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Just a Jab Ch. 08


Welcome to the 8th instalment.

Please start reading this series from the first chapter.

To date:

John Smith had an injection of contaminated testosterone, causing major changes to his reproductive system. He now needs frequent sex to survive and long term female friends jump in to help him. John has an unexpected re-occurrence of his blackout and is rushed to hospital for a second time. While there his wife arranges for the nursing staff to help with his treatments. John is finally starting to learn he cannot be squeamish about sexual encounters with other women, especially when they seem to enjoy it more than himself.

All sex participants are 18 years or older.

All people, activities and anything resembling facts are a figment of my imagination and may not match anything in real life.

Biology and medicine are not my strongest points and sex is just a hobby, so I have not been encumbered by any silly preconceptions.

Expect some ridiculous ideas as I alter reality to fit my perception of life.

Yes, it does look like a harem story because it is one. If this genre does not interest you then read no further.



Tuesday Day 23

Being woken far too early for his liking the nurse seemed too friendly and overly bright as she buzzed around his room making certain everything was in its place.

"Oh good you're awake. Did you have a good sleep? Hope the staff didn't bother you too much during the night," she said with a smile as she busied herself more, "I need to change your bed sheets now so maybe you can do your morning stuff while I sort things out."

He did not quite know what to make of her words, it was as though she knew what had happened during the night. Rather than worry about ifs, whats and maybes he contented himself with going to the bathroom and getting himself for the day. He even remembered to grab a clean pair of shorts from his bag to change into. Coming back to his room the nurse was finishing her chores and waited by the bed for him to approach and stopped him with a hand to his shoulder.

She quietly said to him, "Now in case you are not sure what to do today, I am Rhonda and if there is anything you need just give me a buzz. I am your specially trained nurse on duty for this morning, so I am able to provide your treatment if necessary."

With that last comment she touched his lips with her hand, gave him a big smile and left the room with an exaggerated sway of the hips. John could only stare at her retreating back stunned at what she had told him. Her uniform outlined her curves very well allowing the dress to hug her body and sway enticingly with her narrow hips. There may not be a lot of her but John was impressed with what he could see. As she was about to exit the room she turned back to John, noticing with a grin that he had been watching.

"John, in case you did not pick up on my message I am available in case you have problems down below. From what the others have said about how much of a gentleman you are I will put this as bluntly as I can. If you need to have sex, call me."

She raised one eyebrow at him and smirked as she left the room, while John stared at the now empty doorway stunned.

He thought to himself, "Wow that was unexpected but she did seem familiar. I just can't quite place her, but I guess she was here the last time. Seems either my dear wife or the doctor have organised things so I can be treated around the clock as required. The hassle now is that when a gorgeous woman gives me the come on gesture I seem to then feel the itch. Just hope I can last a while yet, at least until Linda can get here," then a memory surged, "Oh that's it, Rhonda was here that first time Linda treated me in the hospital and she got a little worked up from watching us."

It was still early morning and John was bored with reading and daytime TV just did not thrill him; although the woman jumping and clapping excitedly after winning a years worth of laundry detergent did have a suggestive bounce under her blouse. He thought to himself that it was not good when a quiz show looked sexy. His breakfast arrived to break the monotony, for about two minutes. He even read through the entire newspaper that had been provided, which then made him even more depressed. His newest apps on his phone kept him amused for a few minutes. He even sat there watching the screen as the phone updated the apps.

Thinking to himself again that hospital was okay if you are really really sick but this 'observation' thing was the absolute pits. Making matters worse was that he knew that it was risky to be out and about unless he could be certain he would not hallucinate again.

After making sure that he had respectable clothing on with nothing untoward hanging or poking out he went for a walk around the ward. Not exactly exciting but there was people, activity and noise. Passing open doorways in the corridor he could not help but peek in as he went by. It seemed like he was taking snapshots of peoples lives; reading, drinking, watching TV, listening to radios, talking to hospital staff, but mostly they were sleeping. John walked slowly for a while content to watch the activities around him as a passive observer. At one time he had to move to one side as the emergency cart was pushed to a room where a patient was in serious trouble. He did not linger feeling distinctly uncomfortable as though he was intruding on the persons privacy in his moment of crisis.

He ended up at a small lounge which was barely more than a pimple to the side of the corridor. Three people were sitting and chatting, and John asked if they minded if he joined them. He introduced himself and their names were Peter, Paul and Mary. Peter was grey haired, in his late seventies and retired. He continued the conversation regaling them with tales of his grand children's exploits as they were growing up. He seemed to be a very indulgent family man who was hoping some great grand kids would come along soon. Mary was a small middle aged, mousy looking woman with three children. Two kids had left home with one travelling through Europe and the other working interstate. The third was finishing university this year and would probably leave home as soon as he could find permanent work. Her husband worked in the oil industry at the oil fields on a fly-in-fly-out basis. Paul was the youngest of them at about twenty years old and single, and had been working at an electrical store.

John enjoyed the time talking to these strangers enabling him to forget his own worries for a while, relax and have a laugh. Peter was a very good story teller and had them in stitches with some of his outlandish tales. Mary may have looked like a mouse but having reared three boys mostly on her own she could stand her ground with the best of them. Underneath she was a very strong person and some of her stories were extremely funny but had a basis of her having to ensure she was not trodden down. Paul lacked the life history of the others but loved being in their company.

A nurse did arrive and apologised as it was time for Paul to have his next treatment session. John flinched inwardly at the use of this term but kept it to himself. After Paul had been taken away with the nurse pushing his wheelchair with its drip packs wobbling suspended from the attached frame, my two companions looked a bit sad. Peter explained that Paul was a frequent patient here in the hospital and his condition was terminal. The treatments he received here each month helped him survive a little longer, but at best he could live another year. This made John sad that younger people had problems that made his own so minor in comparison. They talked for a bit longer until Mary had to leave, so John and Peter left as well.

John slowly made his way back to his own room, again glancing around him at the people and activities. The place was getting busier as the visiting time had started. A minute after John had returned to his room his lawyer arrived to see him and advised he would also be getting more information from Dr Kendall. Melvin Sheister asked some questions about this latest episode that John had gone through. He would be reporting to the insurance company on John's behalf. Mr Sheister was certain the drug company would be wanting to settle the claims as quickly as possible in the hope of keeping things as quiet as possible. He only stayed for about fifteen minutes before leaving for his appointment with the doctor.

The visit had left John feeling tired which just confirmed that he needed to look after his health better. However it was getting later in the morning and it had been some time since his last treatment and the tingles were returning. His dilemma of conscience was returning as to what he should do. He knew Linda would get cross at him for not just getting what he needed, but he still felt wrong about doing this with relative strangers. Admitting to himself that his resolve on this issue was waning with each treatment. He was enough of a realist to admit to himself that in the end he was a man and having a woman want to have sex with him was a real turn on. It may only be because he needed treatment but they did give his ego a boost. He did the only thing he could do and rang the buzzer for the nurse. He also assuaged his guilt by sending Linda a text that he was seeking treatment with the nurse, Rhonda.

He went into the bathroom to have a quick clean up and while still there Rhonda came up behind him and snaked her arms around to embrace him from behind. She whispered to him over his shoulder.

"Hi big boy, do you come here often?" giving a laugh as he grinned back, "I like your style, today of all days the Matron is on the warpath because of some silly thing or another. I think the wipes have been over used or more towels are being sent to be cleaned than was budgeted. Anyway I have closed the outer door and it will be best if we could stay in here, she has a habit of trolling the hallways and jumping into rooms for surprise visits. I certainly would not want to explain what we will be doing to the old nag. I wouldn't get into any real trouble as your case needs this, but having to explain after going through one of her lectures puts a big dent in your day. So handsome, I am not a slut, well maybe a little one, we need to get naked so I can sample your wares and get you feeling all better."

She matched actions to words and was removing her shoes and turned around for me to unzip her uniform. I slowly pulled the zip down enjoying the view of her skin as it opened. She was reaching back to between us rubbing my expanding cock. She paused enough to remove her dress and hang it up on the door hook before also removing her underwear which, although nice, was what you would call serviceable for work. Once it too was removed he could see there was plenty of her body you would definitely call serviceable, and he ran his hands down her sides to demonstrate his appreciation. She did not have much increase in her hips but made up for it with a firm butt and no tan lines. He took a moment to remove his own clothing as she turned around to face him.

They began kissing with a passion as the feel of their naked bodies pressed together turned up the heat. His hands went from holding her head to squeezing her boobs while she stroked his cock. After a minute of smooches Rhonda went down to her knees to get a close up view of his erection before slipping it between her lips. Lifting her eyes up to watch his reaction she sucked hard as her head moved forward drawing more of him inside. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat but this was only a small pause until her head moved back and forth letting him fuck her mouth. In all this time her eyes never left his and her hands alternated between gripping the lower part of his cock and grabbing his butt cheeks.

Soon Rhonda settled for a simple face fuck with her hands masturbating what did not fit between her lips. They were in a lovely rhythm when John reached the end of his control and after calling his warning he let loose. The nurse tried valiantly to swallow it all but his quantity was totally unexpected and her chest and stomach were soon covered in his cum. She loved the taste of him and the heat of the liquid was like a hot milk drink with marshmallow. Rhonda may not have had an orgasm but her pussy was now totally wet. She forgot herself for a moment as she wiped her hands over her body and licked the spilled semen.

John had not quite finished with her yet and when he began to pull her to her feet she was astounded his cock was still hard and ready for more. He turned her around to place her hands on the sink and pushed his cock head into her vagina opening. She had to bend a bit to allow him entry from behind but found the effort well worth it as he slowly pushed his way in. She could feel every inch as her vagina stretch to allow him entry, causing an orgasm to slowly build within her. He held her hips as his stroking increased in speed and length. She could feel the tension building inside her abdomen when she happened to glance down at her body. The semen that had stuck to her chest reminded her of how it tasted and felt in her mouth and this sight and memory pushed her to orgasm. She let out a groan and grunts as the tension pulsed through her body centered around her pussy. Just as she emitted a particularly loud grunt there was a knock on the door.

"Hello Mr Smith, are you in there? I am Matron Hardas and I was hoping to have a word with you. I heard a noise in there, are you okay? Do you need any assistance. Should I come in to give you a hand with anything?"

If anything could dampen the mood in the bathroom this was it. They both stopped moving and even breathing, only Rhonda's eyes moved to check that the door was locked. It would not stop anyone as hospital locks only worked if you did not have a staff key. John was totally immobile until Rhonda elbowed his side making him jump a little.

"Hello Matron. No I am alright I was just having a little trouble in the toilet but seems okay now. My apologies if I was making too much noise but the effort was more than I thought it would be," They exchange looks over Rhonda's shoulder, both still too scared to move much, "It will take me few minutes to finish this and I was about to have a shower. Perhaps I could buzz for you after I come out. Would that be okay with you?"

"Yes that will be fine Mr Smith. It was nothing urgent so we can chat a little later no problems. I will go now and let you finish, and sorry for disturbing you."

"Right, bye for now Matron," and they let out slow breaths as they heard her leaving. Then as John was restarting and Rhonda let out a long sigh they heard the voice again.

"Sorry to disturb you again Mr Smith, but have you seen Nurse Rhonda Rambit? She was last seen heading to your room but not since."

John had to think quickly as Rhonda's eyes opened wide enough to see the whites all the way around, "Uhmm yes she was here not long ago and helped me get ready in here. The nurse said she needed something and had to get it straight away. I think she will be coming here soon though."

Rhonda smirked, rolled her eyes at him and gave him another elbow in the side as the Matron thanked him and left his room. John closed his eyes and relaxed against Rhonda's back holding her around the waist as they both recovered from a little shock. John recovered enough to caress her front with his hands and noticed the stickiness on her chest and stomach. She was enjoying the feel of his touch, it was helping her relax after nearly getting caught by Matron Hardas. Rhonda was jolted from her dreamy state as John withdrew his penis. She was about to chastise him when he suggested they get in the shower to finish off and get clean. The noise of the water would also help buffer any other sounds. Rhonda smiled and joined him after he had the water at a nice warm temperature.

They returned to kissing as John lifted Rhonda to position her above his cock. She helped guide him in as he lowered her body, and then wrapped her legs and arms around him to help support her. They were soon back to an uplifting rhythm and Rhonda felt her sexual tension rebuilding. Her last orgasm had been cut short so she really wanted to finish it this time. John was thoroughly enjoying his tryst with another sexy nurse and his peak was soon reached. When his cock began to spasm sending the thick hot juice into her vagina she quickly joined him with a strong orgasm. This time though she made every effort to not make loud noises, although it cost John some skin on his shoulder as she bit down to muffle a scream.

His cock soon deflated and popped out of her vagina making her feel very empty. She let her legs stretch out to take her weight as he relaxed his hold on her. They stayed in each others arms for a while longer to regain their breathing and bask in the afterglow of lovely sex. The water fortunately stayed hot so they did not get cold until leaving the cubicle. Quickly drying themselves and getting dressed John waited as Rhonda blow dried her hair. It was a short style so did not take too long, but he stayed in case anyone came to his room and noticed noise in the bathroom with him out in his room. He then checked that the coast was clear first inside his room then in the corridor allowing Rhonda to slip out unseen by other staff. She gave him a little wave and air kiss as she walked away exaggerating the sway of her hips for his benefit.

He made a quick check around his room and bathroom in case any evidence had been left behind, and except for a couple of globs of my cum on the floor it was all clear. Just a change the bedding had remained clean of the usual sexual detritus that he had become used to. John buzzed for the nurse and told her that Matron Hardas had been looking to talk to me. The nurse looked disappointed when she realised he was asking her to contact the Matron for him. She went off and John sat and waited for the matron to arrive. Linda walked in at that moment and he immediately forgot all about hospital people and immersed himself entirely in her love. For her part she all but climbed into his body for an all over hug making certain as much was in contact as possible. Their lips did not separate by more than a millimetre for a long time.

It took a number of attempts by Matron Hardas coughing to get their attention, and even then Linda was slow to pull away, checking his groin for any obvious bulges before totally separating. Linda turned toward the woman as John made the introductions, and they sat down where possible with John on the edge of his bed and the women on the available chairs. The matron pressed the sleep button on her electronic tablet and placed it on her lap.

The matron started talking, "Thank you for agreeing to talk with me Mr Smith," pausing as John nodded, "You may not be aware but I have responsibility for the running of the hospital medical care and how that is administered. I may not oversee every patient's care, but I like to keep abreast of what my nursing staff are required to do. So if any unusual cases come to my attention I often take a special interest in them, and your situation Mr Smith is one such case."

John nodded again not being certain where she was heading with this, so he decided to wait and see what she wanted to know. Linda was surprised but also curious as to why the matron was here talking to John. It seemed highly irregular to her for a matron to approach a patient directly in this manner, especially without the relevant ward sister or nurse present.

"I want to make certain that you have been fully briefed on your health condition and that the doctors and nursing staff are following the procedures and protocols as set up for you. Perhaps to start with I will ask if you have any complaints regarding your visit and treatment you have received whilst here."

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