tagNonHumanMamono Adventures Ch. 04

Mamono Adventures Ch. 04


I'm going to start uploading every Thursday, so you guys will have something to read over the weekends. Let me know in the comments if you guys want to have more of Mamono Adventures, or if you'd like to have another series I've written be uploaded as well.



The past few days have been a dream come true. I flitter my eyes open and look around at the familiar room. BiBi and Belle's apartment was my heaven over the past few days.

I sat up, stretching my arms and yawning, wearing nothing but my jeans. I looked down at my lap and found BiBi's head in it, laying right next to my dick. When I shuffled out of this position to get up, she sleepily gave my dick a kiss through my pants.

I stood up and walked into the kitchen. Belle stood, looking into the fridge. She wore nothing but the bottoms to her panties.

I walked up to her and pressed my body against hers, placing my hand on her hips. She jumped in surprise and smiled. She gave me a nice long kiss.

"How'd you sleep," I asked, nudging my dick in between her butt cheeks.

"Fine," she said.

She began to grind, moving her ass in circular motions. I thrusted, putting her off balance. She yelped in surprise. She suddenly thrusted her hips back. Her big ass made me fall with a loud CRUNCH.

My eyes widened as I realized the remote in my pocket had been smashed. I held the broken pieces in my hand, cursing. Belle helped me up and apologized.

"It's ok, you didn't know," I said. She twisted her lips. I gave her a big kiss, reassuring her that everything was fine. She kissed back, running her fingers over my abs and chest.

I pick her up, gripping her ass as she wraps her legs around my waist. I carry her to the couch and sit next to a waking BiBi. She yawns and gets ready to join me and Belle.

While we wait for BiBi, Belle sits in my lap, making out with me. She grinds on my dick, trying to make me hard. BiBi comes over and sits on my left leg facing me, while Belle slides over and sits on my right leg.

We go back and forth kissing one another. While BiBi and Belle kiss, they slide their hands up and down my body. BiBi grabs my head and brings her titties forward. As she shakes her shoulders, my head whips from side to side, submerged in soft, beautiful tits.

After we finish making out, all three of us have breakfast. We eat and talk and joke with one another, smiling. We disperse after eating to get the daily chores done. After I finish cleaning BiBi's room, I meet her in the kitchen.

She kisses me on the cheek and goes back to cleaning the dishes. "Oh, by the way, I almost forgot to tell you that my friend, Liz, wants to 'meet' you today," she says. I make a confused look at her and she rolls her eyes.

"Babe, she wants to try some human dick," she scolds.

"Oh ok, but are you two ok with that?" I ask.

"Pshh, yeah. We both get more than we can handle with you. I want you to share your magical dick with all my friends," she exclaims.

I laugh and give her a little slap on the ass. "When I get home, I expect you two to be ready. I'm gonna feed you some dinner," I say with a wink. She shakes her head and smiles, thinking of what I'm going to do to them.

I head down the block, following the directions BiBi gave me. As I knock on the door, I hear some quick shuffling. The door swings open and a large tail wraps around me and flings me inside.

I yelp as I run into two huge pillows. I separate myself, reorienting. The two pillows I just slammed into were tits. Before me stood a super fuckable lizard.

She stood naked in front of me, letting my eyes examine her. She had smooth tan skin that was glistening with moisture in the front. The top of her tail, her back, her sides, the back of her arms and the top of her head were all green. She looked as if she lay down on a huge green paintbrush, making her look turquoise green from behind.

She had massive tits, biggest I've seen since I've been here. She had a slim waist and a nice round bubble butt. She had long green nails and toenails. The lizard woman had a human woman's body and a half-lizard/half-human face.

She was stunning.

She squeezed her tits together and bent forward, showing me her massive bust. "So, you must be BiBi's friend with the magical cock," she said, posing for me. I gulped.

She stepped closer, making her titties jiggle. Her long tongue licked her lips. As she neared me, I could feel the inside of my pants churning. "I want to know what its like to have a thick... Sexy... Delicious... massive cock," she said, whispering my ear.

Her tail slithered up my pant leg and under the bottom of my shirt. She slid my shirt off and began feeling up my hard muscles.

Liz's tail then slid into the waistband of my underwear. She flung off my pants and boxers in one quick motion. She gasped as she stared at my manhood.

She licked her lips at the sight of my thick penis. She brushed a hand against my shaft, making it jump. She giggled as she slowly gripped the tip. She looked up from admiring my cock in her hands and said, "I want you to fuck my tits until you cover me in you cum".

She began kissing me, as I pulled her closer. She pushed me backwards into the kitchen. I hopped up onto the dining table and lay down. Luckily, this dining table was very long. She lay down in between my legs, a hand massaging my balls.

"You ready for the best titfuck of your life?" she teased.

"BiBi already gave it to me," I joked.

She smiled.

"If my titties aren't better than BiBi's, I'll let you fuck me in the ass," she offered.

I nodded and gave her a wink.

Liz gripped her large bust with both hands and plopped it onto my dick. My tip sprouted from her cleavage. "Wow, my boyfriend didn't come close to the surface," she exclaimed.

She lifted and pushed her breasts against my cock, using her hands. My eyes rolled back in my head as her milky tits pounded on my lap. She moaned as I thrusted a little back up, making my cock come closer to her face.

She licked my tip while she shoved her tits onto my cock. I had to admit; it was way better than BiBi's. "Hold on tight," I say, shifting my heels for leverage. She grips her tits and hovers her mouth over my cock. I fuck her tits, making her upper body bounce. She screams in joy as I fuck her tits.

She lowers her head a little and her screams turn to gurgling, as my tip slides into her mouth. She definitely isn't as gifted with her mouth as she is with her tits. Even with just the throbbing tip in her mouth, I can feel her gagging.

My dick is just too thick for her.

All of a sudden, she releases my cock from her tits grasp. I lift my head to see what she is doing, only to be pushed back down as she sits on my face. I flick my tongue and shake my head as she twerks on my face. She lowers her body and begins titfucking me while I eat her pussy.

This is the first time I've done 69. She puts my head in her mouth as I thrust up faster than a turbo engine. She bobs as her tits push her up and down, my cock sliding in between.

As I'm thrusting, I'm tongue fucking her pussy. She moans as I lick her clit. Her juices flow into my mouth.

Her sweet tasting pussy throbs as I lick her up and down. Her juices flow down my chin.

I feel her pussy start to pulse and twitch as she nears climax. I fuck her tits and her pussy with my tongue simultaneously as she screams, getting closer and closer to cumming. I feed my seed reach the base of my cock as I thrust up into her bust. As her river starts to flow, I release my floodgates and shoot my load up into her face.

Her mouth fills quickly and my seed starts to spew out. She opens her mouth, releasing the pressure on my cock. I bust loads up into the air. Most of it lands onto her, some on the ceiling.

I can feel her creamy body continue to slowly slide her tits up and down on my member. I continue to lick her clit until she catches her breath.

When she gets off of me and I get a glance of her, it's a beautiful site to behold. I've completely painted her in my hot semen. I sit on her couch as she sits on the floor in front of me, giving me a show.

She spreads her legs and fingers herself with one hand. With the other hand, she scoops the streaming cum off of her and licks it up. I watch, my throbbing cock standing proud at my masterpiece. She sucks on her own nipples, sucking the cum off of them.

When she finished, she cleans my cock with her tongue, licking up the rest of my cum. She licks my tip last, kissing all around, trying to make me hard again.

"Was it as good as BiBi's?" she asked.

"Better," I replied.

She smiled and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I got dressed and headed home.

I got home, BiBi and Belle were nowhere to be found. I called their names, searching the kitchen and the living room. I made my way to BiBi's room and found them sitting at the edge of the bed, waiting for me. They were naked, fingering each other.

"Lay down, now," said Belle.

I slipped off my shirt and lay down in the middle of the bed while the girls stood on each side. BiBi put a blindfold on me, making everything go dark. I head giggles and some shuffling around. As fast as lightning, I felt ropes loop around my wrist and pulled taught. I tried to struggle but they had tied my arms down to the bed.

My legs were free. I felt my shoes pulled off and my pants and boxers were ripped off in a matter of seconds. I lay there nervously waiting for what comes next.

I feel the two of them heavily breathing over my lap. Their hot breath flows past my cock, turning me on a little.

My cock pumps with blood as arousal takes over. I feel my cock reach full height and thickness.

Suddenly, I warm tongue slides up my shaft, and then another. Simultaneously, the girls lick my dick up and down. I feel their hands caress my thighs and abs as they slobber over my cock.

They both grasp the base of my dick, choking it into submission. I moan as the smell of flowers and the sound of my girls slobbering over my cock floods my senses.

A tongue and a hand retreats, disappearing from my senses. The hand that stayed strokes my wet cock up and down. The hand that retreated grasps my balls, squeezing and twisting them playfully.

I feel a pair of lips press against my tip, making me shudder. The pair of lips pushes down. She starts sucking my dick, only taking half of it.

"Come on, if you're going to be greedy, at least take it all," I heard Belle say. Suddenly, the mouth on my cock is pushed down violently. I feel my cock ram into the back of what must be BiBi's throat.

I felt BiBi choke and gag on my cock. She retreated, gasped for air, and then Belle pushed her head back down.

This time, BiBi opened her mouth as wide as she could. Belle pushed the back of her head until BiBi reached the base of my cock. I began doing little thrusts upward, making BiBi's head bob. She let out little gags as she swirled her tongue around my cock, going balls deep. She lifted her head up, gasping for air.

She stroked my dick while I felt some more shuffling in the bed.

"Let me show you how it's done," I heard Belle say.

I felt Belle grip my shaft, holding it tight. She took a deep breath and plunged onto my cock. She took most of it with ease, until she got three quarters of it down.

She gagged and choked, trying to push my cock down her throat. "Here, let me help," I heard BiBi say as I felt Belle's head being pushed down.

The rest of my throbbing member slid into Belle's throat slowly. I began doing little thrusts again. Belle moaned as BiBi said, "Good girl". Belle lifted her head, my cock sliding out of her well fucked throat.

"Lets try this," I heard Belle say. With some giggling and moving around, I felt one of the girls kneel on my sides.

"Oooohhh Belle, you've got to try and sit on this. Its splitting me in two," said BiBi.

"I already know, trust me," replied Belle.

BiBi inched down. I soon felt all her weight on my lap, as she sat her big fat ass on my cock.

"Get ready to eat some dinner," I heard Belle say directly above me.

Suddenly, my face was buried under her luscious butt. I licked her pussy, tasting the sweet juice that oozed out of her. She moaned as I licked her up and down.

"Ohh! His cock isn't the only thing that's massive," said Belle as I fucked her pussy with my tongue.

BiBi moaned in agreement and I heard them start to kiss as I tongued Belle.

BiBi's ass bounced up and down on my cock, making it pulse in pleasure. I felt both of them put their hands on my chest and torso to support themselves.

"You know, since he's been here, he hasn't really laid back and enjoyed. How about we fuck him for a change," proposed Belle.

BiBi moaned in agreement, slowly grinding with his cock inside her.

I felt both the girls lean towards each other and start to pick up the pace.

Belle started twerking her ass while I was smothered, trying to gasp for air.

BiBi began bouncing up and down on my cock. She rode me like I was a well-hung pony. Her ass bounced, slapping against my thighs. Sometimes, she would add a little shake as she went down on my cock, popping her ass side to side.

I was trapped. BiBi's ass made me shoot his load all into her, ramming against the roof of her uterus.

"Oh yeah daddy. Shoot your load into me. Get me pregnant with your hot cum," panted BiBi, as she twerked while he came in her.

Belle had came all in my mouth, soaking my tongue with her sweet taste.

We all passed out, exhausted after the long fuck session. As I fell asleep, I rolled over and slid my throbbing member into Belle's pussy. She didn't get fucked so it was only fair.

When I slid my cock into her, she moaned and embraced me. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed herself onto my cock. We sleepily gyrated our hips. As the night went on I rolled over and she was now on top of me. I slowly thrusted upward, deepdicking her as she fell asleep. BiBi lay next to me, caressing my face and kissing my neck as she massaged my balls.

I didn't care about the remote anymore. I might stay here. I'd fuck my two beautiful babes everyday, one day making them my wives.

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