Love. Lust. Lost. Ch. 03


"Take me." She purred. I needed no second invitation and I felt my tip nuzzle against her slick and swollen lips. I gently applied more pressure and felt her heat as I disappeared back inside her.

She gasped and closed her lips over mine, her tongue snaking into my mouth. I sucked on it greedily and she responded by biting my lip, drawing a deep moan from me.

Savouring every last moment I had with her, I made love to her in long, slow strokes, revelling in every single moan and grunt that spilled from her pouting lips. I lost count of the number of times I kissed them and each time I did, her eyes locked into mine.

The sudden influx of sex into my life after such a long abstinence had given me a control I never knew I possessed and as we writhed together on the bed, we were totally as one.

Avril pushed me as she had done the previous evening and I responded by rolling over, taking her petite frame with me, until she was perched on top. I held her hands, our fingers intertwined as she sat upright, grinding her hips down onto my shaft.

Her entire body shuddered as another orgasm flowed through her. We were both coated in perspiration and it dripped off her forehead and hair and landed on my stomach as she rode me.

"I love you." I said and somehow it sounded right. Avril smiled, stayed silent and bent over me and kissed me. I tasted her once more. It was heaven. Then she sat back upright and our hands intertwined again. I held them tightly and stared up into her piercing eyes and she responded by bouncing even more enthusiastically on my cock, now so stiff it was sore.

I sat up with her and wrapped my arms around her waist, and she responded by draping her arms over my shoulders. We kissed, her chest crushed against mine, and finally I felt my orgasm creep up on me. I pulled her hips frantically towards me and we grunted in unison as I filled her slender body.

"Shit." I muttered and she closed her mouth over mine as I came, my body immediately draining of every last ounce of strength.

Avril collapsed on the bed on top of me and giggled. "Wow, I thought you were going to keep going until dawn." I giggled back, the sexual tension and unbridled lust that had gripped us both finally dissipating.

"Wow. So did I." I replied and she laughed more heartily until I could feel her chest heaving against mine.

I wrapped her up in my arms and held her tightly. I was still inside her and simply couldn't let the moment end. I must have drifted off to sleep, her scent in my head, her sweat on my skin.


I woke up and it was light and therefore late. At some point, she had rolled off me. She was actually lying propped up on her elbow watching me.

"Good morning sleepy." She said as I stirred and opened my eyes. I grinned back at her and croaked a reply. "You're going to be late for work." She said and I focussed my eyes on the television clock. It was almost eight. I rolled towards her.

"Welcome back to reality." I said, still amazed at how completely natural it all seemed. But this really was it, it was time to go, otherwise I actually would lose my job. I guessed she wasn't about to ask me to come to Sheffield with her, so I simply rolled towards her and kissed her on the lips, pausing to savour her taste and smell, before rolling away and hunting down my clothes.


With an unmistakeable sense of deja-vu, I stood in the corridor on the threshold of her room and gazed one last time into her amazing eyes, her body wrapped in a hotel robe.

"Well Miss Lavigne" I said in my finest Queen's English. "It really has been a ball, but now I must fly." She giggled and I just could not resist her. I stepped forward and kissed her beautiful lips one final time before pulling away and placing the very last one on the end of her nose.

"You're an incredible person, Philip Jenkins." She said. "Find yourself a lucky girl and make something special." I grinned at her, but tears were beginning to prickle my eyes. I wrapped her up in my arms and squeezed her tight.

"And you're one tremendous lady." I croaked. She was becoming a bit of a blur and I quickly swiped the rogue tear from each eye. "Set the world on fire." I whispered and stepped away from her embrace. There was a single tear running down her cheek and my heart shattered into a billion splinters.

"I will." She said and she touched my hand for the last time. "I won't forget you."

I turned away and took several purposeful strides down the corridor and heard the door click shut behind me. This was no fairytale. Tears flowed unabated down my face.


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