Mated Forever Ch. 05-08


"Trent back down, let me make a point." He looked at his sister then back at me.

"You sure?" I nodded and Thea smiled.

"Prepare to lose her, Trenton." He stood back to the door way and watched.

"Come on Ella you scared?" I shook my head and stepped up to her.

"Alls fair in this Thea, whatever happens I'm still staying with Trent. So it's an emotional free zone, got it?"

"Yes, but I'll change your mind." I looked her up and down, she was very pretty. Red long curly hair framing her face, wide hips and large breasts. Very lovely. I tried to shake my head of these lust filled thoughts. I walked to her till we bumped together, I wrapped my arms around her neck, and stood on my tiptoes to kiss her.

She leaned down and captured my lips. A nice sizzle went through my body but nothing like Trent's kiss, this kiss was only filled with lust so it lack filling. I tugged her closer and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy, and she moaned. It was fun to tease, I have been with a girl, but we didn't have sex we just made out, and fooled around.

I smiled, pulling her shirt away from her waist and brushed her hips, she rocked closer to my body. I giggled and caressed the underside of her breasts before I pulled back laughing. I was laughing when Trent smiled understandingly. Thea's eyes opened her eyes slowly and her mouth was open.

"Oh my god, I've never felt such heat." I nodded.

"Well, I been told I make girls hot and wet, so I've used that to my advantage. It's very fun to tease and taunt, sorry to say Thea but you have met you sexual assault match." Trent chuckled.

"I thought you were a virgin."

"Well, I am, I've just done the same thing you did to me last night to the others."

"I'm starting to love your moods, do you think you could return the favor I did last night?" I blushed, shacking my head, and whispered.

"To tell you the truth, your anatomy scares me." He laughed and nodded.

"Fair enough, so lets cook you some food."

Chapter Eight

Ella's POV

Thea shook her head.

"Well, I guess I have to look somewhere else for relief, sorry Trent had to try and I like you Ella. Every you get tired of this scoundrel just tell me." She winked at me, kissed Trent on the forehead and was gone.

"Now that that's over go and feed me Trent." He nodded, he went over to the stove but turned around and walked back to me.

"I have to know."

He said before his mouth crushed itself to mine. My breathing stopped, and I got that same throbbing in my lower parts as I got last night. I moaned rubbing myself against him, tugging his hot body closer he grabbed me around my waist and yanked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and shoved my pelvis against his enthusiastically. He pulled back his head and started nibbling the side of my neck, breathing heavily with his chest pressed hard to mine.

"You know I only want you, I was willing to give myself over to you. Even though I don't know you that well. I have dated guys and girls, but I never gave them the opportunity that I'm giving you. Do you understand what that means?"

"That your the most amazing woman I have every known?" I giggled.

"Well yes... But I'm gonna let you take me, not because I just want you sexually, but because you tug on me as no one else have." I felt Trent's smile up on my skin.

"You tug on me too, now lets pull away from each other so I don't shove you against the wall and take you now. That wouldn't be too romantic, now." I didn't let go of him, and he sighed. Bringing his arms around to his back he unhooked my ankles and let them drop to the floor gently.

I still had my arms wrapped around his neck and I pulled myself closer to him again. He started chuckling, brushing my bottom lip and I shook with such wanting I thought I'd tell him to make me his now. If he asks I'll sleep with him, right now. (Just admit it you L---) I stopped my thinking by crushing my lips to him. I didn't want the truth, I just wanted to be with Trent.

He sighed in happiness, pulling his lips away from me and to my neck sniffing there.

"Do I smell good?" I asked timidly afraid he'd say no.

"You smell like jasmine, roses and chocolate."

"What? I smell like all of those, how?"

"Sweetie every human has their own unique smell, they have two smell that they smell like always, and the last smell is what the vampire feels for the human."

"What does chocolate mean?" His eyes twinkled.

"Sexual desire and feelings." And he dropped the subject. "Alright what do you want for breakfast?"

"An egg omelet with cheese and mushrooms." Trent smiled at that.

"Trying to measure my cooking abilities?" I nodded.

Trent started cooking he pulled out the pan threw butter in it and grabbed the eggs from the fridge. Cracking them on the side of a bowl he put three eggs in, whisking them together with one hand he grabbed the cheese from the fridge and placed them on the small cutting bored. When he was done whisking the eggs he chopped the block of cheese into cubes and threw them in the bowl with the eggs. He finally cut the mushrooms, sautéing them in the pan first he them dumped the eggs and cheese into the pan.

While it was cooking he cleaned up the kitchen and came over to where I was sitting on the table. I had my legs crossed and I was tapping my foot to the beat of a song that was lightly coming from the boom box in the kitchen. It was on the top of the fridge.

"Are you ok? Your unusually quiet." I smiled up at him and nudged him with my foot on the side of his hip.

"So I talk a lot do I? Well, I was just comfortable with the silence, thank you."

"Well no, you don't talk a lot. You asks a lot of questions and make me do all the talking." I tilted my head to the side.

"Maybe I just like the sound of your voice." He nodded and gave my head a kiss.

"I bet you do, it's quite sexy isn't it?" I shoved him with my hands to his chest, he just took a step back smiling cockily and went to go get my omelet. He flipped it over with his spatular and then onto the paper plate.

He grabbed a fork and paper towel bringing over my food. He placed the plate on the table in front of the chair. I got down from the table and gave a kiss to Trent.

"You never waste a move do you?" He shook his head no and looked down at me smiling. I looked down as well and saw that my shirt had risen up and my panties down, it must of happened jumping on and off the table. So I was barely hiding my um 'assets'. I gasped blushing and yanked my panties up and my shirt down so quickly even Trent was amazed.

"Oh come on babe you let other people see you naked haven't you?" I nodded slowly.

"But that was after like four to five months I started seeing them. Besides I was never really involved with them like I am with you." I blushed again, and he caressed my cheek.

"Alright I'll give you slack then." He nudged me to the chair and I sat down happily.

"This looks pretty good, Trent." He nodded, as I took a bit. I moaned and scooped up some more into my mouth.

"So you like it?" I nodded enthusiastically. I finished the food within a few minutes. I stood up walking over to the sink and rising it off I set it on the counter.

I stretched my arms over my head and sighed content. I looked around and Trent was leaning up on the counter by the fridge looking so yummy and relaxed.

"Go get dressed Ella and we can go shopping." I nodded excited at the prospective to just spend money on clothes that I don't need but want. I ran up the stairs and found my pants, sweater and bra. I threw them on quickly and went to the bathroom down the hall. I looked at myself in the mirror when I was done with my business. I saw what must be Trent's comb and ran it through my hair. When I was finished my hair shined and looked well managed.

I came back down and Trent was putting on his leather coat. When he saw me he smiled tenderly at me and helped me with my coat on. We walked out into cold darkness, I looked at Trent's watch on his wrist.

"Oh wow it's five pm." Trent nodded and tugged me along.

"Please stay close Ella a lot of vampire live and hunt around here, I don't want you getting hurt."

"I will." I turned a saw a red convertible in Trent's drive way. "Where in good graces did that car come from?" Trent laughed.

"Well it's mine, but Thea had borrowed it last night, just because we're twins she thinks my things are hers." I looked at him shocked.

"You guys are twins?" He nodded.

"Well at lest we won't have to walk." He went to the other side of the car and opened up the door. He motioned me over. I came over and climbed into the nice car with leather seats. He hoped into the drivers seat and turned it on, the engine roared to life.

"I hope your not afraid of sped cause I'm gonna stomp on this baby's gas like nothing." I giggled. Men and there toys, Trent had a pretty masculine look of love on his face for his car.

"I'm sure you ran faster last night than this car could go, besides you won't crash the car so there is nothing to be worried about." He smirked for that little bone I threw his ego and backed out of the drive. Riving the motor again he shot off. We sped off into the downtown area, we went by a few buildings and he started to slow down.

"Damn pigs have it out for me so I can't speed in downtown they know what I am they just don't like me." He looked at me. "Yet again I do have a very pretty woman in the car, do you think they'd let up on me?" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"More than likely they lock you up so they could have me for myself." He chuckled.

"That sounds more plausible." We drove farther downtown for a little bit till he stopped at a store called Club Buds. I raised my eyebrow at him creditably.

"Really? A store called Club Buds?" He just smiled putting the car into park. Opening the car door, slamming it he swaggered over to my door and pulled it open. "Such a gentleman."

"I've always been one, my mama raised me to have manners. Even in this century." Pain flashed through his eyes when he mentioned his mama, then it was gone.

"Come on lets go get me a club bud." Rollings his eyes to the heavens, he grabbed my hand, tugging me along I gave him a squeeze and he did so back lightly. He's quite reassuring. I thought as absolute trust coursed though my being. As we walkthrough the door a pretty blonde looked up from the magazine she was reading.

"Oh Trenton, I didn't know you were coming to visit." She looked passed Trent and saw me. She smiled friendly. "Who's this?" Before Trent could say anything a vampire came from the back room with a little girl with the vampires dark hair.

"Licia, Molly wants you." The little girl nodded and held out her arms. Licia was a vampire. Man I need to be more observant. Licia giggled, picking up Molly she held her against her hip.

"Hello Trenton, I didn't see you. Who this?" The dark skinned vampire asked Trent about me. I blushed and scouted closer to Trent, bitting my lip I waited for Trent to explain to them who I was.

"Nice to see you too Julian. This is Ella. Ella this is Julian." He pointed to the male vampire. "And their child Molly." Licia came around the counter and held out her hand.

"It's nice to met you Ella, I'm Felicia, but just call me Licia. So are you and Trenton together?" I shrugged my shoulders. Trent laughed and bumped me.

"Such a non bragger huh butterfly, I am quite a catch." I shook my head.

"So you think, mr. I have the ego of a vampire. To tell you I'm not sure if it's much of an evolution improvement." Trent pretended to be insulted, and I just twitched my nose at him. Julian chuckled while Molly and Licia just smiled.

"Anyways ways what are you doing here Trenton? Just to visit or to be a show off?" He stuffed his hands in his pockets, rocking on the back of his heels.

"Both and more. I'm taking Elly here out clubbing and being such a cute little thing she doesn't even have clubbing clothes." I rolled my eyes. Licia fanned her hand about.

"Just take a look around Ella and pick something. If you have trouble ask me, if you ask mr. Trenton here god only knows what he'd put you in." I nodded in agreement. Trent frowned.

"Can I at lest make suggestions?" He sounded very whinny. I sighed.

"If it's that important to you, then you can." I went to the side of the store where there were pants.

"No, Ella. You always wear pants go find a dress or a skirt. Please." It was true I always wore pants, it's something new to try.

"Well alright, but if I look ridiculous in a dress I'm wearing pants." I looked over at the dress' and saw a dress that would make Trent's mouth drop. "Ok I found out what I wanna try on, but you have to turn around cause I want you to be surprised."

"So I guess going in the dressing room with you is out?" I stomped on his foot, and blushed.

"Be good. If that is even possible." When he turned around I motioned Licia over. I pointed to the dress I wanted. She nodded in agreement. I grabbed it and ran into the dressing room before Trent saw the dress. I locked the door and pulled off my coat sweater and pants. I was happy I was wearing a strapless bra because the dress was short and with no straps for itself. I gulped, I hope this is a good idea.

I stepped into it and pulled it up till it was covering my breasts. I looked down at myself and in the mirror. "Damn, I look good." The dress was simple black with no straps, and it came to my mid thigh. I looked at my behind and saw it was outlined very definitely. I'm so thankful for throughs horrible hours at the gym.

I pulled off my sock because they looked weird together. I dropped them with my other clothes and brushed my hair with my fingers quickly. Taking a deep breath I unlocked the door and stepped out.

Trent heard the door and turned around. His mouth dropped and he bluntly stared at my exposed body. I blushed and cleared my throat.

"So?" I asked my throat raw but with a sexy hint to it. At lest I thought it sounded sexy. His gazed dropped to my cleavage and snapped back up to my face. Such a gentleman.

"So? Butterfly you look drop dead exquisite, and amazingly sexy." I looked down at myself.

"I've never wore a dress like this before, when I do wear a dress it's blowy and a light color." He chuckled his voice sounding hoarse.

"Ah the perfect picture of innocents, Elly." I nodded, embarrassed. Licia looked at me.

"You just need some heels and you'll be perfect." She pointed to the small selection of shoes. I saw some flats.

"Could we try not to kill me tonight and let me wear flats?" Trent nodded.

"Sure we could, but they have to be the criss cross ones and in red."

"Hmm yeah that would be fine." After finding my size shoes, I found Trent over by the coats. I picked up my clothes and asked Licia for a plastic bag. She gave me one and I shoved my clothes in.

"Butterfly?" I turned around to Trent holding a short leather jacket with small round rivets on the collar and the waist. It zipped up.

"Trent I don't want you to spend all this money on me. It's a nice jacket, but I don't need it."

"I wanna treat you butterfly just try it on." I sighed and picked it up. It was nice, I looked at the tag. It was the right size. I pulled it on and zipped it half way up. It fit amazingly and it looked good on me.

"I really like it Trent but you don't have to buy---." He cut me off.

"I don't have to, but I want to. So lets get the jacket scanned." We scanned the jacket and it was a staggering $200. I was about to protest again when Trent leaned down and kissed me, effectively cutting me off without words.

"Thanks Licia, Julian, and little Molly." Molly ran up to Trent and he picked her up giving her a hug.

"Bye Uncle Trenton." He chuckled putting her now he ruffled her short curly black hair.

"Bye Molly. Can you say bye to Ella?" Molly hide her face in Trent's legs, and waved shyly. I crouched on the ground.

"Bye Molly, maybe I'll see you again." She smiled and nodded. Trent stood and helped me up.

"Thank you, Licia, Julian. Come on Trent. I tugged him along. He walked behind me and I'm sure he was getting an eyeful of my behind. When we were outside the shop I threw myself at him and gave him a kiss. When he pulled back reluctantly, he smiled tenderly at me.

"What was that for?"

"For be so unselfish, for taking me out, and for being such a sweetheart to little Molly." He chuckled. Getting to her heart was much easier than first thought. She's a sweet girl anyways. I got a hit of Trent's thoughts for the first time ever.

"Tr--ent?" I asked uncertain.

"What is it butterfly?" Tears sparkled in my eyes.

"What do you mean 'getting to her heart was much easier than first thought'." I felt hurt, and my heart took a stab. Trent's face softened.

"Oh butterfly, I just meant getting you to like me and have your heart not so hidden was easier than I thought it be. I'm not using you for anything." My lip trembled.

"Promise? I don't think I could take this all being a joke and having me be the butt of it." He pulled me into his arms, and rocked me.

"I promise. Now I thought you wanted to see the vampire night life, my little butterfly."

"I do, lets go." We hoped into Trent's red sexy car.

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