tagErotic HorrorLooking Through Your Monitor Ch. 05

Looking Through Your Monitor Ch. 05


I loved it when Jessica had an orgasm finally. Another screamer, Jessica's screams of pleasure were the repressed vocal reflection of the forbidden sexual desire that Trish gave to her body and something that only one woman can give to another. Trish slid her body up to Jessica and they remained like that holding one another in the afterglow of passion. Occasionally, they kissed; French kissed and fingered and sucked on one another's nipples. It was diabolically hot watching these two hot women in the afterglow of passionate love making. What have I done? Look what I have unleashed. I converted two straight women to live a lesbian existence, well, perhaps, a bi-sexual existence anyway.

There was a quick knock at Jessica's bedroom door at the same time that it opened. Before Jessica or Trish could react to the invasion of their most private moment and cover their nakedness with a sheet or even their hands, in walked Jessica's father. How embarrassing is that? I mean, I wasn't embarrassed I was aroused seeing the look on her father's face when he saw his naked daughter with her naked best friend lying in bed and holding one another. I didn't know which to look first, the shocked expression that instantly blanketed his face or the tent that his immediate erection made in his pants. I figured, certainly, that he had been listening at the door and perhaps peeping threw the keyhole and barged it open as soon as he thought the moment was right. Perfect timing, Daddio.

"I heard screaming" he said and stared. "What the Hell is going on in here?" He stood there wide-eyed and unblinking staring at Trish. Immediately, by the wide-eyed look on his face, I knew his desire for her was without reason or logic and went far beyond sanity.

Jessica and Trish were slow to cover her nakedness from Jessica's father. He got quite an eyeful, especially from Trish. She was slower to dive beneath the sheet than his daughter, Jessica, and he got a good look of her shaved pussy, round ass, and huge boobs.

"We have a ghost, Dad."

"A what?"

"A ghost," said Jessica pointing to the monitor. "We have a ghost in the monitor."

"That's crazy," said her father looking at the monitor and reaching for the plug.

"No!" Both women screamed simultaneously. "He will shock you, electrocute you, and kill you. Please don't pull the plug. You will die, just like the guy who made him."

He withdrew his hand.

"Psst, Dad," I said. "Step closer and put your ear to the speaker so the girls don't hear us." Her father stepped closer. "Listen, I whispered. They think that I am a ghost. Okay? They are positive that I am haunting them. If you play along with me, I'll let you have some fun with Trish's naked body."

Jessica's Dad looked over at Trish and then looked back at me. When he looked back at Trish, I knew that I had his unquestioned cooperation. The sheet barely covered her bodacious body and her cleavage peeked out over the top of the sheet. Certainly, she was a very tempting sight and too tempting a dish for this lustful man to pass up the opportunity of nailing her in a one-on-one exploration of her young, firm body.

"Geez," he said looking back at Trish, "this is crazy." He passed his hand over his mouth like a man dying of thirst. "My wife...what about my wife? She's downstairs. What if she was to come up and catch me with her?" He turned pale before his face was awash with color once he took another look at Trish. You knew this guy was hot for that babe. "I'd have holy Hell to pay if she caught me with that young tart."

"Well, you'll have to be quiet and you'll have to work fast. Now, step away from the monitor and act scared."

"Oh, my God! This thing really is haunted."

"Hey, let's not overdo it, Pops."

"See, we told you, Dad."

"Well, Daddio, just as I had the women do, I command you to do the same or else."

"Command me to do what?"


"You mean get naked?" He looked down at himself and then over at Trish cowering beneath the sheet. "I can't do that, at least, not in front of my daughter."

"Jessica, please leave the room. You may wait in your bathroom."

"How's that Dad? Does that satisfy your limited morals, now?"


Jessica appeared from under the sheet and without covering her nakedness from her father, she walked up to him and gave him a hug. He threw his arm around her naked waist with his fingertips touching the top of her ass. She released her hug and slowly walked by her Dad and disappeared in the bathroom. I watched her Dad stealing a few not so stealthy glances at his naked daughter's tits, pussy, and ass.

"Okay, Pops, she's gone. Get naked."

Jessica's Dad wasted no time getting naked. His cock was already more than halfway hard. I noticed that Jessica did not totally close the bathroom door. She stood by the door crack peeking out and watching her Dad undress.

"What's your name, Dad?"


"May I call you, Bob? It sounds weird for me to continue to call you, Dad."

"Yeah, sure, okay."

I looked over at Trish and she had her eyes closed with the sheet pulled up to her chin.

"Lose the sheet Trish." When she made no effort to reveal her body, I gave her more motivation. "Now or I will..." I did not even have to finish my sentence when she threw off the sheet and kicked it down with her feet. Now, with her arms folded beneath her magnificent chest, she lay on top of the bed totally exposed.

Bob stared at Trish's full erotic splendor. While pretending to look at her fingernails, I saw Trish glance down a couple times at Bob's semi-erect cock. You could tell this girl really liked cock.

"Well, Trish, what do you think?"

"What do you mean what do I think? Think about what?"

"About Bob's cock?"

She glanced down at it. She could not help herself and stop herself from looking at it.

"Do you like it?"

"I don't know. I didn't look at it." Obviously, she was lying.

"Well, take a good look at it."

Now, by releasing her of all guilt with my command, she was free to stare and she did.

"Step closer to the bed Bob so that Trish can get a good look."

Bob walked within reaching distance of Trish.

"Go ahead, Trish, touch his cock."

"No thank you," she said looking away.

"Take his cock in your hand, Bitch!"

I knew she only needed a little motivation to obey. She reached her little hand over to where Bob's cock pointed nearly straight out and wrapped her fingers around it.

"Stroke him a little. That's right, make him nice and hard."

Trish began a gentle stroking motion.

"Go ahead, Bob, you can feel her tits and suck on her nipples. I know you want to. I know you have been lusting over this little vixen's hot body for some time. Look at her. She's such a tease, isn't she?" I looked at Trish stroking Bob's cock. "You don't mind if Bob feels your tits and sucks on your nipples, do you, Trish? I mean, you are giving the man a handjob, after all. It's only fair that he reciprocates something to stimulate you, don't you think?"

"Do I have a choice in the matter?" With that, she moved her body closer to the edge of the bed and within reach of Bob's lustful mouth.

"Of course, you have no choice in the matter, Trish. Go ahead, Bob, Trish said you can feel and suck her tits. What are you waiting for? Are you shy? This is your chance of a lifetime."

With that Bob reached over and took one of Trish's big tits in his hand. He started fingering her nipples. Quickly, her nipples became fully erect. He leaned over and took one in his mouth slurping his tongue around it and then moved his mouth to the other. Then, he reached back for her other tit and fingered her nipple. Immediately, he got hard, real hard. His cock swelled with the touch of her tits and the fingering of her nipples.

"So, tell me, Bob, are those the best tits you ever felt and sucked?"

"Yes, they are so very big and firm."

"I betcha they are nothing like your wife's tits."

"No," he chuckled, "they are nothing like her tits."

"Do you like her pussy, Bob? It's shaved."

"Yes, it's beautiful."

"Does your wife shave her pussy, Bob?"

"My wife? No."

"Is this the first time you have seen a shaved pussy, Bob?"

"Well, I saw the pictures of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan getting out of cars with their legs spread while not wearing panties."

"You're a pig, Bob."

"So aren't we all."

"What's your wife's name?"

"My wife? Shirley."

"Go ahead, Bob, you can touch and finger Trish's pussy while you feel her tit with your other hand and while Trish continues to jerk you off. I betcha she's already wet, Bob. She is a coy one, this Trish."

With that, Bob started fingering Trish's clit. At first there was no reaction from Trish, but then when she spread open her legs a bit more, Bob had better access and was better able to give her some multiple digit action.

He had her moaning in no time.

"Does that feel good, Trish?"


"I bet you would love to suck Bob's cock while he plays with your pussy."

"Yeah, I could suck his cock...if he wanted me to and if you commanded me to suck it."

"Did you hear that, Bob? She'll suck your cock if you want her to. Do you want Trish to suck your cock, Bob?"

"Oh, God, yes."

Jessica opened the bathroom door more so that she could watch Trish suck her father's cock.

"So as to make it official...Trish, I command you to suck Bob's cock. Further, I command you to allow him to cum in your mouth and for you to swallow his cum."

"Really? I can cum in her mouth and she'll swallow my cum?"

"Calm down, Bob. Now, by that admission, I deduce that your wife does not allow you to cum in her mouth."

"Hell no. She seldom blows me and whenever she does, which was a couple years ago, I have to cum on her tits."

"Well, strap yourself in, Bob, because you are in for a real, sweet treat today with this little vixen."

Trish leaned over and took Bob's prick in her mouth. Gently, she stroked him as she sucked him. She was one sexy and skilled cocksucker. Bob had one hand caressing her tit and fingering her nipples with his other hand probing her wet pussy while his cock was stuffed in her mouth. It did not take Bob very long to shoot a big load of cum down her throat. Then, with Bob increasing his diddling with her clit and with her doing some fancy fiddling with his cock, Trish screamed loudly with an explosive orgasm.

"Shh, please, shh!" He said to Trish. "My wife will hear us and she'll be up here wondering what is going on."

Immediately, Trish quieted down.

"Okay, Bob, assume the position."

"Assume the position? What do you mean?"

"Are you so selfish that you would allow Trish to blow you and not return the favor? Where are your manners, man? Didn't your parents teach you anything when they instructed you about the birds and the bees? It is only fittingly fair that you eat her pussy."

"Eat her pussy? You want me to eat her pussy?"

"If you don't mind, Trish?"

"Like I have a choice in any of this," she said throwing her hands up in the air.

With that, she slid further down on the bed and spread her legs while Bob planted his mouth between her legs. He was not very skilled at pussy licking and although he was trying to please her with his tongue and fingers, it was not working. When I noticed that he had another erection, I had him stop.

"Bob, I'm impressed. You are a horny devil. I see you already have a second erection. Okay, Bob, then this is your big chance."

"Big chance, what do you mean?"

"This is what you been waiting for. This is what you have been dreaming about. This is what you have been jerking off to every chance you get. It's time to fuck her."

"Wait a second, now. Hold on," said Trish sitting up in bed. "It is one thing for me to have my girlfriend's father see me naked, feel me up, and suck my tits. I can deal with that. That wasn't so bad. But then, you forced me to give him a handjob and a blowjob and had him cum in my mouth. Then, you forced me to have him finger fuck me to orgasm and lick my pussy. Again, I can deal with all of that. It's just sex. But there is no way that I am going to fuck him. That's nasty. He's a dirty, old man. He's nasty."

"Please, Trish, you must," said Jessica emerging out of the bathroom to plead her case. "He'll kill my cat or worse. He'll kill us."

Bob looked over and stared at his daughter's nakedness and Jessica did nothing to cover herself from the stares of her father. Jessica stared at her father's erect cock.

"Fuck! Okay, okay, I'll do it. I'll fuck your fucking father, okay?" She looked up at Bob. "C'mon, let's get it over with so that I can be sick in the bathroom and take a shower after you are finished fucking my body."

Bob positioned himself between Trish's legs and she reached down and inserted his hard cock in her pussy. He wasted no time in pounding away at her pussy. He was fucking her like he had not had sex in years. Certainly, this was his big chance. Obviously, this was something that Bob had been dreaming about doing for years and he was making the most of it. His face was so red that I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Then, he tried kissing her and she turned away.

"Yuck! Get the fuck away from me," she Trish pushing him away.

"Well, that's not being very friendly, Trish, to someone who just shot a big load of cum in your mouth. Give Bob a kiss, a long, passionate, wet French kiss."

"Fuck you! I already told you how I feel about French kissing someone who I don't like," said Trish.

"Well, Bob, I think she needs a bit of motivation. What do you think? Are you up for it? Can you show her that you mean business?"

With that, Bob pulled her to him by her hair and inserted his tongue in her mouth. Then, when she bit his tongue, he slapped her across her face and inserted his tongue in her mouth, again. I knew that was the kind of motivation that Trish needed. She started kissing him like they were at a drive-in movie. She is a horny little thing. Watching her hump Bob was worth this entire episode of playing the ghost in a computer monitor. She was fucking him like he had never been fucked before.

It did not take Bob long to reach the point of no return. He was ready to explode a load of cum in her pussy. Only Trish reached down and squeezed his balls.

"Oh, no you don't old man. Do you think that I am your fucking wife that you can slam bam me? You are going to fuck me until I am ready to cum and then you can cum in me after but not before," she said squeezing his balls a little harder. "Do you understand me?"

She did not let go of his balls until he answered her in a high-pitched fearful voice.

When she let go of his balls, they humped one another for a few minutes until Trish let out an ear splitting scream and Bob unloaded a spurt of cum in her pussy.

"Oh, hi! Come in and join the party. You must be Shirley. Hi, Shirley."

Jessica's Mom stood in the doorway of the bedroom with the mailman and with her mouth open. The sight of her husband's big, white ass in the air with his cock buried deep inside of Trish was something to behold.

To be continued...

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