tagGroup SexJim & Rob: Eerie Park

Jim & Rob: Eerie Park


Rob and Helen were met at the bottom of the driveway. The summer was just starting and the sun had been burning Jayne’s soft skin all afternoon. Jayne was now in denim cut-off shorts and a thin, low cut t-shirt that left little to the imagination.

“Hi you guys,” greeted Jayne as she kissed her brother- and sister-in-law. Her nipples were hard and Rob couldn’t keep his eyes off them. Jim grinned at his younger brother as Rob embarrassingly realised he was staring and reappeared in the real world.

Jim helped Rob with the luggage and dropped the cases onto the bed in their guest room. “You’re in here this time Rob. I’m in the middle of decorating your usual room.”

“No probs,” replied Rob as he opened a case and handed Jim a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label.

“Thanks, this will go down well over the next couple of nights.”

In the kitchen, Helen spent the next fifteen minutes describing their two-hour journey to Jim’s place. “And that bloody lorry driver! Well, I’m sure he was masturbating. He certainly wasn’t shaking a can of orange juice.” The girls laughed as Helen explained how a mid-sized lorry leap-frogged their car on the motorway, the driver staring down Helen’s chest. “Well, I guess I did encourage him a bit. It was hot and the aircon isn’t working properly, so I had opened my blouse. I’d forgotten that I’m not wearing a bra. Poor sod, he must have had a hard-on alright!” Helen went on.

“So, what are you two giggling about?” Jim asked as he and Rob came into the kitchen. Helen repeated the story for Jim’s benefit. Then retaliated with a similar tale of when Jayne had sat in her bikini in the car as Jim drove through the town’s centre instead of taking the by-pass route like he had promised to do. Jayne had so many wolf-whistles; she began to feel like a starlet.

The foursome settled down for an evening’s entertainment. They ate dinner, sank a few beers and a couple of bottles of Shiraz and decided to head out to the local bar.

By the end of the evening, they were all pretty much talked out; and half drunk. The route to the bar took them through a country park. As they strolled through the park, Jim and Rob followed fifteen feet or so behind the girls. Jim began to tell ghost stories of how the park was haunted by a prostitute, who lived in the 1850’s and who had been murdered after refusing her trick sex because he didn’t have enough money to pay. That story led to another, then another and the four found themselves, sat on a park bench, enjoying the goose bumps, the cool air, and the darkness - they could barely make out each other’s features in the poor light.

Jayne found the story tales and the eerie atmosphere exciting. She began to feel a little sexual excitement begin to creep through, dampening her panties. She whispered in Helen’s ear and Helen nodded. Helen too felt similar excitement. Meanwhile, Jim told another story, only this time it was about how a group of four lads had tied up two girls, then took turns, making sure the girls had had every orifice explored. Then went on describing how the ghost of the prostitute appeared and frightened the girls to death, claiming two spirits to join her never ending roam through the park.

Just then, the four heard a rustle in a nearby bush. They turned to see what had made the noise. “Probably a rat,” said Rob.

“Or a rabbit,” added Jayne.

“Not likely, that was the ghost of the prostitute!” exclaimed Jim.

Helen screamed. She instantly felt embarrassment at losing control of her whits. “Sorry,” she apologised.

After a minute of complete silence, Jim continued his ghost story. Standing up, the four continued their leisurely stroll through the park. They got home about ten minutes later, and opening more beers, drank to the ghost of the prostitute.

That night, Rob tossed and turned in his sleep. Helen, now awake, decided to empty her bladder and went to the bathroom. On returning to the bedroom she thought she could make out a figure halfway up the stair. She screamed and woke Jayne and Jim, Rob just turned over and began to snore.

Shaken, Helen went into Jim and Jayne’s bedroom and the three sat on the edge of the bed. It was then they realised they were all naked except for Jayne, who was wearing a brief pair of panties. Helen’s fright soon drained from her as she could see the outline of Jim’s cock. Remembering the event of three weeks earlier, she suddenly decided she’d like to try his cock once more. She sat between Jayne and Jim and shivered.

“Here, wrap a sheet over your shoulders, you are cold,” Jayne said as she began to pull out a tucked edge of the bed sheet.

“No, no, it’s okay. I’ll be alright, I just need some company.” They could make out Rob’s snoring in the guest room. “Would you mind if I just stayed here for a little while?”

“No, not at all,” replied Jayne. Jim lay back on the bed and decided to try and get back to sleep. But the thoughts running wild in his head prevented slumber and actually made his cock begin to swell. Jayne could see Jim’s cock swell and realised that he was getting excited. She also remembered one of their fantasies where Jim fucked two women, and then Jayne would lick out his scum from the other woman’s pussy. She began to feel her vagina dampen. “Come her girl,” she told Helen, “let’s get you under the sheets, it’s cold out here.”

Helen allowed herself to be pulled back onto the bed. Jayne threw a cotton sheet over her, covering her bare body. Helen lay to Jim’s left and there wasn’t much room for Jayne to lay between them, so she decided to lay to Jim’s right.

Jim just lay still, wondering what he should do next. His cock was semi-hard now, and he knew Jayne had noticed. But what about Helen? Had she noticed too?

He feigned sleep. Jayne placed her right arm over his abdomen, her hand falling gently on Helen’s pierced stomach. Helen didn’t move as Jayne slowly traced her fingers down to Helen’s pubis. Curling her short pubic hair around her fingertips, she felt Helen’s mound tense slightly.

Helen could feel Jayne’s finger trace her slit. She felt a warm wetness develop between her legs, and remembering the thoughts from three week previous, she wanted to feel Jim’s cock - but was he asleep?

Helen moved her right hand and placed it on his semi-hardness. She almost jumped with surprise. Pulling back on Jim’s foreskin, she felt him tense a little. Then, Jayne’s finger probed into her wet pussy. She let out a whispered groan as she felt the heat burn inside her, Jayne’s finger finding her g-spot.

Helen decided to turn on her side to face Jim, by now Jayne had already placed her thigh over Jim’s right leg, and Jim had found Jayne’s wet labia, playing with her folds of soft, wet skin. Helen’s hand now fondled Jim’s balls. His cock hard, began to throb as he realised that this was going to be one of his fantasies come to life.

Jayne climbed on top of Jim and eased his cock into her pussy. Inch by inch, it sank into her hot wetness, stretching her folded skin as his penetration deepened. Helen, wanting her pussy to get some action, straddled Jim’s shoulders and then she lowered her pussy onto his face. He lapped at Helen’s juices. She tasted sweet and soft.

Both girls began to groan with Helen fondling Jayne’s breasts, pulling on her nipples. They kissed as they rode Jim’s body. Jim wasn’t complaining, his cock was receiving exactly what it wanted whilst his mouth devoured fresh pussy. Both girls came to orgasm within seconds of each other. Jim, shortly afterward, spurted his fluid deep inside his wife.

The girls rolled onto their backs, either side of Jim. “I should go to the bathroom to clean up,” said Jayne, “but I think I’ll just wait until dawn.”

“No need,” said Helen, “I’ll lick it clean.”

The alcohol and late night began to take toll and Jim fell into a deep sleep. Jim was awoken when he felt the sensation of bed movement. As he realised what his senses were telling him, he felt a steady rhythmic motion. Opening his eyes, he could see a silhouette of Jayne straddling Rob.

Rob had woken up just as the girls had groaned a little too loudly during their fucking. Rob had snuck into the bedroom and watched the three make out, then waited until there was stillness. He then took the opportunity to mount Jayne. Of course, Jayne was already well lubricated with his brother’s, her husband’s semen. Rob slid his hard seven inches deep into Jayne, waking her up in the process.

Rob groaned as he shot his load of creamy fluid into Jayne’s vagina. Soon, everyone was asleep again.

The telephone rang, waking the four. It was 9:45 and the four had slept off the alcohol, excitement and sexual urges. But as soon as they all realised what had happened, they began to apologise to each other.

“Wait a minute here,” Jim held his hand up, “we’re all consenting adults, we’ve known each other for, well a lifetime I guess, so what’s the problem?”

They looked at each other, then Helen said, shrugging her shoulders, “Nothing I guess; it’s just that, well, I haven’t had any cock yet.”

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