tagLoving WivesMarried Little Ashley Ch. 03

Married Little Ashley Ch. 03


Hi, My name is Ashley. I am a 21-year-old married woman to a Marine in Iraq. I am 5'0 115 lbs with black curly hair and eye's. I am built nice with a 34c chest. Look at my profile I have posted a picture.

Over the next 3 months Jim has been over fucking me at lease 3 times a week. Jim brings his magnum condoms so he does not have to pull out all the time and when he does I swallow his seed.

I got a phone call from my hubby and he said he would be home in a week for 7 days. I was so excited he was coming home. Jim came over that night and I told him my hubby will be here and he can't come over or call for the whole week he will be home. I also told he we cant fuck this week so I don't seem to loose when my hubby fucks me. I also told Jim my hubby wants to try and get me pregnant when he is home on leave.

Jim came over everyday and I ended up sucking the sperm from his balls. We did not fuck the whole week and I really missed his big cock. The night before my hubby came home we were making out when Jim started finger fucking me while kissing me.

The Jim went down on me and started licking and sucking my sweet married pussy. Jim now came up between my legs and said please Ashley I need to fuck you. He said please baby I need you, I need to be in you. I looked at Jim and said DO IT! FUCK ME FUCK ME SILLY!

Jim put the big head of his cock to my wet married pussy and pushed in. God I missed his big cock and it really felt wonderful in me. I looked at Jim and said baby remember pull out you have no condom on. He said ok baby.

Jim was fucking me in ernest and I was Cumming all over his big cock. Jim said get on your knees and I did as he entered me from behind like he has many times. He was grabbing my hips and fucking me like an anilmal. I was pushing back feeling his cock go so dam deep in me. I told him to pull out and lay on his back so I can ride him. I got on Jim and his cock slid right in and we were fucking like animals in heat.

I was soon Cumming on his rigged pole. My cum was running down his long cock. We were kissing when Jim said he was about to cum. I looked at him and said do it. He looked puzzled and I said do it. Jim cum in my little married pussy. Fill me with you hot baby making sperm.

We were really kissing now and Jim said here it comes Ashley. I said yes baby give me your potent seed. With that He came and came deep in my little married cunt.I never felt anything like it before in my life. It was like boiling hot molten lava filling my hole deep and it was burning a hole in my cervix. I never felt so much sperm filling me ever. His seed was running out of me like a waterfall. He pulled his cock from me and a river of sperm followed his cock. His sperm was in me, all over my raw pussy lips and running down the crack of my ass.

The next day I went and picked up my hubby from the airport. We hugged and kissed and he said I can't wait to get home and in bed. My hubby ripped my clothes off me as soon as we got in the house. We got in bed the one Jim fucked me and shot his seed in me.

My hubby went down on me and I said lets 69. His little cock looked really tiny compared to Jims as I sucked him off. My hubby said he was Cumming and shot his little wad in my mouth. He didn't go soft and he got up and put his cock in me. He looked at me and said wow you must be really wet and horny I went right in all the way in one push.

He fucked me for about 3 minutes and came in me or I think he did. I didn't feel it and none leaked out afterwards. My hubby fucked me 10 times the week he was home and they all ended the same way with him getting off in less than 5 minutes. I never came once from my husband. The time came for him to go back and I took him to the airport. He said baby I sure hope you got pregnant this week. We hugged and kissed good by and I watched his plane leave. I left and went home.

When I got home Jim was they're waiting for me in my bed. His cock was standing straight up and he looked even bigger now compared to my husband. I quickly undressed and got in bed with him.

I started kissing Jim saying how much I missed his giant cock. I got above Jim and lowered my horny wet married pussy down onto him. Omg did he feel good as he bottomed out right against my cervix. I came as soon as I rose up from his big cock and came hard.

We fucked this way for 15 minutes and I came 3 times. Jim said on your knees. He fucked me like a dog hard and fast from behind when he pulled out and put me on my back. Jim entered me again driving his steel cock to my cervix. I felt the head enter my cervix and I expoloded!

Jim looked at me and said ASHLEY I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU A BABY! MY BABY! And flooded my married cunt with sperm. Jim fucked me 3 more times that night filling my womb with his seed every time.

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