tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 06

Life of Angela Ch. 06


Nervously I knocked on the door of Mrs Hipkins' flat that she occupied on campus. I had been summonsed there for what my teacher called 'punishment time' after she caught me in her class not wearing knickers or a bra. I knew my behaviour had been shameful and I should not have allowed my roommate, Bridget, to dictate my life in this manner. I wished I wasn't so submissive to her.

As per Mrs Hipkins' directive I was still not wearing underwear, and making matters even worse was the fact that I had just got my period. At that moment I wished the earth might open up and swallow me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the door. To my shock it was a male in his forties who stood there. My mouth hung open in surprise.

"Yes?" the male enquired.

"Umm. I am Angela Brumm. I am here to see Mrs Hipkins," I managed to mumble, while carefully keeping my arm over my breasts so that my lack of a bra would not be evident.

"Oh yes, she mentioned you would be arriving. I am her husband, John. Come inside," he smiled warmly, stepping to the side to let me in. "She is currently on the phone so please take a seat in the lounge."

I had not realised Mrs Hipkins was married so had been taken by surprise. I had never seen Mr Hipkins about at the college so he obviously worked elsewhere. As I nervously took a seat on the sofa I heard the voice of another male calling out from the kitchen. It was obvious from the conversation it was their son. I began to squirm uncomfortably, so aware that I was not wearing panties or a bra. I found myself trying to pull my skirt lower down my legs.

A few minutes later Mr Hipkins emerged from the kitchen with his son. My eyes widened in horror as I recognised their son as Tony, a very good friend of Darren, Bridget's former boyfriend. Memories of my shameful conduct with Darren came flooding back at me. On several occasions I had paraded myself naked in front of him, had masturbated him, and eventually willingly given him my virginity.

"Angela," Tony grinned, "what a very pleasant surprise."

"You know each other?" Mr Hipkins was surprised, although not half as surprised, or shocked, as I was.

I was terrorised by the thought that Darren may have boasted of his conquests to his good friend.

"More by reputation than anything else," Tony smirked, and in that instance I knew my worse fears were realised.

His father looked at both of us puzzled, but made no comment.

"Why are you here?" Tony was clearly curious.

"I have, a, ummm, homework session with her," I mumbled, ensuring I kept my arm strategically placed over the front of my blouse so that my braless breasts were hidden.

Tony nodded knowingly, sensing that I was probably there as some form of punishment. He then disappeared upstairs and I could hear him talking to his mother. I dreaded the thought of what their conversation could be about. Mr Hipkins disappeared into his study and I was left alone with my thoughts and embarrassment.

After ten agonising minutes I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and Mrs Hipkins entered the room. For a long moment she just stared at me, seemingly deep in thought. I couldn't help but blush.

"What are we dealing with here, Angela?" Mrs Hipkins finally commented. "Who is this young lady I have in front of me?"

I could only stare at her, wide eyed and innocent.

"Stand up."

I obeyed, keeping my arm over my chest.

"Put your arms to your side."

Reluctantly I obeyed. At that point Mr Hipkins emerged from his study to make himself a coffee. His eyes popped open when he saw my erect nipples poking through my blouse and it was obvious I was not wearing a bra. His eyes stayed on me as he exited into the kitchen.

"I am baffled," Mrs Hipkins continued. You have been an A grade student and top athlete who has been a model student. But now I am finding out this young lady in front of me has a darker side to her personality which sees her flaunting herself in a manner that is unbecoming of a young lady."

I couldn't even begin to explain myself so I didn't respond.

"I thought not wearing undies and a bra to class was bad enough, but now my son has told me of how you flaunted yourself in front of Darren."

I just about died with shame.

"Is this true?"

Too humiliated to do anything else, I just nodded. I knew it would be fruitless to try and deny it.

For a long moment my teacher just stared at me.

"What am I going to do with you?" she finally commented. "Clearly you take great pleasure in exposing your body to everybody willing to look."

"No ma'am,' I cringed. "I don't like it when people see my body. It is really embarrassing," I spoke truthfully.

"It might be embarrassing, but you seem to take some sort of perverse pleasure from allowing people to view your womanly assets that should be kept well hidden from prying eyes."

She was right, but I couldn't admit it to myself, let alone my teacher.

"Take off your top and hand it to me."

My eyes opened wide in shock. "Mrs Hipkins," I pleaded. "I can't do that."

I was especially horrified as I knew Mr Hipkins and Tony were likely to come into the room at any moment.

Mrs Hipkins didn't respond. She just stood confidently before me, holding out her hand. Even though she was casually dressed in slacks and a woollen jersey she was still immaculately manicured and wearing makeup. Her very ample breasts strained against the fabric of her jersey. It made me even more conscious of my own boobs.

Mrs Hipkins seemed to have no doubt that I would respond to her directive. For a long moment I stared back at her, trying to be defiant. But then I felt my shoulders slump as my resolve crumbled. I knew I would do as she requested.

Nervously I fumbled at the buttons of my school blouse before letting it drop over my shoulders. I shuddered as my breasts came into view, knowing that my nipples were rock hard. Slowly I removed the blouse from my arms and handed it to my teacher. I desperately wanted to raise my arms to cover myself, but instead they dropped to my sides. The old familiar sensations rushed back to me. Visions of being exposed to strangers at the lake with my brothers briefly filled my head. I couldn't bring myself to cover my body then, despite my intense humiliation, and now I was driven by the same sensations.

I stood naked from the waist up, with my teacher eyeing me warily, seemingly trying to analyse my behaviour while contemplating her next move. Mr Hipkins suddenly emerged from the kitchen, coffee in hand. His mouth dropped open when he saw my semi naked condition. I blushed with intense embarrassment but still made no attempt to cover myself.

"Oh, my, oh my," he uttered, seemingly in approval of the eye candy presented to him in his living room. "This is a rather unusual form of punishment," he directed his comment to his wife.

"This is a very unusual situation requiring a drastic response," Mrs Hipkins responded.

Mr Hipkins just shook his head, and continued on to his study, but not before sneaking a further look at my small breasts with the very erect nipples.

"Now your skirt, Angela."

"No, no ,nooo," I pleaded desperately, "Please don't ask me to undress any further. I am incredibly sorry for my behaviour."

"Really! Somehow I doubt it, especially looking at how rigid those nipples of yours are."

"It is just because I am utterly humiliated," I pleaded forlornly.

"Oh, really! Skirt, please." Mrs Hipkins was not swayed by my desperate pleading.

I could not believe what she was requesting me to do. It was bad enough being topless, but being totally naked would be mortifying, especially given that the rest of her family were in the house.

I tried a desperate last plea. "Please Mrs Hipkins. I have just got my period. Please don't ask me to expose myself any further."

"Skirt, please!" she demanded impatiently, not persuaded by my pleas.

Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and then unfastened the zipper of my skirt. As I edged the waistband over my hips it fell away to the floor, leaving me naked except for my shoes and knee high school regulation socks. I could feel my blood pumping in my ears like a drum. I let my arms drop to my sides, despite my intense embarrassment.

As I slowly opened my eyes I could see that Mrs Hipkins was staring at me intensely, with a hint of what seemed a smile of triumph on her face. I was then aware of movement to the side and when I turned my head I saw that Mr Hipkins was standing at the doorway of his study, clearly admiring the view I was presenting to him. I made no attempt to cover myself.

I then heard another noise behind me and as I glanced back I saw Tony had crept down the stairs and was also enjoying the rear view of my naked body. He slowly circled around me until he was standing in front of me, beside his mother. All three of the Hipkins family now soaked up the sight of my nudity.

"I am still waiting for you to hand me your skirt," Mrs Hipkins requested.

I lifted my feet away from my fallen skirt and then slowly bent down to pick it up, before stepping forward to hand it to her. I then stepped back and again let my hands fall to my side. I was intensely embarrassed by having the family viewing me naked, but I also knew that I found it intensely erotic to be forced to display myself in this manner. My body tingled with a flush of arousal.

"I told you she would do anything," Tony grinned as he commented to his mother.

"Very curious," Mrs Hipkins shook her head, "Very curious indeed." She seemed uncertain how to handle this very unusual situation.

Then without being asked I placed my hands on my head and slowly opened my legs until they were almost two feet apart. I just wanted my humiliation to be as complete as possible.

"Good heavens," Mr Hipkins sighed, "What an incredible young lady."

"What an incredible pussy!" Tony chimed in. "Even if she is having her period."

I blushed with shame. His mother frowned disapprovingly but made no comment. For what seemed an eternity the Hipkins family just soaked up the sight of my nakedness.

"I think you had better come with me," Mrs Hipkins finally spoke, "Keep your hands on your head and follow me upstairs to my office."

I did as requested, following my teacher up her stairs. I could feel the eyes of Mr Hipkins and Tony focusing on my buttocks as I ascended the stairway. Once we were in the office Mrs Hipkins closed the door then turned to peer at me.

"What's going on, Angela?"

I just hung my head without responding. To be honest I wanted to blurt out everything, but I was confused and afraid of the repercussions.

"Very well. I think you need to talk to me, but I cannot force you to do so. You realise you are going to be punished, so we might as well get it over with."

"Yes ma'am. I realise I have done wrong." I feared being punished, but at least she wasn't talking about the possibility of being expelled from college.

With that Mrs Hipkins reached under her desk and pulled out a cane. I felt like I was going to faint, and I could feel myself shaking. She walked behind me. I was still standing with my hands on my head. Instinctively I clenched my buttocks and waited with dread.

I knew it was going to hurt, but when the first blow landed I was still totally unprepared for the searing pain. I cried out as my hands shot down to my buttocks and tried to rub away the burning sensation.

Mrs Hipkins waited patiently for me to stop rubbing before she requested I place my hands on my head. The process was repeated four times, and by this stage crocodile tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was doing a jig as I tried to deal with the pain.

"You deserve more punishment for your conduct, Angela, but I believe you are good girl at heart and a good student, even if your sexual motivations are somewhat bizarre to say the least."

"Thank you, ma'am," I sniffed, genuinely grateful that I was being spared any further punishment.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk to me? I really am concerned that if you don't talk to me you are going to end up in more trouble and you may not get off so lightly."

I could see that Mrs Hipkins concern was genuine, and I made the instant decision to tell all. I told her about Darren, even though she had probably heard much of it from her son, and I told her about Bridget and how I had become so submissive to her. I didn't try to rationalise or justify my behaviour, as not even I truly understood why I behaved as I did. Plus I did not blame anyone except myself. I could always make the decision to walk away. My teacher listened in astonishment as I told her about having to strip off my clothes and be naked in the dorm accommodation I shared with Bridget, how I wasn't allowed to close the bathroom door. I even told her about having to stand at attention, and that Bridget spanked me with various implements. I didn't tell her about the doggie and diaper positions, as that was just too embarrassing to talk about.

When I had finished Mrs Hipkins hugged me into her ample breasts and I felt warm and comforted.

"You are a unique young lady, Angela Brumm, and I am not sure how I should be dealing with you. But for your own welfare at college I need to ensure you are protected. Now go down stairs and get dressed. I will see you tomorrow after class."

I was not sure what Mrs Hipkins planned for me but I was relieved to have unburdened myself as I feared I was not capable of controlling my own desires and for a girl at college this was not good.

Sheepishly I descended the stairs, trying to wipe away the remaining tears from my blotchy red face. As I walked into the lounge Tony was seated, reading a book. I had the distinct feeling he was just waiting for me to return. As I entered he looked up and his eyes lazily wandered over my body, taking in my small boobs and my pubes.

"Turn around and show me your bum," he grinned.

I could have chosen to totally ignore him, but instead I found myself turning around to show him my buttocks. I had not looked at them myself, but I could imagine I had five very distinctive welts crisscrossing my cheeks.

"Bloody hell," Tony exclaimed, "That must have hurt. Can I touch the welts?"

I didn't want to have him touching me. He had never been nice to me and didn't hesitate to tell his Mum what I had done with Darren. He was an immature jerk as far as I was concerned.

"I guess. Just a little." I couldn't believe I actually said that.

I heard Tony get up and I felt him standing very close behind me. His fingers began tracing the marks left on my buttocks by his mother's cane. They were sensitive and tender when touched, but I didn't pull away. Each time his fingers worked their way down my bottom they were getting closer and closer to my nether region, but still I didn't pull away. I felt the fingers of both of his hands work their way into the crack of my buttocks. I wanted to clench my buttocks but I forced myself to stay relaxed.

His fingers gripped each of my buttocks and prised them apart. I knew that he would be staring at my anus, but still I did not move.

"You really are a little slut," he whispered into my ear, and I shuddered at the truth of his words.

After a long while holding my buttocks apart he slowly began to run his fingers down between my legs. Without being asked I opened my legs so that he had easy access.

His fingers slipped between my legs and he ran them over my vulva, brushing the string of my tampon in the process.

"Bloody hell, you are wet," he snared.

I knew he was right. Even though I had my period I was highly aroused. The pain from my caning had died down and now I was just left with a sensual warmth that radiated through my body. Even when his fingers prised open my labia I didn't pull away. I could feel my breathing becoming more laboured and I opened my knees to give him better access to me.

The noise of Mrs Hipkins exiting her upstairs office suddenly shocked me back to reality. Tony quickly stepped back from me.

"Are you not dressed yet, Angela?" Mrs Hipkins glared down from the top of the staircase. "Are you waiting for me to give you the rest of your punishment?"

Shamefaced I quickly grabbed my clothing off the chair. "No ma'am. I am sorry ma'am," I stammered. "I was just talking to Tony."

"Good heavens, girl. You are impossible. Get some clothes on and get back to your dorm."

As I began to dress I looked over and saw Mr Hipkins standing at the doorway to his study. From the knowing smile on his face I just knew he had been standing there ever since I had come down the stairs.

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