tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 08

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 08


Hank felt like a caged animal. He keep checking his watch but it seemed time wasn't moving. He left the office and paced around the Museum. He didn't talk to anyone because he knew he bite their head off. He went outside. The late June DC heat made it uncomfortable but he decided he keep walking. As he walked he thought, "Get a hold of yourself. You'll screw this up so calm down." He suddenly realized he had reached the Lincoln Memorial. It seemed he ended up here when he needed time to think. He spent the evening here after he met Amy, thinking about what to do. It seemed Mr. Lincoln always had the right answer. He sat down on the steps and thought. Time passed quickly. He checked his watch again. Finally it was time to go to the airport.

Hank got to Reagan Airport in plenty of time. The usual traffic backup hadn't started yet. Leaving the airport might be a different problem. He checked the arrivals and found the plane was on time. He headed for the gate, stopping for a soda on the way. He decided he would stand off to the side. This way he could see Amy without dealing with the exiting passengers.

He couldn't miss her as she came through the gate. She had a concerned look on her face as she scanned the crowd but to Hank, she stood out all alone.

"Amy," he called out, "over here."

She turned and smiled. She walked towards him.

"Damn", thought Hank. She still had that smile and he could see the sparkle in her eyes as she neared. She was dressed in a conservative gray skirt, white top and gray jacket. She held out her hands and Hank took them. He pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips lightly. "Let me look at you," she said as she stood back, still holding his hands. For a few seconds, they stood in silence.

Hank spoke first. "Let's go get your bags. How many did you bring?"

Amy laughed. "Only one! And this carry-on. I'm only staying for 3 days." The unspoken thought between them was would it lead to longer stays?

The bag came out quickly and they headed for the car. As they got there, Amy smiled and shook her head. "You have changed."

"In what way?" asked Hank defensively.

"When I last saw you, you were driving a 5 year old Ford Pick-up with over 100,000 miles on it. Now this? Amy pointed to a new shiny blue BMW.

Hank smiled. "Hey! Single guy, good job, in DC. You need to have an edge. And plenty of room in the trunk. Hop in," and he threw her bags in the trunk.

Amy took off her jacket and slid into the front seat. As she did her skirt rode up to show quite a bit of her thigh. She made no effort to pull it down. She also left a few buttons undone on her blouse. She had decided, "What the heck." She was already taking a huge step in coming here. She noticed that Hank noticed when he got in. As soon as they left the airport, they found themselves in "rush hour". Even though it wasn't normally a long drive, it would be a little longer today.

As they crawled along, they talked about the weather, your basic idle chatter. Then Amy decided to ask the big question. The one that she felt she had to ask. "So I told you somethings about myself in the past 15 years, now it's your turn. I've told you about Roger and what went on. You haven't really said a lot about you. I feel I need to know."

Hank dreaded this moment and he had thought about his answer. Should he tell her how lost, how hurt, and confused he was when she just disappeared from his life? Should he tell her he gave up playing baseball because he couldn't concentrate? How about that he and her two former roommates, her two best friends, moved in together and fucked their brains out almost every night that 1st semester? Maybe he should tell her how he hasn't had a deep meaningful relation with any woman including his ex-wife since he lost her? That she left a hole in life that could be possibly filled now. What he said in the next few minutes could decide their future.

"Amy, what went on since the last time we were together is water under the bridge. It's in the past. This is now. What I told you that last night together, I meant it and I still do. Always will. Let's just take things as they come."

Amy didn't say anything. She really didn't know what to say. Suddenly she knew that he was as unsure as she was. She moved her hand and placed it on Hank's thigh. She gave it a slight squeeze and let it rest there. He'll tell me when he's ready. She knew all she needed to know for now.

They pulled in front of Hank's condo in Old Alexandria. It was one of those narrow row homes that added to the charm of the city. Hank's was an end one so it was actually two. Hank opened the door and Amy went in. She was surprised on how spacious it was. Also how it was decorated. It wasn't like she expected. He had changed.

"Bedroom is upstairs with the main bathroom off of it. I suppose you will want to freshen up. We have dinner reservations for 7. I'll bring your bags up."

Amy went upstairs, she entered the bedroom and noticed the bed was a queen size 4 posters. Pillows and bed spread that matched. Very tastefully done. She went into the bathroom and shut the door. This is going well so far. She heard Hank bring in her suitcase.

"Do I time for a quick shower?"

"Sure, I'll meet you down stairs."

Amy stripped down and stepped into the shower. The water felt good and she quickly lathered up. As she soaped her breasts, her nipples began to harden. "Calm down" she said aloud. She rinsed off the soap and toweled off. She opened the door and the cool air of bedroom washed over her. She needed it. The air felt hot enough without her own heat.

She opened her suit case and took out a yellow summer halter dress. Her sister and daughter helped pick out her clothes for the trip. Carrie said she didn't want her mother looking like a Mid-West school teacher. She picked out the shoes too. Amy was embarrassed when they took her to Victoria Secret for new underwear. Something about no granny panties. They were right though. She felt different. Sexy. She slid on the yellow panties and tied the halter behind her neck. No bra but the dress did give her some support. She put on some lipstick and checked herself in the mirror. Suddenly she felt like a school girl on her 1st date. "Here goes," she said nervously.

"I'm ready, Hank." She descended the stairs and stood waiting.

Hank came around the corner, buckling his belt. He looked up.

" Wow, you look fantastic!"

Amy blushed. "Thank you."

As they left the house and walked towards the restaurant, Hank reached over and took Amy's hand. She took it and held it tight. It was like a first date.

The restaurant was a small French one. Hank had dined there often having brought many of his dates here. The head waiter said Hello to Hank and guided them to their table. Hank ordered the wine and then made suggestions to Amy as to what was good. Amy was impressed. This wasn't college Hank who ate cold chili from a can. As they ate Hank told her a little more about his job and the area. He was opening himself up, slowly, cautiously.

"Monsieur Henri! How are you? You didn't tell me you were coming!" A big man stopped at table. He slapped Hank on the back and then turned to look at Amy. "And who is this beautiful mademoiselle?"

Hank introduced Amy to Claude, the restaurant's owner. He took her hand and kissed it. Amy blushed. Still holding it he turned to Hank, "Finally, your taste in women has equaled your taste in food. Magnifique!"

The dinner was excellent. The wine was outstanding. The conversation continued to be light as they reminisced on the old college days. Everything was perfect just like Hank wanted it and Amy hoped it would be.

But a little voice in Amy's head kept talking. We both have changed. I'm a school teacher who has put on a few pounds with a teenage daughter to boot. Hank drives a BMW, speaks French and knows his wines. We're so different than we were. How many other women did he bring here. Was this the right thing to do?

They left the restaurant and walked the streets, stopping in stores and window shopping. Amy was having a wonderful time but she knew they would have to stop. It was getting late and shops were closing. The thought of going back to Hank's both frightened and excited her.

The walk back went faster that Amy expected. They entered and Hank directed her to the living room.

"Would you like a nightcap?" Hank asked as they stood in living room.

"Yes. OK," Amy replied nervously.

As Hank left, she thought she needed something to calm her down. She felt nervous, tense. She was worried about what was going to happen next. She wasn't the same girl she was 15 years ago. What if he didn't like what he saw? All kinds of thoughts went through her head. Roger began to lose interest her right after Carrie was born. He didn't like the way her body change. Roger was a jerk.

She walked around the room. On the mantle she noticed some pictures so she took a look. She saw a picture of Hank's parents, one of his sister, Ginny, and some others of Hank with some other women. One was a picture of cute girl in a bikini who Hank had his arm around. She wondered which one, if any, was a picture of his ex, Susan.

Hank poured two snifters of brandy. If Amy hadn't said yes to a drink, he would have to get one for himself. As he poured the drinks he noticed his hand was shaking. Christ, she looked great. All her curves were in the right places. Her breasts were fantastic! She was more beautiful now than she was 15 years ago. Hank turned on the sound system and headed for the living room.

Sinatra filled the room as he handed the drink to her. Amy never tasted brandy. She took a sip and as she swallowed, she could feel the warmth of it spread throughout her body.

"So," Amy asked, "This is your Mom and Dad?"

Hank took down the picture. "Yes. Dad died right after college and Mom died two years ago." He put the picture back. He pointed to his sister. "That's Ginny, my sister. She is two younger than me. She is married to a really great guy, living in California with 2 kids. Haven't seen her in a while but we talk, email every week. I told her about you." What he didn't say is that she told him to be careful and take it slow. Ginny also reminded him about the last time.

"Who are the others?" Amy inquired. She suddenly felt nosy. "I'm sorry. You don't need to tell me."

"That's OK. They're just friends and co-workers,"

They walked and sat down on the sofa.

"Sinatra? What happened to AC/DC? I remember you as into 80's rock too." She smiled.

"There is a time and a place. I didn't think 'Dirty Deeds' was fitting." They both laughed.

Amy leaned back into the seat. She was lounging back, relaxed. It must be the brandy. There was an awkward silence. Hank put his drink down and Amy followed suit. They looked at each other. Hank moved forward, put his hand on her stomach and kissed her gently on the lips. He leaned back.

Amy smiled. "It's been a long time."

With that the two kissed again. Deeply, passionately. Their tongues searched each other out. They bit, nibbled their lips. Their kisses became more frantic. Their hands roamed over the other's body. They could feel each other's heat grow.

Amy pushed Hank away, "Stop!" she said breathlessly. Hank looked confused.

"I want this to be right." With that she took him by the hand and climbed the stairs. She took him to the bedroom and letting go, moved next to the bed. Hank turned on the light.

"No lights, please," Amy ask quietly.

"But I want to see you. I need to see you."

Amy sighed. She walked over to the bathroom. Hank followed her with his eyes. Amy turned the light on and then dimmed it. A soft light filled the room. For Amy the moment she dreaded was now.

She walked towards Hank, kicking off her shoes. She stopped and stood a few feet from him. She smiled, reached her arms behind her neck, and undid the halter's clasp. Her dress dropped to her feet and she stepped out of it. She stood there clad only in her yellow panties. The ones from Victoria Secret her daughter help pick out.

"Oh my God," Hank said softly, "You are beautiful". Hank kissed her. She kissed him back, hard. He began to kiss her neck, her shoulder. Amy softly moaned as she pulled off his shirt. She wanted to feel him, caress him, and love him. Her hands undid his belt and let them drop. She grabbed his erect cock. Oh God, she wanted him. Hank brought her over to the bed and laid her down.

Hank wanted her too. Right now but he fought the urge. He waited a long time for this moment, a moment he thought long gone and he wanted to make it last.

His hands found her breasts. They felt soft but full. When he pinched her nipple, she arched her back, craving more. He placed his mouth on the other one. He sucked it hard then playfully nibbled on it. Amy placed her hand on his making him squeeze her breast harder.

"It feels soooo good!" as her hips began to move.

Hank licked his way down her stomach, stopping to put his tongue in her navel. He then continued down.

Amy knew where he was going and the anticipation was building. Her panties were soaked and she needed him to take them off her. But he didn't. Hank pulled them up causing the material to slide between her pussy lips. Her panties rubbed against her clit sending chills through her. Hank licked and pulled on her outer lips. She groaned with the feeling.

As Hank removed her wet panties, Amy lifted her hips off the bed. The cool air felt great. Hank buried his face into her before she could touch the bed.

She tasted wonderful. She was completely wet and he sucked the white creamy juice. He sucked her clit hard. She bucked against face. She put her hands on the back of head and held it there. Her feelings were increasing as he continued. She was getting close.

Hank took two of his fingers and slid them into her pussy. He began to move them in and out in a come hither movement. He could feel her g-spot and he worked it for all its worth.

The sensation changed. At first Amy felt like she was going to pee but it soon change to nothing she ever felt before. She couldn't describe it. It was the most amazing feeling. She began moaning, louder and louder, as the feeling grew stronger. Her brain was on overload. She kept repeating, "Oh God, Oh God." She could hear herself but it sounded like someone else. Someone she never knew existed. She grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples. They ached to be touched.

When it finally hit, she screamed, "I'm cumming! Oh Fuck! I'm cumming!" She grabbed Hank's head then let go as she thrashed on the bed. Her hips bucked wildly almost tossing him off. Her pussy let loose with warm thick juice. A second orgasm followed close behind, almost as strong.

Hank stood up, his face wet from Amy's juices and quickly dropped his shorts. His cock sprang out. He glanced down at it. It appeared huge, larger than it ever had been. The head was swollen and angry purplish. He was hard as a rock. No longer was Hank making love. Pure animal lust had taken control. He placed his cock at Amy's opening and thrust in. She was so wet he slid in easily.

Amy's orgasm was slowly ending when Hank slammed his cock into her. It felt huge and filled her up completely. "Oh God, baby, Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Hank needed no urging. He slammed his cock deeply into her. His balls slapped her ass. Amy's pussy juice dripped off his chin onto her breasts and mingled with her sweat. Her breasts bounced wildly and her hips bucked in rhythm with Hank. Amy grabbed at the bed covers, tearing them from the bed.

She pulled her legs up and wrapped them around Hank's waist. She never felt as filled as when his cock went deeper. They were not making love but were two people overcome with lust and passion. Amy felt she was cumming over and over. No longer could she distinguish the difference between them except they seemed to getting stronger.

Hank was growling as he approached his orgasm. The head of his cock felt like it was going to explode. He pounded Amy harder, deeper. Despite the air conditioner, the two lovers were bathed in sweat.

Her orgasm hit her like a runaway train. It literally exploded on her. She seemed to lose control of her body, her mind. She dug her hands into his back and her legs flew wide. She screamed as she saw bright lights.

At the same time Hank came. His entire body shook as he shot into her pussy. Amy's pussy clenched around his cock and milked it. A loud "Aaaah" came from his mouth. He emptied his balls completely into her. He couldn't hold himself up and he collapsed on her, spent.

Amy lay under Hank holding him tight. She softly whimpered as she came down to earth. She had no idea how long her orgasm lasted as she lost track of everything but the feeling. Her body trembled and her pussy spasmed. She could feel Hank's cock slip out of her and his come trickle out. She was suddenly cold. Hank reached for a blanket and pulled it over them. Before they fell into exhausted sleep, Amy nestled into his arms. She gave a contented sigh. It was here she was going to stay, safe and warm.

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