Lucy was my best friend's wife and I'd known her nearly as long as I did him. She was a tall and elegant blonde mother of two, aged 37. I guess I'd always fancied her but knowing she was entirely off limits I managed not to think about her in that way. In fact she became something like a sister to me, always protective and supportive. In particular she was always fascinated by my love life, approving of some girlfriends, disapproving of others and amused by the high turnover.

Recently I hadn't seen so much of her and in fact she had annoyed me a few times by cancelling things at the last moment, minor irritations only but I thought she was being a bit offhand with me. One instance of this was saying she was coming to join us at a restaurant and then gainsaying that by only coming late and not eating. It didn't really matter but because I'd pre-booked and pre-ordered it did actually cost the rest of us. Still Bill, her husband and my friend, certainly made up for it by drinking for two – he was quite plastered in the end. Lucy was understandably cross with him but agreed that it was a good idea for them to stay with me as it was getting late and the au pair could easily sort the children out in the morning. Having said farewell to everyone else the 3 of us walked home, Lucy and I practically dragging Bill back.

He went straight to bed and Lucy before joining him started to have a go at me blaming me for getting him drunk. This pissed me off and I told her that she should have been there then – especially since we had all paid for her. We started arguing each getting nastier as we went on.

"No wonder Bill drinks with a bitch like you to come home to!"

"Well at least he's got a wife to come home to! Why can't you commit to any girl then instead of fucking half London?"

"You're just jealous you frigid bitch!"

And then we stopped being cruel as we both saw at the same time what our problem was. Having been nose to nose and she actually shoving me the electricity that we felt at that moment was physical. We locked lips in a frenzy of passion, we broke for an instant as what we were doing sinked in before once more mashing our tongues together excitedly. She could also feel just how excited I was as our bodies entwined.

"Fuck me Jack! Fuck me now! Fuck me like I've never been fucked before! Fuck me like I hear you fuck all the others!" She whispered in my ear between swipes with her tongue.

"Fuck me like I'm your bitch! I want to be your whore!" Now said directly to my face, eye to eye with total sincerity.

Things were moving quickly! Here was sweet Lucy whom I'd never even heard swear before imploring me to fuck her and how! We shuffled into my room not letting go of each other and I pushed her back on the bed. What had she heard about me I wondered, after all I hadn't told even Bill that much what went on in my bedroom. Who had blabbed about my exploits? Was this her own fantasy or did she know that I liked to dominate and demean? It seemed like the answer might be both as she busily hitched up her skirt underneath me with one hand while trying to unbuckle my belt with the other.

"I need you inside me, please fuck me now, fuck me hard! Treat me just like Belinda!"

Now I saw the situation. I had gone out with Belinda for a while some time ago and it had been great. She was a really sweet girl, amazingly pretty and I had been serious about her. She was a good girl too and it was quite a while before I made it into her bed. Sadly the sex wasn't worth the wait and she never seemed too into it. Being English we didn't talk about it for a long time before one night I finally brought it up as sensitively as I could since I suspected there might have been a real problem there. There was. She had been raped as a teenager. Of course I was full of sympathy but I hadn't quite grasped the whole picture as she interrupted my witterings to explain how she could only now enjoy sex when it was rough and forced on her. As you might imagine I didn't know how to react to this and felt totally out of my depth. I remember clearly the words she used:-

"Jack, I love you, I really do but I don't want to make love to you. I want you to fuck me. I don't want even to be kissed, though please darling do kiss and hold me afterwards. I want you to rape me. Don't worry about me just use and abuse me – I'm your toy, a rag doll for you to fuck. Now fuck me darling!"

It happened that we'd just come back from a dance and she was in a full dress. So I thought to oblige her by immediately bending her over the sofa, literally ripping her knickers off and with my instant erection brutally entered her. Within moments though she was sopping wet and moaning like I'd never heard before. I was getting into this! So much so that I nearly forgot myself and came in her but I managed to withdraw at the last and came all over her beautiful now pink bottom. Sex naturally improved after that beyond all recognition; out went tender loving and foreplay, in came increasingly brutal sex. I got into it. I would take her in public parks, in loos of restaurants. I now remember the once I took her at Lucy's place in the middle of a drinks party. And yet maybe because I was a novice at this I couldn't reconcile the love that I felt for her and the abuse that she craved from me. I'd fallen for a nice girl and found myself with a whore. In truth I still don't quite understand now how they can be the same thing. Eventually I ended it and apparently she was very upset, certainly I had never seen her since. I had always known though that Lucy had continued to see her. Now I knew what they talked about! She had clearly converted sweet darling Lucy just as she had me.

I turned her over on the bed and just like old times with Bee I ripped her knickers off and ploughed into her gorgeous ass: this ass that I had so long surreptitiously admired and that was now rising to meet my every stroke. She was screaming now,

"Fuck me! Oh yes, Jack! Fuck me harder!"

I grabbed her beautiful blonde hair and shoved her head into the bed to shut her up as I rammed into her for all my worth. It didn't take me long to come and I filled her up to the brim. Her whole body quivered as she too came to an orgasm, her legs could not stop trembling. I rolled off her completely spent.

She had tears in her eyes as she drew close to me and to my amazement she just simply said

"Thank you darling! You know I've always loved you don't you?'

Before I could say anything she slipped down to suck my shrinking cock. Well this was a pretty state of affairs! And as if by magic but which was in fact superb technique she had me ready to go again. We both hurriedly stripped off and I could marvel at her beautifully toned body. I had never been harder and so once again turning her over I this time forced myself right up her ass that only slowly yielded to me and then with the help of some spit. My one hand was on the back of her head forcing her down while the other pawed at her breast, pinching and squeezing her nipple. She had one hand frigging herself while the other flapped about wildly trying to pull me into her all the more. Once again I came deep into her bowels this time. I pulled out with a fantastic plop and twisting her hair I pulled her down to lick me clean. This she did though at one point gagging on my now shit besmeared cock.

It seemed only now that I was properly looking into her eyes for the first time, she was totally alive with a passion that I don't think I'd seen in anyone before.

"I love you Jack. I'm yours. You make me whole. I'll do anything for you – I'll be your own slave my darling. Just never leave me, please don't leave me now! I need you, I didn't know how much till now. I love you. I love you. I love you!"

I took her into my arms and kissed her. Eeurrgh! She didn't taste so good for some strange reason! I sent her off to clean her teeth, which allowed me to think about things. Chief of which was Bill who even now I could hear snoring next door. Lucy came back and got into bed with me, cuddling up with the most beautiful smile on her face.

"I love you Jack!"

She couldn't stop saying it. We happily fondled each other exploring one another's bodies. She must have covered every inch of me with tiny butterfly kisses, sucking my toes and licking my ass. I must admit to not being quite so energetic and was just happy to receive all her gentle ministrations. Of course once more she gave the most wonderful of blow jobs and for a third time I came in her, each time a different hole! She swallowed every drop and licked her lips with the dreamiest of smiles. This time she only mouthed it:

"I love you."

I told her to go back to Bill in a way that brooked no argument and this she did gathering up her clothes. She seemed still happy though as I grabbed her to kiss another time.

I slept well. Waking late I found the flat empty. Bill always has an early start whereas I'm self-employed and set my own hours. Today I had no meetings. I had a text on my mobile from Lucy asking what I wanted for breakfast. A full English I replied. Twenty seconds later my doorbell rang with Lucy and an armful of shopping. She had dropped Bill off at work but had come back to wait for my curtains to open. She had guessed well, she should have she knew me well enough. While I helped myself to an orange juice she started to cook me up a feast. We hadn't actually spoken.

"What no mushrooms?" I enquired as I fondled her from behind.

She dropped to her knees in apology.

"I'm sorry darling, I know you like them but there weren't any."

She spread my dressing gown apart revealing my cock that she had felt press into her. She bent her head to the task and with her magic tongue soon had me cumming once more down her eager throat.

"Will you punish me?"

This was more of a request than a question. I told her to strip and once more darling Lucy was naked in front of me but this time in daylight. I told her to grab her ankles and picking up the spatula from the pan beat her hard on that beautiful bottom of hers six times. Her legs were trembling not in pain but in ecstasy. I released her from the position and got her to serve me my breakfast.

I had an idea.

"Call Bee and get her to come over here now, she still works in London doesn't she?"

She did and just by saying that I wanted her to come round immediately Lucy persuaded Bee to come. She must have thought of a good excuse because just twenty minutes later the doorbell buzzed once more. By this time I was in the shower so I told Lucy to get it, who needless to say was also in the shower lovingly soaping me down. As bidden she opened the door uncovered and naked as a jaybird. They came into the bathroom together and Bee knowing the score of old had also stripped down. Between them they toweled me off. Bee looking particularly confused, if as pretty as ever.

"Assume the position Bee!"

"Now Lucy spank her as hard as you can now six times."

This she did with some gusto as Bee moaned in delight, overcoming her initial embarrassment.

"So it's alright for you to share our secrets with Lucy is it? And now you pretend to be shy you filthy whore?"

Poor Bee was now in floods of tears.

"I'm sorry Master! Truly I am but I needed a friend and Lucy seemed to understand. I needed to know what you were doing and Lucy obviously felt the same way about you as I do. I'm glad that you two have now got together but just hope you might find some room for me too. You know I love you!"

She was kissing my feet now in supplication. I looked across at Lucy who too was in tears.

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