byLyn Lei©

Walking into the room I see you relaxing in a chair by the bed. Your presence fills the large room; the air around me instantly crackles with anticipation and the need that just seeing you creates within me.

Your eyes bore into mine, your expression serious; your body language emanates strength and exquisite control. You say nothing but your eyes roam my form, drawing a heated path down my body. My skin tingles where your eyes touch and I am wet already. I wonder if you know just the effect that your presence has on my body.

I shuffle my stance to try to alleviate the aching need my pussy already feels; sure that the wetness there will be running down the inside of my thighs soon; my sheer black panties already soaked through. I look away from you, unable to remain still under your unrelenting stare, not yet wanting you to know just how easily and how strongly my body reacts to you, though I'm certain you already know.

Glancing at the window, I see the curtains drawn back slightly and the darkness pressing against the glass. The light in the room allows anyone outside to see directly in. This creates such a nervousness within me that swirls together and mixes deliciously with my increasing anticipation.

I look back to you and watch as you take in my body. I've worn for you sheer black panties and bra that show more than they actually cover. My nipples are already aching and straining against the lacy material as your gaze sweeps over them. My heart races as your gaze drifts lower then back up to meet my eyes. Erotic images seem to arc between us and flash in differing sequences in my mind: devouring images of lying naked beneath you, consuming images of being filled with you, mouths meeting, hands squeezing... such a delicious foretelling.

The growing bulge in your pants draws my attention to the hard cock that's straining to be released. I watch as it jerks in its confines as if you can feel my gaze like a squeeze of my hand around you. I walk slowly to you wanting instantly to feel you and be felt by you. My desire to be close to you and have your strong hands on my body courses through me. Standing before you, between your knees, I feel your hands grip my waist and a sigh escapes me.

I love the feeling of control your hands have; the feeling of possession, of taking whatever you want without concern. I feel them slip around to squeeze my bottom, each hand easily covering each cheek, gripping them tightly, fingers digging in causing me to tremble with white-hot need. Your hands continue their perusal of my body and I feel them move around to the front of my panties.

I spread my legs slightly to allow your access, wanting badly to feel your fingers trail along my very wet slit. Your fingers push against my lips, pushing the panties into my wetness. Closing my eyes, I revel in the feelings that travel through me from your touch; wishing at that moment that my panties were not there so I could impale myself on the fingers that probe my entrance.

Reaching back slowly I unhook my bra. The feel of the thin material against my nipples and your presence has them straining against the fabric. They ache to be touched, squeezed, and tormented by your fingers. Holding the bra against my breasts I release my arms from the straps, not yet wanting you to see my taut nipples; the timid feelings running rampant, the desire to give myself to you completely taking hold. I let the bra slip from my body, baring my breasts to you, the tips seemingly trying to reach out to you, for your touch.

I step in closer to you, feeling your hands travel up my stomach to caress the newly exposed skin. I feel the heat of your tongue as it licks up my abdomen leaving a trail of your saliva that cools instantly when the air hits it. Your hands encircle my breasts as your tongue licks over the taut bud causing me to tremble. The heat of your mouth warms me as you begin to suckle; the coiling need draws tighter and tighter in my center, aching with a life of its own.

Sitting back, your fingers reach out and pinch my sensitive, swollen tips, tugging on them and pulling on them. The delicious pain shoots straight to my pussy, tingling, clenching, and building the need you so easily create. I look at your fingers plucking my hard nipples, watch as you manipulate them, and twist them causing me to moan. I see your cock jerk in your pants, trying to escape. Mmm, how I need to play, need to see and feel you.

Kneeling down between your spread legs, I reach up and unbutton your shirt, running my fingers over each new inch of skin that's exposed to me. Pushing it up and off your shoulders, I lean forward to lick your abdomen, feeling your hard cock pressing against my chest... licking up further to your chest, loving the warm feel of your skin under my hands, my mouth trailing up to lick every inch of you. My soft hands run up your sides and around to your back, pulling myself closer to you, loving the warmth of your body pressing against my mouth.

Sitting back on my legs, my fingers trail down your abdomen to the top of your pants and curl into them. Looking up into your heated gaze, my fingers trail along the waist of your pants just inside them. Fire flickers in my eyes as your cock jumps inside, demanding release. Still watching you watch me; I undo the button and slowly lower the zipper. The zipping sounds resound so loud in the quiet room. Pulling back the sides of your jeans I lick the length of your cock through your boxers thoroughly enjoying it jerk in response.

I wrap my mouth around your cock through your boxers, wetting them with my saliva and sucking gently through the thin material. Licking my lips I look up to you and trail my fingers down the length of your hard cock. Your eyes flash with need, the command so clear in them I reach into the waistband of your pants and boxers and slowly lower them as you raise up and allow them to come off and kick them to the side. Sitting back again as I kneel between your legs, your cock twitches under my gaze; the length lying hard against your abdomen.

Leaning forward, I gently touch my tongue to your balls and lap them. Your warmth is amazing and my saliva leaves trails that cool in as the air hits. My hot tongue travels up the full length of you, pausing at the head to circle the taut skin. Oh, how I enjoy the way your cock jumps under my hot breath. Holding your thighs apart with my hands I slide your thick shaft into my mouth to feel the weight of your cock heavy on my tongue. Holding your cock in my mouth, loving the way it jumps in the warm confines as my tongue laps at it and swirls around it.

Slowly I slide the length of you into my mouth until I feel you press my throat. Pulling my head back to feel you slide out between my lips slowly, I love the feel of each pulsing inch of your cock in my mouth. Holding just the head of your cock in my mouth I suckle gently at it tasting the tiny drops of cum permeate my mouth as I lap my tongue across the thick head in my mouth.

I look up at you to see you watching me kneeling before you with just the tip of your cock in my mouth, feeling the tight ring my mouth makes around you as I softly suck and lick the end of your throbbing cock. Knowing you want it deep, knowing that you want to feel my throat squeezing your cock, I tease you with just the gentle licking, the soft sucking, my eyes twinkling with delight as I watch the patience flickering in your eyes. Slowly I lower my mouth over your hard cock, sucking you deeper into my wet mouth, allowing you to touch the back of my throat but no further before slipping back out. My fingers dig into the muscles of your thighs, helping to control the depth as my mouth strokes your cock.

Your hands reach down to circle my wrists, pulling them off of your thighs and pushing them down so I lower them to my sides. I feel your hands sliding along the sides of my head your fingers reaching and tangling into my hair. I delight in the feel of your fingertips pressing into my scalp before they curl into fists in my hair as I lower myself back onto your cock.

My plans to tease you further as your hard cock touches the back of my throat are quickly forgotten as your hands hold my head when I would have pulled back. The hands at my sides reach up ready to grab your thighs again; your simple command: "Don't" stops me. I lower them back to my sides no longer able to hold you at length. Holding my head still as your cock sits heavily in my mouth, the head pressing, pushing at my throat, my saliva begins to drip down your cock, coating the part of you that hasn't yet entered my mouth.

I try to swallow the excess around the thick cock in my mouth. You feel the muscles squeeze and milk your cock as I try to swallow around you, your cock swells and jerks at the feelings. Still your hands hold my head, your cock pushing deeper as it twitches, pulling my mouth further onto your cock, choking me. The vibrations of my gagging helping to massage the thickness of you as you slide out of my mouth until just the head remains. I suck in a quick breath as your hands push my head back down onto your throbbing cock.

God, how I love the feel of you pressing so deep into my throat, knowing my muscles are milking and massaging you, the vibrations from my throat causing your cock to jump in the hot confines; loving the feel of your hands fisted in my hair, the control on the depth and the length of time between breaths makes me so hot. I begin sucking and breathing when I can as you begin to move your hips in rhythm to my mouth guided by your hands; fucking into my throat, using my mouth as if it were my pussy.

My moans around your cock driving you deeper, my sucking drawing the cum from you, building and building the feelings; my eyes begin to water as your cock goes so deep into my throat. I revel in your enjoyment of me; love the feel of you fucking my mouth.

Your hands so fisted in my hair hold my head still as your cock fucks so deep into my throat, my choking causing your cock to swell and my lips to stretch tight around you as the cum explodes from you straight down my throat. Your hands pull my head back as the next hot ropes of cum coat the inside of my mouth. You pull my mouth off of your cock and I kneel there before you, mouth open, cum pooling in it as you stroke the rest of the cum onto my face.

As the last of the cum lands on me, you look down to admire your work. My face covered with the hot strings of cum, the pool of cum swirling in my open mouth. "Swallow it," I hear you say. I close my mouth, licking my lips as I swallow the warm, salty fluids, enjoying your taste. Still holding your cock you wipe it across the ropes of cum on my face scooping it up and feeding it to me, sliding your cum covered cock into my mouth to clean.

I suck every drop from you, sucking for more even after you're clean. You slide your cock out of my mouth covered with my saliva and wipe it across my face again, scooping up more cum to feed to me. "I'd better not see you miss a drop," you say as you hold your cock about to drip with cum in front of my open mouth. Your other hand still in my hair holding my mouth from wrapping around your cock to catch the drop as it starts to fall. I reach my tongue out to try to catch it as it falls, your hand in my hair not letting me close enough to catch it before it drops onto the floor between us. I look up at you and see the enjoyment in your eyes: "You don't follow orders well, do you? Clean me." I murmur my consent as I suck your cock back into my mouth to lick the rest of your fluids from you, wondering just what you'd do to me for wasting a drop of your cum.

To be continued...

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