she started tongue-fucking my ass while sliding two fingers into my pussy."

"OH FUCK! I'm going to cum Jamie! Here it comes! AHHHHHHH!"

I moaned so low as the cum squirted out of my cock, landing on my shaved crotch above my cock.

She laughed a sexy laugh. "How does that feel baby?"

"Oh damn, you don't know how good that felt. Thank you Jamie," I said, my breathing and heart rate starting to turn back to normal.

"You're welcome. Maybe I'll tell you about Monday and the rest of the story later," she said, before hanging up the phone.

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