Journal of an Agent Ch. 30


Catherine answered this question for me by rolling from her side over onto her back, her legs shifting on the couch to leave herself open and exposed to my wandering eyes and hand. I stepped to the side of the couch and gazed between her legs: her opening was now much more visible, the delicate slit that led to her inevitably beautiful pussy covered only in the finest of hair and slight stubble. Catherine must have shaved it for her husband I thought to myself. Now I was really in a tough situation, because my body and the massive bulge in my pants begged me to slip a finger or so into her and reveal her box, but my mind and reasoning said to leave things be, I'd done enough already. I debated it for a moment or so, glancing at the clock on the wall: I still had 30 minutes until Catherine was supposed to be at the studio for filming, could I really pull this off and still get her there on time?

My hand trembled slightly as I pushed the tip of my finger against her tight folds and slipped inch by agonizing inch of my finger inside of her pussy. She wasn't exactly wet inside, but the sweat from between her legs had dripped down into her opening allowing me at least a little lubrication as my finger slid into her. Feeling brave, I retracted my finger and instead pushed three into her at once, all at a very slow and (hopefully) unnoticeable pace. I got all three in almost all the way before Catherine's hips bucked a little and a soft moan escaped from her lips. I froze my hand where it was, praying that she didn't wake up. But as she shifted her head away again, I realized that she was too far gone in the land of slumber to notice what I was doing - in her dreams, she was probably enjoying it. My attention to her cunt had not gone unrewarded, as when I pulled my hand from within her I saw the tips of my fingers wet with her juices. I quietly licked them off, enjoying the sweet taste of her arousal. Looking at her opening again, I saw that her lips had parted slightly in arousal and gave me the view I was looking for: beyond the brown outline of her outer lips, Catherine's pussy inside was a light pink color. The view, the taste of her inner juices and perhaps even the heat of the trailer caused my mind to lock itself away as my body took over - I had to feel the inside of her around my cock.

Unbuttoning my pants and sliding down my boxers, allowing both to fall onto the floor, I felt the rush of hot air brush over my naked lower body as I held my very erect cock in my hand and pondered the best way to gain access. I noticed that one of Catherine's legs had started to slip onto the floor a little bit, her thigh resting on the edge of the soft couch. This was the angle I could work myself into her, I thought. I moved in front of her leg and placed my fingers beneath her flesh, pulling on her slightly. This caused Catherine's body to slide down slightly on the couch, her legs gently touching the floor at shin level. She still didn't seem to stir or awaken, and I felt encouraged by this, her breasts resting lightly on her chest atop the material of her bra. Parting her legs slightly, I dropped down to a sort of crouch and aimed my cock at her opening.

Even though I was now sweating in lust and desire to fuck Catherine, I still didn't want her to awaken. That's why as the tip of my cock pressed against her hole, I slowed my entry into her to as slow as I could possibly go, letting my dick enter into her waiting channel with as little thrusting as possible. I watched with bated breath as inch by inch slowly disappeared inside of her until only a few inches of my 9 inch cock remained exposed, the maximum I thought I could safely put in her now at it's limit. I held myself in that position for a while, simply savoring her tight opening enveloped around my cock. I began to pull myself out of her when suddenly Catherine moaned again, an unintelligible, guttural gasp at the feeling of having something inside of her. I again paused but after she stopped her moan, I continued to retract my dick. As I withdrew from her all but completely, leaving just the tip inside, I entered her again. Only to my surprise, I found her box had warmed up and was now quite wet around my cock: whatever that moan had been about, it was obviously turning her on.

Getting a good tempo going, I held myself up by placing my hand near Catherine's leg on the couch, gripping the fabric tightly as I worked in and out of her slowly. As much as I just wanted to ram into her as hard I could, I knew that in the position I was in right now, I'd be going to jail for rape if I got caught. I leaned over Catherine's nude, beautiful body and held my head over her breasts, unable to resist the temptation of dipping my mouth down and giving her right nipple a soft lick. Looking up from this, I was startled to see that Catherine's eyes had started to open slightly, small little slits that I knew would allow her to see me.

Almost paralyzed with fear at being caught now, I lifted myself away from her as quietly as I could and began to pull myself out of her. As the last tip of my dick exited out of her, Catherine's eyes opened completely and she saw me.

"Dean, what are you doing?" she murmured.

"I was...Jesus, I know this looks bad but I wasn't...I mean I didn't intend to," I stuttered, trying to distance myself from her but finding my feet not cooperating by moving.

"No, what are you doing? Why are you pulling out of me?" Catherine said, now awake and brushing her matted hair from her eyes.

"What???" I said, shocked.

"Well, aren't you going to keep fucking me? I mean, I almost had an orgasm a second ago and now you decide to pull out. What's wrong, is there something wrong with my pussy?" Catherine said, sliding a hand down to her opening and pulling apart her cunt lips lewdly.

" knew what I was doing the whole time?" I asked, shocked.

"Knew? I set it up! You didn't really think I was asleep did you?"

"Well, yeah actually I did," I replied, my dick now bobbing slightly in the air. Catherine reached out and held it in her soft hand, twisting her palm over the moist tip. "You mean all that drinking and everything was just an act?"

"Yeah, pretty good huh? I have been feeling really down lately though, but yeah...that was just cranberry juice. Now how about we finish what you started, hmmm?" Catherine said softly, squeezing my still erect cock lightly in her hand. Happy to oblige, I allowed her to lead me to her spread legs and we both watched as she guided me deep inside of her hole, no hesitation this time.

Able to leverage myself deeper inside of her now, I buried all of my shaft deep inside Catherine's now very wet pussy. Catherine cried out in ecstasy as I rocked my body hard into her, her nails digging deep into my back as she pulled me as deep as she could into me. I couldn't help but laugh a little inside at having been fooled by her so thoroughly, but the reward now was well worth the trouble I had gone to in slowly undressing and teasing her body.

Catherine lifted her face up to me and kissed me deeply, her tongue wrestling it's way into my mouth hungrily. I returned the kiss as I continued to thrust in and out of her my balls hitting softly against her ass, the sound of our bodies writhing together filling the air of the trailer.

I as fucked her, I felt Catherine's pussy squeeze my cock tightly as her inner muscles spasmed and she hit an orgasm with a soft cry, her juices coating my shaft's entire length. As she came, I held myself deep inside of her, the tip of my prick pressing against the deep walls of her cervix. Pulling myself out of her, I began to thrust into her with gusto, the feel of her tight snatch creating a sexual heaven on earth. My shirt was now totally soaked with sweat, as was most of Catherine's body as we continued to make love on the couch, her aroused clit poking at the base of my cock as I moved in and out of her.

My orgasm began to bubble up inside of my balls as I continued to fuck her. Catherine seemed to sense it and stopped my deep thrusts my grasping onto my ass cheeks and not letting me go, her fingers holding firmly against my body as I felt the tip of my head explode in cum deep inside of her. I hadn't had sex in a few days, so the copious amount of sperm that erupted from my prick filled her wet vagina, creating a sloshing sound as I slowly withdrew my prick from inside of her, a dribble of semen leaking out of her gaping opening. I pulled out of her completely and collapsed on the couch next to, out of breath and sweating profusely from the encounter. Catherine stuck a hand down to her wet opening and rubbed our mixed juices in between her fingers, enjoying the feel of the slippery fluids as it leaked out of her body.

I glanced at my watch and with some alarm said "Oh shit, you're supposed to be on the lot in 10 minutes!"

Catherine stood up, some of my seed leaking down her leg in a slow, lazy trickle. "That's ok, I can take a quick shower and be there with time to spare. There's some towels over in that cabinet over there if you want to clean yourself up," she said, turning and darting towards the bathroom. I sat on the couch, my softening erection still wet with her moisture as I watched her cute ass bounce as she disappeared into the bathroom, shutting the door.

I found said towels and removed the clothes I still wore, drying my body off and wiping her own cum from my balls and all around my lower body. I had just finished dressing when Catherine emerged from the bathroom, her hair a little damp from the shower but the clothes she wore just what was expected for when she arrived on set: a tan military uniform. Her short hair had been brushed and framed her beautiful face even more clearly than any television set could ever hope to show. We exited the trailer and headed towards the lot.

"Here is Catherine, as promised," I said to the producer, who stood talking to a camera man.

"Great, thank you Mr. Simonds. You finally ready to get started Catherine?" the man said.

"Yes Jim," she replied with an enthusiastic sigh. "Just let me talk to Dean for one more second, ok?"

"Fine. Go see makeup when you are ready," Jim said.

Catherine turned to me. "Thanks for helping me out today. What you said about acting and making the world better...well, that seemed pretty genuine. And genuine statements are hard to come by in this town. If I need anything else, I'll call you," Catherine said to me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

"Glad to help," I replied, returning the kiss. Catherine smiled at me and then headed off to the make up department. I headed for the exit when my cell phone rang.

"Dean Simonds here," I said.

"Hey Dean," Damon's voice said on the other line. "You get things squared away with Catherine Bell?"

"Yeah. It was a little uh, sticky at first but things are fine now. What's up?" I replied.

"Just wanted to remind you of your lunch with Rose McGowan in 40 minutes. Chez Francesco, remember?" Damon said.

"Shit, you're right. I'm on my way there now. Thanks for the tip," I replied.

"Don't mention it. Hey, I'm not feeling so hot right now, you mind if I head off a little early today, say after lunch?" Damon asked.

"Sure thing. Just leave me a note with any calls I need to make, ok?" I said.

"Not a problem. See you later," Damon said, and then he hung up. I put the phone back in my pocket as I started up my car and headed towards my lunch date with Rose McGowan.

Rose came to the firm during a lull in her career, when she was stuck making such flops as "Jawbreaker" and other straight to video releases. However, I spotted in her a knack for subtle comedy and urged her to try and fill the void left by Shannon Doherty on "Charmed", which she successfully managed to get. Since then, things have been really hot for her, her popularity growing and the wild side of her personal life always providing juicy gossip that got people talking.

Rose was undoubtedly very attractive, but she had always seemed slightly intimidating to me, almost to the point of being so overly sexual that she seemed unapproachable. Rose seemed to just ooze sensuality and it was no surprise to me at all that she had thus far in her career filled the "vamp" roles in just about everything she did. This sexuality worked to her advantage career wise, but when it came to actually sitting down and talking to her, I felt as if I had finally met my match when it came to seduction.

We had scheduled this lunch date a few weeks before her first "Charmed" season ended and I specifically chose a place as far away from that set as possible - I didn't want to run into her co-star, Alyssa Milano, given all the heartache I had caused her when we had first went out.

The restaurant, a mixture of expensive French food and more casual, lighter California style dishes, was packed with the business crowd that filled most of the tables, people of all races and ages chattering loudly with one another over who knew what. I walked into the welcome cool air of the restaurant and spotted Rose in the back corner of the restaurant, her pale face touched lightly by a beam of sunlight that brushed the table and ran over the side of her body. She wore a maroon top that traced and outlined every single curve of her upper body and her dark hair hung in bangs against her cheeks. Rose smiled at me when she saw me and I took a seat across from her.

"Dean, how are you?" Rose said.

"I'm doing good. Busy morning," I said.

"It looks it. Your face looks a little flushed," Rose said, reaching her hand out and brushing my cheek.

"It's the heat I guess," I replied. "So, have you been waiting long?"

"No, not really. I got here about 5 minutes ago and the waiter came over and took my drink order. I hope you don't mind that I ordered some wine, since I figured you would be paying," Rose said with a grin.

"Not as long as you ordered some for me too," I chuckled.

"Of course. That would be rude of me not to, don't you think?" Rose said, sliding her hand across the table and placing it over mine. Rose was certainly not one to keep her hands off from other people, but the softness of her fingertips tracing up to her pale but flawless skin was not unappreciated by me.

We chatted for a few minutes as the waiter came and took our order, dropping off glasses of wine. The topics were nothing in particular, mostly just Hollywood stuff, but slowly the conversation drifted to her experiences on set with Alyssa.

"You know, she still talks about you," Rose said, sipping her wine.

"She does?" I said, a little uneasy now that the topic had been brought up.

"Yeah. Not like psycho-obsessed with you talking, but little things. How you used to kiss her, how kind you were to her in helping her career out, that sort of thing," Rose said.

"And she just talks about all this out of the blue?" I said, amazed that Alyssa was still thinking about me after what had happened.

"Well, we were talking about sex one day and I was telling them about this great fuck I had with this guy I met at a bar once, before I was famous and all that, and she just mentioned how when she was with you she had the best sex of her life," Rose said, smiling at me wickedly, enjoying I think the emotional pangs that this brought out in me.

"She said that huh? Wow," I remarked, shaking my head slightly.

"I think her exact words were 'Dean knows how to fuck a woman. It didn't matter when or where but he always could make you cum in floods'" Rose said, chuckling. An older couple at the table next to us shot Rose a dirty look, to which she stuck her tongue out at in return.

"That's quite a compliment coming from someone like Alyssa," I said quietly.

"Tell me about it. When she told me that, I went home that night and masturbated myself to a pretty hot orgasm thinking about you and her getting it on," Rose said. I almost choked on my drink.

"Really?" I said, clearing my throat.

"Definitely. I mean, I'm tempted to just grab you by that cute tie of yours, throw you onto one of these tables and jump your bones right here," Rose said. I felt my cock twitch slightly - it was this sort of brazen sexual boasting that had always managed to catch me off guard. I was amazed that we had managed to steer clear of such escapades before, given this predatorial sexuality she seemed to have within herself and my apparently uncanny knack for seducing some of Hollywood's top women.

I decided to play along with her boastings to see where they led.

"You would huh?" I said with a smile just as wicked as any that she had flashed me.

"Maybe not right here, but definitely in the restaurant. I love having sex in public, it feels so naughty and wrong, don't you think?" Rose said. I felt her foot brush against my pant leg underneath the table, her shoe off as her toes traced up in between my legs to my crotch. I adjusted myself slightly in my seat.

"So then what are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Well, let's eat first and let me scope this place out a bit for a good location. Then we can decide on that," Rose said. "That is, if you're up to it,"

"Just from Alyssa's boastings alone you know I am," I replied. Rose smiled at me and we just looked at each other in silence, my mind racing as I tried to ponder what this sexual lioness seemed to have in store. I was willing to try and do anything once, but when it came to situations like this I was far from creative in creating schemes.

Our food arrived a few minutes later and we sat eating in silence. However, Rose's foot had not left it's spot in between my legs and in fact seemed more than content to be there, her toes massaging my balls lightly through the fabric of my slacks and boxers. I felt a growing erection with every touch of my manhood by Rose and shifted a little in my seat to keep it from being too obvious if a waiter/waitress happened to walk by.

Rose had ordered another glass of wine and now it was her turn for her skin to be slightly flush, a pinkish hue forming on her cheeks as she drank the wine with her meal. When we had both finished, the waiter brought me the bill and as I was pulling out my credit card from my wallet, Rose stood up from her seat.

"I need to use the ladies room, I'll be right back," she purred, winking at me slightly. The waiter happened to catch it too.

"Is that Rose McGowan?" he asked. He was a college kid, probably barely old enough to drink the wine he served.

"Yes, it is. I'd introduce you two but we really must be going," I said to him. He nodded, a little disappointed but at least happy to have spotted a star on his shift. As soon as he left the table, I straightened out my hair and tie - this was the hint Rose had been waiting all this time to give me, and now it was show time. This would not be the first time I had engaged in a sexual romp in public, but it would most certainly be the most crowded place I had done so. I was trembling with excitement when the waiter brought back the receipt and I signed it.

"Tell her that I'm a big fan," he said to me as I stood up to leave.

"I will, and I'm sure she is thankful of your support," I replied, heading off towards the restrooms.

They were located away from the main dining area, in a sort of corner of the restaurant. I passed some pay phones and lingered by them as a woman came out of the ladies room. I could hear the din of the restaurant from where I was in the hallway and made sure that no one saw me as I opened the ladies room door and slipped in quietly.

"Rose?" I called softly into the restroom. Soft background music played in a speaker above the door and the floor by the sinks and leading to the stalls was carpeted in a burgundy color that resembled the top that Rose was wearing.

"I'm in here. Lock the door," I heard her say from the far, handicap stall. "We don't have much time, so hurry up,"

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