tagMind ControlJaycee and Kittie

Jaycee and Kittie


Returning from his sophomore year at Stanford University, Jason Charles (Jaycee) Thorensen, turned off the Freeway toward his West Valley home. Passing by the sprawling ranchettes of his neighborhood, Jaycee noticed that someone new was moving into the house next door to his family's home. With his parents out of town, he parked his car and set out to meet them.

As Jaycee approached the garage he heard what appeared to be the husband tell the woman standing among a three car garage floor covered with boxes, "Kit, I have a plane to catch. I'll be back in about five to seven days." Pointing at the boxes and waving his hand in a circular fashion, he continued, "And Kit, get this stuff where it belongs. Find some help, if you need it."

Jaycee strolled up the driveway, "Hi, I'm Jaycee Thorensen from next door. Actually I just got home from college."

The man spun around to face Jaycee and thrust out his right hand, "Roger Taylor." After shaking hands, Roger raised a hand toward the woman in the garage, "And, that's my wife Kitania,.she goes by Kittie." She waved from among the boxes. Jaycee recognized the way about him as a senior corporate executive from those he had met in his father's corporation. "I have to get going. Kit, maybe you can get Jaycee here to help you. I'll call when I get in my hotel."

"Call me on the cell dear, the home line isn't in, yet." Kitania said waving "goodbye" to her husband.

Jaycee watched Roger back down the lengthy driveway then speed off down the road. He then turned and walked into the garage. "I've got nothing but time right now. So, I'm hear to help." Now six foot four inches tall, he had been getting women 18 to 50 in the sack since he was 13 years old. He had studied Behavior Science, especially women, since high school, getting into the pants of four of his female teachers. With a major in Law, he had made Behavior Science his minor, scored a women in Admissions and an assistant professor while he was at it.

So, when Kittie waved her hands and said "I just don't know where to start!" his experience and knowledge told him that she was a submissive that needed a man to lead her.

He looked over the massive amount of boxes, all labeled with the room where they belonged. "Well, I'd say we start with one room and go from there. How about the most important room in the house, the kitchen?" he said with a big smile.

"You and I are going to get along very well, Jaycee." she responded pointing a finger at him then a thumb at herself. He learned something else about Kittie, she was left handed, "My husband would have insisted we start somewhere else. I agree with you. It is the most important room in any home, the second is the dining room."

"That's right. So, I'll tellya what. You grab a box you can handle and head off to the kitchen. I'll grab one and follow you. Then you can get things out of their boxes and in the right place. I'll just keep bringing in boxes 'til I've got both kitchen and dining room in there. Then I'll help you get them arranged. How's that for a plan of action?"

"I like it, let's go for it." she replied with a big beautiful smile. When she turned to pick up a box at her feet, Jaycee learned two more valuable facts about Kittie Taylor. She had a magnificent ass. And, the way her Navy sweat shirt fell past her elbows when she bent over to pick up the box told him she also had quite a rack. Jaycee decided right then that he would not only get his hands on those monster tits before summer was over, he would get his eleven by two and a half inch cock completely up inside her tight pussy. He didn't just want to get inside her. He wanted to fuck her to the point where she wasn't sure of her first name. He wanted ownership of that mature, but well preserved physique and he would get it. For now, he would simply explore the women encased in that lovely body.

Completing the kitchen and dining room, Kittie turned to Jaycee, "Well my man, it looks good. We're losing light and the utilities won't be turned on until Monday. Why don't we call it a day and I'll buy dinner. That sound like just compensation to you?"

"Sounds good ta me, but we'd haveta shower and change. I'll tellya what. My mom told me that our kitchen is well stocked and they're not gonna be back until a week from Sunday. So, I'll supply the food and the functional kitchen and if you'll do the cooking, then we'll call it even."

"Sounds like a deal ta me if you don't think your parents will mind your bringing strange women into their home while they're out." she giggled.

"Oh, I think they would approve of my extension of our hospitality."

"OK good sir, I think we should adjourn to your well stocked, functional kitchen before we find ourselves standing here in the dark."

"OK m'lady, follow me."

Jaycee learned everything he needed to know that evening to formulate a plan that would culminate in the full penetration of Kitania Taylor. Then, he would do things to her body that she didn't know a man could do to a woman and he would get her to do things to him that she didn't know that a woman could do to a man. He would spend the month of June setting his trap. Then in early July he would spring it on her. That way he would have her everyday thereafter, if he wanted, until the end of August when he had to return to campus for football practice.

June passed quickly, with Jaycee building a greenhouse for Kittie while she developed a vegetable garden. They added color to the front yard and especially the backyard around the pool.

He found that in addition to being a very capable woman, she had a very good eye for beauty. Whether it be the silver and glassware in her hutches, or the blooming plants she brought into the yards, everything she did was color coordinated, adding beauty and elegance.

On July 1st, Jaycee met his parents at the breakfast table. His father asked what Kittie had lined up for them to do that day. "I'm going to build her a arbor and garden gate, while she weeds the gardens."

Finished with his breakfast, his father stood up to take his plate to the sink. "Well, don't be out there much after one or two. It's gonna get hot today, they say triple digit. So, don't over do it."

Jaycee responded with, "Oh yeah dad, we'll quit between twelve and one. Take a couple laps in the pool and get some lunch. Then call it a day."

"Okay, sounds good. I gotta go." said Jaycee's dad. He kissed his wife and made his way to the garage.

After he was gone, Jaycee's mother turned to him, "Are you gonna bed Kittie like you've done most of my friends? I know she's not too old for you. My friend Monica was 48 and you were a senior in high school when you nailed her."

He smiled, fondly remembering the seduction of the little fox, Monica and thought "I'm going to screw Kitania Taylor until she doesn't know what's up and what's down." But, then decided to just tell his mom that he had plans for Kittie.

She stood up, "Well, I've gotta go. Just don't knock her up unless you want to be a father. Because your dad and I are prolife, you know, and I'm sure it would create one hellova situation in her family."

"I know mom. She's to much the lady to do anything like that to her."

"That's right and don't you forget it. She's a soft gentle woman and don't you dare do anything to hurt her. But, I'll tellya this. I don't haveta be around her to long to know that you have her wrapped around your little finger." she said as she made her way to the garage.

He waved goodbye and picked up his plate to take it to the sink. He poured another cup of coffee, walked over to the living room window and watched his mother drive off to work thinking, "For the next nine or ten hours, it's just you and I, Kittie Taylor."

Jaycee strolled into the Taylor's backyard, feeling like a spider out on his web to collect his prey. He found Kittie bringing out the tools she thought they would need that day. She was wearing an over sized t-shirt, Bermuda shorts and sandals. The t-shirt only began revealed the size of her breasts. Her husband had told her that she either fit her tits into a double-D cup or get a breast reduction. That he found them disgusting. She always looked so uncomfortable in a bra or swim suit that it made Jaycee feel sorry for her. If all went as planned today, he would take her bra and swim suit shopping tomorrow. "Good morning, m'lady."

She spun around to face him, "Oh, good morning Jaycee. It's such a beautiful morning to work in the garden."

"Yes it is. They say it's gonna be in the triple digits this afternoon. So, I'm sure I can have your arbor and gate up by eleven thirty or twelve. And, you should have what you want to get done by then. We could go jump in the pool and swim some lapses. then go have some lunch."

She shot him one of her big beautiful smiles. "That'll work. I have the kit all laid out there for you."

"How'd you get all of this down here?"

"Oh, the delivery man was nice enough to bring it down here for me."

"Well good, nice guy. I guess I'll get to work."

They chatted while they worked. He mostly listened, commented and questioned once and a while. But, mostly listened to the 45 year old woman who he fully intended to make his possession that afternoon.

Once the arbor and gate was completed, he stood back, "Perfect placement, Kittie. You have a real good eye for beauty and color coordination. Your front and backyards are really coming alive."

She stood up straight in the vegetable garden and purred, "Well, thank you Jaycee. Nobody has ever said anything like that to me. So, you approve of my choice of placement for the arbor, do you?"

"Oh yeah, I approve of everything you've done around here, especially in the backyard. Kitania? You are a very capable woman in several areas of life. Don't ever let anybody tell you different."

She was standing next to him now, "Oh, but they have, Jaycee, many times. People I loved and trusted."

"I never will."

"You're so sweet and you say such nice things to me." glancing at her watch she continued, "It's a quarter to twelve, I'll go get into a swim suit and we'll embark upon the second phase of your oh so articulate plan of action." She giggled and scurried off to her house.

She met him in the Garden in a two piece swim suit, "Your pool or mine?" she asked in an excited tone of voice. "Mine, it's better for lapses." he replied. "Ok, let's go. race ya there!" and she took off running.

The 45 year old housewife/mother swam five lapses with the 21 year old Stanford Law student. Then they stopped at the shallow end and talked for a few minutes. There was a pause in their conversation, then he said, "You look really uncomfortable in that top."

"I am." she said softly.

"Take it off, let me see'em"

She looked him right in the eyes and breathed ever so softly, "OK" She then removed the straps from her shoulders and allow the swim suit top to fall to her waste.

Jaycee did not hesitate with his comment, "They're beautiful Kitania... No, more than that, they're magnificent. May I touch them?"

Again she replied ever so softly, "OK"

He gathered the monstrous twins up in his hands, long fingers barely encircling them. He flicked each nipple with his tongue and said, "Superb, magnificent..."

She gasped at his tongue on her nipples, then whispered, "Squeeze them, knead them, do whatever you want with them Jaycee. They're yours. You are the only person I know that appreciates them."

He maintained a firm grip on one breast and slipped his other hand down to her buttocks. He then drew her up and kissed her. Arms flailing and legs dangling, the kiss caught her by surprise. He allowed her to slip back down on her feet in the pool. Regaining some composure she whispered, "Words aren't enough to express my feelings for you, Jaycee." He brought her up for another kiss. Her arms still flailing and her legs still dangling. He let her slip back down. "It's all been yours for weeks. All you needed to do is take possession." she said softly, again looking him in the eyes. He brought her up for the third kiss. This time he had both hands on her buttocks and she wrapped her arms and legs around him for a long, lingering kiss. Squeezing her bare breasts up against his chest.

When their lips parted he told her, "You might be some other man's wife. But today Kitania, I am going to make you my woman." She didn't say a word. Just smiled and kissed him, as if to say, "Do whatever you wish with me. I am all yours for as long as I live."

With her arms and legs still wrapped around him, he stepped up and out of the pool. She whispered into his ear, "Jaycee, take me somewhere private, like your room. Where we can enjoy each other all afternoon." He carried her up the outside entrance to his "bachelor pad" over the garage.

Her arms and legs still wrapped around him and lips locked, he rolled them onto the bed.

Bringing them onto her back, they released each other. Running his finger through her hair, he gave her little kisses. Then he stood up and dropped his swim trunks, revealing his erect cock. As she removed her swim suit bottoms, she shrieked, "Jaycee!! It's huge!! So big and beautiful!! And, and your going to stick into little ol' me!!..." He gripped her legs behind the knees and spread them apart. Then he proceeded to give her pussy something it had never received. Something she didn't even know a man could do to a woman. Ten minutes of a tongue lashing. She moaned, her body writhed, then she squealed in delight. Finally she screamed, "Fuck me Jaycee!! Fuck me with that monster!! Stick it all in there!! Fuck me Jaycee. Fuck me now!! Pleeese!!" He didn't think Kittie even knew the word "fuck" and here she was screaming it.

He brought over a pillow, folding it in half and shoved it under her hips. Her pussy now faced the ceiling, ready to accept his monster cock. To be turned into a custom fit for the cock of Jason Charles Thorensen, only. As it passed by her vaginal lips, her eyes widened and her month opened, but no sound came out. Penetrating about three inches, she was tighter than he ever imagined. Drawing back, he shoved it in about six inches. That brought a scream from her, "Yes Jaycee, yessss...." She wrapped her legs around him, meeting his next stroke with a thrust of her hips. Sending him passed her cervix, into her womb, bringing more squeals and moans from her. Then she screamed "Oh yess Jaycee, fuck me, fuck me hard. Claim it, take it!! It's all yours. Fuck me Jaycee, fuck meeee..."

Her arms and legs wrapped around him and her left breast squashed between them, he gripped her right breast and squeezed. His left hand grasped the hair on the top of her head. She was held in place for the next two long, hard strokes that drove his eleven inches into the hilt. Pounding her hard, his balls slapped against her butt and his hips slapped against her thighs, he heard, "Oh Jaycee!! What's happening to me, ohhh, oh so goood, fuck me harder, harder. Yessss, don't stop!!" The she screamed as loud as she could, "Ohhh Jaycee sooo goood." Kitania Denice had her first complete orgasm. There would be many, many more to follow.

As her orgasm subsided, he rolled her over on top of him. With a surprised look on her face, moving up and down on him in short slow strokes, "I've... I've only dreamed of, oh ohh, doing it this way. My.., oh.. , husband would never allow it."

He gripped both of her breasts and said, "Take longer strokes. Come up on it until it's almost out."

When she arrived at the top of his cock, he tightened his grip on her breasts. Bringing her back down fast and hard. Up nine inches, then down, up and down, "Yessss, manhandle those big tits, fuck me hard. Yess Jaycee, yesss. Ohhhhh, here it comes again. Fuck meee, harder." Kittie experienced her second wild, complete orgasm. At it's peak, he erupted inside of her. As the orgasm subsided and he receded, she collapsed on his chest. When their breathing settled down, she said in little over a whisper, "I didn't know it could be like that... I thought those kinda orgasms were a myth. Thank you Jaycee, my body is yours now."

He ran the fingers of one hand up and down her back and the other into her hair for a few minutes. Then she rose up, "I'll go in and clean up and come back and clean you up, too. Then we'll do it again, OK?" He just smiled and she jumped up and went off to the bathroom. Upon her return, he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He brought her down to her knees and when she had clean him up, he showed her how to do something else she had never done before. How to suck him up to another erection.

After she had sucked his cock up erect and hard, he brought her up on the bed. "Kittie? We will start in a different position I think you'll like." On her hands and knees he spread her legs and ran his fingers over her vaginal lips, "You're ready ta go, all wet and hot down there."

She laughed, turned her head toward him, "Sucking your monster cock and knowing that you're gonna fuck me again really turns me on. Do it Jaycee, shove that thing all the way up in there." Without hesitation and one stroke, he ram it in to the hilt. She squealed and moaned, "Yess, ohhh that's good. It feels like you aren't that far from my diagram." He grabbed her shoulders and followed his first stroke with long, fast, hard thrusts." Ohhh yessss. Oh, I can feel it coming on... Here it comes again. Ohhh Jaycee, it feels sooo goood."

When her orgasm had subsided, he rolled her over onto her back and thumped her into another. When that orgasm subsided, he got off of her, leaned against the head board and had her mount him there. "Now, put you feet behind me and the bottoms together. Then put your hands on my shoulders." He again took a firm grip of each of her breasts. Without the support of her legs, her body slipped down another half inch or so on his cock. She threw her head back and squealed. When she recovered, he informed her that her body was now a total custom fit for his cock only. Then he slipped her under hypnotism and went to work reprogramming her mind the way he wanted it. Once he had subdued her mind, he made her subconscious give up her heart and soul, including her love, devotion, loyalty and trust. Then he asked her who owns her body, mind, heart and soul. Her subconscious responded with, "Jason Charles Thorensen, you do, my lord." He told her that her answer was very right and went on to inform her that she would be the first of five maybe six women he would take in the same manner as he took her to build his family and his law practice.

When he had finished reprogramming her, he installed a pass word and instructed her that she needed to be in this particular position on his cock to ever go into hypnotism again. Also, that she needed to hear the pass word from him. Then he brought her back to her conscious state and showed her three more positions before they went off together. They lay entwined, stroking each other's body for a few minutes. Then he said, "We're getting purdy sticky. Ever done it in the shower?" She giggled, "No." He rose up, "Good, let's take a shower."

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