tagChain StoriesMirror Mirror Ch. 01

Mirror Mirror Ch. 01

byMy Erotic Tail©

(Chapter 01) The Mirror

She was sprawled out naked on the cool satin sheets. Reaching her arms outward and touching the sensual feel of the fabric. Bringing her hands back to her body and caressing her skin. Her fingers dipped into her wetness. Between her legs both hands rubbed with the satin sheet in her grasp. Pressing herself into its seductiveness.

Rubbing herself with one hand while the other moved up to her breast and tweaked at her nipple. Brushing her body along the sheets with purring moans. Driving her fingers deep, her body jerking and quivering. Pulling the soft alluring feel of the sheets to her chest. Lightly caressing her body with sensual glides across her skin.

Rolling slowly from side to side on the cool bed. Becoming more aroused as she fingered herself vigorously. Rubbing vibrant circular motions around her clit. She flicked her head back on the pillow and lay to one side. Ecstasy raged in her veins as her tightened muscles melted. She curled up and breathed heavily, pulling the sheets over her.

Watching her fall into slumber. She never even knew I was here. Well once, when she first checked into the room she glanced at herself in my reflection. But she saw herself in the mirror, not me.

I am Charles Falcon the third. Recently deceased or I should say murdered. I was in my mansion on 345 Hickory lane when the ill fate befell me. Last thing I did was look into the Mirror before my body collapsed on the floor.

I remember thinking, "Mirror Mirror on the wall...I don't want to die."

Then I was looking down upon my own corpse. I have become trapped in the Mirror in some strange way. I saw them carry my body away, the police investigated the scene. I pounded on this glass till my hand couldn't pound any more. This is the strangest thing.

I've got to get out of this Mirror's hold on my soul. But if I escape, what will happen to me then? Or is this my hell chosen by me with my dieing words. I've got to relay who my murderer is somehow and bring them to justice.

"The Mirror," was hand crafted out of Mahogany wood. The swirling design was cut out by hand with patience and time. Sanded smooth as silk, stained and polished, adorned with olive leafs and acorn tresses. My Mother purchased this Mirror from an Antiquities store in Haiti’s 30 years ago. Mother claimed this Mirror had magical powers. Rumors were it was cursed or it hung in the den of a voodoo witch priestess a long time ago. It was always a joke in the family that the Mirror offered a whole world in reverse on its other side. Or my brother and I would say, "Mirror Mirror on the wall...Who's the most handsome of them all."

The Mirror was brought in just the other day to "The Oasis." The new addition to the master collection of antiquities at this lavish resort. In the bungalow they called, "The Honeymoon suite."

The resort administrators purchased the Mirror at the estate sale of the Falcon Mansion. Might as well have been a garage sale. My Grandfather surely is rolling over in his grave for it was he who built the Falcon Empire. It is now crumbling and divided up among the greedy as well as the honorable family members. One in particular.

The knock at the door broke the sound of silence. She pulled the sheet around her bare skin while she went to answer it.

"Who is it?" She yelled out while looking through the peephole.

"Room service." Came a deep voice from the hall. She opened the door and a tall man with a suit and tie walked in with confidence. His large frame towered the young woman.

"Darling." The woman said with a sensual tone. "I knew it was you."

"Oh, you did?" The man's voice was deep and sharp. He walked into the room looking around as she shut the door and locked it. Turning towards the man she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him wildly. Tight grasps and hungry lips over took them. Affectionately embracing each other as the sheet falls to the floor.

She tugged at his jacket pulling it off him. Loosening his tie while his tongue twirled with hers. Fingering for each button while undoing his shirt. His face buried into hers with heated kisses.

They side stepped closer to the bed, falling into each other. I got the front row seat of tonight's entertainment, behind closed doors. Frozen here in the beautiful and mesmerizing antique Mirror.

He pulled his pant's down and leaned towards her. Feverishly he pressed into her. She opened to him spreading her legs as he began his humping strides. His lips hungrily ravished her flesh with licks and nips about her shoulders. His large frame pumped at her vigorously with rapid thrusts. Driving deeper and deeper inside her.

Moans and pants created by their heated desires. Tightening fingers and muscles pawed at each other for closeness. Highly excited by passions embrace they drove into each other with yearning desires. The man's breath gasp as he began short pumping drives. His body tightened as she felt the warmness inside her. Slowing their stride as their bodies began to relax.

He fell to her side on the bed. Breathing hard and panting. She curled up into him with watchful eyes. The large man lay there with his back to me.

"So did you tell her?" The woman asked. The man glanced at his watch.

"My look at the time. I gotta run." The man said while sitting up and begun fixing his tie and straightening his clothes.

"Go? You just got here." She spat angrily. Sitting up she brought her hands up and rested them on her hips. "Tom White! If you’re just stringing me along to be one of your bimbos..." The woman scorned.

Tom White. The governor of our great state? I thought I recognized the voice, I just couldn't place it. There before me was Tom White and obviously not his wife.

"No Sheri! Now you know my life is complex with media and ratings. I can't just divorce Lillian, I have to show just cause and I have guys working on it." Tom said while retrieving his jacket.

"I'm warning you Tom. You better get a divorce soon or I'm going to rate your sex drive to the media." She said with a serious tone. Tom whipped around and took her by her facial cheeks with his fingers tightly.

"Don't fuck with me little missy. I'll have you so deep in shit you'll think your name was manure." He said gritting his teeth, angered. Sheri began tearing up and sniffling. Tom let go of her face and stepped back. She dropped her head and eyes with sorrow then lashed out.

"You truly are a politician Tom White. Promise the world, but the bottom line is you screw people." She shouted with a hateful tone.

"Well I've got to run." Tom said as he looked at his watch. She jumped up from the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Squeezing till he returned the hug. She slipped from him looking in to his eyes.

"Look kitten...I'll see you in Reno next weekend. We'll talk about it then. I didn't have time for this but you insisted." Tom looked at his watch again. "I've got to run baby, I'll see you there." Tom opened the door. Sheri was naked standing just behind the door as she leaned forward for a kiss. Tom smiled and stepped back and kissed her before leaving. She shut the door and began weeping.

I hate it when women cry. I feel so helpless; I can't even console her. I must figure a way out of this mirror. How did it hold my soul captive? The woman curled up into a ball on the bed and cried her self to sleep. I watched every breath she took.

She was up and gone a couple hours later. The door closed and silence fell upon the room.

Help, Help me somebody. I'm trapped in this, "Dad-blasted Mirror." I need answers and a way to tell who killed me before they kill again. I must figure this out. Lets see I felt the pain in my body I turned and saw the killer. I fell at the Mirror. I remember looking in the Mirror and thinking. "Mirror Mirror, on the wall..." as I did when we were kids. Then my soul fell into the mirror as my body fell to floor dead.

I have the "Honeymoon bungalow," in reverse. I walk the floor of this room endlessly, pacing. Thinking, searching for a way to get out. I found a way in. But I'm not sure how I did that.

Now I hang here, bound in a world reflective of reality. My soul is trapped in this mystical antique Mirror. My torture is the continuous gaze at this room's contours, forms and occupants. I will find a way to tell my tale and set things right. I will free my soul from the confines of this hanging prison.

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall...How do I get out, of this all?" Another combination of words tried.

To Be Continued...

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