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Lap Dancer

The thrill of love... The agony of loss... The joy of arousal?

An escort driver rescues a young woman getting away from a bad situation

LEGALESE: Don't read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style... and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup




Warning! This story may contain portions of reality that will conflict with your alternate universe. If you suffer from Hoplophobia, Phronemophobia, or a general fear of reality you may not wish to read further.

So before I get started here's a word of warning. If you're a delicate snowflake you will not like the ending of this story. You want to rant about it later too bad, the rants will be deleted. Go find your safe place to hide from reality.


"I'm a lap dancer!"

"And I'm ten times better. Now get that behemoth moving old man before I come up there and kick your ass."

"Told you didn't she?"

I put the truck in gear and keyed the mic again "On the road again..."

I got some groans but we were on the move.

I had to grin. If someone had told me that I would be harassed by a little waif of a woman and love it, I would have laughed my ass silly. But right now all I could do was look forward to tonight.

I'm Conrad Coutts, CC to most people. I'm a thirty four year old guy. Average looking, average build. Only ten pounds heavier than I was in high school. Maybe a little hairier than some, but not a grizzly by any means... and I'm a lap dancer. Once in a while I'm a pole dancer, but usually I'm a lap dancer.

Are you confused now?

* * * *

I started off like any other kid in a medium sized town. Mowing lawns and doing odd jobs for extra money. My sophomore year in high school I got a job at the local car dealership. Washing cars, sweeping floors, hauling out the trash, lots of gofer jobs.

Whenever possible I helped the mechanics, held things for the body guys, and absorbed what I could. In my junior and senior year I had the option in shop to go into auto body and took advantage of it.

I learned very quickly that while I did well at the mechanical and electrical side of putting things back together, I just didn't have the eye or talent for actual body and paint work.

My parents tried to steer me to college, but I knew better, I was a hands on guy. I did take a semester of body shop classes at the local community college, but beyond that it was just the basics.

At the dealership however, I was working my way up in the body shop. My work there went hand in hand with what I had learned in high school and the community college.

Things took a slight turn after I had started at the community college. First off I met Cris. She was a business major heading for accounting with legs that just caught my attention for some reason. This was surprising because I'm a big tit man. Second was an old church bus.

The bus had been stolen and taken for a joy ride. The sheriff caught them, but not before they had side swiped several vehicles messing up the wheel chair lift on the side of the bus.

The other guys did all the body work and got everything working mechanically, but they couldn't get the lift to operate the way it was supposed to. Creeping one way and racing the other right past its stops.

So they did what they usually did, and pawned it off on the kid to get it working. If it didn't work they could blame the kid for not knowing what he was doing, and I was the lowest paid guy in the shop so it didn't cost them as much for me to play with it.

The worst part was that the bus had been through several owners, and from all the tape and different colored wires none of them knew just what they were doing with the wiring in that thing. Add to that the age and the lift manufacturer being an odd ball and long out of business and I had my work cut out for me.

I lucked out in one way, it was old enough that it was all switches and relays, no processor boards involved. I mean how bad could it be? It goes up and stops, it goes down and stops. Sounds simple right? RIGHT!

After a couple of days running it with all the switches bypassed to see what tripped when, and almost taking my finger off in the process, I began to get an idea of what was supposed to happen in what order.

I got most of it back in place with all new wires and discovered that the joy riders had somehow knocked out a relay, only the mounting screws gave any evidence it was ever there.

So while I waited on that to come in, and since the insurance company was footing the bill, I piddled with other things on the bus.

I replaced the switch on the stop sign handle so the alternating lights went on automatically. The fan in the back seat heater barely moved. I salvaged the heater fan from an old pickup that was headed for the junk yard and got it going. I went scrounging at a local junk yard and came up with a couple of clearance lights and two interior lights to replace the ones that were badly corroded.

The back door had a bungee cord on the handle to keep it closed. I couldn't do anything about how sloppy the mechanism was, but I could adjust the latch so it would at least try and latch properly. I even crawled under and welded an exhaust bracket back in place. It wasn't a pretty weld with how little experience I had back then, but it was functional.

Once the relay came in I popped it into place and tested everything out and pronounced it ready to go back to the customer. Since it was the local church, the dealership had me clean it up, so Friday I parked it on a slope and pressure washed it inside and out.

Before it dried completely inside I hung half a dozen air fresheners in it and closed it up tight, The sun heating the interior to let the remaining moisture infuse the scent. Two days later on Monday with the air fresheners removed it still had a nice smell to it when they picked it up.

I didn't think any more of it, and went back to my usual projects combined with being the little guy that could twist around and get his hand up in the dash to work on wiring.

A few weeks later that first thing found me again. I had seen Cris a few times at college, and we'd shared a few nice conversations. But when my classes were over that was it, I didn't have any way of getting in touch with her.

I was ass over tea kettle in a red Buick. My head in the foot well and ankles over the back of the seat with my arm snaked up in the dash trying to get a speedometer cable loose that did not want to budge.


"WHAT!?" I hollered out still tugging and twisting.


"RED BUICK," I hollered back waiving my foot out the door still fighting the cable.

I was going to start cussing a blue streak at the cable when I turned my head just in time to catch myself.

First off because Jimmy was standing there, second because there was a preacher standing next to him, and third, even upside down I recognized those legs coming out of that dress.

Momentarily forgetting my head was under the dash, I tried to sit up, bashing my forehead on the underside.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmm," was all I said. Internally I was cussing a different blue streak the way it hurt.

I heard the most delicious giggle. I looked to see Cris snickering, the preacher with a raised eyebrow, and Jimmy with a scowl.

I laid my head back and sighed, "What's up boss?"

"Conrad, Reverend Michaels. Reverend Michaels, Conrad. Conrad, see if you can help him out. Work it out between the two of you."

That was code for take care of him but it doesn't have to be done through the dealership.

I glanced over at the Reverend and Cris, "Give me a few seconds. Gotta get this ... hrmph ... cable loose."

They both chuckled at me but didn't say anything. I gave it one last tug and twist and managed to get it loose. After a bit of twisting and turning I was back right side up with the world again. I grabbed a rag and dabbed the little cut on the back of my hand.

"Oh Conrad, you've cut your hand!" Cris exclaimed softly.

I just chuckled. "Hazards of the job, kinda like paper cuts huh Cris?" I held up my hand showing a few little cuts, the current one already starting to clot.

"Oh," she smiled a bit sheepishly and looked at the floor.

"You know my daughter?" the Reverend asked a bit pointedly.

"Conrad went to the same college I did. We met a few times in the cafeteria."


"Don't worry daddy, Conrad was always a gentleman."

I smiled, good thing she couldn't read my thoughts, then or now. "So what can I do for you Reverend?"

He thought for a second, then spoke up. "Pastor Thompson over at St. Michaels said many good things about what you were able to do for their bus."

I thought for a moment, "St Michaels..." I didn't recognize the name at first. "Oh yeah, the one the kids took for a spin."

He chuckled, "That's putting it mildly. He did say that you went above and beyond taking care of a few other problems with it."

I just shrugged, "I was waiting on a part and just did what needed to be done."

"Well on that note, we're having a few issues with our bus, primarily the lift, and were wondering if you might be able to take a look at it and see what can be done."

"Well I'll tell you right off I'm not a mechanic. If it's internal engine or transmission problems it's not something I can work on. Other basic things I can do though."

"Fair enough, when would you be able to look at it?"

"I already have plans for this Saturday. It would have to be Sunday afternoon or the following weekend."

"Sunday afternoon would be just fine. Our services finish up around noon. Between the stragglers and picking up, any time after one would work. Unless your services run later, of course."

I smiled, the closest I got to religion was Betty Lou screaming 'OH GOD!' in the back seat of my car on Saturday nights. "No, around one would work just fine." If Betty Lou was in her usual form I'd be too tired to get out of bed much before eleven.

Well I was wrong, Betty Lou didn't keep me up that night, she wasn't feeling well. So I called in my backup plan and called Sally Ann.

Oh man, Sally Ann! She was a few pounds overweight, but not bad. Just a little extra thickness all around. She was, however, a semi-devout Catholic. She was semi, her parents were devout. That meant NO birth control, and 'virginity' WOULD be intact.

I liked her work around! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, else was available. We usually started with a wonderful blow job while she was topless. Her big DD tits swinging and banging on my thighs while I played with what I could get ahold of. Pinching her nipples as I came making her cum a little. Her loudly slurping my cum down just keeping me going all that much more and she knew it.

I did not get much rest after that though. While I was recovering she was stripping and sitting back with legs high and wide playing with her dildo. In her mind it wasn't the same as having a cock in her so it was okay.

When I had the energy I was to take over the dildo and give her a good fucking with it and finger her clit. I was absolutely not allowed to put my lips on her pussy, good girls just don't do that. But naughty Catholic girls not on birth control were allowed to do something else according to her interpretation.

By the time she had screamed and spasmed through a few orgasms I was hard again and it was time for the main feature! I will have to state for the record I'm probably just an average guy. Sally Ann likes to tease me telling me I'm a little skinnier than most guys she's dated, but a bit longer as well. 'But perfect for fucking my ass!'

Sally Ann just rolled to her hands and knees and put her big jar of Vaseline on her cheek. I rolled my rubber on and smeared some Vaseline on her ass, hearing her hiss and groan as I fingered her now well lubed ass.

I set my cock and nudged her ass a few times, then just kept right on pushing.

"Ohgodohgodohgodohgoooodddddd..." she groaned.

I smiled, there really is something religious about being buried balls deep in a woman's ass!

I held there for a second and then pulled out until just the head of my cock was still in her, then slid slowly back in. The pure joy of her tight ass going up and down my cock. I got three more slow strokes in when she turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

"Stop teasing and fuck my ass!"

I just drove in thigh slapping hard.


I pulled back until the head of my cock was trying to pull her ass out and drove in again.

"YESSS..." The rest was hollered into the seat as I just started jack hammering her ass. I was just about to cum when she did. Her fists clenched as her ass did. Her head came up and then right back down as she was punching the seat like a pro boxer. Her ass milking my cock for every last drop.

We collapsed on the back seat, me on her back, Sally Ann lying with one tit hanging over the edge of the seat.

I lay on top of her, playing with her big tit hanging there, rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger as I softened in her ass.

When I softened too much to stay in her I rolled back and sat up tossing the used rubber in my trash bag, Sally Ann rolled partially to her hip, then reached back with a tissue to wipe the excess lube from her ass before sitting up completely.

She snuggled under my arm pulling my hand down on top of her tit.

I worked my fingers under a bit, trapping her nipple between the base of my fingers and giving it a bit of a squeeze.

She reached over and cradled my barely firm cock in her fingers. "You like that too much."

I kept playing with her tit and nipple, using my other hand to turn her head. "I'm not the only one," ending it with a soft kiss.

Sally Ann just turned into me pressing her tit further into my hand. I switched hands allowing her to turn even further. She groaned and pulled away from me enough to straddle my legs trapping my now fairly firm cock against her pussy.

She pulled my hands to her tits encouraging me to squeeze and grope. "We really should be going home."

I hefted one tit high and licked her areola, "Just say the word and I'll take you home."

I sucked her nipple in, taking the tip between my teeth. Releasing my hand to let her nipple between my teeth carry the weight of it, as that hand made its way to her ass, giving the cheek a good squeeze.

Sally Ann wrapped both arms around my head plastering it to her tit. As I got a good grip on her cheek she scooted just that much closer forcing her pussy lips on either side of my cock as she started working her clit up and down against it.


I just bit a little harder on her nipple making her hiss. She pulled back from my face letting the entire weight of her DD fall to her nipple between my teeth. Only my firm bite kept it between my teeth.

I shook my head back and forth making her tit shake as she screamed again and came all over my cock.

Sally Ann collapsed forward against me almost suffocating me with her tit. Only after a few hard nips at her nipple did she sit back up, cupping the tit I had been chewing on, strumming her inflamed nipple softly.

"Are you gonna..." looking at me with pleading in her eyes still playing with her own nipple.

I just smiled and ran my finger up her sweaty cleavage. "Well it'd be a pure shame to waste all that natural lubricant now wouldn't it?"

She grinned from ear to ear, "Yes it would!"

Sally Ann rolled on her back, holding her tits together, then reached for her Vaseline and put a little in her cleavage, "just in case," she giggled.

I slid into the softest skin on her body, as Sally Ann squished her DD's together against my cock. Pushing them to the point the tip of my cock barely appeared above her tits, her pussy juice all over my cock along with a fair amount of sweat and a dab of Vaseline letting me slide effortlessly between those monsters.

I was enjoying a nice slow soft titty fuck. The pure bliss on Sally Ann's face as I did, the quick smile when I hit the bottom of her tits hard every once in a while. The little groans when I strummed her nipples.

When I pinched her nipples her eyes flashed open and she bit her bottom lip. I just smiled at her and I gave them quick little pinches. I knew what she wanted, but I was in the mood to tease. Well maybe not a lot, but some at least.

There were a few little gasps as I kept up the little pinches, but she smiled when I crossed my arms and went for opposite nipples. Getting a good hold on them and pulling them to the center. Almost getting them to touch in the middle. Using them to drive even harder between her tits.

"Do it!" she growled.

I lost it, I pulled them hard and started cumming roaring, my first shots hitting the bottom of her chin.

Sally Ann pushed me back just enough to keep stroking my cock as she massaged my balls, squirting my cum all over her tits. Running the head of my cock across her nipples and up and down between her tits.

Only when I was about spent did she lean forward and take the last bit between her lips.

"One of these days your momma is going to catch you coming in with me all over you," I panted.

Sally Ann giggled, "Well she didn't on prom night."

I chuckled with her, "Yeah, half a dozen times..."

"Seven," she corrected me. "And by the end of that night my boobs were covered and you were running out the bottom of my corset."

"Is that why the last one went in your bottom?"

She slapped at me lightly and giggled, "Well you're the one that only brought one rubber. Couldn't let all that go to waste now could I?"

I smiled, "Well I guess you couldn't."

Sally Ann laid back like that for a bit grinning, pushing her tits together and feeling them stick with my cum as she let them fall apart. After a bit she reached into her purse and got her hair brush. Oh, she was going to be real slutty tonight.

She put her foot up on the back of my seat, bunched up her panties, and used the hair brush handle to push them up in her pussy. Just the little bit of side string hanging out of her inflamed lips.

I just looked at her, starting to firm up a bit, as she sat there like that and got herself situated in her big lace bra. Enjoying getting her tits just right in it with a little cum lubricant. Watching me watch her take a little excess and lick it off her finger.

Only after she had that just right did she reach for her wrap around dress.

I was just managing to pull my pants up when she stopped me and leaned down to suck my cock down to my balls and came off with a loud pop. "Until next time!" then crawled over the seat stopping for a bit with her stuffed pussy in the air.

I groaned and finished pulling my pants up. I did, however, take the long way outside the car instead of crawling over the seat.

It was after one when I dropped her off at home, and near two by the time I crawled in.


It was almost eleven when I crawled out of bed. I managed to make it into the shower and wash off the remnants of last night's entertainment. I was still a little crusty from fucking Sally Ann's tits, but it sure was fun! I stroked out a load remembering it, and maybe a little of Cris' legs and that one little panty shot she accidentally gave me in the cafeteria.

I threw some jeans and a shirt on and headed over with a stop at the drive thru for food. I don't cook and mom was long gone to visit friends.

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