tagLoving WivesLacey's Story Ch. 02

Lacey's Story Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Lacey's Beginning

Lacey stared at me with apprehension.

"I think we need to have a serious conversation," I started, "About what's going on between us. There are two conditions to this talk. First - complete openness and honesty. Any question that either of us feels like asking will be answered with the absolute and total truth. That means no avoiding the question, no partial answers, no changing the subject, and telling only half the story. The second condition is amnesty. Whatever either of us may discover about each other will be discussed and then forgiven. That way we both know where we stand and when we wake up later, we can start with a clean slate moving forward."

"Moving forward to what?", she asked

"To wherever we go from here. If we can make things work then great, if we can't then at least maybe we will be able to stay friends without any animosity that may come from not knowing the truth. Can you agree to that?"

It took a little persuading to get her to agree but eventually the conversation proceeded. Now, as I said, I had read some of the e-mails between her and Ben so there were some things that she didn't know I was already aware of. My plan was to start out by asking questions that I already knew the answers to in order to judge the level of her honesty.

Once, I felt comfortable that she was being truthful with me about certain events, at least as far as she personally saw those events, I started to ask questions that were really bothering me.

I asked if anything inappropriate had happened between her an Ben.

"What do you mean 'inappropriate'?" she asked.

"I know you flirt and that's fine. That's just human nature. What I mean is has it gone beyond that? Have the two of you anything sexual? Have you cheated on me?"

"No," she said. "We're friends and we talk, but we haven't done anything. I'm going to be honest with you - I'm interested in fucking him, kind of for old times sake I guess, but I'm not going to do that as long as you and I are together."

I was still wrestling with the conflicting emotions of relief that nothing had happened as opposed to dismay that she had wanted them to when she turned the tables on.

"Have you ever cheated on me?" she asked

This was not something I had expected her to ask, but I had made her commit to openness, so I had to follow my own rules.

"About five years ago," I had to admit, "I got a blowjob from a girl I used to work with."

This revelation startled her. She wasn't mad but she was surprised that I had done something like that. She kept saying "I just never thought you were the type who would do that."

We continued to talk for some time, getting to know each other our feelings for the first time. The conversation was winding down and had actually implied that we could finally take some time to sleep when a thought suddenly occurred to me. Some years ago I had, for no real reason, became certain that

Lacey had been unfaithful to me. I don't know for sure why I felt that way but I did. I told her of my suspicions but never really asked her if they were true or insist that she tell me what had happened. I had spent this whole time trying to determine if she had done anything with Ben but I never asked if she had strayed at any other time like she had asked me.

"One last thing," I said. "Have you done anything sexual with anyone other than me at any time since we've been married?

"Yes," she said. "It was about seven years ago. Remember when I went through that phase where I was going to the bar all the time? Well, one of those times, I gave a blowjob to some guy I met there."

"Well, I have to admit that it hurts to hear you say that, but I can't get angry or hold it against you since I've been guilty of something very similar. Where did you go with him? We didn't have any extra money, so did he pay for a hotel or something?"

"We didn't go anywhere. I just blew him in the parking lot. In our van."

This information was hurtful and I decided that we had both learned enough for one day and had made some wonderful progress in opening up to each other. I felt it would be good to end the conversation there before our feelings could possibly cause either of us to say something we didn't mean, so I agreed that it was a good idea when Lacey asked if we could finally go to sleep.

We laid down to what we thought would be a long days sleep (as we both worked the night shift) but I was awake again after only three or four hours. Despite the short amount of time, I was wide awake. Something was running through my mind and refusing to let me sleep.

I couldn't stop thinking of my wife sucking some other man's cock.

The thought of my beautiful wife going down on a complete stranger in a busy public parking lot wouldn't leave my mind, and it was making me horny as Hell. I kept seeing her red lips sliding down a strange hard cock, her lovely head bobbing up and down and she sucked more and more of it into her mouth. I imagined her stroking him as her tongue ran over and around the head, coating his dick with saliva before aiming it between her teeth and engulfing it with her mouth once again. My minds eye just kept seeing her licking, stroking, and sucking another mans cock, and my cock responded by getting rock hard, just as it is now as I write this all down.

It wasn't long before I was lying behind her, grinding my hard dick against her ass and gently rubbing and squeezing her tits with my free hand. She awakened as I rubbed her nipples to hardness.

"Why are you awake," she asked, "And so worked up?"

"Hmm. . . I can't tell you that until we have sex," I replied.

"What . . .?"

"Don't worry. I'm not trying to coerce you. It's just . . . Well, it's just the sort of thing I can't see myself talking about unless we're having sex."

All the while I kept rubbing and pinching her nipples. She, in turn, was beginning to breath heavy and her hips were starting to rock back and forth as if she was trying to fuck someone who wasn't there. I slowly slid my hand down her body, eliciting a low, drawn out "Oooohhh. . ." as my fingers slid across her clit and into her cunt. She reached back and grabbed my cock as her hips moved back and forth, fucking herself on the fingers buried inside of her.

After several minutes of us masturbating each other, I moved over her and slowly pushed my cock into her dripping wet pussy.

I watched her face. Her eyes closed and her mouth open in a silent "O" as I slowly slid myself all the way into her and slowly all the way back out until the head of my dick was resting right at the opening of her womanhood. And uncontrollable exclamation of pleasure escaping her lips as I suddenly shove my cock all the way back into her cunt.

As I picked up a continuous fucking motion, I started talking.

"I woke up because I can't stop thinking about you sucking that guy's cock."

"Lee," she started. "You promised . . ."

"Wait," I interrupted. "You don't understand. I'm not angry. The thought of it turns me on."

"What?!" This was obviously a shock to her, so I continued explaining as I continued fucking.

"This probably sounds weird to you, but the whole 'naughty wife' thing has been a secret fantasy of mine for a long time. It's a turn on to think of a married woman fucking other men. With her husband's knowledge and consent of course."

I stopped taking for a minute and concentrated on fucking her sweet pussy, giving her time to absorb what I had said. She wasn't screaming that I was a pervert, so I continued.

"I think it would be hot if you fucked other men."

"Why would you want that?"

"I don't know why. All I know is that I do. I want you to fuck other men and then come home and tell me about it."

"But why? This is weird." Her mouth was expressing doubt, but her body was saying something different as her hips quickly and repeatedly rose to meet mine. Whatever she felt about I was saying, it wasn't detracting from the pleasure she was receiving from having my cock moving inside her.

"I told you, I don't know why. I'm not a therapist. It just turns me on. I want you to fuck other men and tell me about it while I fuck you."

"Mmmm. . ." she moaned.

I slid down to bury my face in her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head as I ran my tongue along her engorged and slick pussy lips. I sucked directly on her clit, causing her to moan and writhe and then I pulled away.

"I want you to tell me how you sucked their cocks, while you suck my cock," I said.

"Oooh. . ."

"I want to hear about how they ate your pussy while I eat your pussy."


"I want you tell me how their cocks tasted, how their cum tasted."


I moved back up and kissed her, my face covered with her cunt juice, as I slid back into her.

"Does that turn you on?" I asked.

A slight smile touched the corner of her mouth. "A little."

"Does it sound like something you would like to do?"


That was a much more positive answer than I had ever expected so I left it at that momentarily as I increased the pace of our lovemaking. For the next few minutes we said nothing as we fucked furiously; hands grasping, mouths kissing, tongues entwined. My hands on her tits massaging her nipples, her hands on my ass pulling me in harder as multiple orgasms washed over her. Her cum virtually poured out of her, turning our bed into a soaking wet tribute to our sex. At the last minute I pulled out and moved up to place my cock into her mouth, dripping with her cum as well as the beginnings of my own orgasm.

Greedily she sucked my spurting cock into her mouth as I screamed with exquisite pleasure. Eventually I collapsed after dumping what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

For some minutes we just lay there recovering. Wonderfully exhausted, I watched her from the corner of my eye and I could see a wide smile stretch across her face.

"Would it bother you if it was someone I already know?" she asked.

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