tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 07

kitty Waited Ch. 07


Master leans over and bites kitty softly on the neck which makes her squirm a bit upon His lap. Master knew this would be a reaction to expect. kitty's neck was a weak spot on her and always seemed to make her squirm and yearn for Him. Master enjoyed biting His kitty. Master enjoyed teasing His kitty as well.

"Why is kitty squirming in My lap?"

"It would be because You bit my neck which belongs to You Master."

"Another good answer from you My kitty. Is kitty wet with desire for her Master?"

"Yes Master she is."

"you should be wet for Me, My kitty. Master likes you wet for Me and should always be wet. A good slave such as you knows these things to be true."

"Yes Master, this is a true fact. i enjoy being wet for You. Being around You makes me wet."


"Yes, Master?"

"You are My good kitty."'

"Yes, i am -- now and forever and a day".

"Now i think it is time for a shower. Go prepare the water kitty as i wish You to bathe me."

"Yes, Master"

kitty scampers off to comply with Master's orders. she enjoys interacting with Master in this manner. It has become something of a routine on days that He isn't too busy. Today was such a day. she purred happily as she made it to the bathroom.

kitty turned on the shower water and let it warm up. she set out towels and a washrag. Just as every thing was prepared Master joined me in the bathroom. He must have known she was ready for Him. she could feel His eyes upon her flesh.

kitty could feel herself growing even more wet. she was sure that Master could smell her arousal from the doorway. she quickly moved to kneel up before the shower awaiting His next set of orders. she wasn't quite sure what to expect today.

"I want you to join me in the shower kitty. Perhaps if you are good I will let you cum again."

Purr was all kitty could say as she pulled back the shower curtain for Master to step in and she soon followed behind. she let Master get himself wet before scrubbing Him with the washrag. she took her time and could see that her arousal was making Master hard again. she enjoyed the sight of Him hard.

"Hum it looks like someone's smell is driving Master to hardness. I wonder what should be done about this."

kitty looked up at Master from washing His feet and smiled. she knew that she didn't need to answer His question this time but a part of her wanted to say something. she loved touching Master on all parts of His body with either my hands, tongue, or mouth. she wasn't kept wondering what was next for very long.

"Stand up and bend over kitty. Master needs You."

Just the mere thought of being taken like that had me soaking wet. she rose to her feet, bracing herself against the shower wall, and bent over. It wasn't long before she felt Master filling her pussy with His hard cock. she purred out a moan as it felt so good.

"That's it kitty let Master hear you."


Master took His time making sure that she could feel every inch of His cock inside of her. It felt great. It didn't take long for kitty to reach the point of needing to cum because of the angle. It felt so good to have Him inside of her.

"Master, kitty needs to cum soon. May kitty cum for You please?"

"kitty may cum when Master does."

With that said Master picked up the pace a bit and pounded His cock into her pussy. That was feeling even better and my body began to shake a bit. she grasped at His cock and held on for that sound that always told her that He was about to cum. Soon enough she heard that tell tale moan and kitty came with Master coating His cock with her juices.

"Mmmmm what a good kitty I have."

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