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Micro Wave Man Ch. 03


Jul 1, 2009

MWM Chapter Three "What Happened To Me?"

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Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

The Cosmic Rays Incident

Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on The Cosmic Rays Incident, Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man & Punk Rocker... Dr. Spy, an evil leader of a legion to take control of the world, was booting up some old files and reminiscing about how things started. On the case files Mark Surrender, an overweight accountant, was coming home from work hungry, and tried to cook some food in his microwave oven, only to have it explode on him. Also on the case files, Dr. Spy was sending Tyrone Bookbagger to steal some chemicals from a group of scientists. We now return back to Mark who is now waking up after the explosion.

Chapter Three

What Happened To Me?

Mark Surrender struggled himself back into consciousness even through a pounding headache. His eyes strained to open up on a blurry surreal world. Surely what he saw before him couldn't possibly be real. After all, why was he lying on the kitchen floor? What exactly had happened to him?

Slowly his mind struggled through the pain shrouded curtain, and started piecing the events together while his eyes strived to come into focus. His eyes finally came to focus on the kitchen ceiling fan. He was on his back, on the kitchen floor. His eyes drifted to the side, and to his horror, he saw the microwave oven in total disarray. Memories of the few minutes before the explosion came flooding back to him. His eyes drifted from the microwave oven to the kitchen wall clock. According to the clock he had been out for about thirty-five minutes or so.

He felt funny, kind of tingly all over. Groaning slightly he rolled over on his stomach, and froze despite the fact that he had intended to pick himself up off of the ground.

His eyes focused on his hands and arms. Instead of fat chubby fingers, hands, and arms, they were now a whole lot thinner than they could possibly ever be. Was he bleeding to death?

Snapping out of his daze, he searched the floor for signs of pooling blood, but there were none. He then used his oddly feeling arms and hands to pad himself down to see if his clothes were holding back the flood of blood that just had to be pouring forth from him. To his surprise not only did he not find any such gapping wounds or painful spots, but his whole entire body was now a hell of a lot thinner as well. His enormous stomach was now practically thin. His legs were thin as well, where before they would rub together when he walked, and he could now actually see his feet for the first time without much trouble at all.

This was just to much for him to take in. He needed something to drink for his parched throat, while he tried to sort this all out. The soda he had pulled from the fridge still sat on the counter about six feet away. It didn't look to have been affected in anyway by the explosion. Without even thinking about it, he reached his hand out for the soda.

What he saw himself do next totally blew his mind away. Even though he was about six feet away, his arm just automatically stretched out, and grabbed the soda bringing it back to him.

He sat there just staring at the soda in amazement, for what seemed to be about a minute, before he finally decided to drink it, because he was simply just to thirsty. He opened up the can, and downed it, despite it being a little warm, before deciding to put his new ability to the test. But what would be a good test?

He looked around the kitchen for something he could reach for. He was still hungry he decided, and knew that there were chips in the cabinets about ten feet away.

With no trouble at all, he stretched his arm out and retrieved the bag of chips, and began munching them down. After finishing off the bag of chips, he finally decided to stand up, and survey the damage done in the kitchen. It was a disaster area around the microwave oven, but the rest of the kitchen seemed to be all right.

He groaned in discontent. This mess would probably take him about thirty minutes to an hour to clean up, not to mention the time it would take to repaint the black marks on the walls and cabinets. Well might as well get started, he decided.

He thrust himself into the work. First, he swept up everything, and threw it into a trash bag. Then he wiped up the splattered remains of his poor, now ruined pizza roll meal. Lastly, he then ran first the microwave oven, and then the bag of trash out to the dumpster. He was finished for the time being, because he would have to buy paint later for the wall, counter top, and cabinets.

He came back into the kitchen, and glanced at the clock on the wall, just out of curiosity, to see exactly how much time it had took him to do all of that work in. The minute hand hadn't moved one bit. How could that be? Was the clock broken? No, the second hand was still moving. Well, maybe it just wasn't as much work as he had thought it would be. Yeah, that had to be it, after all he was now a lot thinner than he had ever been before, so he should be able to move a lot faster than before.

This line of thinking was pushed aside though, as his thoughts went back to how hungry he was. His stomach even growled. Without thinking about it really, he opened up the freezer, and looked inside. Looking at the frozen food inside, he grabbed a frozen beef burrito, and pulled it out, before he realized he no longer had a microwave oven to cook it in. He frowned. Now how was he going to cook this? Well, he could cook the food in the oven, but that would take forever, and he would pass out from hunger by that time.

Right in front of his very eyes, one of the most miraculous things he had ever seen happened. His hands began to glow yellow, and the burrito in his hands began melting away the ice around it to finally be cooked to perfection. He opened up the package, releasing the trapped steam from inside, and took a bite of the burrito. It was cooked perfectly, and even a lot better then the microwave oven would have probably cooked it. It was as if God himself had answered all his prayers. Maybe he was a new chosen messiah. He hoped not, he had never really been a very religious man. He would have to test out his new abilities to their extent and limits later on. For the moment though he planned on eating. He made a few more burritos in the same fashion, and took them into the living room to watch some television, and to try to think this all through.

He sat down in his recliner, which felt odd because it had a lot more room than he was normally used to, and turned on the television. The news was on, and even though he normally didn't watch the news, he didn't bother changing the channel; he had just turned it on for the noise really anyway. He had to much on his mind to truly focus his thoughts onto the television.

He gobbled down the burritos he had in no time at all, as his mind wondered still about all that had happened to him. What would he do about work tomorrow? No one would recognize him, and the sudden changes in him that couldn't be explained. Maybe he should go to the hospital for some test, but what for? At best, he would be considered a freak now, and probably locked up by the government so they could run their own tests on him. At worst, he would be discovered to have some sort of terrible cancer or something and be in terminal condition. In either case, he wouldn't be able to deal with it. No, better to just take this one, and just ride with it until the very end, where ever it goes. What all new powers did he possess now? He would have to put them all to the test soon. He was still debating all of this, as he slowly fell to sleep, still sitting in the recliner. His last thoughts, before fading into the land of sleep, was it would be a very cruel joke, indeed, if this was all just a dream.

To be continued.

Next Chapter Four Visiting Mom... Tyrone having a job to accomplish, always assumes it might be his last, because every mission has its risk. So before every mission he visits his mother in the nursing home. He is unhappy about the way they treat her, but hasn't got the time or money to care for her himself. Join us won't you for this mother and son moment.

File #: 9

Character Star Power: 5

Code Name: Micro Wave Man

Alter Ego: Mark Surrender

Aliases: None

Nick Names: None

Legal Status: (At this time) Single, Citizen of the U.S., with no criminal record.

Allegiance: (At this time) None.

Sub-Groups: (At this time) None.

Rank: (At this time) None.

Occupation: Accountant & a former Lawyer.

Known Relatives: Father (Matthew Surrender), mother (Janet Surrender), rich aunt (Alicia Surrender)(Father's brother's wife.) & rich uncle (Jake Surrender)(Father's brother).

Birth Date: December 1, 1958.

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA.

Height: Various (Usually stays at about 6')

Weight: Various (Usually stays at 190 lbs.)

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Attitude: He has a very serious side, especially in the courtroom, or in the accounting office. When he works, he works. Though when he is not working he can be a practical joker, and cracks jokes to lighten the mood. Due to his speed abilities, he feels a constant need to stay moving and doing things, it is hard for him to just sit still at times.

Known Powers: Lightening Speed, Stretching ( which allows the following power stunts- Two- Dimensionality, Change Body Shape, Change Facial Appearance, & Change Size.), Density Control (which allows the following power stunts- Change his weight, Phase through solid objects, Change into a cloud of fog, & even turn invisible.), & Shoot Yellow Micro Waves (which allows the following power stunts- Burns or Destroys targets, or cooks food.).

Equipment: (At this time) None that he regularly uses, except for his special suit, made from the same clothes that were caught in the explosion with him.

Known Skills: Lawyer & Accounting skills.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Unknown.

For More Info. See: Future Updates.

History: Not going to reveal much here yet. If you have been following my Album-The Intergalactic Space Travelers, then you already know he eventually will join that group, but for now he is doing this all solo. Stay tuned though, I eventually plan on doing some very detailed files, and will reveal future storyline plots in those files.

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