tagLoving WivesLee's Story Ch. 6

Lee's Story Ch. 6


Ted asks me to write my stories once in awhile, but I usually have a dozen things to do.

Right now I am finishing up my Doctorate, and this part is pure hell! It is 6 days on and one off, over a year of it! Sometimes we are up 20 hours straight, grabbing a couple of hours sleep here and there when we can.

By the time I do get home, I am exhausted. I know that this is hard on Ted, he is pretty regular in his sexual needs, and I have not been there for him much.

He is a Massage Therapist, and teaches at a local college. We don't really need the money, but it is his one true love. We also have a rather open lifestyle now, that all developed in the last 5 or 6 years, when I discovered that his watching me flash someone or get involved in a sexual situation gets him hard as a rock!

I had heard of this, of course, but never really realized that it is more common than not.

I don't mind, in fact the feeling of being with a new partner is exciting, although I have never climaxed with any of them like Ted can make me!

When I got home last week, Ted had a nice dinner ready, he always does. We ate and chatted, I asked him how his week was going. He had already told me about the situation with the girls next door, so I knew he wasn't lacking for some relief if he needed it. I admit it did bother me some, partly because I never got to share in it really.

But I bit my tongue and let it go, after all, I have needs, too. There was a couple of fun incidents at the hospital, let me tell you that there is a LOT that goes on behind the scenes at hospitals. If we get a male patient that can't take care of himself for one reason or another, the more liberal instructors will suggest that these matters be handled discreetly.

The simple truth is, I get a kick out of it, even though these situations are rare.

So we were fine with it, then Ted told me about Shannon! It seems she hacked into his system, did some displays, and ended up with the two of them having a weeklong affair! For some reason, that just jerked my chain, and I didn't hide it well.

Ted knew I was bothered, he always knows, and he promised me he would stop with her.

But that wasn't fair, so I explained that it was all right, I would just grin and bear it.

Then later this evening, he asked me if I wanted to write down some of my experiences, so I took him up on it.

I was drawing a blank, so I went over and read some of his stories, and then one hit me.

Several years ago, we attended a college party out by the river. It was one of those hot days, too hot! So I dressed a bit skimpy, loose baggy shorts and a simple top, no bra, just to be cool. I was serving the food with some of the other ladies and never realized that everybody there was getting a clear shot at my titties every time I bent over.

That got Ted hot, and it was the day I realized that this got him excited! I even went to the next step, and removed my panties, letting a few of the students get a peek. Then Stanley came over and plopped down at my feet.

So I opened my legs, giving him what I know was a complete and clear look between my legs. He made no bones at all about checking me out, that got me hot as a pistol, Ted, too! We sneaked off into the bushes and screwed like bunnies on the riverbank, one of those wild unions that one never forgets.

Later, we went back to our blanket, Stanley was still there, but I kept my legs together. About that time, the guys asked Ted to play volleyball, Ted is pretty good at it. So he was off playing, leaving me sitting there with Stanley.

Stanley made some small talk, then he asked me bluntly if I had flashed him deliberately. That made my face turn pink real quick, I stammered a denial, and tried to apologize.

Stanley just waved that off, and told me that he loved it, then he asked me if I would show him again!

For some reason, I felt my nipples stiffen right up, and there was a little shock wave through my stomach at the idea.

"No, I shouldn't do that!" I told him, he just smiled and asked, "What is the harm, I already saw you once!"

I just looked at him, somehow his being so straightforward made my whole body take a little shudder, I even did a stretch to control it. I glanced around, no one was even close, they were all involved in the game, lots of hooting and hollering going on down there. I noticed a couple of the younger girls were playing topless, that had almost everyone watching.

I looked at Stanley, he just sat there with a grin. So I opened my legs a little, and felt the slight breeze across my bare bottom. "A bit more?" he asked.

With another huge shudder, I let my leg fall to the side, "God that is beautiful!" he exclaimed.

Getting into it now, I reached down and pulled the leg of my shorts open even more, the sun was shining right on me, I could feel the warmth of it! Stanley was sitting right at my feet, so close he could have reached out and touched me.

I sat like that for several long minutes, his eyes never wavered. Then I glanced down at his crotch, the bulge there was very large! Ted is well endowed, when I get him going he comes up to a solid 8 inches, and he is reasonably thick, Stanley had another 2 or 3 inches in there, no doubt!

I felt myself flood at the thought, I knew he could see it. "Let's go for a walk." Stanley asked, getting up.

I just got up with him, and we wandered off down the trail. We must have walked for close to a quarter mile, I could still hear the shouts of the game going on, but faintly now.

Neither one of us said a word, we turned up into a small clearing, the grass was soft.

He turned and reached for me, I slipped right into his arms. He kissed me for a long time, nuzzled at my neck, then pressed me down to the grass.

I saw his hand reach down to free himself, suddenly his cock was out and in my hand. I felt him, big, at least 10 inches, and thick! I felt the head, he was circumsized, the knob on the end was larger that the shaft. I stroked him a few times, as his hands came up under my T-shirt and fondled my breasts.

Then he slipped my top up and off me, I lay there bare-breasted as he just looked at me. I let out a groan as he leaned forward and rolled one of my nipples with his lips. This made my head swim, my legs came open, he simply rolled over and slipped inside me, right up the leg of my shorts. He didn't even remove them.

He lay there partly in me as I adjusted to his size, it felt a bit like he had shoved a baseball bat in me.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't stop. He made a few forwards motions with his hips, going in deeper, then deeper. I was starting to squirm, then I told him to wait!

I jumped up and dropped my shorts off my hips, pressed him back against the grass and slid up on him. I got him halfway inside, I felt so full, the sensation was a cross of pain and blinding light. I stroked halfway a few times, he was now slick with my juices, then I pressed down and down. Finally there was none left, all of it was in me, I waited a second, motionless, and the little stab of pain subsided.

Then I was holding him down, pounding at him. At each upstroke I clamped down as hard as I could, sucking at him, his moan was my reward.

I felt his first blast, as he thrust forward and drilled into me as deeply as he could. I was just a couple of seconds behind, going into spasm after spasm.

I collapsed against his chest, feeling the pressure of my rock hard nipples against him..

I waited for him to go soft and subside, but he didn't. After a minute or so, I began some long steady strokes, he was still firm!

Stanley rolled me over, still enjoined, and began to pound away at me again! In short order, I went off again. I heard a squeal, realized it was me! The thick hair on his chest was tickling my nipples, adding to the sensation.

I felt his second blast inside me, his seed was now running out of me in what seemed like torrents.

We lay there for the longest time, just basking, finally he withdrew, even that felt wonderful! He was so much larger than I was used to!

He kissed me again, deeply. We got up, both of us were a bit of a mess, so we ran into the river to wash up, laughing.

We dried off in the sunshine, then we sneaked back to the party.

I looked over at the vollyball game in time to see my husband spike the winning goal.

"Just in time!", I thought. I sat back down on the blanket, and picked up my now warm drink, taking a sip as Ted walked up and flopped down, sweat all over him. He gave me a smile, and said, "That was fun!"

"Yes, it was!" I answered, with a secret smile.

Well, I guess Ted knows about this now...

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