tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 04

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 04


Mei and Lisa moved towards the light. The wall shimmered and glowed, and as they approached the girls started to feel more and more aroused.

Lisa wanted to touch the light almost as much as she wanted to touch herself. Mei, having less hang ups, had already started rubbing her nipples as the other worldly light drew them towards it like moths.

Stumbling forward in a trance-like state, Lisa tripped and they both fell. The sudden shock snapped them out of their reverie. Untangling themselves, Mei's hand brushed against the object Lisa had tripped over, which turned out to be an old worn book. Picking it up they both read the title together.

"Beware the demons of desire - warnings for your soul".

Lisa turned to her friend, "What the hell does that mean Mei?"

"Don't know babe, let's find out". Both girls sat down. Leaning up against the rock wall, Lisa snuggled close as Mei opened the book.

"It is the fall of 1842 and my demon has returned. My name is Evelyn Hardcastle and I am a fallen woman. If you are reading this book you have already surrendered to the guardian. The creature of the sodomites that prepares you for the depravity that lies beyond the light. If you leave now you may regain your senses in time. The aphrodisiac properties of the creature that enflames your passion will ease within 7 days. It will never leave you entirely but you may live a normal life if you find a man who can sate your desires. Be warned if you enter the portal, the denizens of that world will trap you forever in the desires of the flesh.

The unearthly pleasures of the netherworld will consume your thoughts. No daughter of Eve can resist the delights within, so beware the dangers before you step over the threshold.

This book is my attempt at atonement for the wickedness of my life. If you disregard my advice, please leave the book for others who may heed my words. I will not judge you, for the feelings within are hard to deny. As I write this I still feel the calling. The desire to debase myself again. To become the devil's whore and lose my mind in the throbbing pleasures."

Mei looked at Lisa and smiled playfully. "Mmmm, throbbing pleasures sound kind of good. I am so damn horny. I love all this old world language". Mei put on her primmest accent.

"Lisa, you are a devil whore to revel in the delights of sodom."

Both girls started giggling at Mei's parody. Lisa looked at her friend. "Damn Mei that is so Downton Abbey. Seriously though, they were so religious back then. This poor woman must have had such a hard time reconciling her lust with her beliefs. No wonder there is all this talk of the devil. Sex was for procreation not recreation."

Just then a thought occurred to her. "Hardcastle, the lady's surname was Hardcastle. Wonder if she is any relation to Rach. "Oh my god, how funny would that be? Finding your great great great grandmother was ye olde monster slut."

Mei laughed at Lisa's joke and was seriously intrigued to find out more about the lady and if she was part of Rachel's family tree. "Come on Lise let's read some more and find out."

"If you enter the portal you then know this. Everything that inhabits that domain seeks carnal knowledge and their quest for learning is insatiable. They employ all manner of strategies and tactics to lure you to your defilement. Do not judge them by appearance as the rules of our world do not apply in theirs. The illustrations following will show you some of the denizens and their methods of seduction. If you are of sensitive constitution then I hope this window into your future will turn you from the path you have chosen."

Mei and Lisa stared wide-eyed at the amazing drawings. Evelyn had a remarkable talent for the lifelike capturing of a moment in time. The first page showed a young woman on all fours. Her head was thrown back and her long hair flowed down her back. The look of absolute rapture on her face was exquisitely rendered. So was the awesome musculature of the beast behind her, ramming a huge double-flanged cock hard into the beauty. A second illustration followed showing the girl from behind. She was looking over her shoulder with a coy look as the beast's huge primary cock was halfway in her pussy, and its hardly less impressive secondary member was buried deep in her arse.

Lisa's bum hole was twitching as she imagined those huge cocks inside. "You know chick, it just occurred to me, I have been fucked in my bum and my best friend has made me cum by sucking my boobies but I'm still technically a virgin." As Lisa turned towards her Mei's face contorted in pleasure as she came hard. Her hands were firmly between her legs and Lisa realised she had been touching herself as they looked at the pictures.

"My Mei, you're such a slut." Lisa desperately wanted to do the same, but having admonished Mei she felt she shouldn't.

"Come on Lise, tell me that doesn't get you going. Imagine those cocks ramming into you."

Lisa could only smile. Mei was right, but she still felt a bit funny that what she really wanted was the one in her bum. "Just carry on reading. We should know what else is in there before we decide if we're going in or not."

Mei started to turn the page, giving Lisa a look that said "Yeah right. I know you want to."

The next few pages showed the same women enraptured with a variety of creatures, all of which seem to be doing their best to fuck her brains out. Once again her facial expressions showed how much she was enjoying her ravishing.

Evelyn's writing continued. "Beyond the guardian the wheel of time slows. I know not the reason, but beware of losing yourself in this world of debauchery for too long. It is hard enough to hide excursions to this realm from those in the real world. The transition to reality after a long journey is difficult. You appear changed by the experience. Those that know and love you will notice.

It is my undying shame that this is how my sweet daughter Sarah fell to the guardian. Worried for her mother's sanity and curious about my absences she followed me and was taken. My lovely young daughter has become a wicked, naughty girl. I will not draw of her ravishment for it tears at my soul knowing my carelessness drew her to the flame that has consumed us both.

Two years before her age of consent she indulged in the dirty delights of the people of sodom and appears fixated on buggery. I suspect that being virginal and pure at the time of her taking has confused the poor girl as to the correct use of her body. Vexingly it was she who made the most important discovery of all. The crystals that allow the portal to be summoned. Knowing this, I may have prevented my daughter's defilement and my enforced exile from this realm.

Two years ago a rock fall covered the cave entrance and blocked my access to the portal. Unfortunately my needs were not blocked and the desire to debase myself grew uncontrollably within my being. For a full third of a year I was in agony. I took lovers who were not my husband, and some, to my shame, were who not human. My bestial urges were insatiable, nearly destroying me and the good standing of my family.

It was my beautiful man who finally removed the rocks and allowed his fallen wife to return to her whoring ways. I will never forget his act of love and the sufferance he has shown to my curse.

I digress. The crystals are like everything in this world, suggestively shaped to entrance a young girl's thoughts. Take one with you when you leave and experimentation will open the portal. If you are of my daughter's persuasion be aware that you must knock at the front door for entry. The servant's entrance will not unlock the doorway.

My Sarah is insatiable in her use of the creatures for her own ends. She does not share my feelings on the perils of this place. It is her personal playground and she interacts with all of its creatures.

The ones that live in the dark places are the most nefarious. I know not how my wicked child lured one in to the light but the use she put it too gives me great concerns for her soul."

Turning the page, Mei and Lisa looked wide-eyed at the illustrations. A slim, pretty girl with boyish hips and a satisfied smirk overlooked another girl.

The second girl was also stunningly beautiful but with much fuller breasts. She was straddling a creature that looked rooted to the ground. Tentacles rose from its base and held the girl's arms above her head, while her ankles were secured to its bulbous body.

The girl was writhing on the creature, grinding her womanhood against its body. The pained and contorted look on her face amply illustrated her discomfort.

"The creature's tortures are exquisite agony for its victims. It milks the fluids of desire by holding her on the brink but somehow denying the final release she craves.

The girl's name is Lillian and she is from a family of high standing. I know her mother to be a vain and self-righteous woman who barely condescends to speak with those she considers her social inferiors. It appears the seed did not fall far from the tree.

I don't condone my daughter's actions and I know not how she lured her prize but I do admire her resourcefulness. The girl slighted Sarah and has paid a high price for her arrogance.

What pact Lily made with my little devil remains their secret. I only know that from this moment on the girl became my daughter's plaything. Even in the real world she now defers to Sarah like she is of noble birth. Lily follows Sarah around like a puppy and looks at my daughter with total love in her eyes. Such is the power of this dark realm.

Take care that you don't give into the temptation to enslave another of god's souls regardless of how much they may deserve your attention.

I close my musings with these final words. I have been sating my uncontrolled desire with the creatures of the darkness for over 50 years. Every time I return my age regresses to what it was when I first encountered the darkness. I am physically and emotionally reborn.

Even the creatures of most vile appearance I have become genuinely close to. The physical pleasures they have unfailingly given me has generated a strong emotional attachment.

With my time coming to its end in the real world I have chosen to enter the portal for one last time. I will return to my youth and stay forever the devil's whore. Even after all these decades my heart quickens and desire flushes my womanhood at the thought."

After closing the book, Mei looked to Lisa and both girls stood up. Holding hands they walked towards the portal without saying a single word. Mei leaned forward and kissed Lisa softly on the lips as the light enveloped them.

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