tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKylie's Quest Ch. 01

Kylie's Quest Ch. 01


I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Kylie. Okay. To start off with, I have to be honest with you. I'm not what you would call beautiful. Oh, I suppose I am all right in a pleasant sort of ordinary girl way but, my tits aren't big -- in fact they're quite small, only b-cup but reasonably perky still. My tummy is still flat which somehow emphasises my hip bones -- they tend to stick out when I am lying flat on my back. And my waist is skinny, really skinny, only 22 inches so my hip-to-waist ration makes me look as though I have a really nice figure, even though my hips and bum are not big by any means. I have a pert little 'sticky-out' arse that looks more like it belongs on a little girl than an adult woman. Oh, and I am blonde with wavy shoulder-length hair that I suppose helps me to look more attractive.

Until I met the man who is now my husband, I was a virgin. Well, as far as men were concerned, anyway. I had broken my hymen when I was ten with my hairbrush handle and that same handle had been up there more than a few times since, while my other hand found out what my clit really liked. Although I was rather shy and modest around boys, my imagination was just the opposite and I lived in a rich fantasy world in which I exposed myself obscenely to any male I fancied, causing them to be overwhelmed with passion and they would ravish me to within an inch of my life. However, the only penetration I experienced was that of my hairbrush and although I suspected that a man could do better, I was too shy to find out and hid behind sensible modest clothing that would make any mother proud of her daughter's chastity.

Then I met Andy. No, he was not a big and strong he-man although he wasn't a weakling, either. He was not tall but he was taller than me and well proportioned. He also seemed to have a permanent bulge in his pants and never having seen what a grown man really looked like, I could only imagine that he must have an erection whenever he was with me. He assured me later that this was not the case and that it was only his natural endowment. He was a sensitive and caring man and I fell for him on first meeting. In fact, it was his mother who introduced us.

We began dating regularly and frequently, going to movies and plays, dinner at cheap restaurants because neither of us had much money. Sometimes we went on picnics with his widowed mother and swim in rivers or wherever we could find water. I never failed to notice his appreciative stares when I appeared in my oh-so-proper one-piece costume but if he was aware of my surreptitious glances at his ever-present bulge, he never showed any sign. One day I took the leap and bought a bikini. A particularly brief one in a colour that I knew he liked. His eyes almost popped the first time I wore it and his mother scowled. Not long after that we stopped taking her on our picnics!

Always when he took me home, our date would end with a nice kiss on the lips and a promise to call the next day. I began to hope that he might at least try to grope me but, no. He would put his arms around me and hug me to him and his kisses were like strawberry fudge in my mouth. But not so much as a hand brushing across my tits, never aware how my panties were soaking with desire. I even went braless once and although he told me I looked wonderful, he made no attempt to touch them. Eventually I took his hand and pushed it up under my sweater firmly onto my tit. While he was still getting used to the idea that I wanted caressing, I put my hand on his thigh near his crotch where my fingertips could feel the stirrings of a real erection. This must have inspired him because, in moments, his lips were on my nipples and my hand was inside his trousers looking for a way to extract the object of all my fantasies.

One thing led to another and within short order, his hand had left my nipple and was inside my panties while I held a fully erect penis in my hand for the first time. Sooner than it would have taken to climb into the back seat, we had brought each other to orgasm, his semen spurting across the car to land on my skirt, crumpled around my waist. It was late when he delivered me home that night and no lights were showing in the windows. I told him I would have to climb through my bedroom window because the door would be locked. As I clambered up to the sill, I asked him to give me a hand which he did, putting his hand up my skirt and firmly over my bum. I could feel his fingers shuffling to find my crack as he heaved me over the sill and head-first into my bedroom. I blew him a kiss and he was gone.

Our friendship had taken a quantum leap forward and now every date became devoted to finding a secluded parking space where we proceeded to get our hands and then our mouths onto each other's genitals. We knew that we both wanted intercourse but agreed that the back seat of his car would be too sordid a place to celebrate our first fuck. So we waited until one day while his mother was at church, we went back to his house and we consummated our relationship in his bedroom. Apart from a very wet spot on his sheets, there was no other evidence of our activities. He commented on the lack of blood which he understood to be the evidence of virginity so I told him about the hairbrush and confessed to my frequent masturbation. He was astonished. He didn't even know that girls masturbated. He told me, somewhat shamefacedly that he did too and commented that his mother would probably blame that for the tell-tale stains when she came to do the household laundry.

After that, there was no turning back and we were married with our parents' blessing in a modest ceremony in a sweet little chapel. During the short period of our engagement, we fucked like rabbits in every imaginable place and at every opportunity. By our wedding night, we were as familiar with each other's bodies as we were with our own and had learned all the special ways to give each other the maximum pleasure.

I had increasingly given in to my exhibitionistic desires and wore shorter skirts, sometimes so short that I couldn't conceal my panties when I sat down. My bust line hadn't increased any but I still wore low-cut tops to reveal a lot of what there was of them. Andy appreciated the eye-candy and I think secretly enjoyed the stares that I got from other men (and sometimes women too) when we were out together. I bought a still more daring thong bikini which I would wear at the local pool and bought Andy a pair of skin-tight swim shorts that showed his cock in conspicuous relief. I loved the way other girl's eyes would descend to his crotch and laughed to myself that no matter what they felt about it, he was mine, all mine. Sometimes I would sunbath behind the house, trying to get an all-over tan by taking off my bikini. I think I always secretly hoped I would get caught by an unexpected visitor but it never happened. I wondered what our elderly neighbours would think if they knew there was a naked woman stretched out within inches of their vegetable garden but they never looked over the fence and no door-to-door salesmen ever persisted into the back yard.

We had been married a couple of years when I suggested that perhaps we should try visiting a nude beach. I think he understood my essential exhibitionism because certainly when I had been showing myself off rather more boldly than usual, I was always incredibly horny and our sex that night would be spectacular. At first he was a bit reluctant but agreed that it wouldn't hurt to try it and if we didn't like it, we could leave immediately. I had developed something of a fixation about wanting other women to see Andy's cock and hopefully for him to have an involuntary erection when he knew they were looking at him. I knew that showing myself off, even to a minor degree, was very arousing to me and I envisaged that if we were both completely naked in front of a lot of naked strangers, he would be unable to control himself.

Our first trip to Daisy Bay saw us setting off with a high level of sexual tension. I had insisted that we not take swimsuits or wear underwear on the pretext that since we would be taking everything off anyway, there was not much point. When we arrived, there were a number of couples and family groups scattered around the beach, sunbathing or swimming in the sea. We spread our towels on the sand near a party of two men and two women who seemed to be together but not obviously as couples. I stripped off my cut-offs and top and after a moment, Andy followed my lead, stepping self-consciously out of his jeans to reveal his milky white behind. I told him to lie down while I oiled his bum and when I'd finished, offered to do his front as well. He was reluctant to roll over but when I reminded him that a sunburned cock might be very uncomfortable, he complied while I rubbed the oil over his hips and finally down the length of his shaft. I stopped as I felt him stirring into hardness and retreated to my towel to oil myself. I asked him to do my back and turned onto my stomach, handing him the bottle. Somewhat sheepishly he shuffled across to me on his knees and as he worked his way down my back, I spread my legs a bit, just enough to give him (and anyone else) a clear view of my pussy lips. By the time I had persuaded him to not forget the crack of my bum and between my legs, he was ramrod stiff, which had not been missed by the girls nearby who giggled knowingly when they saw me watching for their reaction.

Nor were the men oblivious to me and I carefully arranged myself to give them an occasional glimpse between my legs, conscious of the hardening of my nipples under their unconcealed gaze. They had been lying face down but now one of them sat up revealing his decidedly interested-looking uncircumcised manhood. The pink knob at the end deepened to crimson as his erection grew and I think that only Andy behind me was unaware of my mesmerised stare. Counting his, it was only the second erection I had ever seen and my mind was already imagining what it would feel like shoved up inside me. I was enjoying the view and would have like to offer an equally unrestrained view of my own arousal. I vowed that I would be going for a full Brazilian waxing at the first opportunity. I was sure that my cunt must be seeping but it was probably concealed by my pubic hair of which, in my current opinion, I have rather too much between my legs.

Clearly aware of the mutual exchange of appraisal, one of the girls murmured something to the others and then came over and invited us to join them. I told her that we'd love to but Andy immediately demurred until he realised that it would seem churlish to refuse so we dragged our towels next to theirs and introduced ourselves. The guys, it turned out, were both mates and married but not to the girls they were with. Their wives, they explained would never come to a nude beach so it was a suitably safe place to bring their girlfriends.

After a swim to cool off, we had somehow rearranged ourselves into a sort of circle with Andy between the two girls and be between the two men. When one of the girls offered to reapply oil to Andy, he started to refuse, looking at me but I told her to go ahead, he'd like that. He lay on his stomach while she massaged the oil into his bum cheeks and her hands soon strayed between his legs until I knew by his posture that she had found his cock. Was it with guilt or pleasure that he looked at me but I just smiled and set about oiling my tits, playing provocatively with my nipples. By the time the girl had rolled him over to do his front, Andy was sporting as big and proud an erection as I have ever seen and it was all I could do not to cum as she massaged its length. I rather expected that he might ejaculate but perhaps it was the presence of the audience that stopped him.

I grabbed the oil and began masturbating the guy nearest me. They seemed to have no problem with overt sexuality so I decided I wouldn't either. His friend was already exploring between my legs when the other girl knelt across Andy's face and began rubbing his chest. His eyes were glued to her pussy as she worked herself lower until he could extend his tongue to taste her. As soon as I saw his face buried in her cunt, I threw off all restraints and took the cock that I had been wanking deep into my mouth, sucking and teasing with my tongue. His friend's mouth found my clit and within seconds I was having my first orgasm with someone other than my husband.

When I glanced over, Andy was still eating the girl on his face while the other was riding herself to heaven on his cock. I could only assume he was enjoying himself judging by the way his hips were thrusting to get deeper inside her. The cock in my mouth was beginning to boil and seconds later I was tasting a stranger's cum as it squirted in great pulses into my throat. I swallowed frantically but could not stop some from dribbling down my chin. The men swapped places and I was soon swallowing a second dose of cum from another stranger's cock while my own cunt convulsed into another orgasm. The girls, too, had swapped places and their squeals told me that he had succeeded in making them both cum at the same time. I watched his balls contract as he finally released his own semen deep into the cunt of his current jockey.

In the aftermath, we continued fondling each other's bodies, almost indiscriminately. At one point I was licking Andy's cum from a girl's pussy, while her girlfriend's mouth brought me to yet another powerful orgasm. The men just watched as we three girls writhed around each other before the two guys, already hard again, grabbed their off-course substitutes and rammed their cocks up their holes. Not to be outdone, Andy grabbed me and taking me doggy-style, fucked me harder than I think he had ever fucked me before. Three couples having monkey sex on a public beach and, apart from a few curious glances, nobody seemed to care. I spotted one man sitting alone a little way away frantically masturbating until his cum shot out into the sand and he went away.

As the afternoon drew to a close, we sat around discussing how much we had enjoyed it. Even Andy admitted that having two girls on him at once was the fulfilment of his fantasy. All the men's cocks had subsided into flaccid submission although I rather wished that I had been fucked by at least one of the strangers. My cunt was still hungry while one of the girls had had at least two loads of cum pumped into her.

Much to my surprise, it was Andy who suggested that they might all like to come and visit us at home My first thought was that I might manage to get fucked by two men at once and I made no secret now of the flush of my juices that moistened the sand as I endorsed his invitation. He told them our address and they seemed enthusiastic about the proposal. Perhaps their minds had conjured up the same orgy that I was envisaging.

On our way home in the car, I asked Andy how he felt about what had happened. I told him how excited it had made me seeing his cock up another woman's cunt. This seemed to please him and hopefully removed any of his residual guilt at what we had done. I had given him permission to fuck other women and he seemed relieved. He explained that he had always been faithful to me until now but he had always wondered what another woman would be like. Now he had had his cock up two of them, cum in one and eaten them both out. His male pride had been satisfied.

He wanted to know if the other men's cum tasted different from his and I had to say yes. Just as everyone smells slightly different, so their cum was as individual as they were. He seemed curious as to why neither of them had actually fucked me but, although I wondered the same thing myself, I just said that I had enjoyed myself anyway, that I had lots of climaxes and anyway, a tongue on my clit would send me into orbit just as quickly, if not more so, than feeling a cock inside me. The truth is that, for me, neither sort of cum is better than the other; just different.

Somehow I felt that the lid was off our sexuality and we would never be able to go back to being the mutually exclusive couple that we had been. I said that I hoped that there would be a lot more fucking when those people visited and that I looked forward to seeing him cumming in both girls and hopefully more than once. His cock twitched under my hand in his lap and I knew that he would be a lot less reluctant than he had been today.

For myself, I began planning how I would manage two men's cocks at once. But also how I could engineer even more outrageous activity than just a round of vanilla fucking. My imagination is very fertile and as each idea formed in my mind, it was as though something popped inside me letting my most basic instincts escape. I promised Andy that I would never play without him and then only if I knew there was some satisfaction in it for him, too. That seemed to satisfy his unasked question and when we got home, he fucked me over the front of the car in the driveway before we went inside and sleepily to bed.

To be continued...

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