tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLittle Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 06

Little Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 06


*Note: I am a great fan of these books but those who have read the series know that Laura is a child at the beginning of the series. I have taken the liberty of making Laura eighteen years old so that she can tell her story of learning how to become a loving wife on the prairie. I am also using the visuals of the actors that portrayed the members of the Little House community in the television series.*


Laura went home, her mind buzzing on the strength of her experience. She understood so many things now, so many things that made her mother the loving wife that she was and Laura now looked at Caroline Ingalls in a different light. She had known that her mother was a person beyond compare but now she knew why. Their house ran smoothly because of the sacrifices that she made for the sake of their family.

She thought back on what she'd seen in the past few days and wondered if it was really a sacrifice. After cumming with her fingers, she fantasized about what a tongue would feel like, if she would enjoy it as much as her mother had enjoyed Mr. Hanson's attentions. Her mother had paid for part of a bill by allowing the lumberman to drink her pussy juice, so why couldn't she do the same? Laura gave careful thought to the question, her smile growing as an answer came to mind. Reverend Alden hadn't been paid yet.

Two days passed and the wedding drew closer. Laura dressed as she always did, in a nice lawn dress and bonnet and set off for town, leaving her mother to finish picking the vegetables. It was Saturday and she knew that Reverend Alden would be at the church, preparing for the morning's service so she headed there. She found him inside, making sure that there were plenty of song books in the pews. She locked the door and headed into the main room.

"Hello, Reverend Alden."

The elderly man straightened himself, arising from one of the front pews. "Hello, Laura. What can I do for you?"

"I came to talk to you about something."

"Nervous about the wedding?"

"No, sir." She sighed, hoping that it would help her to calm down. "I'm ready to become Almanzo's bride."

"And a beautiful bride you will be, Laura."

"That's what I came to talk to you about." She tugged her bonnet off and loosened her hair pins, letting her thick, glossy mane fall free. She noticed that the good reverend's eyes followed her every movement. "We haven't paid you for the ceremony yet."

"And I told you that payment was not necessary."

"But that's not fair to you, Reverend Alden. You work as hard as anyone else here and you have to survive just like the rest of us."

"Laura," His voice grew breathy at the sight of her running her fingers through her hair and shaking it out. "The Lord always provides for me."

"How about letting me provide something for you?" She walked behind him, letting her silky hair trail over his neck and bald head. "You've been alone for a long time, Reverend Alden. I want to help you out with that, to a certain extent."

"Laura ... "

"Do only what you're comfortable with." She sat down on the raised platform and undid a few buttons at the neck of her dress. "Tell me what you want me to do."

Reverend Alden sat heavily on the front pew, gazing at the beautiful vision that was sitting in front of him. His prick was growing harder in his pants with each button that sprang free and he nearly forgot to breathe when her alabaster breasts were uncovered. "Open your dress."

Laura smiled, pulling the soft fabric away from her breasts. She let her hands sweep inside, gathering the flesh and squeezing them, rolling the nipples between her fingers. The reverend gasped, leaving the bench and crawling over to her. His mouth on her breast was a startling surprise and his roughness left her breathless. He licked every inch of flesh, sucking her nipples into hard buds and burying his face in her perfumed valley.

"Is this all you want to do?"

"No. I'd ... " He took a deep breath. "I'd like to lick you down there."

Laura smiled, sitting back and opening her legs. "Would you like to remove my underdrawers?"

Reverend Alden nearly drooled as he pushed the hem of her dress up, his fingers quivering as they touched lace and cotton. The puffy drawers slid down over her hips and her hairy pussy came into view. Laura pushed the fabric aside so that she could see his face as he went down on her, pressing the thick lips aside and thrusting his tongue into her hairy thatch. She gasped at the sensation and immediately knew why her mother enjoyed paying Mr. Hansen so much.

She lay back and let the reverend have his way with her, shivering and shaking at each stroke of his tongue and welcoming the warm wetness that flooded her pussy. His tongue snaked along her sensitive flesh, making her writhe in anticipation of cumming. She wasn't disappointed. He buried his face into her twat and started pistoning his tongue in and out of her creamy hole. It only took a moment before she was crying out, pushing his head harder against her hips and rubbing frantically.

Reverend Alden pulled away when she relaxed, gasping for breath but smiling widely. "You were very delicious, Laura. Thank you for the gift."

"No, thank you, Reverend Alden." She gasped, fixing her clothes back up. "You will make my wedding perfect."

Alden grinned, watching her pin her hair back up. "The Lord always provides, Laura." He licked his upper lip, capturing a smear of her pussy cream. "He always provides."

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