tagMind ControlJaycee and the Nerd H.S. Teacher

Jaycee and the Nerd H.S. Teacher


Jaycee sat next to his father at the 4th of July barbecue at the Thorensen family's backyard. Kittie Taylor stepped out on to the diving board. Tom, Jaycee's father observed in a probing fashion, "Damn, she's got a rack on her. I'll bet they're fun ta play with."

"40F and yeah dad, they're lottsa fun." responded Jaycee, "She's one helluva fuck, too."

They watched Kittie dive, then Tom said, "I'll bet she's a good fuck. The quiet, demur always are... Jason? What have you done ta her? Other than getting her ta wear a top that looks more comfortable and reveals her actual size. But, it's not hard to see that she's changed in other ways. Her husband sees it and doesn't like it. He ask me if I thought there was anything going on between you two. I told him that I didn't think so. But, your mom says that you have her wrapped around your little finger and can get anything you want from her. Sounds like you have already got her in the sack, more than once."

Kittie emerged from the pool and started back to the diving board. "Kitania!" Jaycee called out in a command tone. The 45 year old woman immediately turned and came quickly to her 21 year old master.

She arrived beside the chase lounge Jaycee was in, "Yes, Jaycee?" she ask in her oh so submissive tone.

"Turn to your left," Jaycee commanded. When her right side was exposed to the two men, Jaycee pulled down her swim suit to expose her right buttock/hip area revealing a tattoo. "What does the tattoo say, Kitania?"

She smiled and answered quickly, "It says Kitania Denice belongs to Jason Charles Thorensen one hundred percent, body, mind, heart and soul."

Jaycee pushed the swim suit back in place. He held up her right hand, "What does the gold band on your forefinger mean, Kitania?"

Kittie's smile grew even wider, "It is a reminder of what my tattoo says. That, I might legally be another man's wife. But, everything about me of value belongs to you."

He released her right hand, "That's right, Kitania. Good girl. Now, let's see another one of those graceful dives." Jaycee said.

"Thank you m'lord." With that she turned to go back to the diving board.

Totally stunned by the demonstration and mesmerized by the movements of Kittie's beautiful butt as she walked away from them, Tom groped for words. Then asked, "What did she call you?"

Jaycee grinned, "My lord. She calls me that when she wants to remind me that she is totally subjected to me. Do you get our relationship now, dad? And, fuck her? Everyday day and night since the first of this month. Mines the only cock that will ever get into her for the rest of her life. Let's just say that she is a custom fit for my cock only. Nobody else. That includes her husband, she'll divorce him when I tell her too."

"Jaycee!!" exclaimed Tom, "How... Ahh, she's your possession? your slave?... Your sex slave..?"

"Possession? Yes dad, completely. Slave? Nah, it goes much further than that. Well beyond slave. My possession of her is more like that of my arms or my legs. Taken from me, she would whether and die. Just like my arm if it were cut off and not reattached. I have her convinced deep in her subconscious that my ownership is to her benefit as well as mine. My goals are now her goals. She is very happy and satisfied with our relationship. Even with the fact that she will be one of five maybe six women that I will possess."

Tom shook his head, "Does your mother know about this?"

"I think she knows that I fucked the krap outta Kittie and that I'm still fucking her. What the hell, kittie'll be in my bed tonight. Mom also knows that I've been fucking her best friend, Cindy Tucker since I was fifteen years old."

"Jaycee!?! Geez, if I hadn't seen it I'd have a hard time believing what you've just said."

"Believe it dad! And, Friday I'm gonna take possession of that little nerd, Rhonda Sabin. My high school English teacher. I wrapped her around my little finger, as mom puts it, when I was a junior. I've had her waiting for me since. Friday I'll claim and take what's mine. Too include her virginity. Then I'll spend the weekend knocking her up." Jaycee paused for a minute. "Then, Thanksgiving evening I am going to take Cindy up to the cabin and fuck her pregnant.., and then some. While I'm at it, I'll take what I don't already own of her, too. I'll bring her back that following Sunday pregnant and my total possession, just like Rhonda and Kittie."

Tom sat gazing at his youngest son, trying desperately to assimilate everything he had heard and seen. "Do you think it can be at all considered legal."

Jaycee thought about it for a while, "Consenting adults, dad. As legal as one man living with one woman, having kids, buying homes and cars together, unmarried... So what if there's more than one woman in the mix? Anyway dad, spring break of next year I'm gonna take Liz Coleman, the attorney that got me into law school. Then take her legal secretary, Barbara shortly thereafter. I'll have Liz break away into her own office and I'll join her when I pass the bar. I'm sure she'll want to take your account with her."

Tom drew in a deep breath, "Yeah well, I suppose we'd go along with that. She's one helluva court room attorney and a real barracuda at the settlement table. But, Jaycee? Five women!?! Are you sure you can handle'em all?"

"Oh yeah, dad. As long as I own it all, including their total obedience, it'll be no problem. But, listen, dad. All of this has gotta stay between you and I right now. Especially the details of my relationship with Kittie, OK?"

"OK, Jaycee. Sounds like you have it all under control. So,... OK by me."

Jaycee noticed Cindy and his mother coming toward them. His mothers pool shirt, unbuttoned, flared out as she moved, revealing her two piece swim suit covered body. He thought, "Damn woman, if you weren't my mother, I would certainly enjoy shoving my shaft up inside of you just like I've been doing the woman walking next to you."

Jaycee parked his car on a side street near his former high school. Kittie had found out about today's teacher's conference and that the teachers would be in their classrooms between two and three preparing for the coming school year. As he walked to the school, he marveled at his woman, Kittie. Give her some direction and put her in front of a computer and she would come up with all kinds of interesting stuff.

Five minutes to three, he walked through the classroom door of Miss Sabin, locking it behind him.

She glanced over to see who was coming through the door. Noticing him, she shot up out of her chair, "Jaycee!!!" She stepped out to the corner of her desk, trying desperately the maintain some composure, her fingers gave her away by fidgeting on the edge of the desk, "I..I knew you would come, my prince... Oh, I just knew you would come for me.." With out saying a word, he drew her up off the floor and kissed her. Arms flailing, legs dangling, Rhonda Sabin, at twenty seven years old received her first kiss.

He allowed her to slip back down to the floor, "I'm here to take possession of what's mine." he told her with an authoritarian tone.

"Yes, Jaycee, it's all yours. I would have waited until..." he gathered up for another kiss. Legs still dangling, her arms grasped his shoulders and she kissed him back. He allowed her the slip back down to the floor, again, "I love you so much and I will 'til my dying day..." He started to draw her up for the third, taking kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist and kissed him with a "I give it all up to you" lingering kiss.

With her feet back on the floor, still in his arms he commanded, "Give me the keys to your home and side gate." She immediately went to her purse and drew out her keys. Nervously, she turned them over in her hands, trying find the right ones. Unsuccessful, he took them from her and removed her car keys, "Here, these are all you need right now. Go check out and meet me in your bedroom."

Rhonda checked out at the office as quick as possible. Restraining herself from running, she walked as fast as she could to her car. Once out on the road to her home, she began bouncing in her seat. "My prince has come for me. Oh, I knew he would, I just knew he would. I'll be his forever." The very man that she wanted to take her virginity was waiting to take it in her bedroom at that instant. She couldn't get home fast enough. Clicking the garage door opener before she was in the driveway she brought the car to a stop in the garage with a screech of her brakes and tires. Before the garage door met the floor, she grabbed her brief case and bolted out of the car. In the kitchen, she dropped her brief case, kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse as she made her way to her bedroom. Bursting through the bedroom door, she found Jaycee sitting on the edge of the bed, nude.

Totally naive to it all, she had never seen a man nude before. She stopped in her tracks just inside the bedroom door. He stood up, "Come here, Rhonda." Her blouse unbuttoned she pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor as she walked toward him. Standing before him, she quivered as he lifted her bra straps off her shoulders. As he unsnapped her bra, she reached around to her back and released her skirt. With her thumbs in each side of her skirt and panties she pushed them over her hips and butt. They hit the floor with her bra. The usually meticulous Rhonda, lift her clothes on the floor, throwing herself onto her lover's arms, wrapping her legs and arms around him. Learning her first lesson very well, she kissed him. As they embraced, he rolled them onto the bed.

While they kissed and rolled around on the bed, he brought one hand down to her little virgin pussy. It was very wet and hot. She was extremely ready for him and her naked body against his brought him up and ready. She whispered in his ear, "Take my virginity, Jaycee... I've wanted you to have it since your junior year."

With some difficulty getting three fingers in her, he whispered, "It's gonna hurt."

She spread her legs out as far as she could, "Do it Jaycee. It'll be good pain... Sock it to me.." He pushed his cock's head passed her vaginal lips, in about three inches, she screamed.

Pushing up against her hymen he asked, "Does it hurt too much? Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no.., Don't stop.. It hurts a bunch, but don't stop. Do it, take it...now!!"

With a pillow under her hips, her little pussy was open as much as it could be. He drew back a little and thrust into her, past her hymen, popping her cherry. She thrust her hips up to meet him, penetrating about six inches, she screamed again. Rhonda Lynn Sabin had given up her virginity to the man of her dreams, her prince charming, Jason Charles Thorensen. In her mind, she had given him the most precious gift she could give.

Jaycee had done it twice with Kittie earlier that afternoon so he could expect to last a little while with Rhonda. The little virgin was much tighter than he thought. He felt himself go off six inches into her body.

He rolled off of her and the lovers lay next to each other, trying to catch their breath. Then she noticed the blood on him. "Oh Jaycee! Did I hurt you?"

"No Rhonda. It's very normal for a woman to loose a little blood when a man takes her virginity." She lay back after nodding her head "OK", "Go clean yourself up. then come back and clean me. then I'll show you to get a man back up in the shortest time possible."

"OK Jaycee. Don't you go anywhere." she then jumped up and hurried off to the bathroom. After she had clean him and sucked his cock back up hard and ready, he placed her in the same position. She wrapped her arms around her legs behind the knees and drew them close to her chest, "I want the whole thing, Jaycee. Ram it all up in there."

She wasn't quite as tight as the first time. So, in a few strokes he found himself pushing up against her cervix. He had found it to be a real hindrance in some women that had not bore children. "Geez, she's still damn tight." he thought as each stroke pushed up against her cervix. There was no screaming, just moans and her arms wrapped around her legs and him, tightly. Then he heard and felt her go orgasmic. In a few more strokes he felt himself getting ready to go off. He heard "Ohhh yess." as his cock thrust passed her cervix, into her womb. Her orgasm peaked with her hoarse whispers of, "Ohhh yessss, yesss my prince, yess, ummmm." as he exploded in her womb.

Before pulling out, he felt her little fingers on his cock. She smiled , "About three inches to go, third time's a charm."

He laughed and rolled off her, "I like your attitude." He propped his head up with arm and began to fondle her rock hard nipples with his free hand. "How do you feel?"

She smiled "I feel great. Still sore down there. But, it's worth it ... Your fingers feel good on my nipples..." He took the whole breast in his hand and kissed her.

He had touch her, physically and mentally, in ways no man had before, or cared to touch her. He had gone up inside her where no man had been before, or had cared to go. She was totally his. To include the woman behind those beautiful brown eyes, encased in a nerd's body. The only body she had to offer up to him for his pleasure, his enjoyment, and to bare his children. Her prince.

The lovers played with each others bodies for almost a half hour. Then she whispered , "I'll go clean up and come back an' git you back up. We'll go all the way this time. To the hilt." she giggled as she swung her legs off the bed and trotted of to the bathroom.

He laid back and listened to her hum in the bathroom, thinking "I knew it. From the first day I met her I knew there was twice the woman there than many women who have twice the body.

She bounced back into the room, grabbed a foot and spun him around to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed. On her knees between his legs she quickly cleaned him. Then buried a considerable amount of his limp cock in her month. After working it for a few minutes she drew back and ran her tongue around its head. Stilling hold it with both hands she looked up at him and purred, "You even taste good." With that she went to work bringing him up and hard. She stood up, "It's ready ta go in all the way." she grinned as he grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. He shoved it up inside of her and passed the cervix on the first stroke. She met the next three strokes with her hips. Driving him into the hilt. "Ummm... it's all in there." she purred in a satisfied tone.

He rolled them over bringing her on top of him. Taking a firm grip of her hips at the waist, he moved her up and down his shaft. She threw her head back, "Ohhh yeeeah..." Taking over the movement up and down on his 11" shaft she went into another orgasm. Wild orgasm. When it was complete, she collapsed on his chest.

Without disconnecting, he moved them to the head of the bed. Leaning on the head board, he ran his fingers up and down on her back, "You're a custom fit now... My cock only."

"Your cock only..." she repeated, "Your cock only 'til the day I die..." she whispered as she rose up to face him.

His cock still erect and deep inside her, he said in a calm, but commanding voice, "Now Rhonda, I want you to bring your feet behind my back and put the souls together." she complied, "Good girl. Now, place both hands on my shoulders." When she complied, he proceeded to slip her into hypnosis . Deep hypnosis, where, like Kittie, everything he told her would be completely accepted in the deepest parts of her subconscious. He would make all his reprogramming as irrevocable and permanent as he did Kittie. And like Kittie, she was completely his. Nobody could ever change that or take her from him.

He brought her out of hypnosis and rolled her over and onto her back, hammering them both into a wild finish. He rolled onto his back and she sprawled over his chest and abdomen. They lay together resting for a few minutes. then she raised her head and gave him a good indication that the hypnosis had worked, "Will you take me in for branding and banding tomorrow?" Only under hypnosis had he told her that he would do that to her.

"Yes, my love."

She laid her head back on his chest, took a deep breath and dozed off for a few minutes. Then raised up again and asked, "Will I ever get a band on my left hand?"

"Yes, my love."

She lay back down for a few seconds. then back up, "Before school starts?"

"Yes my love." He immediately began turning over in his mind how he would make that work in time for school.

She lay back down, took a deep breath and dozed off as he stroked her long, chestnut brown hair.

That evening, after dinner and a couple of more wild sessions, Jaycee called Kittie and told her that he felt that Rhonda was a "delicate little flower" and would appreciate it if Kittie were there during the tattoo and gold band selection. So, the next morning Jaycee and Rhonda met Kittie at the mall parking lot. Kittie joined them in Jaycee's car and they went to the tattoo parlor where Rhonda received her "Branding" tattoo.

They then returned to the mall and selected Rhonda's gold band to be placed on her forefinger. Out in the mall, Rhonda looked at her band, then up at Jaycee, "Branded and banded, I am all yours now, my prince, all yours for the rest of my life..."

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