tagNonHumanMei Meets a Monster Ch. 06

Mei Meets a Monster Ch. 06


Mei woke up slowly, and stretching out her muscles, she yelled as her calf cramped up. Frantically rubbing her slim leg to un-kink the muscles she started to remember the night before. "Wow, what the fuck, that was so nasty." The creature had left her after she passed out with exhaustion.

Mei tried to stand up but her legs started to shake and she sank to her knees. "Ooh bugger, that hurt, can't believe how weak I feel."

Sliding up the wall she stumbled down the corridor. A gentle glow infused the passage and she staggered towards the brightness. Feeling a presence behind her she pushed her tortured muscles forward. The feeling of being followed kicked in her flight reflex and she started to run. Her legs gave out and she pitched forward as the beast caught her and mounted her. Driving its bony cock into her arse, she screamed and tried to break free, but the thing pinned her to the ground. Well lubricated from the night before, her bum gave up without much resistance.

Slowly the pressure in her back passage built and she moaned deeply. "Oooh fuuuck arrrh, not again ooooh." Mei felt her body betray her as familiar warmth rose in her belly. "Fuuuck arrgh, fuck meee."

In the darkness she came again, her already weakened muscles somehow finding the strength to push her over the edge in another shattering climax. The creature exploded inside her, spraying cum deep into her bowels. The cum soaked the sensitive nerve ends in her bottom and chemically stimulated them further. When it dismounted and a second creature took its place, Mei nearly lost her mind in the feeling. "Oh wow, ooooh man that feels good. Fuck my arse you bastard. Fuuuk mee." All she could think of was the amazing sensations washing through her. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better the second creature came and another one took its place.

Mei continued slowly crawling to the light as a small rational part of her mind realised she must escape this place. Her progress was painfully slow and the anal violation continued unabated. She couldn't tell how many creatures there were, the only thing she knew was every time they came in her it felt better than the last. Their knobbly cocks drove her to unimagined heights of pleasure. Hard dirty orgasms were crashing into her in almost continuous waves and she cried with joy.

Her sanity hanging by a thread, one thought kept her from lying down. She desperately wanted to surrender totally to the incredible, wonderful sensations. To be the creatures' bitch, to be arse-raped forever. One thought kept her on all fours, inching towards the brightness. "I have to tell Lisa, have to get back to Lisa."

Mei's cum-contorted face smiled wickedly. "That dirty little bum slut will love this."

Easing around a bend in the cave, with one of the creatures still banging away in her arse, Mei finally saw the light.

The cave mouth beckoned, and as the light grew in intensity, the creature slowed its frenzied fucking. Mei liked the gentler rhythm. She could feel all of the ridges and knobs on the beast's cock rubbing her slippery back passage. "These guys would be great if they'd just slow down" she thought as one last orgasm ripped through her.

Moving closer to the entrance, light flooded the cavern and the bum beast finally stopped moving. With considerable regret Mei pulled away and with a gentle plop it slipped out of her arse.

For the first time in her night of ravishment she turned around to view her attacker. The creature was the size of a dog. In fact it looked a bit like a greyhound. A jeweled stone dog. The creature's body was jet black but colors swirled over its shiny surface. Hanging below its thin legs was a thin, curved, knobby cock about 9 inches long.

Mei picked the beast up and was surprised by how light it was. Moving slowly away from the light she felt it twist weakly in her arms.

Moving out of the cave caused the beast to return to its sedentary state. Mei smiled as the sun warmed her body and rejuvenated her spirit.

"Wow, what a night" she thought, as she put down the stone dog. Sitting down under a tree to rest her still aching muscles, she started feeling drowsy. Feeling contented and sated, her heavy eyelids closed and she fell soundly asleep.

Lisa found her friend shortly afterwards. Still wearing Rachel's shirt, she felt wonderful after her experiences with David. "Oh dear" she thought, "I'm so fucked up, how can I be in love with a man more than twice my age?"

Snuggling up to Mei her recent exertions took their toll and she too drifted off to sleep.

As they lay together, both girls' sexually-addled minds started dreaming. Their subconscious started to relive their recent adventures.

With beaming smiles they gently whimpered and moaned as they dozed in the warm sun.

Mei woke to find Lisa spooned behind her. Warm and wet against her bum cheeks she felt Lisa's hard nipples pressing against her back as she snuggled in closer.

Slowly rousing her friend, both girls wiped sleep from their eyes and chatted about their adventures. Mei couldn't have been happier for Lisa. She knew how long the girl had lusted after David Hardcastle.

"So you're sure this was real, we won't go back and they won't remember."

Lisa looked at her friend with a sad expression. "I hope not. David said we would have to talk but I think he wanted it to. It felt so real, don't think we will get back home and suddenly I'm virgin again."

Mei giggled. "Virginity ain't your thing girl."

Lisa humphed "Look who's talking." Her eyes wandered to the stone creature. "God it's beautiful."

Trudging back up the hill, Lisa noticed a strange crystalline formation close to the rock that had started her dream fuck.

Taking care not to fall into the trap, they skirted around the back to reach the crystals. "It's just like Evelyn described." Mei broke one off and handed it to Lisa. In her primmest English accent she said "And remember young lady, it won't work if you use it in the servant's entrance."

Lisa laughed as she took the glowing dildo and they continued on to the main portal.

Finding themselves back in the tunnel to the bakery storeroom, they went to pick up their clothes. As they rounded the corner the light dimmed and the dog creature started to reanimate in the gloom.

Wriggling in Mei's arms it finally broke free. Mei didn't get a chance to shout a warning before the creature had bounded up behind Lisa. Without hesitation it stuck its muzzle under her shirt flap and its long wet tongue found her bum hole.

Lisa shuddered as the beast's tongue made her pussy twitch uncontrollably.

"Oooh wow that is so good. Oohh arrrhh, fuuckk I'm cumming already!"

Mei watched her friend tremble as she came and then her legs buckled and she sank to her knees. Her voice husky with desire she let the creature mount her. "Fuck me you bad doggy."

Lisa was creaming herself as the beast pushed its knobbly cock into her bum. "Oooggh fuck Mei this is amazing, aarrhhh!"

Mei smiled and got dressed as she watched Lisa going crazy and begging to be fucked. She rubbed herself as she recollected her own violation and watched the ecstatic expression on her friend's face.

"Good ehh" she said, as Lisa cried out in ecstasy as the beast came in her bum.

"Oh fuuck Mei, oh god yes! Cum in my arse again damn you, cum in me pleeease! Aaarggh soo fuckking good, ooohh"

Mei came as well as the hand between her legs finished its job.

With a regretful look she picked up the flashlight they had left before entering the portal and shone it on the beast to slow its momentum.

"Sorry babe but I know you'll let that thing fuck your dirty bum forever." Smiling wistfully she said "I nearly did."

Lisa pulled forward, letting the refrozen creature pop out of her bum with an audible wet plop.

Looking at Mei with a sheepish grin she said "Look what followed me home, can I keep it? I promise I'll feed it regularly."

Both girls cracked up and Lisa was still giggling as she dressed. They left the bakery and Mei turned to her friend and kissed her gently on the lips. "See you at Rach's after school tomorrow chick. Think that girl needs to see the light."

Lisa smiled as she headed home, thinking naughty thoughts about the fun they could have with Rachel and her dad.

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