tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Affair Ch. 06

Love Affair Ch. 06


Alexa was curled up under the bed covers asleep. Normally a light sleeper, she didn't hear the opening of her back patio door, nor the slight stumbling thud of boots across the kitchen floor. Not even when her intruder stepped on the creaky step of the dark stairway did she stir. The middle of the night intruder removed his clothing upon entering her bedroom, admiring her sleeping form by the small amount of light the bedroom window provided him. He was so excited to fuck this woman he was shaking. Moving the covers halfway off her almost-naked body, he crawled across to her back in one swift motion, closing his hand around her mouth just before she could scream.

She tensed up her body as soon as he had wrapped his arms around her. Unable to scream out loud, she whimpered as the other naked body closed in on her. He leaned across her ear and nibbled lightly on her lobe, his whiskey breath seeping into her nostrils. Alexa calmed down as she smelled this, relaxing more as she concentrated on her captor—it was Charlie.

Charlie felt her relax, so he tightened his hand over her mouth and squeezed his arms around her roughly. "Alright you little bitch," he slurred into her ear. "You're gonna get it tonight, whether you want it or not. And you better not scream, or I'll fuck you harder."

Alexa tensed up once again at his words. He was drunk and wanted to play. She had only seen him drunk one other time; the night they had their first sexual encounter. She was nervous not knowing what he would do to her, but she was awake now and eager to play along.

He released his hand from her mouth, and she kept quiet as his hand slid down to her breasts. Grabbing one, he massaged it roughly and pulled on the nipple, causing a quiet moan of pleasure and pain to escape her lips. His hand left her breast to slap her ass hard. "Shut up!" he growled into her ear after she cried out from the slap. He grabbed the back of her panties and pulled down quickly, taking them as far down as her knees. Charlie worked his fingers in between her closed legs, feeling her wet pussy lips. Finding her tight hole, he slid in one finger as deep as he could, probing her. Alexa gasped, again from pleasure and pain—he was being rougher than she was used to, but she loved it.

At her gasp, he slid his finger back out and inserted two, fucking her pussy hard with his hand. He moaned into her ear as her cream coated his fingers and spread around her thighs with his motions. His fingers were so wet it gave Charlie an idea, and so he slid his two fingers out of her pussy and slid one inside her ass. She squeaked at this surprise of his, and his other arm still wrapped around her squeezed her tighter against him. "You like that, bitch?" he asked.

Shaking her head, she tried to relax as his finger moved inside her, picking up its pace. Not used to any invasion into this hole, she began squirming against his strong hold and reached a free hand back to push his hand away from her ass.

"Oh, so you don't want that? Okay, then, let's try something more fun." He released her, pulling his arm from under her and crawling on top of her before she could move too far from him. Charlie sat on her stomach, straddling his legs on both sides of her body trapping her arms underneath her. He leaned over the edge of the bed to turn on her table lamp, nearly knocking it to the floor searching for the knob under the shade. Switching it on, he straightened back up over her and smiled devilishly. "I want to see how scared you are, you fucking cunt," he spat at her, winking as he did so.

She didn't move. She didn't want him to see how excited she really was, so she tried to bring out the small amount of nervousness she still felt onto her face and hope he would think her heavy breathing was from him scaring her, and not from the thrill of his domination.

He got up on his knees and moved up over her, lifting his feet to rest on her abdomen to hold her down. His hard cock protruded out from his body as he moved toward her face. Holding himself up on his arms, he pressed the tip of his erection to her closed lips. "Open your mouth, bitch." She continued not to move. He grabbed her lower jaw with one hand and jerked down roughly. "Suck my dick, you fucking whore. And don't you dare bite down on me, or I'll fuck your virgin ass!"

Alexa opened her eyes wide for a moment and then opened her mouth. He slid his cock inside, slowly at first as her soft lips and wet tongue closed around him. She couldn't move her head very well, so he started fucking her mouth. Charlie's cock drove deeper with each slow thrust, making her gag. After a few minutes she decided to test him; he slid inside her and she bit down on his shaft lightly, not wanting to hurt him. He stopped moving and gasped, pulling his cock out and getting off her body after she released her grip. He slapped her face with only medium force, grabbed one arm and flipped her over on her stomach. Slapping her ass a few times, he barked "Get up on your hands and knees you dirty slut! I'm gonna make you pay for that mistake!"

She did as he ordered as he reached down to pull her panties off her legs. Holding onto her hips he stuck one knee between her legs to part them, aiming his cock at her still soaking wet hole. She was shaking with excitement, mentally begging him to slide his cock inside her like she needed.

"You ready for me, bitch?" he asked.

"Yes!" she cried out.

Charlie thrust his cock inside with one swift motion, and she moaned loudly. He reached one hand up to the end of her long hair, grabbed and wrapped it around his hand once and jerked her head back roughly as he fucked her hard, squeezing his other hand into her hip. Alexa cried out with each hard pound into her pussy while he groaned. He fucked her roughly for so long her pussy began to get dry from all the pounding. He pulled out of her and released her hair, bent over and wrapped his hands around her thighs as he took her clit into his mouth. She cried out as he flicked his tongue against her clit, and slowly her dampness returned as he brought her to the edge. Even in his rough taking of her, Charlie still wanted to taste her and make her come.

Alexa screamed with her release, pressing her face into her pillow. Once she quieted down, he moved up behind her again and slid his erection back inside her wet hole. Excited from hearing her scream, he grabbed her hips and fucked her even harder than before, causing her to cry out in pain but he refused to stop. She bent her arms and pressed her face into her pillow again, biting down while she screamed. Impossibly fast and hard, he pounded his cock inside her relentlessly despite her cries. She had never been fucked so hard in her life like the way he was fucking her now. They both knew if she couldn't take it that she would stop him, and she wanted to feel this pain and pleasure to her limit.

Charlie pressed his fingers deeper into her skin, his climax not far now. He screamed loudly when he came, falling backwards on the bed as she collapsed on her side. He laid there breathing hard, trying to recover some of his strength. She sat up after a time, reaching down between her legs to feel her swollen pussy lips. "Oh my God," she breathed. "That was incredible, Charlie. Are you okay?"

"I'm great...naughty little bitch," he finished with a smile and a wink. "Didn't know I had it in me. I loved fucking you dry and fucking you some more! How are you doing, baby?"

"Swollen and bruised, I'm sure," she smiled back. "But I loved it, too. Ohhh." Alexa lay down next to him, holding him close as she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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