tagBDSMkitty Waited Ch. 10

kitty Waited Ch. 10


kitty happily curled into her Master's arms and T/they talked a while longer about the piercing and the research that kitty had been doing on the subject. It wasn't a huge surprise to Master that kitty had been doing this but rather a pleasant one. It showed that kitty really did understand why He wanted her to have it. she wanted their bond to be that much more so through this changing of a limit from hard to soft.

This was a big step for kitty because in the past she had not budged on that limit for any Dominant. It had been something she didn't feel was needed really to show that she was Theirs. It was something that she didn't want to have to hide from O/others who might not understand if they accidently saw it. This relationship, however, was a bit different from the Others.

kitty was Master's full-time live-in slave. This was the first time that she had ever served any Dominant in this capacity. she was happy and proud to have found her slave heart with Him and that He was nurturing it as T/they went along. True there was some adjusting still going on in the relationship but this was something truly wonderful.

Master and kitty had met on a chat program four years ago. It was an almost instant attraction for T/them B/both but neither O/one of T/them acted upon it because at the time kitty was with another Dominant online but not collared at the time. When that relationship ended though, Master was there to help her heal from that journey. He was, also, the One who had encouraged her kitten side from the very beginning.

T/their relationship were not without its bumps in the road and there had been a time where neither of T/them was on speaking terms. kitty could be stubborn at times and didn't always communicate things effectively in the early years of T/their relationship. she soon learned though how to get His attention when she needed it without resorting to brat behaviorisms.

Master held kitty in His arms as they talked in depth about the piercing and about when to possibly have it done and where. It was decided that a week from that day, T/they would go to place not that far from where T/they lived. The place had a good reputation and many their workers were D/s friendly. Both of T/them had scoped out the place before to get a feel for it unbeknownst to the O/other.

Master got up a moment and walked over to His dresser. He opened the top drawer and took out a small box. He opened it and inside was a piercing just like the one she had talked about -- a captive bead ring. The bead itself was a sapphire blue. It would look very pretty next to her pink flesh.

kitty gave her Master a huge hug and smiled at Him. This was a big step for T/them and one that she knew would not be forgotten for a long while. she, also, knew that this meant a huge level of commitment on her part. she was letting go of her limit about piercings for Him.

kitty had been doing research on the topic every since it had been brought up when she was just Master's online submissive well over a year ago. It was something at the time she said she might consider if and when she became His slave. T/they both knew it was just a matter of time before that would happen. It was just really a matter of kitty coming to terms with her slave heart.

It was something she had done a lot of research on as well. There were a lot of firsts happening in this relationship. For Master was the first Dominant she had ever truly loved with all that she was. Sure she had cared for the Other Dominants that she had served but there was always something holding her back from completely loving Them. Through her years of therapy for agoraphobia, she was able to uncover why she had a fear of commitment.

It came down to the fact that kitty was afraid of being abandoned and made to feel that she was unloved. kitty had been adopted before the age of three and had issues in her adulthood from that event. It does happen when it occurs in the cognitive years of development. That was what happened with kitty and she was afraid that any one who said they that they loved her would eventually leave her as well.

It took kitty a long time to trust that Master would not do that. she had run many times from what she was feeling in T/their early years of being together. It wasn't until after she had gotten sick with gall stones that she had finally stopped running. It made her really take a look at what was important in her life because all she knew was just how sick she was feeling. she reached out to Him after a time of not talking and the friendship soon blossomed once again into a full fledged relationship.

It was from that blooming relationship, that kitty was finally able to let go of a lot of things in her life. she still had issues that she was dealing with, but at least she had Someone who truly cared about her in her corner. For all this she was willing and able to negotiate on this limit of hers. she knew that other wise there would be no way. Sure she had been asked before in Other relationships but the answer has always been "No that was a hard limit and one that was not negotiable."

kitty admired the piece of jewelry that could very well be dangling from her body in a week's time and simply smiled. she looked at her Master and gave Him a huge hug and a kiss. she thanked Him for His patience with her and for giving her the freedom to decide if she could truly change her mind on that limit or not on her own without pressure. she felt empowered by this and was truly happy as well.

"Now kitty this does mean a great deal to me. I know that this was not something you came to decide without a great deal of thought and without a great deal of questioning. I can remember the times that W/we would talk about this and you would say give me some more time or that you were not ready yet to make up your mind. I am proud of you for finally making up your mind on your own terms and for having done all that you have in getting to this point."

"You are welcome Master. i know this isn't an easy decision or one that i have entered into lightly. i am truly willing to change my mind and allow this one piercing. i do know that the next step will be to see if i am even a candidate for such a piercing, and if i am not then W/we will have to discuss what i can get instead. It will be a piercing though. That much i am certain about."

"I do understand this kitty. W/we both know my preference and hopefully they will agree with what I would like depending on the best interest for you and not just because W/we are paying them money to do this. Based upon what I have seen and what I have discussed with them that do not seem to be the case."

"kitty did not get that feeling either Master. she had, also, talked to them quite a bit about what she was thinking of having done. They seemed very knowledgeable and friendly. They answered all of my questions and explained how they do things. kitty feels really comfortable with this place."

"Then it is for sure then kitty? W/we are really going to have your clit pierced?"

"Yes, Master. This is for sure. If kitty is a candidate for it then it will be done for certain. she is certain of this."

kitty purred at her Master. she was truly happy about this decision. This was going to be something truly special for T/them because it was the first hard limit that had been negotiated about. Normally hard limits are not touched but this one kitty was ready to make exception to. It wasn't just to please her Master either.

This was something that kitty wanted as well. she wanted something that no one else but T /they would really know was there. It was something that would not be taken off unlike her collar at shower times. It would not be taken off like her leash to sleep at night and at other time when it was not really needed.

This was a symbol of T/their love and commitment to O/one A/another. It was time to celebrate. Master pulled kitty into the bathroom and took off the wrist and ankle cuffs. He turned on the water and pushed her into the spray of water once He was certain it was the right temperature. He got the towels together and a wash cloth as well.

He kissed the nape of her neck and slowly undid the clasp of her collar, and set it down on the counter. kitty did always dislike that part of having to get cleaned up. It meant being separated from the symbolic token of T/their relationship. It was something she had not taken off since the beginning of this recent journey with Master.

kitty started to reach for the wash cloth but Master stopped her. He shook His head No and started washing her body. He slowly and carefully washed every part of her body and made certain that everything was squeaky clean. He was pampering His slave with attention today and she had most certainly earned it.

After kitty was washed she asked her Master if she could in turn wash Him. Her question was met with a No and an instruction to go dry off and put some clothes on to go out and eat in. kitty asked her Master for some sort of indication of type of clothing and it was met with causal clothes and comfortable. He would not say any thing else.

Master was been planning on Chinese food today. Originally had thought to order it in but thought she might benefit from going out. He quickly showered, dried off, and put some clothes on Himself. He smiled at her as she brushed through her hair and put a necklace about her neck.

kitty knew better than to try and ask further questions and was ready to go. Master checked to see what the pets were up to. He told kitty to tidy up a bit around the apartment while He took Belle for a quick walk. kitty put away the toys and made the bed in the bedroom.

kitty made sure that there was food and water in the pet bowls for both Belle and Beast. Beast was in on of his usual spots on the couch. He purred at kitty when she scratched his ears and under his chin. This was something that He adored and kitty enjoyed hearing him purr. It told her that he was content and happy.

kitty had her shoes on and was all ready by the time Master arrived back at the apartment. He put away the dog's leash and smiled at His beautiful slave. she would not be wearing her collar or leash as T/they were going out in a vanilla environment. T/they did not like to make those outside T/their relationship uncomfortable.

T/they had chosen the necklace when kitty had first moved in with Master. kitty wanted something outwardly that represented T/them when wearing the collar might make someone else uncomfortable or raise too many questions. It was a delicate silver chain with a triskle pendant on the end. It was something that still reminded her of her place.

Master drove them to the local Chinese restaurant and sat in the booth beside her. He rarely sat opposite her at a table when T/they were out. He did that for a few reasons. One of T/them being that He liked having her close and it made her feel a bit more secure when T/they were out.

He ordered for T/them as He usually did. He knew what she liked to eat when it came to Chinese food. kitty loved chicken lo mein and would probably live on it if Master would allow it. Master on the other hand ordered a burger as He really did not care for the taste of Chinese food.

Master and kitty happily ate T/their dinner and casually talked a while about mundane things. It was a rare treat to be in public. It was not something kitty was comfortable doing very often. she was still skittish about most P/people in general. she was still working on that though with the help of a therapist.

After dinner, Master drove them home and without having to say any thing kitty went to go get her collar. It was slipped on as soon as the necklace was slipped off. kitty didn't like being without her collar for very long. There were some places that she wore it out but restaurants were not one of them. It was just something T/they had learned wasn't always a good idea.

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