She stood there looking at her body in the moonlight, it was tight and perfect. Her round breasts, shapely legs, and tight stomach she admired. She ran her hand down her abs and down her thighs and jolts of electricity shot through her. It surprised her so she did it again, her sense of touch was off the charts and every sensation seemed so much more it was erotic to caress even the most mundane piece of flesh. As she rubbed careful circle around her right nipple she began thinking of Stephanie, her lover, her friend, her soul mate, and the things that she could do when she was between her legs. Slowly her hand made it down between her legs and she touched her clit. It put her on her knees, the sensation was so incredible.

She ventured another touch and then another before she was gently rubbing it with two fingers. It was all she could do not to cry out, she knew that she would cum soon. She took her other hand from her breast and placed a finger between her folds and did cry out. She didn't care what sounds she made, she had never felt like this before. Soon she was furiously rubbing and penetrating her wet cunt, she opened her eyes for a second and realized that she wasn't on her knees anymore. She hadn't remembered standing up, it didn't matter all that mattered was the intense pleasure she was giving herself. She heard the wet squishing of her fingers, the hoarseness of her breath, and the deep guttural grunts and moans that were the similar to the growl she made earlier in the evening. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and drew blood, the taste of it only heightened her pleasure; intensifying her lust. So into herself she was she didn't notice that every object in the room, including herself, was floating. The closer she got to her orgasm the more wildly they danced in the air. She also didn't notice Marc enter her room and watch as her hand blurred across her crotch and her things danced around her. Calmly he slipped his erection out of his Jockeys and stared masturbating, watching this erotically paranormal spectacle.

Then she felt it, that jolt of electricity that told her that she was about to have the biggest orgasm in the history of orgasms. The thought of getting a pillow to muffle the sound crossed her mind but was soon replaced by mind-numbing pleasure. It wasn't so much a scream as a howl. Those who heard it(her parents, the neighbors) all attributed it to an animal of some sort. They weren't sure what the sound was but it definitely wasn't made by a person, Mikaela was unaware she had even made it. She didn't open her eyes for many minutes, she wasn't sure she would be able to move again. When she did she saw Marc leaning against her door with look of arousal and academic curiosity. He was also holding in both hands his long thick cock which was leaking white cum. A urge to lap it up flew through her and was gone almost before she had time to recognize it.

"Marc! What are you doing in here?" He simply looked to her left. Her gaze followed his. She saw that everything, her desk, her bed, jewelry box, letters, lamps, everything was floating calmly in the air. The ultimate peace she felt was replaced with fear as she(and everything else) fell to the ground with a hard thump. Marc rushed to help her. He got her up on the bed and said, "I think it's time we had that talk."

Most definitely continued...

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