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(A story I wrote a couple months ago. Trying a different style just to see if it works. All are at least eighteen in this one.)


I have worked at the same restaurant for a number of years. Started as a busboy, it took me about twelve years to take over and run the place. I earned the respect of my crew the hard way, by working my ass off. So it isn't strange to think I have tons of stories about the strange stuff going on behind the swinging doors. This is an incident that happened a few years ago.

It so happens that the storage room for dry goods is located next to the office I use during evening service. By accident or design by the previous manager, there is a small hole at head level that can be used to spy to ensure productivity as he had always said. I swear I use to never use it cause I have a level of trust with my crew. That was until one night.

I have known C dog since we were both busboys. He preferred to stay as a waiter cause the tips were better than the starting wages. I disagreed with him and soon became his boss. He didn't mind though just because he was in his prime. Twenty three years old, toned down bod, shortly cropped hair. He had a black book the size of a day planner full of not only hot girl numbers, but their measurements and how they graded. He would rate every girl he banged by what she did and how kinky she was. I told him he could retire if he ever sold that book.

One night, C Dog told me he was checking inventory. This was code for a break since we were such good buds. He took his time walking into the dry storage room while I finished filing that damn paperwork. It wasn't long until I heard voices coming from the other room. One was C, just sweet talking someone although I had no clue who, until I heard that giggle.

One of the traditions I kept was giving everyone nicknames. Giggles was a thin redhead who talked with a slight valley girl accent. She got giggles just because if you looked at her a weird way, she couldn't stop giggling. It was a giggle that could make a priest hard just because it was so cute. It also caused those nice B cups to jiggle a bit. I know people tell me that B cups are too scrawny to jiggle, but hers did.

So when she started to giggle, i got to see those puppies bounce again. I admit, I looked through the peephole. I watched as Giggles began to slowly unbutton her shirt before C. Her bra was light in color, almost see through. As she removed it, C was on her neck from behind nibbling on that neck of hers. As she leaned to the side, her hands slid her skirt down to reveal a really tiny G string. C's hands were all over her like an octopus. It wasn't long until one of his hands slipped in the top of her panties and began to move in small circles. Her hips began to gyrate as she reached up and undid the clasp of her bra, revealing erect nipples.

I could hear her say things like hoping they don't get caught or maybe they should go someplace more private. C dog responded by allowing his lips to crush hers, allowing his pants to drop revealing his erect piece. She bent down quickly and took him into her mouth as if she was starved. Her moans were stifled by his dick, his hands wrapping in her red hair as his hips began to thrust into her. I watched the look on his face as he was not seducing this girl, but throttling her like she was some two bit whore.

It was a little while before he allowed himself to escape the black hole between her lips and barked out the order for her to lean against the stack of boxes. I got a good look at that fat ass of hers as she pulled down her G string before leaning down. C dog was on her, shoving his meat into her. He wasn't taking it easy on her, but was tearing that shit up. I could hear her moans, watching as she begged for more and more punishment before he pulled out and commanded her to kneel before unloading all over that pretty face of hers.

By this time, I was stiffer than laminate. I snuck off to the bathroom to pull a quick one while service began. It was very soon that C dog knocked on the door and told me I was needed up front. As I walked through the swinging doors, i saw Giggles with her hair back up, looking professional. It was at that moment I knew I would have to tap that ass soon.

Sadly, the chance never came. Giggles moved away taking any chance of feeling her ass from the inside with her. I start checking the peep hole more often now, for productivity reasons of course. I'll tell you more stories as I see fit. After all, a boss can't reveal everything .Can he?

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