Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 02


"Oh baby," he moaned to my mother, "Malee, you fucking hot slut, yeah, you're making me so fucking hard."

I couldnt believe he was talking to her that way -- my own mother! A married woman! But she definitely didn't mind, and I could tell, the dirty talk was part of their normal lovemaking. "Fuck yeah, Mr. David," my Mom purred, so aroused, her voice heavy with lust, "I'm your fucking little slut, yeah, fuck your little slut!"

The words turned him on way more, and he didn't seem happy fucking her in that sitting position. I saw him grab her rounded ass, and he lifted her while he moved off the sofa. She yelped and laughed, and the two of them unartfully fell to the carpeted floor with a thud. She laid back on the carpet while he pulled his pants off of his feet, then he crawled over her naked body with his. "Come here you little cunt," spat the perverted jerk to my married Mom, gazing down at her oversized tits inflated over her slender torso and shoulders. She turned playful, crawling away, as if to avoid him, and David crawled after her. They wound up turning around about 180 degrees, so as she spread her legs for him and he laid over her, I could see his back and ass, and their feet were pointed in my direction.

David jammed his prick into my Mom's cunt, and she shrieked. Her small golden hands reached around his meaty torso, moving down to his flabby hairy ass, grabbing his asscheeks and pulling him into her. I saw his big balls bouncing, moving forward, his body pressing into hers as she lay flat on the carpet. Her short legs were pulled way back, her knees in the air, her feet falling to the sides, as her little body started to get pounded by his far superior weight. "Oh yeah baby," my Mom squealed in her high-pitched Thai voice, "do me, fuck me!"

The fucker was ramming his penis into my Mom's vagina furiously, really pounding her harder and harder, making her moan and scream in delight. My Mom was a screamer, it seemed. As she felt his penis driving into her pussy, she had her first orgasm -- "David, fuuuuuck yesssss, I'm cummmming!" Her hands really wrapped tight on his asscheeks, squeezing hard, while she shuddered and screamed through that hard cum.

As fucking mad as I was at my Mom for cheating on my wonderful Daddy, I couldn't take my eyes off of their fucking, and my pussy was dying for attention like that. Mom was clearly loving it; he wasn't nearly as hot as Daddy, but obviously, he was giving my Mom one hell of a good lay.

David's arms were straight, his torso leaning above her small body, his big fat ass pounding up and down to thrust his erection hard into my Mom's cunt. She was crying and moaning nonstop, like one long wail, only occasionally pausing so she could suck in a deep breath of air. David and my Mom kept having sex with him on top while she began screaming to a second orgasm, then a third, then a fourth. She was exploding with high-pitched sounds and furious body-wrenching shudders, having a wonderful time fucking the hard-dicked pervert.

Then David's body tensed, I could see his ass muscles clench tightly, and he shoved his dick into my Mom while groaning, "Fuck yesssss!" Suddenly he, too, had an orgasm, squirting his seed into my Mom's pussy.

They laid on the floor, kissing, making my stomach sick. I couldn't believe I watched my Mom fuck another man! I felt like I had to tell Daddy; but, then again, I also thought he either probably already knew, or he didn't want to know. And I didn't want to hurt him. Wow, this was complicated. I'd have to think about it.

Mom crawled down David's flabby, pale-white body, moving between his fat legs, leaning over. I had a direct view of my Mom's thick Thai lips taking David's meaty red-hot dick into her mouth, sucking it, licking off the liquids from their sex. That was the single most perverted thing I'd ever seen; my Mom sucking a man's hot cock. I hated it, I loved it, I wanted to puke, I couldn't take my eyes away. Mom sucked him and then licked him greedily, noisily moving her tongue down to his hairy pinkish balls, licking around them, then back up his shaft and devouring his cockhead. She was loving it, making moaning noises, her eyes closed, bobbing her little skull, her curly black hair bouncing around as she sucked the man's dick. He was getting quite hard again.

Next Mom rose to her knees, bending way over, reaching both her hands to her tits. She cupped them and pushed the big fake balloons together, then leaned over his cock and began to tit-fuck him. Now, this was something I couldn't do, with my 18 year old, A cup breasts. My Mom's fleshy tits surrounded David's adult erection, making a soft valley between her breasts and her chestplate, and she let David pump his dick up and down. I'd never seen anything like this, and I had to admit to myself, it was sexy. As his swollen cockhead moved upwards, she put her mouth down and licked or sucked it, until he pulled it back between her breasts, then shoving it up again for another lick. She laughed, licking his cockhead over and over, and he was now madly pumping his big ass up and down to thrust his penis between Mom's big boobs.

The think I was thinking is, here is why an adult man is a better fuck than a teenage boy. My boyfriends wouldn't get hard that fast after cumming. And, it's not like I ever had four orgasms fucking one of them. Frankly, I never had any orgasm -- not even one -- fucking them.

With David fully erect now, Mom and David crawled around, ending up with Mom on her knees and elbows, bent way over on the carpeted floor, while David was on his knees behind her, ready to fuck her doggy-style. Mom's big tits hung under her slender torso, and her rounded ass stuck up at him. She was so much smaller than him, he really had to spread his knees wide to lower his penis to get it down to her cunt. Mom looked back at him and moaned, "fuck me!" Then he did, shoving his erection back into her cunt, entering her from the rear.

She screamed, her head up in the air and her eyes rolling, and her little body shook from the might of the heavy male pounding his erection into her. David was hooking his hands around her hips, pulling her back, so he could squeeze as much of his erection into her wet married cunt that would fit. My Mom started to whine and almost cry, her gasps of air sounding with an electric high-pitched tone, as she bounced her body back and forth on David's penis. Her fleshy asscheeks and thighs rippled from the impacts, each time David forced himself forward and smacked his pale white skin against her golden tan-colored Thai body. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed again, loudly.

I hated my fucking Mom, but I found myself rooting for her, wanting her to cum hard. The look on her face was priceless, she was wincing and gasping and having severe pleasure from the deep pounding in her cunt. I could see her tensing, wanting her orgasm to cum, waiting for it, feeling David stretching open her cuntlips and burying his dick far up her wet, silky tube. Finally, it happened, and my Mom cried out, "Oh yes!" and shrieked unintelligibly while her body erupted with another climax, making her thin shoulders shake and her big round fake tits jiggle under her little torso.

David reached a hand down, pushing her shoulders lower, almost pressing her face and shoulders against the carpet; Mom had her arms bent, elbows out, completely lowering her tits and chest to the carpet and making her round butt stick higher into the air. David rose to stand on his flat feet, but bending his knees to lower his cock down to Mom's pussy. He towered over her little body, his balls hanging in mid-air, as he kept thrusting his erection into Mom's vagina. His long, red-hot dick was drooling with her cuntjuices as he shoved it in and out of her tight pink, bald pussy, and Mom tried to push her ass backwards to meet the onslaught from his erection probing into her body.

"Fucking bitch!" he spat down at her, literally spitting a wad of saliva onto my Mom's wet asscheeks. "So fucking hot, Malee, so fucking hot!"

Then my Mom looked back at him again, her slanted round eyes half-opened, and she purred, "Cum again, Mr. David, cum in me!"

He was still really hard and horny and not close to cumming. He kept pounding her vagina from behind as he leaned his cock and balls down, with her little body shaking back and forth. Then he pulled out and rolled Mom onto her back on the carpet, and she instantly pulled her knees apart as David laid down on top of her. I watched him stare down at her breasts and bury his cock into her cunt again, leaning over her, thrusting hard into my Mom's pussy. She grunted and cried out in lust, her knees far apart, her hands reaching down to his white ass again. They were lying sideways to me now, I could see her big fake tits bouncing around her chest, and I saw his penis's thick shaft disappearing into Mom's pussylips.

"David!" my Mom screamed, having another orgasm in her cunt.

The fat adult male fucking her didn't stop, continuing to pummel her vagina through and after her climax, driving himself into my Mom's little body. The guy was really hard and horny for her; I had no idea adult men could fuck this good for real, I thought the porn movies were faked or spliced together or something. My fucking teen boyfriends couldn't fuck this much if you added all their sex for a week together! Mom was really making David hot and he was giving it all to her; it was astounding to watch.

Still -- I hated her for cheating on Daddy. And, if this is how adult men can fuck, then I definitely wanted this from Daddy.

It was going to be great, wasn't it?

David howled and slammed into my Mom, and I could tell he was cumming a second time in her cunt. She milked him, pulling his asscheeks in her little hands, keeping his penis stuffed into her twat until every last drop of semen had shot into her. Then he fell over her, and they kissed again. Yuck.

She wiped sweat off of her forehead, rolling her head to look at the clock. "We get dressed," she sighed in her thick Thai accent, "we get out before Kristen is here."

I didn't wait around to hear or watch more. I raced upstairs, grabbed my backpack in the kitchen, snuck out of the patio door in the back, and took a walk down the street until I was a couple of blocks away. I was flustered and nervous; my pussy was soaking wet, my knees were sore and weak, and my emotions were a mess. But I took a deep breath, walked home, went to the front door. I figured this is where my Mom expected me to enter, and the alarm would chime my presence. Still, I didn't really want to face her. What would I say? I took a deep breath, unlocked the door, and entered my house.

It was empty. Mom and David had left, as if they were never there.

I raced to my bedroom, yanked my jeans and panties off, and jumped onto my bed. I started finger-fucking myself while fantasizing about the hot sex I just saw, not really thinking about the fact that it was Mom cheating on my Daddy. Fuck her; it was still really hot sex.

Then I fantasized about Daddy fucking me that hard too, because he needed to fuck someone who would love him and take care of him. That's what the best Daddy on earth deserves. Not Mom. Me. He deserved me, he and I had to fuck, so I could make him happy.

That thought drove me to an orgasm, and I loved it.

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