tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 09

kitty Waited Ch. 09


Master and kitty snuggled up for a well earned nap. kitty squirmed a bit in her sleep as not all of the gel had been washed off quite yet. It was giving her quite an interesting nap as well as dreams. It was in a way quite a wicked way to do things but Master generally knew what He was doing.

Master giggled a bit as kitty wiggled in her sleep. He knew that soon she would be waking wanting relief from the warming gel once again. T/their nap was a light one but still a needed one for there was still much more to be done that day. His plans were for there to be many orgasms that day.

Master woke kitty up after having slept a couple of hours. B/both of T/their bodies had been spent and a nap was a good way to replenish the body. Soon though T/they would need to eat, and Master had plans for that as well. He had it all figured out in His mind all ready but was not quite ready to share that plan with kitty.

It was not very often that Master devoted an entire day to such things but kitty had been very good lately with her chores and training. So this was a big reward for her, and one that she had not been made aware of before hand either. Sometimes doing the extra touches needs to be rewarded so that it continues down the road. It makes things a bit more pleasant as well.

Master slowly teased kitty's clit as she slept. He knew she may need to get up and attend to business before much play could really take place but He wanted her aroused. He loved seeing her arousal and smelling it in the air. It excited Him as much as it excited her and it was a way of controlling her as well when it all came down to it. kitty was a very sexual being and had been that way for as long as Master had known her.

He pinched kitty's clit tightly and heard a moan from her lips. He knew that He had her undivided attention from that moment on. With His other hand, He playfully tapped her bottom and it startled kitty softly awake. Her eyes soon met His and she purred softly at Him. He looked at her and smiled the smile that she had grown to love.

"Go take care of your business now kitty."

kitty meowed softly at her Master and moved to go take care of her business. she didn't need to be told more than once to do so. That was one thing that Master always understood about kitty. her needing and having to take care of business before play time.

Master was sitting up in the bed waiting for kitty to return when she did. He motioned without saying a word for her to join Him on the bed once again. The silk wrist and ankle cuffs were in His hand and ready to be attached to her. she quickly lay down on her back and offered up each limb in turn to Him.

This was another thing that Master and kitty has come to do without having to use commands or words. It was just instant now. It was a sign of T/their time T/together. she had reached a point with Him that some things just did not require words for them any more.

Once the wrist and ankle cuffs were in place, Master secured them to the bed with silk scarves. He checked to make sure that she was comfortable and that nothing was too tight or in awkward angle. He got out the warming gel once again and applied just a bit to her clit and slowly rubbed around it in circles. He loved teasing her and the clit was the one place that drove her wild.

After a while of teasing her clit like that and watching her squirm and writhe within the bonds, Master looked down at kitty with a sheep eating grin. kitty knew something was up but wasn't sure what He had in mind. Something was churning in that mind of His and she wasn't quite sure what to expect next. she waited in silence as time ticked on a bit.

"kitty, I want to try something with you today that W/we have not really done much of before. Do you think that you would be up to trying what I have in mind?"

kitty knew that this was His way of checking to see how open she was that day to exploring some of her limits. Master was never one to push them too hard or too frequently because kitty did have some limits that were never to be changed. T/they had that understanding going into the relationship year ago. kitty smiled at her Master before giving her reply.

"Master, kitty would be up for trying today, but she is quite curious as to what You have in mind before she gives her final consent."

"As you should kitty.....as you should know what it is I want to do before you give your consent. There is something that W/we have been talking about for a while now. I think it is time that W/we seriously discuss it though."

kitty got all curious now. she wasn't sure what Master wanted to discuss with her. It must be something that He wanted her full attention for other wise He wouldn't have tied her up so she couldn't shy away from the conversation. kitty did sometimes have a bad habit of wanting to shy away.

T/they had developed this way a while back so that she would have to participate in the conversation or spend some time alone in the bonds. Master always made sure that He was close by and never left her really alone. He just made her think so in order for her to really think upon what T/they were trying to discuss. This was a proven method for T/them.

"Master would like to discuss with kitty the possibility of having her hood pierced. you have been My slave now for a while now. you did say a long time ago that when you became my slave that you would think about this, and that W/we would discuss it. Well that time is now, kitty."

"Yes, Master. kitty did say when she was Your submissive that W/we would talk about it again if and when i became Your slave. You are right about it having been a while now, and that W/we should discuss it again."

"What is your hesitation kitty? You know why I want this piercing. I, also, know that in the past it has been a limit of yours too. One that W/we agreed that W/we would discuss at length at some point. Well today that time has come for U/us to discuss it at length. You have been my slave now for six months and I would like a permanent marking on you via this piercing."

"i knew that this day was coming Master. The one in which W/we would discuss this issue once again. i am glad that You choose now to bring it up. i have been doing some thinking about the piercing and some research into it as well. i am not as scared as i once was about the idea."

"This is good to know kitty. When were you going to tell Me that you were doing some thought and research into it?"

"i was waiting for a time such as this one Master. When i knew i would have Your undivided attention and where W/we could talk at length about things. i am not as scared as i once was about such a permanent marking. It is one that i could take out at some point and let heal over if that was what i truly desired should W/we ever unfortunately part. i have been looking at the different types of piercing of the clit, and the hood is the only part that i really would agree to having pierced."

Master smiled at kitty. He knew this was a big step for her in admitting and saying as well. He, also, realized that T/they were on the same page about where to have the piercing. The hood was the best location for it, and it was undoable if the worst was to happen between T/them.

"I am glad that W/we are having this chat then kitty. It is important to me for many reasons. For one it shows Me that you are taking steps to let go of your fears about this type of piercing and that the limit is negotiable now. Am I right about this?"

"Yes, Master. You are right. The limit is now negotiable on a hood piercing. It is no longer a hard limit but rather a soft limit. kitty would even further say that she would consent to such a piercing, and tends to favor the horizontal piercing with a captive bead ring."

"So kitty really has been doing her research into this to even have a preference as to which kind of piercing she wants to have done. I am impressed by this and I do agree about that kind of piercing. I do like how it looks. I have had a particular one in mind for you."

kitty knew that Master had been waiting for this day for quite some time now. He had been very patient with her. He was proud of her for agreeing that it was negotiable now. This was a big step in many regards. It was not something He would take lightly. It was, also, something that He had not been pushing about despite having said something about wanting this when she was just His submissive.

"So is it agreed that you will have your hood pierced?"

"Yes, it is agreed Master. Will You hold my hand when it is being done though? i don't want some stranger touching my intimate parts without You being there."

"I would not have it any other way kitty. I will be there holding your hand the entire time. Besides this way, W/we will be doubly sure that it is done right. My next question to you is when you would allow this to be done?"

"kitty has been looking into a few places that do this sort of piercing here in the area. Most are open seven days a week with convenient hours to accommodate your work schedule Master."

"kitty has really been doing her homework on this limit. I am impressed and touched at the same time. you never cease to amaze me my treasure. I truly do adore you."

kitty purred at His praise and His words. she knew within all that she was that what He was saying was the truth. she smiled up at Him from the bindings and meowed at Him just a bit. He undid the scarves but kept the restraints on and scooped her up into His arms to hold her. After such an omission like that it was truly time for some holding and cuddling.

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