Author's note — thank you all for taking your time to write me feedbacks and mails. It's been wonderful to know that my work was appreciated. This is a short/flash story, and I hope you all like it. Feedbacks are always welcome.


The raucous party going on upstairs began to drive her nuts. Kelly had a deadline to meet. Her story was all wrapped up except for the intro. The prospect of having to face an ogre of an editor with an incomplete story made her stomach churn. It made her hard to think because the noise from upstairs was getting worse. Frustrated in sheer exasperation she walked up to the apartment and charged in through the open door.

"Hi, sugar! I'm Jesse," said a guy standing near the entrance of the apartment.

"No time for niceties, sorry," Kelly replied grimly. "I've got work to do and I can't even think with this entire ruckus you folks are creating. So I've come to tell you I'll call the police if you don't scale down this disturbance."

"Wow, what a long speech! I'm really impressed by you beautiful." Jesse said winking at her.

Furious at his flippancy, she glared Jesse with an enraged stare and walked right into the one room apartment taking care not to step over couples engaged in various stages of sexual activities. She reached near the music system; bend down and switched it off.

"Don't you dare switch it on after I'm gone," Kelly threatened as she turned to look at Jesse. He stared back at her. Her blue cotton skirt and pink shirt, with loads of anger sitting on her nose made her look cute. Suddenly he flashed her brilliant smile, which in spite of herself disarmed her completely.

"I won't, promise, but I'd love if you'll like to join us. By the way, it's a celebration party; I've signed a contract with Hallmark Music Company." Jesse said proudly.

"No, I've got work to do. I'm a writer and I've a deadline to meet." She explained. "Some other time."

"Ok, here's my number, call me when you've time." He scribbled his number on a tissue paper and gave it to Kelly.

Two weeks later Kelly called Jesse. He was too happy to hear from her, and managed to confess that he was waiting for her call.

"So should we have drink or something together, if you are free?" He asked crossing his fingers for a positive reply.

"Don't have much to do so — yes." She replied a little surprised by her answer. The venue was his house. After all it was just one floor above. And 'quite like home' he said. Kelly didn't thought twice and went with the flow.

Jesse greeted her on the door; Kelly was taken aback when she saw Jesse only in his shorts. Once inside the small apartment she notices there was no other furniture except his bed. No chairs to sit on civilly. She sat on the bed feeling a little silly and uncomfortable.

"Make yourself comfy, stretch your legs."

She obeyed him, but felt foolish immediately. Her legs seem too long and the bed too small. The only other way was to lie down next to him.

"After all it's only a conversation I'm having with him." Kelly thought

Jesse sensing her indecision pulled her down towards him. There was hardly any space between them. Her body prone on the bed, inches away from his. She thought what she's doing here with a guy she hardly knows. She observed his arms and chest are muscled and rippled like person who lifts weights but his face she can see, is lined and puffy like a person who doesn't worry about what he's doing to his body.

To her he seems like a person drifting aimlessly from one morning into other. Definitely — not her type. She always thought ambition in a man is what turns her on. And this guy does not have a single ambitious bone in his body. Just then he choose to flash that smile again at her. She tried to think what it meant, maybe, something like — I'm okay, you're okay.

"Are you happy?" she asked him suddenly. Jesse just gave a nod to her question.

"Then why do you look so diffused kind of?" she asked

Jesse wasn't interested in any conversation. He rolled her to her side so that she wasn't facing him and pulled her close so that they layered in fetal position, curled up like two question marks one into the other. Kelly made a half-hearted effort to move away. But he pulled her close and kissed her earlobes. He flips her onto her back and to her much surprise their lips joined. He's tasted like mint, but she did get a faint taste of whiskey. One part of her was revolted, the other drawn towards this man. He showered kisses all over her face and digs a hole in her ear with his tongue, leaving a trail of mint smell wherever his mouth went. In between kisses Kelly managed to murmur — "This is so wrong, please stop."

For answer he just smiled at her and move on top of her. Jesse continued to shower her face with more kisses. His hands moved underneath her skirt. She wasn't wearing any underwear. To Jesse's delight her smooth womanhood was wet. She was getting turned on. Jesse used his fingers like an expert musician, and played delicately with petals of her flower.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Kelly moaned. "It isn't decent you know. We don't even know each other."

"I know and that's why we're going to complete what we've begun." He retorts.

His hands moved under her shirt, his hot fingers crawled under her bra. She felt his touch on the curve of her breasts. Kelly tried to hide the fact that he's hit a sensitive spot, the most vulnerable spot so far. She squirms as if to move out of his grasp, but the writhing only reinforces his desire to feel the fullness of her. He quickly unclasps her bra. Her lily-white breast with tiny cheery like nipples were on display. Jesse got impatient as he almost ripped off her shirt and shoved off her bra aside.

"You are so beautiful, like an angel." He said looking into her eyes. His hands automatically moved towards her breast. He pinched her tiny nipples lightly with his fingers and sensed her mounting excitement. It was very arousing, but Kelly wanted him to stop, she wanted him to know that she doesn't do this with every guy, but the hands kneading her breast made her wanting even more.

She felt her body responding to his touches, and without any further struggle decided to stick her hand under his short to let him know she's also a giver. She flinched for a moment as her hand curl over something really stiff and hard. She held it tight at first and then ran her fingers along the ridges overcome by the novelty of it all.

"I don't do this kind of thing you know."

She wondered if it's too late to stop. Usually with most guys on the first date, you neck until someone draws the line and says stop. Just because you've kissed somebody doesn't mean you're going to fuck him or her. Certainly not the first time you're together.

But she sensed that with Jesse she doesn't stand a chance. "I crossed an invisible line as soon as I walked through the door. If I stay I've had it. My option is to leave, but I don't want to leave." She thought to herself

His hands were now under skirt again. He touched her and fingered her to orgasm over and over again. She realized she's all hot and wet between her legs and doesn't know how could have all happened without her being aware of it even. Jesse knew it was time to make this beautiful stranger his. He pulled down his shorts and looked at her face, which registered a look of panic and awe.

"Sshhh, I'll be gentle." Jesse said trying to assure her. He held his cock in his hand and rubbed on her wet entrance. He pushed very gently, half of his cock slipped in. He felt something tear, and then realized that it's a new experience for this beautiful stranger. Kelly gasped, as it was her first time. Though she used her fingers for pleasure, but this was beyond her imagination.

Jesse stroked her gently trying to fit in. She held her breath as her womanhood opened to receive him. There was a spot, a small and sensitive spot that he banged as he moved back and forth evoking incredible sounds of pleasure from her. It did hurt her, but it was a sweet pain. For a while she thought she was dreaming, and on some another planet. Jesse picked up his pace and used his tool deeper and faster. Kelly raised herself to feel him penetrating her right into her womb. Their orgasm when it happened was an amazing mixture of primordial passion that knows no other way but to splinter the deafening darkness of the night with the velocity of desire.

It was only when Kelly was back in the haven of her quiet retreat that the thought came to her that she has given her virginity to a man that she doesn't even know properly. Standing underneath the shower as the water pelt her skin, it struck her that like a lighting bolt — something in her life changed forever. "How could I give myself to a man whom I hardly know?" She asked herself repeatedly.

The next morning Kelly decided to let Jesse know in no uncertain terms that he has got it all wrong. That she is different from all the other women he must've known in the past. But this time there was no Jesse at the door. There was a caretaker who didn't know when Jesse would be back. "He is a nomad", said the man.

Kelly didn't know his whereabouts. She thought to write to his music company. But the thought of him sharing her letter with the hundreds of girls who might be surrounding him, deter her. She even thought to use her journalist friends to find him, but gave up that thought. Her brain said he will never return, that she never really mattered to him, but her heart believed he'll return, and what happened between them even if it was just a one night stand, was very special.

Six months went by, and there was no sign of Jesse. To assuage the pain of his departure from her life, Kelly occupied herself in work. She even tried to date, but it never worked for her with anybody else. She felt she was dying everyday, and when she lost all her hope — she saw him.

He was standing at her door. Jesse looked thinner, and he was well dressed. Kelly thought she was hallucinating, no it was him, and he was really there. She looked into his eyes to catch the spark and light up the cavernous darkness of her heart. But she can't read much there, the language seems to have changed.

"Hey, sugar." Jesse said moving in front of her.

"Where have you been?" Kelly asked getting straight to the point

"I was..."

Kelly didn't allow him to say, she slapped him as hard as she can. She stared at him and finally she let her pent up emotions flow in her tears. Jesse did the best thing; he moved close to her and pulled her into an embrace. He held her and let her cry. Kelly trembled in his arms as she sobbed; she grabbed the back of his shirt's collar, she wanted him to stay with her. Jesse broke their embrace and held her at arms length.

"I thought you forgot me. When you left without any notice, I was..." This time Jesse didn't allow her to speak. He kissed her lightly, but it was a kiss of long lost lover.

He wiped her tears with his thumbs, and held her face in both of his hands. Jesse looked in her eyes and said, "I thought you were just a one night stand as far as I was concerned. But you haunted every night of mine, for six months. I'm here to take you with me. Remember my contract with Music Company? Things worked out well." Jesse said giving his brilliant smile.

Kelly looked in his eyes, and there was truth in them. She looked at this stranger who came in her life and changed it. She was happy that it wasn't just a one night stand, but something special.

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