tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Girl Games Ch. 07

Little Girl Games Ch. 07


Kelli, Amy and I each received a notice that we were accepted into college. Our parents were so happy for us that they paid for a weekend trip to the lake. We packed a few things and put on the short skirts and crop tops we wore to the mall. Of course we didn't wear any underwear with our outfits this time. We were three eighteen-year-old girls ready for a wild weekend. Unfortunately, we were so eager to leave that we forgot to put our suitcases in the car. We didn't even discover this until we were halfway there. The only piece of luggage we had with us was Kelli's makeup bag.

On the way to the lake, Amy fell asleep in the front seat. Kelli needed some entertainment so she pushed Amy's shirt up over her breasts. Guys were driving by and gawking at Amy's perfect titties. Kelli and I would laugh at the surprised look on the guy's faces. Next, Kelli gently moved the hem of Amy's skirt up past her waist. Amy was so tired that she didn't even realize what was going on. Kelli would drive next to truckers and let them look down on Amy's state of undress. Amy's dark pussy hair was easy to see for a driver looking down from a big rig. This kept Kelli and I amused until Amy woke up. When Amy awoke, she stretched her arms then noticed some guys looking at her from the car next to us. The guy's were getting an eyeful until Amy realized where her clothes were positioned and pulled them back into place. She thought that she accidentally exposed herself in her sleep and got mad at us for not covering her up. We never did tell her the truth.

We checked into the hotel and made our way to the room. It only had one bed, but it did have complementary toothbrushes and toiletries so at least our breath would smell good. Since we didn't have anything to change into, Amy just stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed naked. Kelli and I decided to join her and removed our clothes, too. As I situated myself in the middle of the bed, I had Kelli's big tits pressing into my back, while Amy faced me. Amy's nipples kept brushing against my nipples, making them all hard and pointy. It gave me a tingly feeling all over. Kelli kept moving around and her pussy hair was tickling my naked butt. The other girls slept like logs, but I had to reach down between my legs and pleasure myself. The girls slept right through my moaning and heavy breathing. After a powerful orgasm, I laid there trying to figure out how these girls got me so excited. Finally, I decided to accept it and went to sleep.

The next morning, Amy was taking a shower and I was leaning against the bathroom counter without any clothes on, waiting for my turn in the shower. Kelli, who had already showered and dressed, was afraid we wouldn't have enough towels. We didn't know it, but Kelli called the front desk and asked them to send up some extra towels. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Kelli opened it and directed the hotel worker to put the towels in the bathroom. There was no place to hide as he walked into the bathroom with the towels. My breasts and pussy were right out in the open for the guy to look at. Amy pressed her breasts against the shower door while she applied soap to her inner thighs. It was quite a sight for the guy. I looked at him then ran my hands all over my naked body. I said that I didn't have any change on me for a tip. He just nodded and headed off quickly. He was speechless.

Wearing our short skirts, crop tops and nothing else, we grabbed a quick breakfast. Next we headed for a store on the strip that sells swimsuits, T-shirts and accessories. We were the only ones in the store besides a man behind the counter. He watched us, as we looked for some sexy swimming suits. We each took turns trying on some skimpy thong bikinis with a couple of tiny triangles covering our nipples. Each of us put one on, then came out to model it. The man approved of our choices.

Next, we tried on some tiny revealing panties. Kelli went first and came out to look at herself in the mirror. All she was wearing was the panties!

I said, "Kelli, you don't have a top on."

Kelli replied, "Well I don't plan to buy a bra."

The man just chuckled as Kelli stood in the mirror for a long time. The man ogled at her bare breasts the whole time. There was some kind of health ordinance that forced us to buy the three bikinis and three pair of panties because we weren't wearing underwear when we tried them on. We also bought three white tank tops with big armholes. When we leaned forward, our tits could be seen through the armholes from the sides. They were full size tops, but just barely covered our panties. I think we were supposed to wear shorts with them. We decided that we'd bought enough, so the man put our new clothes in a bag and we put our skirts and crop tops back on.

We left the store and headed for the lake. On the way to the lake, the sky opened up and the rain began to pour. Figuring that the lake was out, we had to find something else to do. Kelli needed gas, so she pulled into a gas station. No one was getting gas, but there were several guys inside the store waiting for the rain to stop. Kelli got out and began pumping her gas. Instead of getting back into the car, she just stood out in the rain waiting for the tank to fill. As she did, her little white crop top and pink mini skirt got drenched. The guys had their noses pressed against the window as she bent over to take the nozzle out of the tank. Kelli was showing off her naked butt and the guys loved it.

There was a covered sidewalk outside of the store. Kelli stopped under the covering before entering the store. Acting as if she didn't know anyone was watching her, she lifted the front of her skirt above her waist and tried to wring out the water like a washrag. The guys behind the window were really getting a long look at her pussy hair because it took awhile for Kelli to get all of the water out of the skirt. She turned around and lifted the back of her skirt to wring it out, too. The guys just stood there dumbfounded as they studied every inch of the nice young ass on display in front of them. When Kelli finally pulled her skirt down and entered the store, she put her hands on her face and gave the guys one of those embarrassed expressions. We couldn't hear Kelli, but I'm sure she said one of those "I didn't know anyone was watching me" lines.

Kelli was the center of attention as she paid for her gas. Everyone tried to get in a position to see her wet, transparent top. Of course she had to drop some change and bend over straight legged to pick it up. The guys already knew she wasn't wearing panties, so they rushed around to get a better view of her butt. She was really learning how to work a crowd. As she walked back to the car, the eyes were still on her. The wind from the storm kept blowing her skirt up, but she didn't bother to hold it down and the guys got another look at her awesome butt. Kelli waved to the guys as she drove away.

We went back to the hotel and Kelli checked to see if the hotel did laundry. She was told that the hotel could send our clothes out and have them back the next day. The laundry guy came up to our room and Kelli explained that we needed our clothes washed because we'd been wearing them for two days. The guy said that he would give us a chance to take them off and he'd come right back for them. Kelli told him that he should just take them now and he stood there as we pulled our tops over our heads. All three of us were naked from the waist up as we slowly unzipped our skirts and let them slide down our legs.

Kelli, Amy and I were standing there naked as the laundry guy tried to leave. After opening the door, he suddenly remembered that we needed to sign a laundry ticket. The door remained wide open as Kelli signed the card. While we were standing in the doorway naked, a couple of men in business suits walked past our door. They couldn't have walked any slower as they gazed at our naked young bodies. The girls and I made no attempt to hide from the men as the hotel worker took the laundry ticket and shut the door. We immediately started laughing about the men we'd just flashed.

Kelli, Amy and I were getting hungry, but the only clothes we had to wear were our tank tops and panties. We also had our skimpy thong bikinis, but we knew the swimsuits would be inappropriate attire in the restaurant. Amy said that if we wore the tank tops and panties, then walked carefully, people might think we had shorts on under our tops. We couldn't stay in our hotel room all night, so we got dolled up and went down to the hotel restaurant. All we were wearing was our tank tops, panties, white socks and tennis shoes. The girls and I were getting very hungry and didn't want to get thrown out of the restaurant, so we made sure our panties didn't show until we were seated.

There were a lot of businessmen in the hotel. Men in suits were sitting at tables on both sides of us. They were older men so when they tried to talk to us, we blew them off and ignored them. That didn't stop them from observing our outfits. When we sat down, our shirts rode up in front revealing our panties. We were all wearing tiny white lace panties made of a thin mesh material that was easy to see through. I don't know if the men were more interested in seeing our pussy hair through the thin panties or our breasts through the large armholes.

Amy dropped her napkin on the floor. When she got up and bent over to pick it up, the thin material of her panties did little to hide the crack of her ass. They weren't the thong type of panties, but as the mesh material stretched across Amy's butt, there was little left to the imagination. She just took her time picking up the napkin, then she sat back down and we continued our conversation as if nothing happened. The girls and I were talking about things like who was going to sleep in the middle of the bed and how comfortable it was for all of us to sleep in the same bed without any clothes on. The men were really getting turned on listening to our conversations.

As Kelli, Amy and I ate our dinner, we made sure that we leaned forward enough to allow the men a clear view at our bare breasts through the armholes of our shirt. I'm sure it was easy for them to see our little pink nipples. Even though we were rude to the men, they paid for our meal. We thanked them and bent over to shake each of their hands. The man that was shaking our hand could see down our shirt while the man across the table could look at our panty-clad asses. Oh well, they paid for it.

After leaving the restaurant, the girls and I went to a bar near the hotel. We weren't even old enough to get in, but for some reason the guy at the door didn't bother to ask us for identification. There was a dance floor and we decided to shake it. Plenty of girls were dancing in halters, mini shirts and other show-off outfits, so we didn't feel out of place at all. We were asked to dance almost every song. The dance floor was elevated, so guys could sit by the sides and look up our shirts. There were girls without panties twirling on the dance floor, so we weren't even the main attraction. However, Kelli was starting to make it a habit to try and become the main attraction wherever she goes.

As Kelli was dancing, she would pull her shirt up to make sure that all of the guys could see her panties. Next, she reached under her shirt and pulled her panties down a little bit. Now when she would pull her shirt up, the guys could see some of her blond bush and part of the crack of her ass. As she continued to dance, her panties slid down to the middle of her thighs. The guys were howling as she danced in a manner that allowed her panties to slide further and further down her legs. Eventually her little underpants fell to the floor. Kelli kicked the panties into the crowd and some guy put them over his head.

Kelli didn't stop there. Next she hooked her thumbs in the armholes of her shirt and stretched the material of the shirt together in front of her. Now her boobs were bouncing around right out in the open. Kelli ended the dance by turning to the crowd and lifting the front of her shirt up to her chin. She paraded around the dance floor with her large boobs, firm butt and blond pussy hair out in the open for everyone to look at. Guys kept trying to lift Kelli's shirt up as we left the bar and Kelli seemed to enjoy all of the attention.

After returning to our hotel room, the girls and I took our clothes off and Amy started getting ready for bed. As Amy bent over the bathroom sink to brush her teeth, Kelli pulled a little camera out of her makeup bag and snapped a picture of Amy's bare ass. Amy squealed and asked Kelli to stop, but Kelli snapped off a few more. Kelli tried to take a picture of me in the nude, but I put a pillow in front of my face. I figured that even if my body was naked in the picture, at least no one would be able to tell it was me.

Kelli finally coerced me into posing for some nude photos in our room. After Kelli snapped a few shots we actually ventured out into the hallway, still completely naked. There was a soda dispenser at the end of the hall and Kelli took my picture as I bent over to put some money into the machine. Three men walked up behind Kelli and the men had an unobstructed view of my naked butt. As I got my soda, I turned around and was shocked to see that I had an audience. Kelli gave one of the men her camera and asked him to take a picture of us together. As Kelli put her arm around me, I rubbed the cold soda can against my nipples. This made them my nipples really stand out. Kelli asked me to do it to her and the man snapped off some pictures of me rubbing the can against her nipples. More men gathered to watch as the guy snapped off the rest of the roll. Kelli and I just posed together with our titties and pussies in full view of everyone in attendance. They hung around and checked out our bare asses as we walked arm in arm back to our room.

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