tagErotic HorrorLittle Red Corvette

Little Red Corvette


The engine of the car growled hungrily as I sped along the road. Recognising the sound I adjusted my dark sun glasses and sped off the highway into the city. I slowed as I looked for a place to rest and find a fuel source. Then I saw the main street and a cafe that allowed me to park the car near me. I turned off the engine and looked the car admiring the gleam of the silver and red paintwork as the sun caught it. I thought it truly beautiful and I knew that I was not alone in my feeling for many people admired my vehicle.

Then she was there. She was in her early twenties perhaps, had long blonde hair in a ponytail, I could make out pert breasts beneath a light pink t-shirt and her long toned legs were shown off extending from her short mini-skirt and ended in two sharp-heeled shoes. Her hand lightly touched the car and I smiled as I saw how the hand rested against the car.

I stood and gathering my black leather jacket about me I made my way back to the car.

"Would you like a ride?" I said and she swung to see me.

I saw that she was breathing heavily and even now she could not withdraw her hand from the red paintwork. I smiled and made my offer again. I saw suspicion war with her lust and then her lips half-opened she nodded. Smiling I opened the door and helped her onto the cream leather bucket seats. I eased myself behind the wheel and started the engine. Again there was that hungry growl but also there was the hum of well working machinery.

As I made my way onto the highways and accelerated smoothly the air whipped over us and her hair flew back. I saw her moving her hips rhythmically against the leather. Her mouth opened in pleasure and I could make out her nipples standing erect and aroused. I smiled again and turned to her.

"Let your hair loose it is better that way."

Mechanically she pulled the band from her hair and allowed the hair to run through her hand as it flew behind her. I started music from the CD player and it growled and roared in time to the car. She closed her eyes and sunk deeper into the leather and I saw her hand rest on her thigh. Soon I thought but lets have some fun. I pulled the car over to the side of the road, she opened her eyes disappointed.

"Here this will make it feel better," and I reached under her skirt found the strap and pulled her thong panties down the leg.

Telling her to lift her hips up I flipped her skirt so that her naked skin rested on the warm leather. I lifted her panties to my nose and enjoyed the smell of her juice that had soaked the thin fabric. As she sat down there was a pleasurable sigh as the leather touched her naked cunt and ass.

"Isn't that much better," I said as I roared off along the deserted country roads.

The miles churned along and out the corner of my eye I saw her reach under her skirt with one hand and rub her nipples with the other.

"Yes it is nice isn't it. Take off your top it feels lovely to have sun and wind against naked skin, give into your desires," I spoke softly.

Perhaps she heard me but that does not matter since she pulled the t-shirt above her head and set about playing with her nipples in earnest. She even pulled one into her mouth and licked at it hungrily. Between her legs I saw her fingers slip and slide over her juice covered cunt. She had shaved her lips so that I could see the delightful coral flesh as she pulled her cunt open and jammed two fingers deep into the hot hole. I allowed her to play with her body for a time until I saw a small copse of trees and bushes.

Stopping the car I stepped out of the car and made my way to her side. She only became aware of me as I pulled the door open and pulled her out of the vehicle. Dazed and confused she looked at me but responded as I kissed her lips passionately. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and my soft leather jacket rubbed against her nipples.

With confident hands I turned her around and pushed her across the bonnet of the car and unzipped my fly. Pulling my cock from my trousers I parted her legs and pushed her skirt over her ass exposing two milk-white ass cheeks surrounded by tanned skin. I saw the petals of her cunt and pulled them open as I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance.

She squealed in delight as I thrust my cock into her wet cunt. I filled the hole with ease and she cried with delight as I rammed my flesh into her body again and again. She came, oh how she came and I was at turns savage and tender to her body. I would raise her to the heights of pleasure only to feel her dash to the depths of her cumming.

My balls tingled and I felt the familiar rush of cum through my cock and I shot string after sting of cum into her pulsing cunt. I pounded her cunt as I thrust my cock deep into her and I felt her cunt tighten about my spurting cock as she came. Then I finished, pulling out of her cunt I held her against the hood of the car that seemed to melt and change until it seemed to be two blood red lips that opened and drew her body into the engine, an engine that gleamed silver and white, an engine filled with very sharp gears that moved as she settled on them.

Walking away I thought I heard a muffled groan and perhaps a scream. After a time I returned to the car and picked up the clothes that she no longer needed. I buried them beneath the trees and stepped back into the car once I had finished. Taking the steaming cup from the cup holder I drank slowly enjoying each taste of the pungent liquor it held.

Finished I disposed of the cup into the small bin beneath the seat and started the engine again. The engine caught hold and purred with contentment as the I adjusted my sunglasses and pulled out onto the road and sped towards another city and the food there.

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