tagRomanceMediterranean Lover Ch. 03

Mediterranean Lover Ch. 03


Caution: This story contains an act that some may feel as fetish or gross. If the thought or description of "watersport" bothers you, you may want to skip this story....


Annie and I had many adventures while in Cyprus together, this is one of those times when she was extremely playful and couldn't wait for me to arrive back at the hotel. She had been with her friend Sarah all day at my hotel. Sarah and her hubby were Brit ex-pats living on the island of Cyprus. Sarah was taking pictures of Annie in various sexy outfits for her second job, an adult chat site. Not X-rated but a good hard "R"! BTW, Annie showed me a few of the photos, three that she and Sarah had taken together, sexually suggestive in lingerie!

We were working 10 hr. days so Annie and Sarah knew they would have time to do all the photos they wanted without me around. Sarah and Annie are more than friends, they are both bi and like being with other women-a fact that I found out one night during a long after-dinner discussion. For Annie, it was rather matter of fact and she said she liked playing with women as she had done since a young age, but she preferred men. Sarah preferred women to her husband; he must have been an absolute awful lover!

I took a moment to call Annie at lunch time and told her I was working a little late that evening and would see her around 7pm. She said that was ok and she and her friend Sarah would have dinner and Sarah would be gone before I arrived. After the long day working, I was beyond tired as I drove to the hotel that evening. I had passed Sarah on her way out of the parking lot, heading back to her home and hubby.

As soon as I walked in, Annie grabbed me and kissed me. She tasted a little different and I was just about to say something to her and she took her left hand and placed three fingers in my mouth. I realized the flavor that she had saved for me, she smiled and as if reading my mind she said, "That's NOT me, it's Sarah". She had purposely kept her fingers away from everything else since Sarah left, obviously haven given her a good fingering to allow me to 'taste' her friend. I knew they had sex frequently when they got together, but I had no idea Annie was going to do that for me. Sarah's taste differed from Annie's, I'm not sure why, but Sarah did smoke so maybe that was it or it's just a fact that women have different body chemistries, whatever the case Annie fed her fingers into my mouth one by one and had me lick them clean. As soon as I finished licking her fingers, she grabbed my hand and took me to the bed, she stripped naked in no time, got up on the bed on all fours and demanded "honey, fuck me in the ass". A most unusual request but one I was more than happy to oblige. I stripped and got up behind her on the bed, no foreplay, kissing or anything and once I was behind her she grabbed "little man" and proceeded to direct my cock straight into her tight little ass. She was on all fours and I'm behind her doggie style pumping away like a mad man. Watching my cock slide in and out of her tight ass was simply too erotic to describe. Her large breasts were swinging back and forth as we fucked like animals. We were facing the room mirror and I saw the look of pleasure and animal lust on her face as her breasts in rhythm to my thrusting. I was too turned on to think about what had made her so horny, but afterwards realized that she and Sarah had been doing more than just taking erotic photos in my room, right Mr. Obvious!

As I stroked her ass, Annie moaned and pleaded for me to cum in her. I'd never disappoint her so I obliged by dumping my entire load into her throbbing ass, feeling her sphincter muscles massaging me and draining every drop from my balls. As soon as I came, Annie started to massage my cock with her ass muscles. Even so, I deflated pretty quickly and finally got too soft to keep inside her ass. She laughed as it plopped out of her and just drooped like a deflated balloon. She rolled on her back and I lay down beside her and kissed her and teased her about our lack of foreplay. She was smiling and said Sarah had taken care of that before I arrived. I rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples and she said, "What's the matter didn't get off in my ass enough to satisfy you?" I smiled and kissed her deeply and felt her body respond as she rolled over to me, facing one another and we kissed and touched for a while. She jumped up and said she'd be right back. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up the load of cum that ran down the crack of her ass as she lay down. Don't you just love it when you leave a big wet spot on your bed? I'm not sure the maids did...

Annie came back to bed and had brought a hot cloth and towel to make sure I was clean enough for some more playtime. After she thoroughly washed my cock and balls, she leaned down and gave it a good kiss and licked the head of my cock with her tongue. She had such a talented way of getting my cock hard after an orgasm, she never hesitated to lick and suck it when she wanted more. This was one time I got hard almost immediately as she licked and kissed my cock, giving me the big green eyes as she looked straight at me maintaining her oral ministrations to get me erect again. I pulled her ass around to me and had her straddle my head and I pulled her pussy right down onto my waiting mouth and tongue. I kissed and licked her hot pussy as she sucked me hard once again. As I licked her hungry pussy, I slipped a couple of fingers into her ass and rubbed her clit with my other hand. As I mentioned before, she hardly ever gets off without some serious clit rubbing or using a vibrator against her little hidden clit. This time was no different, so I reached over into the end table next to the bed and pulled out her monster vibrator she kept at my hotel when I was in town.

As I continued to lick her pussy, tonguing as deeply as I could and fingering her ass as I tried my best to get to orgasm, I flipped the control on the vibrator to maximum and proceeded to apply it to her hidden clit. The minute I touched that area she shivered a bit and I was sure I had the vibe in the right place. I worked on her for about 10 minutes, kissing and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth, sticking my tongue in as deeply as I could and trying to spread her ass apart to get another finger inside...which I was successful at. To be honest, my tongue and jaw were getting so tried I could barely continue when she moaned loudly and collapsed on top of me and swallowed my cock. She sucked like a mad woman and stroked my balls and teased my ass with her finger. The sensations for both of us were perfect as we came together, an event that I can say only happened very few times in all the love making sessions we had.

We both lay there on the bed, seemingly exhausted. I told Annie after a few minutes that I needed to get a bath before I turned in for the evening. I slipped out of bed and ran a hot bath and slipped into the oversize tub. The staff of the hotel tried to make me comfortable when I was in town, giving me a room with a large tub since I stayed a month at a time. The desk staff would always smile at me as I walked Annie into the hotel.

I guess it was my time to make it a really weird evening--I fell asleep in the tub. Asleep with a beautiful, naked, sexy lady in my bed; what was I thinking? Most of the water had slowly drained out, but I woke to the shower pounding down on me with a warm stream. As I looked up, to my surprise, it wasn't the shower, the normal one anyway. It was Annie straddling me and her pee stream hitting my chest and cock in a golden shower.

Now in case anyone is thinking that she was upset with me falling asleep, quite the opposite. She and I had frequently talked about experiencing this together, but we neither one had pursued it until now. She was just spontaneous enough to decide to wake me so I didn't drown in the bathtub! When she finished, she slipped into the other end of the tub and proceeded to get a washcloth and soap and wash me off. I laughed and teased her about being "pissed off" at my sleeping accommodation. She laughed and washed herself with the cloth and soap as well. I opened the bathtub drain and let the polluted water drain out and flipped on the shower so we could make sure any traces of "my shower" were washed safely down the drain into the Limassol sewer system.

We loved putting on the large robes the Crown Plaza furnished with the suite, walking out on the balcony and watching the lights over the port of Limassol. We kissed on the balcony and sat for a moment, had a glass of wine and just admired the night, crisp but not cold and just the right temp for me to slip her out of her robe and let her sit there naked with me. She was totally uninhibited about her body and for that I will be eternally grateful. After we finished the wine, we went back inside the room and closed the balcony door. We crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. I dreamed of Annie and her friend Sarah that night...waking up with a raging erection that was poking Annie in the back when I woke up. I always awoke before Annie and I was in a horny mood and proceeded to put my hand over her body as we spooned and started to play with her tits. I gently rubbed her nipples and pinched them slightly. A little moan escaped her lips and I started rubbing her pussy from behind. I kept teasing her pussy and one nipple as she began to stir. When she turned over and kissed me, I knew we were in for a good "morning fuck" as she liked to call it. It was a nice slow one and we both enjoyed it. It was one of those times when I got off and she didn't, but she was quite content to get dressed after and walk down to breakfast with me.

So much for my crazy night of the "golden shower"...stay tuned for more in 04, her birthday party.

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