tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 02

Jefferson Gets Some Help Ch. 02


The following is a parody, and is not associated in any way with any television series or its characters.

Peggy was really enjoying the evening after all. She thought it was just going to be a repeat of the night before, and the night before that, but how wrong she was. She usually found herself alone, on her sofa, fantasizing about what she thought would never be. She still had a great body and her looks had not left her, so why shouldn't she enjoy herself.

'Other men find me attractive', she would think to herself, when she was alone, caressing her tits through her silk blouse as she thought of someone else doing it for her. She saw the way they looked at her when she went shopping. She would intentionally bend over wearing low-cut blouses, just to get a reaction from the men, and women. She always enjoyed shopping for lingerie, being sure to ask an attractive saleslady how a particular piece of lingerie, like a lacey pair of panties or thong, would look on her. She hoped that they would invite her into a private changing room to better assess her question, but to date, there have been no takers, although a few did look interested. Like Sandy at the "Seductive Wear Boutique". Well, maybe someday. Since Al wasn't paying as much attention to her as she would have liked, her thoughts kept turning to other women, knowing that they would know how to please her, and she them.

But back to things at hand, if you will.

As she knelt before Bud, she was reminded of seeing Bud jerking off, the other night. At 19, Bud was always thinking of, and doing something about sex. She had walked in on him while he was in the shower and he had his cock all soaped up. With his back to the spray, was slowly working his hand up and down his swollen shaft. She watched as he cupped his balls with the other hand, squeezing them as he stroked his cock. She was mesmerized watching her 19 year old son jacking off.

She heard him moaning and mumbling something she couldn't quite make out. The more he played with himself, the hotter Peggy was getting. She slipped a hand into the waistband of her Spandex pants, down to her bare pussy. She wasn't surprised to find that she was soaking wet, watching her son stroke that meat of his.

As the soap started to wash away, Bud grabbed the soft soap bottle and resoaped his aching prick. He was so intent on the pleasure he was giving himself, he didn't hear her moan as her fingers found the lips of her pussy, and slipped into the warm, moist depths.

He suddenly erupted, shooting his cum onto the wall of the shower. Peggy was finger frigging herself faster, and harder as she watched Bud.

Peggy snapped back to reality as she heard Bud ask "Are you OK? I really would like you to take off my sweats", he said, looking down at Peggy, who had surrounded his cock through their covering with her hands, replacing Jefferson's hand.

Oh, that's right. She had Bud once again in front of her and she wanted that cock badly. Peggy reached to the cord at the front of Bud's sweats and gave a tug, loosening the waistband so she could slide them off. Bud lifted his ass slightly so Peggy could slide down the sweats, all the while not missing a beat stroking Jefferson's dick. Bud looked down at it and saw that Jefferson was, once again, ready.

"Kelly, I think Jefferson is ready for you", Bud said, pointing Jefferson's dick at his 20 year old sister. Kelly didn't need a second invitation, or an OK from Jefferson for all that mattered. She climbed onto the sofa, straddling Jefferson's hips as Bud pointed Jefferson's cock straight at Kelly's pussy. Kelly slowly lowered herself down onto Jefferson's swollen member as Bud guided it into his sister's cunt.

Kelly leaned over and kissed Bud deeply, while she engulfed Jefferson in her already wet pussy. Bud and Kelly kissed as they had so many times before, exploring each others mouth with their tongues. Finally breaking off their kiss, they heard Jefferson moaning, knowing that he had wanted his prick in Kelly for a long time.

"OK Jefferson, Let's see what Marcy gets whenever she wants. I hope you're as good with you 8" as I've heard you are. You're going to fuck me neighbor, and fuck me good."

Bud reached out to caress Kelly's tits, tweaking the nipples as she rode her neighbors stiff dick.

Meanwhile, Peggy was sliding Bud's sweats down his legs, watching as his cock sprung loose, escaping the confines of his sweats.

"Oh, my. It's looks huge, Bud. How big are you Bud?"

"Ten inches" volunteered Kelly as she rode Jefferson's cock, "At least it was the last time I measured it, just before Bud fucked the hell out of me the other night. C'mon, fuck me Mr. Darcy .... fuck me."

Peggy slid his sweats completely off, not being able to take her eyes off his huge, stiff cock. "Oh Bud, it's beautiful."

Easing herself comfortably between Bud's legs, she leaned over and slid her tongue from the base of his cock to its tip, just as she had seen Kelly do to Jefferson. It had the same affect on Bud. Peggy could feel Bud arch his back, trying to get his cock closer to Peggy, wanting her to take it in her mouth, so much. Peggy continued to 'tease' Bud by running her tongue over his cock as she held the base of it firmly in her hand.

Bud knew that he wasn't going to last long with his Peggy's teasing and the sight of Kelly, riding Jefferson's rigid dick, seeing Kelly's tits react to her raising and lowering herself over his member. Bud loved to play with those tits of Kellys, as much as she enjoyed playing with that piece of meat between Bud's legs.

Peggy couldn't take the sight of Bud's cock standing proud without wanting to have it buried in her pussy. She quickly climbed up on the sofa, next to Kelly and Jefferson, letting go of that wondrous cock of his. Jefferson felt Peggy climbing onto the sofa and looked over to see that 10" cock of Bud's, knowing that it wanted to be inside Peggy. Jefferson grabbed Bud's prick roughly and stroked it a couple of times as he guided it towards Peggy's wet pussy as Bud had done for him.

Peggy slowly lowered herself down onto Bud, allowing the feeling of his huge cock entering her last as long as possible.

"Aahhhh ...", Peggy sighed, feeling the warm thickness of Bud filling her.

When she had Bud in her all the way, Jefferson let go of Bud's cock and caressed Peggy's clit as she slid up and down on her son.

Bud felt so good inside her, like that was always where he belonged. He reached up to caress Peggy's tits as the bounced on her chest to the rhythm of her riding up and down on his dick. They felt so good in his hands. He never wanted this moment to end.

Kelly was riding Jefferson harder and harder as she knew she was coming close to an orgasm. "How does this feel, Mr. Darcy? Does it deel as good as Mrs. Darcy's pussy around that cock of yours? You like it don't you, baby? You like fucking someone with a young tight pussy, don't you?"

Jefferson could only moan as he too could feel an orgasm welling up inside of him. "Fuck me you little slut. Fuck me Kelly. Fuck me harder .... harder!"

That took Kelly over the top and she started to buck violently against Jefferson, grinding her crotch against his as she felt one orgasm, then a second, as Jefferson shot his second load of the evening. This time into Kelly's perfect, little pussy.

Bud and Peggy saw, and heard the sounds of the raw lust between Kelly and Jefferson and it was pushing them both to the edge. Bud tried as hard as he could to raise his hips off the sofa, driving his cock as deep as he could into Peggy.

"Oh yes! Fuck me, fuck me hard. I want to cum inside you!", Bud screamed as he started to twitch from the feeling of the orgasm that had started. Peggy was also approaching the same point as she felt his cock begin to twitch uncontrollably.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH." There was a simultaneous cry from each as they both came and ground themselves into the other, wanting to meld into one. There was the involuntary twitch and jerk from them both as the last gasps of the orgasms overtook them.

Kelly had collapsed on top of Jefferson, his prick still in her as she watched Peg and Bud fuck to an orgasm. Peggy likewise collapsed into Bud's arms, his dick still semi-firm and in her pussy.

All four were breathing heavily, trying to regain their composure when they heard the front door open.

There stood Al, fresh from his evening at the nudie bar and horny as hell.

To be continued ....

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