tagLoving WivesMary's Problem

Mary's Problem


My wife Mary and I had been having some problems in our ten year marriage and we were very close to calling it quits when she suggested that we sit down and air our problems. I decided that we had nothing to lose by doing this, so, we decided to go to a small, quiet restaurant, get a secluded table and talk. We arrived and were seated in a dark, quiet booth at the back of the restaurant.

We both ordered a nice meal, along with a bottle of wine, and Mary immediately started telling me what she thought the problems were. I sat quietly and listened as she listed the things that she felt were major problems. She started talking about things that had happened years ago and to my surprise, our sex life was one of the things she listed. She proceeded to tell me that when we married, she was a free spirit, and loved being a sexy woman. I told her that one of the things that drew me to her was her sexuality, and how much I enjoyed doing sexual things with her.

Mary continued by saying that she wanted to go back to being the sexual woman that she was ten years ago. I was thrilled to hear her say that, and I then told her that I had missed the fun times also.

I will give you a little background on Mary’s sexuality. When we met, Mary was a beautiful, 5 foot 6 inch tall, 115 pound brunette with big brown eyes, and a set of tits that were perfect 36c cups, an ass that would equal Jennifer Lopez‘s, legs that were perfectly proportioned and went from the floor to heaven. She loved her body and took care of it by exercising daily. Mary always wore sexy, revealing clothes and loved to show her perfect body off.

Through the years, she had maintained her body, but had let her mode of dress tame down a bit. At 35, she was still as beautiful as ever, but had started dressing in clothes that covered every inch of her shapely body. As a result, she rarely got the compliments that she did before, and didn’t get flirted with like before. She confided that she really missed those things.

I asked her why she had toned her sexy dressing down, and she said that she felt that being married to me, she had to do it to protect my corporate image. I had risen to the position of Vice President in my company and she had made the decision to tone it down in order to keep the gossip down.

I told her that she only had to do that when we were at company functions, and that any other time, she was free to be herself. I went on to say that I had missed her dressing sexy, and acting sexy when we were out. We had discussed this many times before, but, I guess she had taken it upon herself to make the change on her own. I had noticed, and asked her many times why she didn’t dress or act like that anymore. Her answer was always the same, “I don’t feel comfortable!”

I assured her that I wanted her to be what she wanted to be, dress like she wanted, and the only time she needed to be concerned about her dress and actions would be at company functions. I told her that nothing would please me more than for her to go back in time and be the sexy woman that she wanted to be. As soon as I said this, a big smile came across her face, and she leaned across the table and kissed me.

Then I asked her what the other problems were that needed discussing. She said that those things would work themselves out, as long as I was being honest with her about her doing sexy things. I told her that she was free to do whatever she wanted within reason. She smiled!

I asked Mary what she would like to do to get started and she replied by reaching up and undoing three buttons on her blouse, holding it open just enough for me to see the beautiful mounds of her breasts which were held in by a black sheer bra that her nipples showed through.

I decided to see if she was serious, so I suggested that the next time the waiter came to the table, she leave the blouse undone and let him get a look at her fabulous tits. She said, “I will do better than that!”

With that, she reached around behind her and undid the clasp, slid the straps down her sleeve, reached inside and pulled the bra off. Now, with three buttons undone, and no bra, her unleashed tits were clearly visible, and I was immediately turned on. This was the first sexy thing she had done in several years.

I reached over, slid my hand inside her open blouse, and rolled her nipples between my fingers, making them hard as rocks. I felt her breathing get deeper and more rapid. She just looked at me, reached down, pulled her dress up then took my other hand and slid it between her legs, letting me feel her wet panties. I was amazed at how wet she had gotten.

About that time, the waiter came to the table asking if we were doing ok and wanting to know if we needed anything. Mary replied, “We are doing just fine, can’t you tell?” The waiter then looked down, saw the unbuttoned blouse and Mary’s fabulous tits through the opening and replied, “Yes, it appears that you are doing just fine!” Mary let her fingers trail down the front of her blouse, pulling it further apart and giving him a view of both her breasts. She then said, “Do you think these look good for a woman my age?”

The waiter was so flushed, that he could only stammer, telling her that those were the finest breasts that he had seen in a long time. This really turned Mary on and she said that for the compliment, he could touch them. The waiter looked at me and I just shrugged, giving him the go ahead.

He sat down next to Mary and reached across, slipping his hand inside her blouse, caressing her left tit, then her right one. Mary responded by placing her hand on his cock which was getting harder by the minute. She rubbed his cock as he played with her tits. When he could take it no more, he told us that he had to go back to work, but he was going to send us a complimentary bottle of wine. We thanked him and he got out of the booth sporting a hard on that made the front of his apron stand out!

We sat there for a while discussing other things and drinking the complimentary wine, then I asked Mary what she would like to do?

She replied that she wanted to go to the bar that we used to go to when we were first married. It was still early and I could tell the wine was taking effect, so I said, “Drink up and lets go!” She said that she would like to stop by the house and change, and since it was on the way, I drove to the house.

She jumped out of the car and said to give her 10 minutes. I told her I would wait as long as it took her, and she almost ran in the house. I went to the kitchen and mixed both of us a drink, and was sitting in the living room sipping my drink when Mary came down the stairs.

I almost dropped my drink when I saw what she had on. Down the stairs came this beautiful lady, wearing spike heels, dressed in a mini skirt that showed off her lovely legs, and a low cut blouse that showed off her braless tits with the nipples showing through the material. I whistled and Mary came over to the couch, bending down to me, kissing me deeply and encouraging me to play with her tits. I obliged, and in a second, she was in my lap telling me that if this continued, our problems would be solved.

We played on the couch just long enough for both of us to get horny to the point of almost fucking, then she got up and said, “Let’s go!” I was disappointed that this was stopping, but she assured me that it would get better after we got home later. I said “OK”, and we drove to the bar.

As we entered the bar, I was proud to be with Mary, as every eye in the bar turned to look at her, including the women. She was striking looking and I heard several remarks from the patrons about how fine looking she was. Mary also heard some of them and just smiled.

We took a seat at the bar and Mary told me how turned on she was. I replied that she was the talk of the bar, and everyone there was watching every move she made. She said it made her feel better about herself than she had in years.

The bartender came over and we ordered drinks. He could barely mix the drinks for looking at Mary’s tits, which were very visible in her low cut blouse. Mary noticed him looking and pulled the low cut material further apart, showing more cleavage.

I told her that I had to go to the men’s room and she said “Hurry back!” I excused myself, and walked to the other end of the bar and into the restroom, looking back at Mary as I entered.

When I came out of the restroom, I saw that Mary had attracted several guys, who were standing around her trying to get a peek at those luscious tits. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, so I just stood there watching for a few minutes. These guys were all making a play for her attention and one asked her to dance. I walked over there about that time and she asked me if it was ok to dance with him. I assured her that it was fine and told her to enjoy.

I watched as they danced to a fast tune, then a slow one came on, and the guy put his arms around Mary as they danced closely, Mary finally putting her arms around the guys neck. I noticed that she was pressing her body close to him and his hands were roaming freely from her ass to her tits. When the dance ended, Mary came back to the bar and I could tell that she was very turned on.

She introduced me to her new found friend whose name was Larry. He was in town on business and staying at the hotel next door. I invited him to sit with us, and as Mary pulled herself up on the bar stool, she flashed him with a view of her thong clad pussy. She just smiled at him and said, “See something you like?” Larry replied that she really was stunning looking, and that I was a lucky man to have her.

We drank a couple more drinks and then Larry invited us to his room, saying that he had some killer weed. Mary and I both said that we hadn’t done that in years, but we would like to try it. With that, we paid the tab and walked out of the bar, crossing the parking lot to the hotel.

When we got to Larry’s room, he rolled a joint and passed it around. Mary was feeling the alcohol, and when she smoked the weed, she really loosened up. She got up and started dancing to the music from the TV. After a couple of minutes, I looked up and Mary was unbuttoning her blouse. She turned away from us and slipped the blouse off her shoulders, then reached around and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her thong panties and high heels. She turned around facing Larry and I, and said, “How do you like this?”

Larry couldn’t speak at first, then said, “You look marvelous!” Mary was still dancing and moved over to where I was sitting, leaned over, kissed me, rubbed her tits in my face, then moved over to where Larry was, encouraging him to play with her tits. He wasted no time in getting two hands full of tits, caressing and teasing them, rolling her nipples between his fingers, making them hard. She reached down and started rubbing his cock through his pants, then unzipped them and pulled his hard cock out, leaning over and kissing the head. Larry took a deep breath and leaned back, letting Mary suck!

It didn’t take long and I heard Larry groan, tensing up and letting his jism go. Mary had pulled away and was stroking his cock very fast. She let it squirt on her breasts, continuing to stroke him until he couldn’t take it any more. He lay back on the couch, breathing hard and said, “Wow!”

With that, Mary stood up, started getting dressed, and said, “Time for us to go!”

This was three years ago and Mary and I have one of the best relationships anybody could have. She continues to act, dress, and do sexy things, and our relationship has grown to a point that is better than it has ever been. We have had a couple of threesomes with friends since then, and Mary say’s that she is happier than ever. I am too!! I have my sexy wife back!!! I will write about some of her other adventures soon!!

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